Easier Way to Alkaline

The alkaline get more alkaline (like the rich get richer…) — let me explain…

I just came off a quick weekend alkaline cleanse, and I feel great.

After I had finished my weekend of juices, smoothies and soups on the cleanse, going back to eating ‘proper, normal’ foods made me feel the usual happy high and satisfaction that I’d finished.

But after a few meals, guess what I was really craving by lunchtime, the day after I’d finished?

…one big huge green vegetable juice.

And that’s what I had (spinach, kale, cucumber and all).

It was delicious, it was filling and it made my energy go sky high and, man, it made the cleanse feel worthwhile.

This is a great example of my philosophy of my approach to the alkaline lifestyle in action:

The more alkaline and healthy you get, the most alkaline foods and healthy foods you will crave.

So rather than deciding to live alkaline and be PERFECT from day one, just focus on getting the good alkaline foods in rather than stressing about eliminating the acid foods.

Don’t get caught up in NEVER having the foods you love but know you should have, just forget that for now. Focus on getting the good stuff in and everything else will take care of itself.

This has been one of my biggest breakthroughs with coaching the alkaline diet in the past few years.

The focus in the old way of doing things was eliminating all of the acids right away, watching what you ate, eliminating, eliminating, eliminating.

You’d be scared to touch something that could be classed as even mildly acidic.

And this striving for perfection on day one would lead to a 90% failure rate.

There is an EASIER Way

Instead, doesn’t it just sound better to start with feeding your body the GOOD alkaline stuff, hydrating and giving your body the tools it needs to repair and thrive?

Rather than focusing all of your energy on avoiding the negative, doesn’t it sound easier and less confronting to focus your energy on getting the positive?

When you focus on getting the good in, rather than trying to cut the bad stuff out you are FAR more likely to succeed.

How much better does it sound not to have to worry about cutting out all of your favourite foods all at once, from day one, but rather still allow yourself these foods BUT ADD in the high alkaline, nutritious foods?

Less intimidating? More sustainable?

I recently sent a survey to a small number of my readers (probably around 6,000 of you…) and asked your thoughts about weight loss and the alkaline diet (I’m working on something in this area at the moment…maybe – still not 100% sure if I’ll do it for a few different reasons)

The #1 fear that came out from the responses I received was this:

You don’t trust yourselves to follow through and stick with it!

This is such a crazy notion to me, because when you go into the alkaline diet, especially for weight loss, with this notion of get the good in first, relax on the bad stuff it makes it SO SUSTAINABLE, easy and enjoyable.

It’s almost impossible to fail!

You can’t NOT stick to it πŸ™‚

In the next few days I’m going to write an expanded guide to this theory and some practical tips for you – it may even be a video(!) so please keep your eyes out for that.

In the meantime, feel free to leave me your thoughts, questions, comments below – I would love to hear from you!


p.s. please do share the love on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or just via email if you like this!

p.p.s. an explanation of my ‘rich get richer…and more alkaline’ opening. Simply, the more alkaline you get, the more alkaline you WANT to get (the less acid stuff you crave) and the more alkaline you want to get the more alkaline you get. Think of health as riches. The rich get richer.

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  1. Monika Reply

    Hi Ross

    I was wondering where this food stands when it comes to Acid or Alkaline:
    – Sprouted Rice
    – Volcanic Rice from Lotus Foods
    – Fresh Stevia Leaves
    – Apricot Kernel Oil
    – Truffel Oil
    -Raw Granola from Go Raw
    – Yacon Sirup
    -Rose Water
    – Is there a change in ph once you are sprouting?

  2. Jen Irwin Reply

    Thank You Ross,

    I am new to your site and also to the idea of becoming more alkaline.
    Im a mum of 3 and my newest addition is only 2 weeks old and she is fully breastfed. Which is super good for her, however between 3 hr feeds and very little sleep, im feeling a little drained of energy.
    Im very much looking forward to implementing some changes to my diet so that im not snacking on the sugary stuff.
    Your approach to just add the high alkaline foods and let the bad take care of itself, makes the transition very appealing and achievable.
    I have never tried a ‘ green smoothie ‘ but as time management it key for me, I think they would be a fast and simple way to get things started.

    Cheers Jen.

  3. Pamella Phoenix Reply

    I have one question for you Ross. Regarding the different species of lemons…e.g. Myer; Lisbon [ being the 2 most available where I live…. is there any difference in the alkalising effort of either of these lemons? The Lisbon is very, very tart…whereas the Myer has a much softer taste.

    • Pamella Phoenix Reply

      Hi. It’s Pam back again with an answer to my own question.

