Alkaline Video: The Benefits of Alkaline Minerals


We have had some amazing news this week from the European Food Standards Authority validating the diverse health benefits of Alkaline Salts. In this video, Callum Bridgeford (co-founder of Energise For Life) tells us all about this and expains these benefits:

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  1. Merle Drury Reply

    Hi Ross,

    What do you know about detoxing with Bentonite Clay? Also, have you ever used Magnesium Chloride transdermally?

    Best wishes,


  2. Tom Reply

    Hiya Ross, thanks for all your wonderful info on the Alkaline diet! Love the info and indeed well done to You for showcasing this much needed info! One question I have is, does Apple Cider Vinegar qualify as an Alkaline?

    Look forward to Your reply.

    Thanks for Your time regards TT