Vitality Into Reality: The Rules of Abundant Energy (Final Part 3)


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

joseph mcclendonI am here to tell you that you can absolutely turn that around in very little time, really easily, and it works for everyone.

Are you currently living at less than 50%? If you’re like the vast, vast majority of people then the answer to that is yes. Why? Because our lives are so busy now, we’re so time poor and the foods and drinks that are most readily available to us these days are all energy-zapping, rather than what they should be.

And exercise? Well, if we had more energy, we’d have more time and we would be able to exercise – but right now? Forget about it!

Do you feel tired when you wake up?

Do you hit ‘snooze’ more than twice? Do you feel sleepy on your commute? Do you get an energy slump after lunch and wish you could get some more sleep? Do you fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV? Do you wish that things could be different?

That was me just a few years ago.

I tried everything to get more energy, and I just couldn’t do it. Going to bed early didn’t help, in fact it seemed to make it worse. I tried following my doctor’s food tips, but they just made me bloated and my skin got worse. I tried stopping drinking, I tried cutting out certain foods, I had allergy tests, I had a LOT of blood tests – I honestly thought there was something seriously wrong – I thought I was ill.

But when I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event, the whole of the fourth and final day of the event was presented by this incredible guy with more energy than I had ever seen from anyone ever – Joseph McClendon. I had set some pretty big goals on that event, and a lot of them, so I knew I was going to need a lot more energy if I was going to achieve them – especially as at the time I was working in a high-pressure job with a long commute.

There was a lot to take in from the event, but I resolved to stick to the three easiest rules that Joseph gave to increase energy and it very quickly, in fact even on that day, changed everything.

You see, if my description of my old energy levels sounded familiar to you then you should be feeling incredibly excited right now, because I am about to give you Rule #3 of Abundant Energy, and when used in combination with Rule #1 – Breakfast and Rule #2 (Hydration) you will very quickly see a massive improvement. And the best thing is, all of the rules I’ve given you are 100%, absolutely FREE.

Isn’t it great when things are free?

The reason why I know this stuff works is because it worked for me. You see, I’ve been exactly where you are, felt what you’re feeling now and I’ve changed my life with these three simple rules. And I am not unique or a special case either! In fact, the coolest thing is that when I have taught this to people on my Alkaline Diet Course it has actually worked better for them than it has for me! It turns out that I am even better at teaching these rules than using them myself!

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Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were waking up at 6am every day, feeling totally fresh and ready to create a new day…without an alarm? Believe me, it is SO much nicer to wake up naturally feeling refreshed, rather than being shocked into the day by an alarm.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you felt sharp, no fuzziness, total mental clarity all day long until you were ready for bed? How much more would you get done? How much better would your relationships be? Imagine all of the goals you could work on with the extra hours in the day!

The Final, and Most Powerful Rule of Abundant Energy: Breathing

The way we breathe massively affects the health and workings of our body. Unfortunately most of us breathe in a way that does not offer the body any support. Shallow breathing from the chest only uses the lower part of the diaphragm, leaving the upper part inactive and collapsed.

This not only makes us more prone to stress and other negative emotions (there is a reason why people say ‘Just take a deep breath’ and why smokers relax as soon as they take a nice big deep breath on their first lungful of smoke), but when parts of the lungs are not used they gather a build-up of slimy mucus. This mucus irritates the cells of the lungs and leads to irritation and inflammation, causing an acid environment of trapped germs and bacteria – and ultimately, shallow breathing zaps out energy like nothing else.

Deep, slow, directed and focused breath, coming from deep within the stomach is one of the most simple, straightforward (and free!) things you can do for your body.

At a general level, deep, cleansing breath can have the following benefits:

  • Energy: shallow breathing leads to inadequate oxygenation of the blood, ineffective lymph and therefore fatigue.
  • Stress Reduction: people with stress and anxiety issues always have a tendancy to take short, shallow breath
  • Pain Relief: deep breathing releases endorphins into our system – our natural painkiller. Try this next time you have a headache, stomach ache or any other aches and pains
  • Asthma Releif: deep breathing strengthens the lungs and the core
  • Depression: research has found that deep, diaphramatic breath is hugely beneficial in treating depression
  • Lymphatic Cleansing: deep breathing acts as a pump for the lymphatic system, cleansing and detoxifying your body.

The Habit of Deep Breathing

Breathing is obviously something we do naturally, without thinking. This makes it hard to build a habit around! I strongly recommend you following the same advice from my last post (Rule #2) about tying these exercises to an already formed habit. If you haven’t read Rule #2, I strongly urge you to.

When I first started consistently practicing the following breathing exercises I experienced an immediate and noticable effect. Firstly the effect on my energy was incredible, but also my mental clarity, especially in the afternoon was incredible. I became so much more effective and was able to get so much more done! The first few days required some serious reminder alarms and post-it notes.

The positive reinforcement you will get from the effects you will feel will make this activity habitual in no time.

