Easy & Cheap Ways to Make Alkaline Water at Home (and other ESSENTIAL Alkaline Water Questions Answered…)

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Hi guys

Every single day I get questions about water, alkaline water, filtration, hydration and how best to make alkaline water – and just a few weeks ago I had a ‘pop up’ Q&A session where I answered over 900+ questions! And here are the answers to the five most commonly asked alkaline water questions including:

1. What a water ionizer IS and HOW it works (and why it’s the best way to make alkaline water)
2. The best ‘cheap’ way to make alkaline water
3. How much water you should be drinking each day
4. Why drink alkaline water when it will go into our acidic stomach?

These questions are all answered in the video below and in written format below!

Your “Alkaline Water” Questions Answered – The Video

(click here to watch the alkaline water benefits video on youtube)

Alkaline Water: The Next 5 Questions Most Important Questions Answered

Since early in 2005 I have been answering your alkaline water questions! In addition to the four questions answered in the video above, I have decided to also post the answers to the following questions, as these are also asked a LOT (just not quite as much as the questions above)!

hydrating with alkaline waterAlkaline Water Question 1: How Long Does Alkaline Water Last

The answer to this question starts with ‘it depends’. It depends on how the water was made alkaline in the first place. I will give an answer based upon the Rolls-Royce of alkaline water – ionized, alkaline water and take it from there.

When you ionize your drinking water the benefits last as follows:

  • pH: lasts around 14 days, longer if the water is chilled and kept in an airtight container
  • ORP (antioxidant content): lasts around 8 hours, but starts to degrade immediately. Again, lasts a little longer if chilled & air-tight. Note: you only get the antioxidant benefit from an ionizer, not from pH drops or non-electrical filters.

There are a few things to note though, that can impact either of these measures.

pH and ORP tend to fare less well in metal/steel containers, especially the ORP which is almost immediately removed. They also don’t do so well in the type of plastic bottle that bottled water comes in.

The best container is a BPA-free plastic, or ideally glass.

ORP also doesn’t do well with movement, so once it’s in your bottle, if you go for a run or transport the bottle around you start to lose this ORP benefit. For instance, if you fill your bottle and go for a run, the more you drink it and create space in the bottle the quicker the ORP will disappear. And if you’re off on a trip, try to fill the bottle to the top as much as possible to create as little as possible space in the bottle.

Heat doesn’t impact it too quickly from my findings. I have tested ionized, alkaline water that has been boiled many times and the pH and ORP tend to hold – however, this is in my glass kettle – not a stainless steel one. You would lose the ORP in a SS kettle.

Alkaline Water Question 2: Why Drink Alkaline Water if the Stomach Digests with Acid?

This is an interesting and VERY common alkaline water question. To be totally honest, the best answer to this is provided by Robert Young:

Many people ask me about what good alkaline electron-rich water does since “everyone knows” it is just going into the highly acidic stomach.

The problem here is not with the alkaline water meeting acid, it is with what “everyone knows.”

There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body. The stomach wall makes sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food not digest the food. For every molecule of sodium bicarbonate produced to increase the alkalinity of food a molecule of HCl is also created. HCL is a very strong and toxic acid.

The HCL falls into the gastric pits of the stomach away from the food as the sodium bicarbonate rises to the top to contact the food for alkalizing. That is why after the food leaves the stomach there is no sodium bicarbonate left just the remaining HCL acid that has to be eliminated through the blood and/or lymph.

Low water content, acid-forming foods like meats, eggs, and breads cause the release of larger amounts of sodium bicarbonate with an equal amount of HCl poison. High-water-content foods such as non-starchy vegetables require much less sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food and therefore there is less HCL acid residue in the stomach left over after the food has exited. The result is no indigestion or risk of acid reflux or stomach ulcers or even stomach cancer.

Alkaline electron-rich water—being extremely high in electron content! — does not trigger the release of sodium bicarbonate and thus does not cause the creation of the acid HCl, so it does not interfere with the alkalizing of the food. In fact alkaline electron-rich water with its high concentration of electrons helps the alkalizing of the food and also helps to neutralize the caustic acidic poisonous HCL, preventing the acidification of the blood and tissues.

So drink up alkalize electron-rich water, juices and green drink!

