Alkaline Diet Recipe #150: Black Bean Hummous

black bean hummous recipe

150 Alkaline Recipes!

Wow, I’ve reached 150! What a huge achievement, if I do say so myself! That’s 150 free alkaline diet recipes, just for you! You know I’m all about the free resources, the karma, the good deeds and simply helping you as much as I can. My passion is helping people like you reach your health goals so this is a great achievement from me.

Here’s to another 150 alkaline diet recipes for you absolutely free! (update, I’m up to 250 now!)

Alkaline Diet Recipe #150: Black Bean Hummous

Alkaline Diet Recipe: Black Bean DipEveryone loves hummous. It’s healthy, appetizing, and can be the perfect dip for just about anything!

While the hummus we all know and love is made of mashed chickpeas, this version is equally satisfying and healthy and really rather nice and alkalizing.

The star in this dish – black bean – has been proven to be especially good for our digestive system, keeping the digestive tract (particularly the colon) healthy and clean. Having a healthy digestive system is THE cornerstone of the alkaline diet – so this recipe is great to include in your repetoire.

Its black seed coating is also an outstanding source of anthocyanin flavonoids, which help protect cells from oxygen damage, protect blood vessels from rupture or leakage, and enhance the power of your Vitamin C intake – all in all a great antioxidant and a great and delicious way to help keep colds at bay too!


1 can black beans (200g), rinsed and drained OR 200g fresh/dried black beans prepared
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice (or more to taste)
1 small handful of basil leaves
1 clove of garlic, crushed
1 large pinch of sesame seeds
Optional: red chilli to taste – I personally LOVE it HOT HOT HOT!


In a food processor, process black beans, lemon juice, basil, sesame seeds and garlic until thick. If it’s TOO thick, you can add a little water or tahini (if you have it).

Use as a dip, a spread in wraps, as a side to the Alkaline Fajitas in my Alkaline Diet Recipe System or in any way you like!

Nutritional Breakdown of Black Beans

Nutrient Amount % RDA
molybdenum 129.00 mcg 172.0
folate 256.28 mcg 64.1
fiber 14.96 g 59.8
tryptophan 0.18 g 56.2
manganese 0.76 mg 38.0
protein 15.24 g 30.5
magnesium 120.40 mg 30.1
vitamin B1 0.42 mg 28.0
phosphorus 240.80 mg 24.1
iron 3.61 mg 20.1

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  1. Scott Roush Reply

    I thought black beans show up on acid lists, please email me answer

    • duane Reply

      are black beans acidic?
      Alkaline forming beans include green beans, lima beans, peas, snap peas, soybeans and string beans. Acid forming beans include: aduki. black. broadbean. garbanzo. kidney.

  2. Poppy Reply

    Forgot to mention that she is now 27 and in some sort of pain every day.
    I will keep you updated if she does benefit from the alkaline diet.

  3. Poppy Reply

    When I last visited the UK I spoke to a “doctor” who recommended my daughter, Nadia, go on an alkaline diet. Nadia was diagnosed with CRMO (Chronic, recurring, multi focal osteomylitis) syndrome at the age of 9 and has never grown out of it. This doctor was convinced that Nadia would benefit greatly from this change in diet. I greatly appreciate any recipes that you recommend and look forward to trying the Black Bean Humus. Thanks very much πŸ™‚

  4. Reddi Reply

    Yes your good deeds will pay huge dividends in the end.
    Just think of all the peoples lives you have improved?

    Keep up the amazing recipes.

  5. Jerry P Reply

    I tried to order the Alkaline Diet book. I put in all my info, credit card etc. but the in process circle stayed on continuous. I press several times. Order not confimed.
    Concerned whether my card was charged.