      A thought came to me to use the PH testing strips to see it one lemon was more acidic than the other…when first cut. Obviously, to me anyway, it would also show the alkaninity when taken into the biology as you say – it changes.

      Well I am pleased to tell you that the test strips showed very little difference between the 2 lemons. The Lisbon lemon was about .05 more acidic than the Myer lemon. So as Myer lemons are in abundance here, we are juicing a fulllemon [ though a small myer lemon] instead of using half a large Lisbon lemon. Your thoughts on this are invited.

  4. Matthew tait Reply

    Hi Ross I come across your blog some time ago and just wanted to say its fantastic reading. I’m very much interested in trying to educate people on eating more healthily and teaching them about an alkaline diet and the huge benefits. I’m an ex professional fighter and personal trainer and I would like to get the word out there more. It’s lke the more I find out about the benefits of a alkaline diet i want to share it with others so they can start transforming there life’s as you know the uk is quite different from Australia and new Zealand. People need to be educated. How do you think this could be done? I have some of my clients on alkaline drinks and most are willing to give it a shot but it’s normally after some health scare. I would love your advice thanks mate.

  5. Barbs Barham Reply

    Hi Ross, Thank you so much for your Recipes and your commitment to enlightening us with an Alkaline Diet. I totally agree with you regarding going “cold-turkey” – I tried, but found it difficult as I was a choc-aholic (I hate to admit) but have always craved sweet things. Many years ago decided to give up the sugar habit due to poor bone density (had already given up coffee, tea, wine, etc and never drank fizzy drinks and colas, mainly drink filtered water, or tea made with fresh ginger or Rooibos Tea) so checked labels etc and tried to eat healthily, but craved something sweet, so started eating almonds and seeds. I also had a uric acid problem and still have a fungal issue under my nails which doesn’t want to clear – tried most of the natural remedies. I have been diagnosed as being gluten intollerant (wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt). I am really enjoying and look forward to having your Energise Alkaline green drink, Alkaline Avo Power Shake, Alkalising Raw Soup etc and feel great. Have started to sprout almonds and seeds and cook Brown Basmati Rice and also lentils. But I am losing weight, which I don’t really need to, as I am tall and will become scrawny and wrinkled (aged 66). I find I start to crave something sweet by early afternoon and weaken and have some chocolate. I know I shouldn’t have it in the house but I have a husband who doesn’t totally share my way of eating. I make a fresh salad with carrots,lettuce etc with our main meal daily. I have given up eating meat and dairy, except the occasional Greek yoghurt. Is there something you can suggest to curb my craving for something sweet? Kind regards Barbs

  6. Barb Reply

    I agree with your positive approach. The only successful weight loss diet (or any other kind) I have done was when I decided it was a better and healthier way to eat and nourish my body. If I just focused just on losing weight it never worked. It also worked to get educated in the subject as to why it is healthier.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Gail Manning Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have been adding lemon juice to my water bottle for years , with a little agave to sweeten the pot; but still don’t know the correct ratio of water to lemon juice to alkalize the water. Please tell.

    Also, since fruit is acidic, you suggest having only one piece per day. Generally speaking, veggies are healing and fruit is cleansing to our systems, 4-5 servings of fruit being one of the basic food groups for optimal health. But I like to blend several fruits with juice each morning in a “fruit frappe”, to get in my fruit for the day. Pray tell if I could add lemon juice to this drink to make it more alkaline, and if so, the ratio of lemon juice to the fruit and juice? Thanks so much!

  8. Patti Reply

    My husband and I have been on the alkaline diet for about 5 months now. Most days we have drank our green smoothie, and then it seems like we do alot of snacking around by eating bell peppers, celery, carrots, green snap beans, etc. For lunch we may have chips and salsa or guacamole with a fruit. We drink water with lemon throughout the day. They for supper we may have salmon with more green veggies such as asparagus. We’ve lost 25 lbs. each. After drinking the smoothie I can feel released energy rushing through my veins, and this from a former couch potato! Sometimes I don’t particularly want to do anything, but my body won’t let me rest until it is active. (and I know that is a good thing) We are on maintenence now, as we don’t need to lose anymore weight. Today we were on our way to a funeral which was about an hour away, so we bagged up our veggies and fruits and ate them on the way. Thinking ahead and planning is important to staying on the diet. Also, I ate a creamed filled donut (premeditated eating) and when i was finished I concluded that the calories were not worth it! Not to say I will never eat sweets again, but it doesn’t seem to satisfy as much now that my taste buds and body have been re-trained. Eating what my body needs and craves has changed the choices I make. I have not got to the point, as some suggest, that I salivate whenever I smell cut grass! I told my friends I was not going to get weird with it. Oh, and I’ve named some of my green smoothie. I won’t disclose them, as my grandson said I should open a Green Smoothie shack and sell them. Maybe I’ll just do that?