Source: Articles of Health

This is such a great explanation. The HCL is harmful to the body and is only produced when we eat or drink acid-forming (unhealthy) foods and drinks and is balanced in equal proportion by Sodium Bicarbonate production in the body. When we consume alkaline forming foods and drinks the body does not need the sodium bicarbonate production and thus the HCL production is not required either!

Alkaline Water IonizerAlkaline Water Question 3: How Does Ionized Water Compare with Distilled or Reverse Osmosis

There are three qualities you’re looking for in your water (well, there are a couple more but these are the main ones) and you should aim to get all three – as you’re wanting to drink between 2-4 litres of the stuff every single day:

  1. Filtration
  2. pH
  3. Oxydation Reduction Potential (it’s antioxidant or oxidizing capacity – ORP or REDOX)

I love ionized water because it covers all three brilliantly. But this is where distilled and Reverse Osmosis fall away.

Don’t get me wrong, distilled and RO do an excellent job of filtering the water – removing practically EVERYTHING in the water, making it super-super clean – BUT this comes at a cost.

Both RO and distilled water are acid-forming and have a +ORP – meaning they are oxidising to the body (killing cells i.e. the opposite of an antioxidant)

Plus they also remove all of the GOOD things in the water as well as the bad…

I also find distillation quite cumbersome as you have to run the distiller on 4 litres of water at a time and it can take up to 4 hours. RO at least has the benefit that the water is available on demand.

BUT this is the beauty of ionized water – it gives you water with an antioxidant level that is greater than green tea, gives you a pH of whatever you decide (between 3 and 12.5 – and there are many non-drinking uses both at pH 3 AND at pH 12.5 – but only ever drink it up to pH 9.5) and the filtration is great.

And if you need extra-strong filtration because your tap water is poor, a pre-filter is very inexpensive and removes pretty much every impurity you could ever want (chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, bacteria etc.).


My recommendations are:

>> Chanson Miracle MAX Ionizer
>> Chanson C3 Pre-Filter

Alkaline Water Question 4: Is Bottled Water OK if it Lists It’s Source pH at 8?

I have two problems with bottled water. Wait, no I have three problems with bottled water. Nope, actually it’s four.

  1. It’s not alkaline – The pH may well be 7.8 or 8.1 at source, but by the time it has been bottled, stored, transported and kept in a poor quality plastic bottle the pH is always below 6.5 in all of my tests. I’ve tested probably 30 brands in the UK, USA and Australia and they are ALL, ALWAYS acidic.
  2. They have a + ORP: in those tests I always found an ORP of at least +150 – meaning this oxidizes the body, destroying cells and causing problems. In other words, its the opposite of an antioxidant. No thanks.
  3. Plastic in the water? – there is also evidence to suggest that being stored in cheap BPA-containing plastic means that this plastic may leach into the water. Hmmm.
  4. Horrible for the environment – of course, using a reusable plastic bottle (and washing it without using enough water to fill a bath) is a far more environmentally friendly approach to hydration

And in reality, there are five problems – the fifth being the cost. People think an ionizer is expensive, but even if you’re buying bulk and drinking 4 litres of bottled water per day – the cost is still more than buying an ionizer over the course of a year or two – and after that, the water you’re drinking is both free and inflation-proof.

Alkaline Water Question 5: How Is Adding Lemon To Water Going to Make It Alkaline – When Lemon & Lime Are Acids?

lemon water alkaline drinkI’ve blogged extensively about lemon water before, and even include it in my Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water – because I think it is such a great, powerful, natural, cleansing drink to start the day.

I’ve never heard any complaints from anyone saying it is not good for you but I am very frequently asked: is it alkaline?

Or should I say, I’m very frequently told ‘lemon’s aren’t alkaline, you idiot – do some research and read up on science’.

Of course, these people are right, lemons are not alkaline, they are citric acid of course – but those people are missing the point and are missing what I am saying.

I am not saying that lemons are alkaline, I am saying that lemons are alkalising!

See the distinction here? And by the way, this applies to all foods, not just lemons & limes. The most important thing to note is not what the pH of the food is in it’s natural state – rather the EFFECT THE FOOD HAS ON THE BODY.

Because of its very low sugar content and high alkaline mineral content, lemons actually have an alkalising effect on the body.


I really hope this has been useful for me and if you have any other alkaline water questions – leave them in the comments below and I will answer personally as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours)!

