The Ultimate Comparison of Alkaline Water Methods


How to Make Alkaline Water at Home
Every Method of Water Alkalizer: Pro’s & Con’s

Since launching my Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water a few weeks ago, I have been inundated with questions about which is the best source of making this pH positive water. It’s an integral part of living alkaline I personally have a clear winner but I really want to give you the most impartial and well rounded advice that I can – plus I also believe in giving you all of the facts, so you can make up your own mind.

So here is my complete run down of every type of product, substance, machine, liquid or powder that has ever claimed to make alkaline water, so that you can make the best decision on how to make alkaline water at home.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

In this guide I teach you:

  • Lemon (& lime) water
  • pH drops
  • Alkalising powders
  • Britta/mainstream filters
  • Distillers
  • Reverse osmosis filters
  • Water ionizers

I think you will agree, this just about covers them all!

So if you are interested in knowing more about the best way to make alkaline water, to suit you and your family – for the budget that works for you then you will know this after you read this article.

Lemon (& Lime) Water
Cheap, Easy – But Not For 24/7 Use

Lemon (or lime) water is quite simply, a glass of filtered, lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. As I explain here, the lemon water, despite being citric acid, has an alkalising effect on the body because it is a low sugar fruit rich in alkaline minerals.

It should be used first thing in the morning when you first wake up as it is a great cleansing drink that will hydrate, stimulate your metabolism and digestive system and will get your body moving. It also tastes great first thing.

You can drink it at other times during the day, but it does not replace the more sophisticated ways of getting your alkaline water, for reasons you will find out further down this article as you carry on reading.

I would certainly never rely upon lemon water as my sole source of alkaline water. It really shouldn’t even be classified as alkaline water because it misses almost all of the benefits that the other alkaline water methods listed below provide. It really is just a nice, refreshing, cleansing drink that is healthy and pleasant to drink first thing in the morning instead of hitting the coffee.

I repeat – this is not a sufficient method and I would not recommend drinking it all day, every day if you are looking to make alkaline water a big part of your lifestyle. Lemon water doesn’t really hit the mark.

It is tasty, and it is refreshing and it is healthy – but see it for what it is – a great start to the day.

PROS: cheap, delicious and a great start to the day.
CONS: not of sufficient quality to use all day every day and is not really an alkaline water. Does not provide the benefits that the other methods described below provide.

pH Drops
Get 70% of the job done – very effectively. Great on-the-go!

pH Drops such as Dr Young’s PuripHy and pHion Balance’s pH Booster are my 2nd favourite method of creating perfect alkaline water (you’ll find my favourite method if you read on…!)

pH drops work in by infusing the liquid with highly alkaline minerals to raise the alkalinity of the water and give you a real alkaline boost!

Each different brand has a different technique but the effect is similar across all of them – you get high pH water.

The extent of the alkalinity depends on your source water pH, but with an average tap water pH of 6.8-7.2 you should expect to get a pH of between 8-9 from using pH drops, especially Dr Young’s PuripHy.

I personally love to use these drops when I’m on-the-go and away from home as they are brilliant for making any water alkaline. PuripHy also helps to decrease the acid bacteria in the water.

If you do not have, or cannot afford a water alkalising machine, such as a water ionizer, then these drops are, in my opinion the next best thing.

PROS: they do increase the pH of the water you add them to and are very portable so great on the go.
CONS: cost between £30-40 per month and I would still recommend filtering your water before usage. Given the cost, you also do not get the benefits of ionized water from a water ionizer including the added antioxidants that ionized water provides.

Alkalising Powder
Not An Option – These Supplements Are Not Meant For This!

I’ve recently had a few people emailing me asking if it is safe to make alkaline water by adding alkaline powders (such as Alka-Clear and baking soda) to their tap water.

The bottom line is – no – this is not a safe or recommended way to make alkaline water.

Remember, you are aiming to drink 3-4 litres of alkaline water each day and this method not only does not cut it, in terms of water quality – but it is also quite unsafe.

I would never recommend you try to get your alkaline water quota by adding, what is effectively, a supplement to your water that could push your intake of specific nutrients WAY past the safe levels.

Treat supplements such as pHour Salts as supplements, not as water treatment powders. pHour Salts is an incredible supplement, one of my absolute favourites without question – but it’s not an alkaline water method – you’d use the whole tub in a couple of days if you were trying to get the pH of your water up to 9.5 with this.

PROS: there are none. They serve different purposes.
CONS: expensive and also very inefficient. This isn’t a way to make alkaline water, it’s a way to supplement with alkaline minerals, but they are two very different things.

Mainstream Water Filters
Minor Benefits, But They Make Acid Water

Now, I am not totally opposed to these high-street filters, because they do actually do a reasonable job of removing some impurities from your tap water, but they do, somehow, manage to make the water more acidic than tap water.

So you could potentially combine the use of a desktop filter with pH drops to get a reasonable job done, but the water, after filtration would sit at around pH 5.5-6.5 meaning that the pH drops would only take your water up to around pH 7.5-8, not the pH 9.5 that Dr Young recommends for optimal health.

Plus having owned one of these filters many years ago, it is amazing how expensive it is to continuously replace the filters, that only seem to last a few weeks.

PROS: cheap and reasonable at removing impurities.
CONS: lowers the pH of water and you miss out on the antioxidant benefits and small cluster size benefits of the ionized water. Also have quite expensive cartridges.

Water Distillers
Great Filtration, Very User Unfriendly & Needs pH Drops

Distillers use the most effective method of water purification: distillation. Water is boiled, killing bacteria and viruses, then vaporized to separate out minerals, lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. The vapor is then condensed back into liquid form that is 99.9 percent pure.