  9. Andrea Power Reply


    As I was reading your new revelation re alkaline food, I was nodding my head saying ‘yes’ as I realised this about a month ago after being on the alkaline diet for nine months now. It’s true, the more you have, the more you want. And when I grab something that is rubbish and eat it, I think well that wasnt all that good, Id rather have my veggie pasta or a juice etc, Yay, its all coming together!

    Carry on the good work.

    Andrea Power

  10. Mary Reply

    Hi Ross, I am 53 on the Alkaline plan but have just been diagnosed with Ostopenia and suggestions?

  11. Amanda Reply

    Hi Ross
    Would like to share what I have tried
    We (myself and 4 children aged 15, 13, 11 and 8) have been on the transition phase of the PH diet. It has been three months now and the children have become used to it now and stopped complaining. We live in Scotland now which we find abit cold so harder to get as excited about eating raw salads. I grew up in Queensland Australia and found it much easier to eat salad all the time there. So I now put the wood burner on for when we have our evening meal and it is just like being back in Oz. For us it has made it alot easier to have or evening salad. To parents trying to convert teenagers, just keep with it and in time they will come around. At first I put a telly in the dining room and fed them while they watched it and they didn’t pay any attention to what they where eating and now I have removed it. If anyone has any tips for transitioning children I would be grateful

    Kind regards Amanda

  12. Mandy Reply

    I loved your articles the only thing was I became obsessed with the ph balance and bought the sticks to test the urine and was disappointed and depressed if it did not hit the recommended ph and I was really trying everything you said so i have given up as it was ruling my life. Just thought you might like to know.

  13. Pat Reply

    Love reading your mail but that little memo on the side that has “like, tweet” etc is most annoying and covers up the edge of what I am trying to read. Usually can’t stand it long enough to finish reading. Just to let you know this is happening. Could it be placed on the right side of the mail instead of the left?

  14. Robyn Reply

    So true just start adding more alkaline food to your diet and the acid food elimination will happen easy, I have lost 6 kilos without dieting or being hungry, and yes I do crave alkaline food now, Robyn

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Robyn

      Great to hear but doesn’t surprise me either! I hope it surprises everyone who reads it though!

      I’ve been seeing this result over and over and over in the past 18 months and am going to share lots more about it in the next few weeks. Getting alkaline, losing weight and feeling vibrant is NOT as difficult as we’ve been led to believe.


  15. Betty Reply

    I have looked & read most everything on your site,& encouraged by your product’s,until we get to the total of the costs,thinking in the real world after everything is added up,it’s such a let down,most families out here simply cannot afford this.As much as this is needed for everyone,not just the few that can afford to help themselfs at these prices.It’s just a shame ,but then again it is good to be educated about the difference.Kind Regards~

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Betty

      Cannot afford what? I think I’m only talking about eating green foods!

      You can do and achieve everything you want without having to spend more than the cost of groceries.


    • zarina Reply

      Hi betty, I just wanted to this share with you, I go to the market one day a week and spend Β£20 on vegetables, mostly green and get loads of veg, celery, beetroot, spinach, kale, peppers, courgettes, green apples, loads of cucumbers and whatever else going cheap. I stick it all in my fridge and have green juice, salads, and steam some veg or add to rice for the familly. Try it, do a budget of Β£10-20 and just cut down slowly on processed foods nd junk food. One green juice a day and you will soon crave the stuff. Good luck.

  16. Caron MacLane Reply

    I am curious what you think of drinking diluted baking soda to reach alkaline.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Caron

      It’s an OK short term method. HOwever, it doesn’t address the need for filtration which is, in my opinion probably the most important thing.


      • Caron MacLane Reply

        Thanks, Ross! It did seem like a quick fix when I heard it. Do you address filtration?

  17. Alison Reply

    Thanks again for creating your amazing site. I have been a follower for 2 years and I have your books the alkaline diet and the Christmas book. I love the recipes you blog as well. I do love your juices however some are a little savoury for my taste. I am interested in doing the alkaline cleanse. Where do I start?

  18. Camilla Reply

    Pls can u tell mehow to make alk water at home, can’t find info on website. Many thanks Camilla

  19. Helen Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I want to buy a water iodioniser can you recommend any. I can get a good price on a Jupiter JP7 and was wondering what you might think about this.