P.S. Take a look at the Alkaline Recipe System. With hundreds of easy-to-prepare Alkaline recipes PLUS 7 goal-based meal plans each with itemized shopping lists (for goals including weight loss, more energy, better digestion, clearer skin and more) – it makes reaching your health goals SO easy!

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  1. gregory L seider Reply

    Great information. If you were going to make grass fed bone broth what ph for ionized water would you use to simmer the bones

  2. Randy Unger Reply

    Very recently someone mentioned Alkaline water and so I went to Wal-Mart in hopes to buy true Alkaline water but couldn’t find it. Some told me to go to Target but then as you state in your messages, what is real (plastic or steel) and what is not. I am a consumer looking to add 2 liters of Alkaline water to my diet but where in Oklahoma City to buy real alkaline water is the real question without buying equipment, just a true 2 liter bottle of Alkaline water.

  3. Peter mac Reply

    I am considering buyer a water ionizing machine, which one do u recommends?


    Peter Mac

  4. Louvernia Scott Reply

    I was amazed at what you are taking about. If I buy a water pitcher & filter can I get this great water. I cannot afford a “system ” at this time in my life. I’m retired now and money is tight
    I viewed several systems & Amazon has it. Thank you again .please respond. Oh I live in Brooklyn NY

  5. Louvernia Scott Reply

    Excellent, I cannot afford a large unit but it is buy the one with the pitcher & H2o filter would it help me a little?? I thought it was all about the PH. THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS VERY VERY USEFUL INFORMATION.


    So what machine is best to buy, I live in El Paso Tx.water is hard .

  7. kirit pandya Reply

    What the order is? First filtering followed by ionising. Am I right?

    • ross Reply

      It is preferable to filter first, more so in terms of the particles in the water you’re wanting to filter out anyway would eventually speed the clogging of the ionizer and the reduction in the power of the ionizer plates (where the magic happens).


  8. Elva Velasquez Reply

    I just want to learn more about ph balance and alkalaine.

  9. Emeka Nwosuh Reply

    Owing to the hot weather conditions in Africa, I love to take very cold (chilled) water. Does refrigerating an alkalinized water (lemon + water) affect the pH level or alkalinity of the water? Thanks.

  10. aridget Reply

    Hi, I use a Waterman (portable water filter) to turn rainwater into water that tests at around 9.0 pH. When making lemon water or herbal tea, how critical is it that I run the rainwater through the Waterman first? And the same for making soup, do I use the rainwater or the alkalised water to make a vegetable soup to get the best result in terms of alkalising my body? Thanks

  11. Terrence Gilliam Reply

    Do I need to buy an expensive machine? Can u recommend one for me

  12. Tanner Siegfort Reply

    Interesting article you’ve written!
    I have an auto immune arthritis at a young age of 22 leaving me with very bad pain that is getting worse. Along with it I also have very bad acid reflux that I manage with pills…

    I have read apple cider vinegar can do wonders for the arthritis and reflux. I’ve also read Alkaline water can do the same.
    When I drink apple cider vinegar mixed in with tea, lemon and honey I get some stomach irritation. I’m wondering could I mix ACV with the Alkaline water and make a very powerful drink?

  13. Lee Reply

    Hello, Then how about apple cider vinegar ? Both have the same high acidic, does it means we can alkalize our drinking water with acv? And I read from some sources saying that apple cider vinegar more stable than Lemon.

  14. Kelly Reply

    With limited HCL, pepsinogen is not converted to pepsin and protein digestion fails. A second action of HCL is to prevent infections, since most organisms that are ingested are destroyed by an adequately acid environment.
    So, a more balanced diet that includes meat,vegetables,starches would be better.
    HCL is not toxic or harmful to the body. It is a necessary part of digestion and deficiencies of it can lead to digestive issues and other health related problems.
    The ‘Middle Road lifestyle’ is key to balance.
    Eating Organic/non-GMO food that is a blend of both acidic and alkaline creates balance and digestive symbiosis,a long with a good ph balanced water.


    so your saying it needs to be electric? not the filter bottle in the frig? What about portable water bottles when you work out..suggestions pls. what is the best an cheapest system you would recommend..

    Thank you

  16. Shannon Reply

    I don’t have the finances to purchase a home filtration system so I have been buying bottled “alkaline water” from Whole foods. Is there a particular brand or manufacturer that you think is best. Obviously, you are against the bottled version but I don’t have much options right now. I have been drinking the Essentia brand, if that helps. Thanks so much!