Breathing Exercise: The Energy Boosting Lymphatic Cleanse

If you are able to give yourself five to ten minutes each day to practice deep, cleansing ‘power breathing’ then you will definitely reap the rewards. This is one of the best, most effective exercises you can do for free, every day. It is also remarkably simple.

I learned this Energy Booting Lymphatic Cleanse exercise from reading books and attending events by Tony Robbins (discussed in the excellent book Unlimited Power). Tony swears by it and I am certainly not one to argue with his energy levels! This exercise consists of breathing in the following ratio:

* Breathe in for 1 count

* Hold for 4 counts

* Breathe out for 2 counts

For example – if you were to breath in for four seconds, then you would hold your breath for sixteen seconds and then breath out for eight.

If you are able to do this ten times, three times a day (morning, evening and before bed) you will notice a huge difference to your energy, your clarity and your ability to ward off illnesses.

How To GUARANTEE You’ll Make It Happen

The Power Comes from DOING IT!

I’ve given you an exact roadmap to increasing your energy, absolutely free, and almost instantly – but NOTHING will happen unless you do it!

If you really want to guarantee you are going to follow through, not only on this, but on ALL of your health goals, and start to live with abundant health, energy and vitality then I strongly urge you to look out for my blog post tomorrow, giving you details of Joseph McClendon’s Vitality into Reality health evening.

The 3 Rules of Abundant Energy I have posted over the past week are just a few of the most basic tools that Joseph teaches to dramatically change your health – the total tool-kit he teaches goes WAY beyond this. This is why I am just so excited that he is coming back to the UK.

Normally he’s only in the UK once each year for his Next Step event, and is in Switzerland once per year for The Z Factor (which costs over £3,000) – so this is so cool that he’s stopping by for this event. Oh, and don’t worry, this event will be under £100 – he’s kinda doing it as a favour rather than as a business thing.

So look out for that tomorrow. Joseph is the master of helping people to take action and like I say, he’s been delivering all of Tony Robbins health content for over 10 years now – he knows what he is talking about (and he knows how to rock a crowd).

There will be very limited seating, obviously, as this is such a rare opportunity so be sure to look out for my email.

Until then, START NOW – start applying my rules, right away. Even if you do nothing else then go and get a big glass or bottle of water and start hydrating!

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch please do leave your comment below and hit submit.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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  1. Brad Kline Reply

    Great information! I really want to try this out!

    Brad Kline

  2. Cristy Reply

    thanks for the tips and sharing your knowledge
    your cute too

  3. Helen Allan Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for your reply , i’ll try gardually building up.
    Many thanks for your informative & eye opening website.

  4. Ross Reply

    Hi Taz

    I answer all queries as quickly as I can. I posted this blog post from LAX before jumping on a flight back to Australia so am only just resurfacing now!


  5. Ross Reply

    Hi Helen

    Your body DEFINITELY does adjust, and quite quickly too. Maybe going from 1/2 litre to 4 litres is a big jump so try increasing it to 2 litres per day for 1 week, then 3 litres and then 4 – seeing how you feel as you go and adjusting that way.

    Hope this helps

  6. Elvira Reply

    This is the third or fourth time I have read about the breathing exercise and I am definite going to implement this in my life.

  7. Taz Alford Reply

    I recently adopted an alkaline diet and am delighted in how much better I feel. Have also already booked to see Joseph.

    I am dissappointed that you do not show your replies to the various queries that people raise.It would save you answering the same questions over and over, I for instance, would like to know what your reply was to Helen Allen.

    Also please accept my thank and keep up the good work.

  8. Helen Allan Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for your inspirational emails , i really need to get myself well (overweight, depressed, unmotivated & NO energy) and i know from reading your information , i can get myself well,
    a few weeks ago i was drinking the 3-4 litres of alkaline water a day and i felt really good , the best way to describe it was, i felt plump (in a good way) i felt hydrated BUT i couldn’t stop going to the bathroom every 20 mins or so!!!! It is just not practical, i can hardly go anywhere without needing to GO … so i stopped the water and now only drink about 1/2 litre a day . i really want to drink the recommended amount , i was wondering if i persevere will my body eventually adjust???
    Thank you

  9. Bernie Valenzuela Reply

    I live in northern Mexico, I would like make alkaline water at home, but need a close by supplier for the equipment. Please let me know if you can support.
    Also, I appreciate a lot your 3 basis rules.. I am trying out them; but alkakine water made from sodioum bicarbonate or adding lemon; my stomach seams to find it strange and acts like flushing my intestine.
    Thank you again and keep your great job of teaching people.

  10. Tommy C Reply

    Great knowledge. This breathing advice is so good at helping me to think carefully and this mental time (if u will!) was needed for me to start moving forward. It has allowed me a sense of control, no more reactionary reponses! I’v bin hydrated to your suggested level for several months now and my breakfast is much as you discribe. I feel great. Thankyou. 🙂