  20. Sandra Reply

    Dear Ross,
    Thanks for all the encouragement. I am in the older group (almost seventy) and have been alkalizing for almost three months. I am losing weight but what is more – it is true; you lose the craving for acidic foods.
    Yesterday I had lunch with my grandchildren and due to circumstances (lack of time) their mother bought them some fast food. I joined in but straight away, I chose to have a green smoothie for dinner (no stress).
    Keep it up!

  21. Michael Fochtman Reply

    What is a good cleanse.
    Sea salt Lime and Water maybe

  22. Michael Fochtman Reply

    I have not started eating alkaline foods yet. I know I need to. I just started taking “Cell food”, and I do drink alkaline water when I could get it. I have interstitial cystitis, which makes me urinate about 30 times a day, every half hour at sleep time. After today I’m commited to fixing my problems. My wife is in hospatil fighting Cancer. I need to lead by example. I need help, but my wife needs more so I’m doing this now for the both of us

    • Amanda Reply

      Hi Michael
      I to have had cystitis for two years and it is easing up due to the alkaline diet. I am only in the transitioning stage so the benefits are slower. I feel you may need to go on a 7 day cleanse if your health is compromised that you can’t function without being five minutes from a toilet. A great book to read is The PH Miracle by Robert O Young it explains all and has a clease and other receipes. I bought mine from American Amazon I think, it was used so alot cheaper. I am sorry to hear of your wife. I wish you good health
      Regards Amanda

  23. Dodie Horton Reply

    Thanks Ross, for your continued inspiration and advice. It really helps. My real struggle is coffee – I find it so hard to give it up as I just love it. Just wondered if you have any advice/tips on the caffeine thing?

    ps still saving for my ioniser!

    All the best, Dodie

  24. Andrew Bridgewater Reply

    Hey Ross,
    This is a great post ! As we’ve said many times, the mental game is absolutely critical. No matter how simple the formula, if the mind isn’t aligned, results will be hard to come by.
    Best wishes,

  25. Mike Reply

    Hey Ross, I’ve found this to be true with me as well. I’ve started alkalising almost a year ago, I slowly found my way to adding in more and more alkaline foods. I still had my cheese sandwich in the beginning, but added tomato, cucumber etc. Then I started eating alkaline breakfasts, delicious! I loved that so much more than my usual bread and jam or cheese. Then I started eating less chocolate and now I don’t even want it anymore (I used to be such a sucker for chocolate!), I only want it now when I see other people enjoying it… I recently had some kind of energy low, then I read again about drinking lot’s of water (whoops, forget the most important one!). I also bought a trampoline, it really works, I feel great. Yesterday I was totally tired, but then I bounced around for ten minutes and I felt awesome the rest of the evening! Thank you for your amazing help!

  26. emely vercide Reply

    Hi! I”m really interested in alkaline diet and I want to thank you for sharing us these information. I will be following your blog from now on. Thank you so much for this post Ross.

  27. Rachel Sinclair Reply

    Just starting to teach people how to treat arthritis
    the drug free way. Extremely intersted in what you
    have to say. I have/had arthritis 35 years and have
    been drug and pain free for 12 years

    • sandy dawson Reply

      Hi Rachel

      Any tips on treating athritis, I have it bad in my knees


    • Meheru Reply

      Hi Rachel,
      How did you beat your arthritis? Was it with alkaline foods, water, both, or another method?
      Love to hear your method.

  28. Jayne Pickett Reply

    Hi Ross
    I just added you on my face book! Today alternative solutions wrote how bad alkaline water is for you and posted dr mecola interviews on there! I felt a little confused wondered if you would have a look? My husband has a brain tumour and we are following the alkaline diet, they thought histumour had grown back again so 2months ago they operated only to find it was necrosis which is good news and we believe we have killed it for now!!! This ofcourse is due to the diet. The docs are amazed he is still alive and the surgeons discussed the diet in their meeting. He has a glioblastoma multiforme grade iv the worst kind, so reading alternative health solutions today made me wonder!

    Anyway thanks for your emails i now have a file that i print off from your site and have bought your book

    Cheers Jayne

  29. Monica Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I just want to share my experience in the lights of having people listen to their own bodies…. I tried the alkaline diet, not once, but twice, and it did it consitently and gradually for about 8 months. I did not remove acidic foods completely and kept on eating fish, cheese and eggs. I deliberately drank my 20-30 oz of fresh green juice every day, included tons of salads, sweet potatoes, avocadoes, young coconuts, etc. As time kept passing by, I felt weaker and weaker, I saw myself skinnier and skinnier. I did not look or feel healthy, although I was including tons of alkaline foods into my daily diet. I was so sad…. why wasn’t this wonderful diet working for me, why was I feeling more and more weak the longer I kept on doing this. I HAD TO STOP, I had to listen to my body, my body was CRAVING chicken, red meat, butter and it did not want a single green juice anymore…. As I stopped and I have been listening to my body, I am eating what it tells me it needs to thrive, I am slowly but surely trully listening to MY OWN NEEDS, and I have had to keep my mind quiet on the “should have because I think it is good for me”. I feel much stronger, healthier and happier, even if I am eating ice cream or pizza sometimes… Whenener I try to have a green juice, I immediately notice my body getting bloated, gassy and simply not wanting it…
    If the alkaline diet makes your body sing and keeps you healthy and happy, PLEASE keep on doing so, but if your body TELLS you it needs something different, I think it is ALWAYS wise to follow what you trully know makes your body healthy and happy….