    Have you heard of the company Juuva, they produce numerous products to help combat the acidic nature of american diets along with the ionizing nature of all our electronics. I would love to hear your opinion on the company as well as the idea of whether our cultures overuse of electronics is adding to our health problems.

  18. aida Reply

    I have drank water with lemon since I was about twenty years old ,I am 69 and I feel great, I started drinking alkaline water about 5 years ago, I have fibromyalgia and I felt great but I move to N.Y and I can’t find the alkaline water and I feel run down,no energy, wanting to sleep all day,your article has help thank you,aida

  19. Yolanda Reply

    What about these new oxygen water pitchers?

  20. Will Reply

    I buy bottled water because I need it for work when I am outdoors. What bottled water should I buy.

  21. Hemant Kumar Reply

    helllo i am totally satisfied with your article .In your view which is the best ionizer.

  22. Edmund Yeo Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Is the method of using water ceramic, negative ion ceramics, natural ceramic and super ceramic method to increase Alkalinity of water a good method? That means the Alkaline Filtration method of making water alkaline.




  23. Alec Reply

    Hi, I’m interested in alkaline water, but I want to specifically ionize the alkaline water without a machine that will cost me money I can’t afford. Is there a way to do this at home? In a safe manner.

  24. Jerry macko Reply

    My niece has ulcerative colitis, is alkaline hydrate water helpful to her?

    • Avinash Venkatesh Kamat Reply

      Along with alkaline water you need antioxidant more than 12000orac per day.kindly mail me your contact on welcome2wellness@gmail @gmail.com.I can help you.

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  26. Jacqueline Kossoff Reply

    I am interested in Kangen water. Do you know what Ayurveda’s thinking is about this process?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Jacqueline Kossoff

  27. Crystal Reply

    Hi 🙂 thanks for this article! I have found a spring near me that is free, and i’d love to get water for my family from there. I’ve had it tested for many things, and it has turned out super clean, except for the PH/alkalinity. it’s actually very acidic. Do you know if they make some sort of device that would make the water alkaline as it goes through a water cooler? crazy question but I thought maybe you would know! thanks in advance!

  28. Deepak Dhanawade Reply

    awesome post, feel good read the blog, also do Buy Online Best Alkaline Bottled Water ionized antioxidant Machine Filter System Store Shop Electronics Product supplier dealer manufacturer exporter trader seller in Mumbai

  29. Sam Reply

    Hi RossCan you please recommend some good quality PH drops?. As an ionizer is way too expensive for me
    Many thanks

  30. Pj Reply

    So helpful. Thank you.

  31. Erin Reply

    Hello. Loved your water article, learned a lot. My question is this, we live in sw Florida, on a private well, have a whole house RO system from Culligan. Can I get an ionizer and ionize that already RO filtered well water or what?

    Thanks a ton


    • Avinash Venkatesh Kamat Reply

      Along with alkaline water you need antioxidant more than 12000orac per day.kindly mail me your contact on welcome2wellness@gmail @gmail.com.I can help you.

  32. Veronica Murillo Reply

    Hi Ross, I tasted kangen water before but didnt like the taste of it. I kept tasting metal in the water. The person who gave it to me did use an extra filter on it but not sure if it was a good one. So my question is, is that just the way the water is supposed to taste or does it need a really good filter? Hope to hear from you soon,Thanks

  33. chuck harowitz Reply

    the cost of the easy to make alkaline water at home that is cost effective

  34. Claudette Reply

    I have been taking rise and shine Alkaline Mineral Drink for a month an a half. I full scoop in 500ml every morning. Then I started noticing some red spot bigger than a pimple and thought nothing of it. Then I notice it was getting worst and now it has almost invade my entire skin except my face, but it feels like it will soon . Could it be cause by this drink. I also take a tbs of natural apple cider vinegar every morning. The doctor didn’t say it was a rash he said, a skin infection bacteria. I am the cleanse person ever and so are my clothes and I have not change nothing or foods. Just this drink

    He put me on an antibiotic and it is spreading still. I dont’ believe what he said. I have really bad acid reflux to the point that I can’t go anywhere…stomach burning like fire, coughing, headaches…That is why I was taking this drink to bring my PH level up. My numbers are pretty low 6.5 and it should be at least 7 . I know you are not a doctor so I understand if you don’t know.


