Study: An alkaline diet improves outcomes of advanced lung cancer patients

New Study shows An alkaline diet improves outcomes of advanced lung cancer patients

New Study shows An alkaline diet improves outcomes of advanced lung cancer patients


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Hey I’m Ross Bridgeford, author of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse and my brand-new book, the upcoming The Alkaline Life, and today I have an incredibly interesting study published in the peer-reviewed Anticancer Research Journal.  The study has shown that the addition of an alkaline diet, to low-dose cancer treatment for advanced lung cancer patients created a better outcome than the treatment alone.  Yep, by adding the alkaline diet to the treatment, the outcome improved- a lot. 

I will point out here, as I know some folks will be thinking – you can’t change your pH – and this is true.  I’ll explain more in a moment, but that isn’t the goal.  The goal of living alkaline is to support the body to more effortlessly maintain it’s correct pH of all of it’s different areas of the body, without the stress and inflammation caused by an acidic, standard western diet. 

And as I always say – we cannot ever say that a particular dietary approach, no matter which you look at, can CURE any specific illness or disease.  However, I do truly believe, and the data is showing us, that by living an alkaline diet, we give the body the tools it needs to be in the best possible place to recover, and support whatever treatment path an individual might take.  Living alkaline removes the stress, inflammation, oxidative stress, and excess acidity from the body, and creates a far more effortlessly balanced environment – where your body isn’t having to stress, and work hard 24/7 to rebalance.   It removes that stress and nourishes it.   

In this study, the researchers identified 11 patients who were set to undergo treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).  The patients were  to be treated with low dose epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) for the first time, and were instructed and supported to switch to an alkaline diet alongside treatment.

They were evaluated for their antitumor response to the therapy with CT scans of the head, chest, and abdomen, with urine pH being analyzed at  regular intervals.

The results were fantastic.  The 6 men and 5 women in the study with advanced lung cancer showed huge improvement in both the progression-free survival and overall survival length.  The ‘normal’ length of similar patients is 9.2 months progression free survival, and 18.6 months overall survival, and in the study group this extended out to 19.5 months and 28.5 months.   The exciting thing is that this is just the start.

Now there are a few things to touch on here, including the limitations of the study.  The first thing I want to cover is the ‘Warburg Effect’ which is constantly mis-represented.  Otto Warburg, to cut a long story short, won the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering that in-vitro cancer cells cannot survive an alkaline environment.  The in vitro is important here – that is in a lab, in a test tube and OUTSIDE of the body.  This has been misused by water machine and supplement sales folks to say hey go alkaline, it kills cancer.  It is not as simple as this, and certainly not this straightforward.   The pH of normal cells surrounding a tumor are pH 7.2-7.4…whereas the pH of tumour cells is reduced to pH 6.6-pH 7 – slightly acidic.  This does not mean we can simply put something alkaline in there and it will raise this pH specifically and kill these cells.  It doesn’t work like that.

HOWEVER, the chronic stress caused to the body and the imbalances, inflammation, oxidative stress and vicious cycles of over-acidity caused by an acidic, standard western diet DOES increase the risk of cancer.   And providing the body with environment that removes this stress, and the nutrients needed to repair, rebuild and maintain this balance effortlessly DECREASES the risk, not only of cancer but many other conditions too.  See my other videos for more on that, and there are many more to follow.  

The volume of peer-reviewed studies showing the efficacy of the alkaline diet for risk reduction and reversal of chronic disease is gathering a ton of pace, and I’ll have many more videos like this one coming soon.

And cancer is thankfully a huge area of focus in these studies over the past couple of years.  Since a review study was published saying that there were not enough studies on the alkaline diet as a potential adjunct to other therapies for cancer treatment in 2015, there have been a plethora of studies published that give very strong evidence that it is an area of huge promise.

I will also state that there are limitations to this study.  The sample group is, of course, small at 11 individuals, and there was not a control group in this study, with the comparison being data drawn from other studies.  It would have been useful to seen a comparison to groups using just the EGFR-TKI low dose treatment, and a group of alkaline diet only treatment..

However the strength of result indicates that the findings have a lot of validity.

And the reason why, at the start of this video I called this an incredibly interesting study is that it has paved the way for many many more studies in this area, that have now been funded based on the strength of this result, so I applaud the researchers for this.

I have seen huge results with the alkaline diet in my coaching group, The Alkaline Life Club, and there are many seriously impressive published clinical trials now.  I feel like we’re at the start of something truly exciting.  I’ve been coaching this stuff and helping people for over 20 years now, and it feels like we’re on the cusp of this getting the funding and attention it deserves, and we could truly see it become more mainstream in the next few years.

If you’re new to my work and want to get started, the very best place you can start is with my book The Alkaline Life which you can order pre-order below this video.

And in my next research review video we’ll look at some of the studies that came along after this one…it gets really exciting.

I’ll see you all then. 

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