    Lots of Love,

  30. Heidi Reply

    Hi Ross
    I am a 43 yr old mum of 3 and have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer that has gone to the bones. I have been given 2 years, ( which I choose to think is bull…t) excuse the French. I know that living with a positive attitude is a huge help, and I have my days but I am really working on this. I need to change my diet, basically I don’t eat any red meat or seafood and I eat and crave lots of sugar and oranges. I have read your inspirational blog above and wondered if you could tell me where or what I should start with. I really believe what you are saying will make a huge difference to my health, I just feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I hope you can help and feel excited to receive your reply.
    Many Many Thanks

    • Desleigh Reply


      I am sure you will find much help here on this site….some good books also to read ‘The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health’ by Christopher Vasey – you can buy this from the Book Depository in England (we buy all our books from there) MUCH CHEAPER and arrive after 2 weeks ordering….pay by PAYPAL and you are safe….ENJOY THE JOURNEY…we have only been doing this for about 4 weeks and LOVE IT….it is not a diet it is a way of living a healthy life!!! There are many other raw food sites you can follow on facebook too…..thank God for these people who have opened our eyes……….cheers x

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Heidi

      I can make no suggestions regarding any specific symptom.

      For general alkaline diet suggestions start with the Beginners Guide on my Homepage here: http://www.energiseforlife.com


  31. Rhonda Reply


    I have been studying about alkaline foods and diet. It sounds good in theory but how do people manage it when they don’t like many vegatables??? I do drink Garden of Life Perfect food green juice as a start.


    • Desleigh Reply

      You will grow to love them Rhonda…..start of small with what you love and go from there……juices are a good way to start off……all the best……x

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Rhonda

      As explained above, the healthier you get the more you will start to crave healthier foods. Juicing may be a good start for you because you can hold your nose, down a juice and get lots of green veggies in with one hit!


  32. Maryam Reply

    Hi Ross,

    thanks for writing this blog. I think you are absolutley right. When I first started, I tried to be really strict and as soon as I begun to feel proud of myself, I would fall off the wagon – may be it was someones birthday and I had cake, or a dinner party etc. At some point I decided to just stop and make things practical.

    I am a busy mum and my husband likes his own food which is not very alkaline. I decided to make a huge salad every 3 days and put it in the fridge. The salad would last 3 days and I put everything in it including the top 7 alkaline foods you mentioned in your last newsletter. I would just have salad with eveything and before you know it I began to crave salad. GUESS WHAT! I have yummy delicious sald for breakfast everyday now- just had it for lunch and looking forward to some at dinner. GUESS WHAT? My family have started eating more salad. My husband takes a packed salad to work now, my kids pick on my breakfast salad, and my daughter is beginning to like the vegetables she hated a month ago, just through tasting my food from time to time.

    I totally agree that keeping it simple and focusing on adding the alkaline food is the way. I never dreamed I would enjoy raw vegetables more than any other food and when we eat out I simply cant eat in a place that does not sell wholesome salads! Thanks for the tips. SO glad to know Im on the right path!

  33. karl Reply

    This is so true,we focus all our attention on what we shouldn’t eat and you guessed it what we focus on the most becomes us… I now give all my focus to the good stuff… I even say thank you when i drink my green juices and boy they taste so good….

    Cheers karl…

  34. leeanne Reply

    Hi Ross im needing to lose weight have tried everything all kinds of diets detoxs,diet pills,shakes, and recently hypnosis but nothing works help

  35. Nathan Lynch Reply

    Yes, this article is right on because most of us “worry” or are in “fear” of not doing something right, that we will not succeed at something. This “something” is losing weight. There is a mantra that one of my mentors has taught me and that is “take action and the how will follow.” Taking action in this case is to actually start ingesting alkaline foods, drinking high alkaline water. Don’t obsesses over the acid food stuff that you have been trained to eat for so long. Doing this and your body will lo and behold start to crave the good stuff. Your body wants to feel good. We all want to be happy right? Make yourself happy and take the pressure off. If you start with the food chart that’s included within the diet course here and start drinking high alkaline water your body will respond. Easy peasy I say.