    • chuck harowitz Reply

      my wife takes nexium for acid reflux, she really likes alkaline water

  35. Anonymous Reply

    How does lemon make water alkaline??? Can u explain???

  36. Hazel Gayle Reply

    I have quite a few questions as there seems to be do much conflicting information on the subject of alkaline water and the systems for make it, specifically. 1) Ionizing water – is that artificially alkalizing the water? I mean does the water have the higher pH but none of the minerals as you would find in natural spring water? 2) If so, can this be a problem for the body as I have read elsewhere, in that it introduces the alkalinity, but since it’s not mineral rich, it could “trick” the body to get rid of some of it’s mineral reserve and so be counterproductive in the long run? 3) Do these systems use platinum and/or titanium plates/rods in the process? Is there any danger in using these toxic metals over time?

    I really hope you might be able to shed some more light on these issues.


    • Hazel Gayle Reply

      I have quite a few questions as there seems to be so much conflicting information on the subject of alkaline water and the systems for making it, specifically. 1) Ionizing water – is that artificially alkalizing the water? I mean does the water have the higher pH but none of the minerals as you would find in natural spring water? 2) If so, can this be a problem for the body as I have read elsewhere, in that it introduces the alkalinity, but since it’s not mineral rich, it could “trick” the body to get rid of some of it’s mineral reserve and so be counterproductive in the long run? 3) Do these systems use platinum and/or titanium plates/rods in the process? Is there any danger in using these toxic metals over time?

      I really hope you might be able to shed some more light on these issues.


  37. Conner Reply

    I just left a facility selling alkaline water and during the presentation we were told that this would kill any bacteria or fungus in the eye and it was OK to spray this directly in the eye. I have a problem with this your comments please!

  38. Walter Reply

    By adding baking soda to my water will that make it alkaline?

  39. Walter Marrero Reply

    If i apply lemon or baking soda to make the water alkaline, how long could the water will hold the ph.Thanks

  40. Pamilla Mc Intosh Reply

    Does Chanson ship to the Caribbean?
    i am really excited to acquire a Chanson Miracle Max Plus. i want to have an alkaline body and be free of some of my problems.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Pamilla – they will do but will charge you shipping. Contact chansonalkalinewater.com for the shipping quote.

  41. Roshinie Mendis Reply

    I am in Sri Lanka and I’ve started to drink alkaline water which has a tag to say Alkaline drinking water pH9+

    Is it good to drink and the water is in a plastic 5 liter bottle. As I am a psoriasis person I need to know more about alkaline food etc.

    Await reply please

  42. Scott Bowlinger Reply

    Trader Joe’s sells an Alkaline water with electrolytes. It has helped tremendously with muscle cramps (I’m 66 years old). Are you saying that since it comes in a plastic bottle that the ph is not what they claim, but actually acidic? What about the electrolytes?
    Is there a way to make alkaline water with electrolytes at home, either by addition of ingredients or machine?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Scott

      For cramps, get a magnesium citrate supplement from iHerb and add to your water.


  43. Elsie NATAL Reply

    Do putting lemons in even tab water. Helps it become alkalizing

    • ross Reply

      Yes, sure does. Very mildly, but it does help.

  44. Bryce Cooper Reply

    I keep hearing Kangen filters are the best as they have been medically approved via Japan and USA. I think they are overpriced because of the MLM selling paying 7-9 levels of people.
    I have looked at lifeionizers.co.uk/life-next-generation-m9.html as well.
    Where can I find a comparison of filters that meet your criteria of
    Oxydation Reduction Potential
    Where can learn how to build one?

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  46. Kylie Reply

    Very easy to understand – informative writing- thank you.

    Q…. If i am drinking alkaline water so the Sodium Bi Carbonate isnt produced as much- there fore HCL is also not produced as much- GREAT no acidic environment! But how then, am i digesting my food properly?

    REALLY hope you answer cause i really dont know the answer and am probably just missing a basic point somewhere. THANK YOU

  47. Dr. Nancy DeGregori Reply

    Hi Ross! LOVE LOVE LOVE your website and the passion you have to help others lead a better/healthier life. I have a website that showcases healthy information and my readers would LOVE your info. Can I showcase you and your website and some information regarding alkaline diet/lifestyle? We can help each other out 🙂 I can blog for you too, if you would like!

    Thank you so much!
    Dr. Nancy

  48. Eli Reply

    Will alkaline water loose its alkaline runing it through a Brita water filter?

