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stop heartburnWhat a claim to make! But I make it with absolute conviction and certainty because I am getting emails every day from people on our Alkaline Diet Course who are finding their heartburn (and IBS, dry skin, weight problems, fatigue etc) clearing up within a week to ten days.

This is absolutely real. And it is just through dietary change. By simply applying the principles of the alkaline diet, acid reflux/heartburn is disappearing.

I have never experienced anything even close to heartburn since eating and living this way, but I had also never really examined the link between the alkaline diet and heartburn relief. It is really quite obvious.

From my research, speaking to a number of heartburn / acid reflux sufferers, and from the emails I’ve been getting from people on the course, it is clear that heartburn is linked to diet. Everyone has a hit list of foods that they know they have to avoid or they will suffer the consequences! High sugar fruit or juice, fatty foods, coffee, tea, peppermint, chocolate, or highly spiced foods are usually to be avoided. These are all HIGHLY acidic foods!

In fact, WebMD suggests the following to help stop heartburn, and for each point I’ve related it to the alkaline diet:

  • Don’t go to bed with a full stomach: this is always a fine suggestion, plus, the types of foods and drinks consumed when alkalising are all light, often raw, well combined etc – they don’t tax your digestive system, in fact, they are designed to assist it! There are no massive, fatty, heavy meals!
  • Don’t overeat: as above, the types of meals on an alkaline diet literally make this something you never have to worry about. That’s not to say you never have a nice satisfying meal, but the ingredients are so easy on your digestive system.
  • Eat slowly: definitely recommended while alkalising. The suggestion is also to have five or six smaller meals throughout the day rather than overloading your system all at once
  • Wear looser-fitting clothes: ok, not much to say about that one! Does MC Hammer have heartburn?
  • Avoid heartburn triggers: these are the highly acidic foods we mentioned earlier. Obviously, these are totally avoided!
  • Shed some pounds: being at your ideal weight is proposed to help heartburn considerably, and people who are on the alkaline diet course are losing weight quickly and easily. When you are alkaline you find your natural weight really quickly. Your body hangs on to fat to protect you from the toxins created by eating so many acids!
  • Stop smoking: obviously!
  • Avoid alcohol: Absolutely!
  • Drink more water: One of the most important elements of the alkaline diet is being properly hydrated. Giving your body an abundance of nourishment throughout the day. I swear that if we all just drank 3-4 litres of good quality water per day we’d have far less sickness and disease in the world

What you eat and drink is clearly a massive factor. If you are eating strong acids such as unhealthy fats, sweets, sugars, chocolates, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, meat, dairy, yeasts, refined foods, chips, crisps etc then more stomach acid needs to be produced in order to digest them. Much more stomach acid than it would like to! And when this happens, the chances of this acid backing up the esophagus increase and you’re likely to feel the burn.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerWhen you eat more alkaline foods your stomach produces MUCH less acid. Click here for a list of acid and alkaline foods – but you’ll not be surprised to find that alkaline foods include all of the things you KNOW are good for you – leafy green vegetables, salads, fresh foods, raw foods, seeds, nuts, pulses, low sugar foods etc.

It is so clear to me that if you suffer from it, by switching to an alkaline diet you can stop heartburn straight away. Relief from heartburn really is just a few dietary changes away!

And you don’t have to suddenly live like a monk, give up everything and become someone else – you can make these changes a large part of your diet – but there is still room for variety, fun and treats! (This is our approach – and it is how we’ve planned out our online alkaline diet course – click here for more info).

Treat Both the Symptom and the Cause

Maintaining an alkaline system not only removes all of the known heartburn starters, but it also creates a more efficient internal system that will effectively eliminate heartburn at the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

However, if you are currently a heartburn sufferer and needs some relief while the symptoms disappear, then these are my top, top recommendations:

  1. perfectlyhealthy HeartBurn Ease: this is a fantastic product and we are always getting emails of thanks from our customers who use it! Containing fenugreek, amino acids, licorice, aloe vera and slippery elm bark – this product gives instant relief and helps support digestion.
  2. Dr Young pHour Salts: containing four highly alkaline salts, this product is known to help relieve heartburn extremely quickly. Many doctors and natural health practitioners recommend sodium bicarbonate to help relieve heartburn. pHour Salts contains exactly this, plus three other alkaline salts that all help to rapidly remove heartburn. These salts are not unhealthy in any way – they are not like table salt, so there are no blood pressure issues!
  3. Dr Young puripHy: puripHy is one of our best-selling alkaline diet products. It is an alkaline solution, which when added to water increases the pH of the water dramatically. The alkaline effect that this has on the body does wonders for acid reflux!

I fully believe that by switching to an alkaline diet you will experience a massive amount of relief from heartburn. You may even be able to stop heartburn completely.

It just makes perfect sense doesn’t it? You will be stopping consumption of all of the triggers, while replacing them with foods and drinks that not only promote less acid production in the stomach, but also that are packed full of the nutrients that will nourish your body and give your digestive system all of the help it needs to function happily.

This is exactly what people on our alkaline diet course are telling me every day!

Isn’t it worth a try rather than a lifetime of medicines and drugs?

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  1. John Phillips Reply

    Natural Heartburn Relief Such as
    Apple Cider vinegar and ginger root are excellent ways to stop heartburn.

  2. Anne Samuel Reply

    I thought the whole point of an alkaline diet was to make the HCl more acidic by alkalising the rest of the digestive tract, thus making the sphinctres able to maintain their integrity. The problem with eating acid-forming food is it acidifies the gut thereby weakening the acidity of the stomach and making the whole system acidic – for one thing that acid can be released into the gut via weak sphinctres as well as. …

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