  36. Barb Reply

    can you tell me how to follow this way of eating..do I cut out red meat , dairy etc..how do i make the green juice?..I have been on a no carb way of eating for about 6 weeks..and have’nt really lost much weight..i eat lots of protein and green vege..but have’nt had any juices..and I don’t drink any water..maybe thats the problem?..I drink about 3 coffee’s a day..any advice greatly appreciated !

  37. Keren Reply

    Hi Ross,

    The weight loss thing is a red herring. If a person is overweight then they are eating too much bad food. If they switch to a healthy diet and lifestyle, they will shed the exess pounds and reduce illness symptoms, have more energy etc. I would say keep your enthusiasm for health and stay away from any the weight loss band wagon, you don’t need it.

    If it’s not a salad it’acidic, what the f***k do you have for breakfast?


  38. Babs Wilson Reply

    Ross…..at last!!…someone talking sense!…..I always have believed that we Shd live our lives as,we FEEL right & that includes diet ..exercise…relationships. etc. etc. Annoys me intensly so called experts telling us we how 2 live our lives..We r ALL individual & WE know best….good 2 listen 2 advice tho but on our own terms….& we need 2 b respected whatever age we r….Thanks 4 that….Happiness makes 4 Success…..Thank u x Babs xx

  39. Lisa Powell Reply

    Do you coach? How much do you charge an hour? Thanks, Lisa Powell, seren[email protected]

  40. Caitlin Collier Reply

    Hi, my name is Cait. After decades of “stomach problems”, I was forced to end my dependence on prescription acid reflux medications because it caused other health problems. I was very concerned about what was going to happen to me, until a friend suggested the alkaline diet. It has been a miracle for me. I am also eating gluten-free which works well with the alkaline diet. Thanks for all the advise.

  41. kallora Reply

    thanks for sharing your experience… I need more recipes more than the vegetable juice.. I downloaded your 7 pdf recipes.. but they are not enough πŸ™

  42. Liska Reply

    Great advice and so so so so true.
    I am about to start an alkaline/weight loss wellbeing journey (not having done so since 2007) and wanted to know if you can recommend a juicer.
    Liska x

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Liska

      Glad you like it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hurom KT100 juicer. You can find it on my site.


  43. Eva Davies Reply

    Hi Ross – what an interesting piece I really like your ‘realistic’ approach.

    I am a bit of a rebel I am afraid – I did try the whole Alkaline thing after being introduced to it by the lovely Andrew Bridgewater in the UK but I just couldn’t take to it. I was plain miserable because I have to admit I am a real carnivore. So I have incorporated a lot of learning into how I am eating now. I am a ‘real’ food fan. This means that I only eat fresh produce – ie veggies, fruit and meat/poultry and fish. I have decaf tea and coffee and plenty of water plus my magic treat – a glass of wheatgrass water. I am addicted to it – my family think I am mad!

    I have given up all processed food, wheat and sugar. I eat grass fed beef and lamb and raw milk and cheese (when I can find it!).

    Energy levels through the roof and I am now lifting weights to help increase my bone strength as being nearly 51 the menopause is around the corner.

    But I strongly feel we have to get the world off of junk food and rediscover the delights of pure ingrediants. But when junk food is so cheap and continually pushed in our faces it is an upward struggle!

    Having spent some time at the Olympics in London I was saddened to see the huge McDonalds with long queues in front of it – what are we doing to ourselves!

    “Real food roools OK!”

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Eva

      I am very interested by your post! You say that the alkaline thing wasn’t something you could take to and then go on to describe your current diet which IS the alkaline diet!

      Not sure if you misunderstood what you were supposed to be doing to get alkaline but glad you’ve found my site because what you’ve described is essentially the alkaline diet – all processed and crap out, real food in and yes you can have some high quality meats and fish as part of your 20%.

      Ross πŸ™‚

  44. mary durell Reply

    Hey Ross,
    Great, great advise. Takes the pressure off and reduces the chance of failure. My friends and I were talking this weekend about doing a cleanse together—-can you suggest one? Maybe you have one in the archives–would you mind pointing it out to me if there is?

    Thanks Ross for all your work!

  45. Sugar Jones Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I was widowed at a young age 2yrs ago. Much stress, strain & upheaval. Our house was re-possessed 6 months after his funeral for example (he died aged 41 from oesophagus cancer).

    I believed that I had started to be serious about food. All organic, no meat or processed food & certainly getting more alkaline foods into my daily routine.