  49. Dick Reply

    I can not find how to makeFree alkalizing water.How you you do it.I am saving up for the machine

  50. vivien Reply

    Hi, my question is on water. I have a concrete water tank as we live in the country so all our water comes off our roof. We boil the water and then transfer it to glass bottles. Is it better to keep it at room temperatuer or in the fridge? I have checked the ph level and it is alkaline.

  51. William G. Cargason Reply

    Is it okay to take alkaline water while taking apple cider vinegar? Since alkaline water is Base and vinegar is acid..

  52. Annet Reply

    Hi i would like to learn about a cleansing diet. Thanks

  53. Zafar Reply

    What is the health benefit of alkaline water for kids ?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Zafar – it depends on what age we’re talking…. – let me know and I’ll follow up.

  54. Rene Kittelsen Reply


    Just have to start with that I love my Chanson Ionizer Miracle MAX! wouldn’t live without it!

    My question is about pH 10+ which Sang Whang lectures about having a good health benefit, and you tell us drink maximum 9.5 pH?

    Explain, Sang Whang can’t be totally wrong, or?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Rene

      I personally don’t think it is a necessary thing to drink anything above pH 9.5 – remember this is SO MUCH more alkaline than tap water or bottled water that our body was previously used to.

      9.5 is as alkaline as you need it.

      This is something Robert Young also recommends, as does Ronnie Ruiz.

      He isn’t totally wrong – I just think it’s a nuance. You could always try at 9.5 and at 10 and see which works best for you.


  55. diego fuga Reply

    me again…one more question, …are u aware if on market are present good small/lightweight water ionizer that can fit in a small back pack? i travel full time and i pratically live on the road…thanks mate

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Diego

      There are a few out there – but all of them offer only a small increase in pH but no filtration or ORP benefit. To be honest my personal preference for an on the go solution is the Alkatraveller Stick: http://www.chansonalkalinewater.com/cart/accessories/alkatraveler-stick.html

      It is small, easy to transport and does the same as the full alkaline flasks but you can use it in any bottle or drink you have when on the go.



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  56. diego fuga Reply

    about lemon, i understood increase alkalization, so does also increase the ORP?
    Also, i have been study a bit of biology applied to ayurveda, about lemon it looks lik in subject that tend to have an increase digestive fire ( the so called pitta-dosha), lemon can cause exessive drynesseven if mixed with water, i am one of those subjects and limitin lemon (and other increasing agents) practically cured many dermatites ruushes i had suffer since childhood? are u aware if are any other substances that can help water alkalisation? thank for your time Ross, it is unpayble…

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Diego

      Lemon does not increase ORP – and in terms of an alternative…I discuss all of these in my alkaline water guide here.



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  57. FL Reply

    It’s my 1st time to this blog. I sort of stumbled upon it. Glad I did because u answered my question Ross. Life after it leaves the system. have a great day.


  58. adenchiangmaithiland Reply

    What about breathing produce alkaline? How to use alkaline food for eyes vision?

  59. Angela Bea Reply

    Hi Ross, I’m always interested in your comments on water, as I’ve had an ionizor now for 5 years.I struggle with fibromyalgia and it wasn’t until recently that I read a book by C. Vasey in which he explains that SOME people can’t tolerate weak acids [i.e fruit,lemons etc.] Now I take ‘Alkabase’ minerals as I was tested by kinesiology as needing magnesium, pottasium, phosphorus and manganese. We are all different and its been quite hard finding the right mixture of salts to suit me [ the Dr Young ones don’t!]. The only real way to find out about acids is to test with pH sticks regularly. I find I become more alkaline with singing, walking and dancing too! Stay chilled out and minimise toxins of all sorts including angry thoughts and excess stress!
    I’m actively promoting your website on Fibromyalgia chat forums as this seems to be a ‘missing link’ and many people in England are still being prescribed large amounts of pain killers for Fibromyalgia [which create more acid]. Do you have any knowledge of Fibro, which affects 1.2 million in this country? All the best, Angela

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Angela

      I can’t legally discuss anything specific in relation to a diagnosed condition – BUT I have had a lot of unsolicited positive feedback from FIbro sufferers, which is fantastic.

      I agree that we’re all different and I encourage everyone to listen to their body, tweak and work out what works best for them.

