Alkaline Recipe #18 Blood Builder Vegetable Juice

Following on from last weeks blog post about the health benefits of chlorophyll, I thought it would be excellent to follow it up with one of my favourite juices – the Blood Builder.

This juice is absolutely packed full of chlorophyll and is incredibly highly alkaline.

Blood Builder Vegetable Juice

Serves 2


1 cucumber
2 large handfuls spinach
Handful parsley
1 stick celery
Handful of kale


Simply wash all of the ingredients thoroughly, roughly chop and juice! To give it more of a fruity, less veggie flavour squeeze fresh lime or lemon in at the end.
I promise you will be bursting with energy after this one!

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  1. Nicci Reply

    Hi, I don’t have a juicer but will this have same effect if I simply blend ingredients with say apple juice?

  2. Andi ofori Reply

    Are these juices OK for diabetics?

  3. Jitka Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Can I add to any of the juices or smoothies cinnamon or cayenne pepper?
    I started my cleanse today
    Thank you

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  5. svetlana Reply

    I also add lemon with the skin it gives good flavour.

  6. eva Reply

    Hi Ross just thought i would let you know i love your recipes all i made so far have been delicious……
    now i am learning to convert them to my Thermomox

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Thanks Eva

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  11. hugh Reply

    hi ross,very interesting imfo,thanks ever so much,,can you recomend a juicer, to buy? hope to here from you ,goodluck, regards hugh gravett

  12. Moozy Reply

    My partner has Helibactor Pylori, antibiotics are not helping, it loves an acid environment, so might start him on green juice to see if it helps, I’m desperate.

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  14. Stu Reply

    Hi – I will be making this for one person (me)- can the rest be stored in a fridge and for how long? or can the rest it be put in the freezer?
    Can you please advise, many thanks, stu

  15. len welsh Reply

    g,day , i have just started to take chlorophyll and am wondering if it will be a help tp make me lose weight .i eat a lot of greens and eat very sensible.can you advise me of this leASE . KIND REGARDS LEN

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