    However, I have been diagnosed with gastritis (very painful) & fibrocystic breasts & want your advice on what I should be eating to heal my conditions. I have a family history of breast & ovarian cancer. Yours truly, SJ.

  46. Valentina Reply

    Hi Ross.
    I have been following your work for over a year. This is actually funny story. I always battelled my husband on how much you have to drink water a day. Hi was comming with millions of reasons why some times he doesnt drink. I cook all our food, he never buys lunches, everything he take to work been cooked with food from organic stores. Still every day he complains about heartburn. Every single day he comes with different reason why it happened. Roibose tea made it, or salad, or sprouted bread, or combination of food wasn’t right. That was until I suggested him to find out how much water we need to drink on the Internet. Finally he came across your website. He was in shock after understanding how he damage his health. By reading more, he discovered his food choses were not the best. Even I cooked organic for him, but it still was food he liked – meat, chicken, cheese. He never liked my vegan, no sugar food habits. Last thing he did at this point – he brought PH strips from our son’s chemistry set and test his saliva. No surprise, his strip did not change the color (yellow), my on the other hand turned almost to violet. Hi was shocked. Still after I suggested he tried to take to work only food I cooked for myself, and with small steps he changed his diet. He notised having no pain in his stomach if he is sticking to alcaline diet and he always gets punished with heartburn if he cheats with acidic food.
    Thank you very much, for all your great articles. They helped my husband to open his eyes on healthy eating.

  47. Irene Reply

    Hi Ross
    I started your diet in the early part of this year and have subsequently had three major Urinary Tract Infections. After a battery of tests, I eventually said to them that I had been on this alkaline diet and both doctors said “That is it!”. Bacteria in the urinary tract thrive in an alkaline environment and that in my case it would probably be best if I didn’t continue with the diet. I stopped and I haven’t had an UTI since.

  48. Scott Reply

    Great post Ross.

    It’s focussing on the positive rather than the negative.

    “Feed the positive dog” πŸ˜‰

  49. Joe Potter Reply

    Hi, I have been on the alkaline diet for a number of years now. The reason I started it was that I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was useful and over the first six months on the diet my PSA fell by half. However for the last four years I have been on a ‘relaxed’ alkaline diet, i.e. I do eat non alkaline food sometimes but I do nothing about this ‘mini sinning’ if my weight remains stable. My view has been to stay as nearly alkaline as I can without being rigid. I’m doing fine. Joe

  50. Karin Braidwood Reply

    Hi Ross, my name is Karin. I came across your web site in January 2012 and have done exactly what you are suggesting here…drank ’round 3 litres of (home made) alkaline water and plenty greens from my garden whilst still having the odd piece of chocolate etc and it sure worked. My arthritis is vastly improved and I have gradually shed 4 kg…and kept them off without trying at all. So thanks a million, I am extremely grateful and am telling my friends – actually I am not saying anything, they are asking me…whow you look fab, how do you do it?
    Thanks from one happy girl out there!

    • Dixie Lee Berryhill Reply

      Hi, I have arthritis too, and I would like to hear your story of before and after the alkaline diet. In the past few months I’ve come to realize how important the right foods are for our health. I’ve heard facts from The Gerson Clinic and a book called, “Killing Cancer Not People.” Made me stop and really listen. Would you mind sharing please?

  51. Jim Tuffin Reply

    I have just started following the pH Miracle by Dr Robert Young, and although I think I believe most of what he says, it seems to me that he is finding fault with everything other than vegetables!

    I’m sure some vegetables cause problems as well, so I’m not sure I am convinced. I’ve tried a few things but other than wanting to ‘puck’ I have to say that it does not work well for me.

    I want to reduce the acidity as I have terminal cancer and only have a few months. I am taking some alternative products such as concentrated Green Tea and lots of things to improve my system.

    I’m not sure where to go from here, so will try a few things, some pH drops and some Green Powder and see if that helps at all.

    Great blog Ross – keep it up!


    • Ubaldo Fernandes Reply

      Dear Jim Tuffin,

      I am from India and employed in Kuwait. I know of a lady who had a cancer and she was given 1 month to survive by 2 leading hospitals in Kuwait and India. I was attending a retreat and in India and there she stood on the stage and gave her testimony how Jesus Christ made her cancer disappear from her system. I see this lady at church every sunday in Kuwait for the last 12 years hale and hearty without any Cancer. Just google on youtube for cancer miracles scoan tv and I am 100% sure the only Doctor and Healer, Jesus Christ will heal you completely and remove the cancer in your body. Have faith and Pray and you will live.