      Also – you’re dead right about emotions – these have as much of an impact on our pH balance as food and drink – singing, laughing, dancing are all great!



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  60. Padmakant Reply

    I heard about Ceramic filters antioxidant/alkaline water produced. How much is this beneficial to ionized water and/or what is the difference if any? Please reply and oblige.

  61. Brian Reply

    Ross, are there any downsides to increased alkalinity, such as causing constipation or restricting bile production, from using PH drops? I saw such comments on a Google search and am interested in your viewpoint.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Brian

      If the pH drops are reliable and safe, containing safe ingredients then no – I wouldn’t expect this side effect and I would expect another variable is at play. Hard to answer without knowing the product being referred to.

      Of all products, pH drops usage instructions are SO IMPORTANT – don’t ever overuse – they are very very concentrated.



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  62. Elspeth Kerr Reply

    I live in Cyprus and have lemon water daily from my own lemon tree . do i still need to have an ionizer to alkalize the water I get from a local supplier from a natural spring ?
    Also have you supplied anyone else on the Island with an Ionizer ?? as i would be interested to here their comments Thanks for all the work your doing and being on the planet at this time Keep up the brilliant work ,

    • cher fauvel Reply

      Elspeth, I live on Crete at the moment and Ross has supplied me with the Miracle max, i have had it for 3 months now and would not be without it, i researched a lot on ironizers and the Chanson is the best in my opinion. the one thing I would say is thatour water is hard and I want the part to filter the pipe, sorry cant remember what it is called, I am sure Ross will fill in the blanks, I think it is about $65 and worth it to protect the life of the machine. I definately notice health benefits for myself, my partner ( he had an op for acid reflux when he was younger) and also my animals health seems better. hope this helps, oh and i also use the local lemons 🙂

      • Ross Reply

        Hey Cheryl and Elspeth

        I agree 100% with Cher and recommend the Ionizer Armor too (for hard water).

        The problem with spring water (unless you are literally drinking straight from the spring) is that it will be bottled and will be at least a few months from spring to your mouth – in which time any alkalinity and ORP which *did* exist will be long gone.


  63. Elizabeth Reply

    If a few drops of lemon juice makes the water alkaline, then why can’t I just use lemon in my water all the time?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Elizabeth

      This only *just* makes the water alkalizing and does not give you any filtration or ORP (antioxidant) benefit – which together are actually more beneficial than the pH.

      It’s a good start, but isn’t a great solution ongoing.



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  64. Gabe Hunninghake Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Nice write up. Just have 1 item to clarify.

    “Note: you only get the antioxidant benefit from an ionizer, not from pH drops or non-electrical filters.”

    You CAN get antioxidant benefits from non-electric ionizers. I assume you are addressing filters only with that statement, but just want to make sure. You don’t need electricity for ionization. We’ve done it for a long time with the alkaStream. Ionways did it with their Elita and Water80 does it commercially.

  65. fielker Reply

    in a store there is the water name Evian in a glass bottle.Do you think it is good, with a Ph hight?Thanks Mariana

    • Ross Reply

      Hi there

      My tests on Evian have always come out with an acidic pH and positive ORP.



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  66. Judi Lovato Reply

    I am on a fixed income, am trying to drink Alkaline water. What I have done is buy a ZeroOne 23 cup filter system, then I put pH drops in the water. I start with spring water. My testing shows the water to be alkalizing. Until I can purchase a system (who knows when?), is this at least a step in the right direction and am I doing SOME good for my body? Do I drink a lot of green tea in addition in order to get my antioxidants? Or what would you suggest? Thank you. I have 63 years old, have emphysema and overweight and I simply have to do something positive to extend my life. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to be at my healthiest I guess.

  67. Deokarran Ramharrack Reply

    1. What is the cheapest alkalising water treatment machine?
    2. Is there a USA dealer for the machines?
    3. Is there a whoesale price price for the machines?
    4. Price is not the only crteria, so give a full range of machines with prices.
    Deokarran Ramharrack

  68. Oliver Reply

    Hlo Ross, thanx for all the insights and efforts to get us healthy. They say, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”. We have half decent tap water in Cape Town South Africa, we also have plenty of green glass bottles (1 liter up to 2 liters) and we even have access to Himalayan Mineral Salt. What I need to know is how do I get my hands on a Chanson Pre-Filter and Ionizer in Cape Town South Africa.
    Do you have any distributors in South Africa? If not, I would be interested. Let me know. Oliver

  69. KK Woo Reply

    Plastic containers are NO NOs
    What is the downside in microwaves?

  70. leanne Reply

    I am not asking about water but on another matter, I have cancer not that I want sympathy but I have been a real believer int he alkaline diet but I am confused. There are so many different list of alkaline food what is your idea on the right one.

    • Denise Ingrem Reply

      I would also like a full list of alkalising foods, also if any commercially produced non dairy milks are suitable, also if
      nutritional yeast flakes are OK? Thanks in advance.

  71. sabrina Lewins Reply

    Dear Ross,

    We live in a hard water area, Cambridge, which is meant to be very good for the heart. My husband says that all the chalky content makes it alkaline as well. I do add lemon juice to it once or twice a day = any comments please?

  72. Derek Moore Reply

    The best understanding regarding lemons which I heard a long time ago is that ” even though lemons are acidic they end up in the body as alkaline ash”

  73. Muriel van Wyk Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Can this ionizer be bought on a monthly instalment plan if I live in New Zealand? Thanks, Muriel

  74. Annabella Reply

    Hi. My question is not really about alkaline water. Is about drinking water in general. I know that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. My problem is that drinking so much water I need to go very very often to the toilet. 😀 by saying often I mean every 20 or 30 min. I just don’t have the time to go that often. Sometimes I am in the car, in the traffic of in the university having classes so I just can’t go every 20 min out of the class.

    How do you deal with this issue? 😀 thank you.

  75. Scott Brady Reply

    Great info Ross.

    I am confused about the stainless steel containers though, since Dr Robert Young said at the 2009 Energiseforlife pH 2-day seminar in London that stainless steel is the best container to use for storage of alkaline water; better than glass and BPA-free plastic. I have been using the excellent (18/8 stainless steel) Klean Kanteen’s ever since. Although at home do use a glass since I consume the ionized water almost immediately after it’s production.

    Are your beliefs on this subject due to your testing with containers made of different materials?



    • larry magee Reply

      I tested and found that a stainless steel container holds the pH and ORP better than a ceramic crock.

      • Ross Reply

        Hi guys

        This is based upon recommendations from Ronnie Ruiz. At the time of the Energise Event Dr Young was referring only to the pH being held – not the ORP.

        I’ll shoot a short vid to test for myself and post here when it’s done.

        Great quesiton though!



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  76. Denise Lantner Reply

    What filter do you recommend for extremely hard water that causes so much crusting on the sink and fixtures that chemicals like Lime Away don’t remove it — only razor blades. Recently we replaced our shower tiles with smooth, shiny tile on the walls. We always have to dry the walls and fixtures immediately to prevent crusting and scaling. In addition to the extremely hard water, I learned that the city adds a “rust inhibitor” to the water to prevent pipe corrosion. If I want to get rid of the hard water, additional chemical additives, heavy metals, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and still receive safe drinking water, minus the fluoride, what do I do?

    • larry magee Reply

      Ross may have a better answer but I faced the same problem and this is what I did. A Reverse Osmosis filter removes everything from your drinking water. You can hook the ionizer up to the Reverse Osmosis tap and buy a remineralization cartridge for your ionizer, but my testing of this showed it didn’t work with a Chanson ionizer for the water in my area. The pH hardly went up at all and the ORP was still positive. The thing that does work is pouring either bottled water or Reverse Osmosis water into a batch ionizer that makes strong alkaline water overnight. You add some salt or potassium or magnesium chloride to the water before turning the machine on. Read all about it here – http://www.hiddencures.com/ionizer.htm

      I strongly recommend that you get both a pH and ORP meter to test whatever solution you decide to buy. I wouldn’t have known that my Chanson wasn’t working if I hadn’t had the meters. Fortunately I was able to return it.

  77. Alan Reply

    So where is the best place to buy a glass lined durable bottle then Ross ?
    You only list plastic bottles on your site (and they’re out of stock).
    If you stocked a really good glass/metal bottle I would buy one.

  78. Debbie Reply

    I think this is an interesting concept. I simply do not have any money to purchase any equipment and I am naot able to purchase any on credit.

    So, I will have to wait to obtain such.

    Thanks for sending your incormation of acid and alkaline foods.


    • Debbie Reply

      Sorry for the typing errors. I really know how to spell; I should have proof read the email before I sent it.