  52. Frankie Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I just started the alkaline diet and tried to start with a cleansing first.. so just juices.. I hated it and the second day I was so hungry for sugar that I quit and decided I could not do it cold turkey. So that is when I started using the PH booster for my water and eating alkaline foods WITH my normal food..
    After just a week or two I am not eating meat anymore; no craving for it. Most of my meals are raw vegetables (mostly cucumber and tomatoes) and I am baking all sorts of alkaline bread.

    If I have cravings for something sweet I either eat raw almonds or dried figs. Loving it now!


  53. elizabeth Reply

    Hi, I have been follwoing you on facebook and have come to realize that is not jsut good knowing about what your doing but actually doing it. I am going thru menopause and have all the common systoms but just recently I started on a course of natural medicine fro ma compounding doctor. I pray that with your advise and thenew natural hormone stuff I start to feel like a new energized woman again insteadd of an old lady. I’m hoping eating your way will help wiith this new arthritics in my fingures. Elizabeth

    • Amanda Reply

      Hi Elizabeth
      The Alkaline diet has worked wonders for my peri menopause symptoms. I have only be doing the transitioning stage. So I still have some cooked veg once a day and some new potato, rice or wrap and small amount of cheese then the rest is all raw salad. But I feel so much better and for hardly any effort. It has taken about thre months though
      Regards Amanda

  54. Sue Fox Reply

    I’m new here, been having acid re-flux that’s why I’m here. I had an episode a few years back, it went away through yoga practice and steady weight loss I believe. I had a broken ankle earlier this year and put some weight back on, also much stress through a family member, so not really sure which of these is responsible for the returned symptoms.

    I have researched Alkaline diets before with good intentions of cutting out! As you say this is probably doomed to failure because I get overwhelmed!! As I did this week, I get to feeling really down and depressed as I know my body/mind feels like it’s been assaulted! This feeling harks back to years of dieting, going with what is supposed to be a healthy lifestyle, but actually this feels very stressful!

    So in summary I’m totally with you in taking bite size chunks of alkaline and nutritious foods, focusing on the ‘good stuff’ instead of focusing on ‘what not to eat’ this approach seems to fit in with – ‘what you think about you will get more of’ – Law of Attraction!

    Thank you for this post.


    • Ross Reply

      Hey Sue

      Thanks so much for commenting. Firstly, congrats on the success you had with your reflux from yoga and the steady weight loss. I believe the yoga was massive in helping you get this result and from reading the rest of your comment I can definitely see why – emotions are just as, if not more, acidifying to the body as food and drink and in the rest of your comment as you mentioned slipping up it is accompanied by expressions of ‘stress’, ‘overwhelm’, ‘stressful’ and ‘depressed’.

      I’d say – get back on the yoga too!

      I really feel from your comment that you’re just 1% away from your health goals because the passion and conviction is there!

      Good luck and keep in touch!


      p.s. I’ve got lots of weight loss resources coming soon! I’ve been getting some crazy results with people lately, so I’ll let you know all about it.

    • Tess Reply

      Hey Sue, Just thought if you’ve had acid re-flux alot, you should read the book “eat right for your blood type” If your a type O, and a vegetarian, this could explain the re-flux as type O produce excessive stomach acid to break down meats as it was their primary source of food- or if your a type A and eating meat for instance, its to acidic for your stomach- as type A don’t produce very much stomach acid (as vegetables were their primary source of food) Also some things are alkaline for some blood types but turn acidic in others. So its a great read πŸ™‚

  55. VANESSA Reply

    Hi Ross!!
    What a revelation.. loved your article!! I have been juicing for 3 months and love it!
    You are an inspiration!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks so much Vanessa! What kind of juices are you making?


  56. Katie Reply

    I LOVE this! It is the absolute truth that if we focus on getting more goodness in, the bad is eventually outed. It is truer still that our bodies react to the goodness by wanting more of the same! I have achieved this in my own diet. I focused less on elimination of unhealthy foods and more on the introduction and increase of wholesome, nourishing, gorgeously green and alkalising foods! I crave a warm water and lemon juice upon waking and thirst for a green juice mid morning nowadays.

    My Mum suffered a minor heart attack back in May this year. It came as a real shocker and wake up call for her. I have been working with her to shift her focus off of eliminating what is bad and more on introducing, exploring and sampling all that is good for our minds, bodies and souls to eat, drink and enjoy! So far she is feeling wonderful, looking better than ever and feels this change to her diet is sustainable – she doesn’t feel deprived she feels AMAZING!

    I look forward to your expanded guide, Ross. We’re getting richer and richer over here! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU! Katie x

    • Ross Reply

      Wow Katie – thanks so much for sharing, this is such a fabulous comment to read. Keep on keepin’ on!

      Ross πŸ™‚