So this does a fantastic job of solving 1/4 of the puzzle – it purifies the water. However, it leaves you needing to do a lot more for it to become the perfect alkaline water as it is not only left at pH 7 (mildly acid/neutral), but it is also lacking the antioxidants and smaller water cluster (for better hydration) that other alkaline water machines provide (read on).

You can couple a distiller with pH drops to get yourself half way there and, of course, this does provide very pure water with a reasonable pH. However, I believe that there are better methods.

Regardless of the other benefits of the other machines (machines such as the water ionizers) distillers have a few drawbacks. They take an awfully long time to product 4 litres of water (around 3-4 hours) which is an issue if you are wanting to water yourself, your partner and your kids (the machine would basically have to be running all day) and due to this I consider it to be quite energy inefficient. Boiling 4 litres of water for 4 hours and then collecting the condensation does not seem the most environmentally aware method of water purification – but it is very effective.

PROS: excellent purification.
CONS: doesn’t alkalise the water, very time consuming and energy inefficient. You will still need pH drops.

Reverse Osmosis
Not Recommended At All

Reverse osmosis does a fine job of filtering tap water, but is more beneficial to large scale water filtration needs. It is incredibly energy inefficient and provides you with acidic water.

Therefore it is not worth the effort or expense because there are simply better alternatives out there.

PROS: filters the water and it comes out of your kitchen tap.
CONS: Makes acidic water. So not suitable for our aim.

Alkaline Water Ionizers
The Best Way To Get Alkaline Water – Hands Down

Alkaline water ionizers are, without doubt, the best, most efficient way to make alkaline water. There are obviously the up front costs of buying an ionizer, but I can honestly say that this was the best investment I have ever made.

Alkaline water ionizers provide the four key benefits of alkaline water:

  1. High pH: you can set the pH you want from 3-12.5 and can guarantee yourself the perfect pH 9.5 water on tap
  2. Antioxidant Rich: the ionization process (separation of H+ from OH- ions) not only alkalises the water, but it also makes the water rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are measured by something called ORP, (click here for a full definition of ORP) and to give you something relative – the ORP of cola is +300, tap water is +125, green tea is -150 and ionized water is -450. Obviously, the lower the number the better!
  3. More Hydrating: the ionization process also makes the cluster size of the water smaller. To keep this as non-technical as possible, tap water has around 20 clusters and ionized water has around 4 clusters – this means that when you drink ionized water it is able to permeate your cells more easily, giving you increased hydration and less bloating. Click here to read more about how ionized water is more hydrating.
  4. Filtered: the in-built filter in the ionizer removes bacteria, yeast, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides

To bring this back from the slightly scientific angle I just took there (!) these machines give you high pH, antioxidant rich, ultra-hydrating, ultra-filtered water on tap. You can have as much of it as you like. All day, every day.

None of the other methods above give you the high pH – plus these other benefits of the antioxidants and increased hydration. It may seem obvious – but I love my ionizer.

Plus (and this is a whole other article) – the ionizer also gives you ultra high pH water (which can be used to wash pesticides from plants, clean stains and more) and low pH water (which can be used to sterilize surfaces, remove makeup, tone the skin, reduce the symptoms of eczema and more – click here for a full list of acid water uses).

Summary of Alkaline Water Techniques

Get the Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water Here

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  1. john lan Reply

    to got convinced to the Water Ionizers I want to know the specs of natural water from spring and wells. do you have something on that?

  2. Joey Reply

    What’s healthy for your hair is good for your skin as well.

  3. Kay Colahan Reply

    What is the best alkaline water ionizer to use. I have a zazen alkaline water filter and was wondering if this is suitable.

  4. Felix Crowder Reply

    What about the vitev methods? They have claimed strenuously to me that their no electric method obtains the same orp and ph as electrolysis system. I bought the family pitcher. You say?

  5. Gisele Menard Reply

    I’ve recently been dealing with the effects of Bells Palsy and noticed my gums receding more on the BP affected side. My holistic dentist told me it appeared I was quite acidic and should text my Ph. My saliva tests at 5.5-6.0!!

    I have been drinking KOMBUCHA and eating lots of fermented foods for the last couple of years to impact my health and it seems I am overdoing it.

    I am so confused right now at what I need to do to provide what my body needs to get it back to normal. I came across your articles and would like your advice



  6. Miriam Garza Reply

    What are some of the top machines that you would recommend? Also, which would you suggest is great but last expensive in comparison to others? Lastly, I read that the machines are not so great cause they only make water alkaline by utilizing titanium or platinum. I read that a natural spring water with a high ph like Essentia or Iceland is better. What would u say regarding the possible negative usage of titanium in order to create alkaline water? Thanks so much! Interested in alkaline water for myself and a few people I know with MS. Appreciate your time!!

  7. Gloria Reply

    I put lemon juice in my brita is that safe to drink all the time?

  8. James Reply

    I have the same question as my wife she puts lemon juice in our brita is this harmful?

  9. Norman Reply

    i notice you say that a ionizer is better than a Distiller.Yet the ionizer does not get rid of all the chemicals.The guy selling the Ionizer.does not look particular fit or well.

    for me and many others. distilled still the best.


    Norman Kennedy

    • ross Reply

      Hi Norman

      Distillation leaves the water acidic and oxidising. If you want to filter to remove all chemicals I recommend purchasing a filter rather than distilling.


  10. Tom Reply

    How to the alkaline water filtration pitchers work? Are the sufficient to raise the ph?

  11. Jamesetta Littlejohn Reply

    What name brand ionizer machine do you recommend?

  12. gemma kenney Reply

    What about activated charcoal sticks or shungite stones would these do the job or Purley just filter out impurities?

  13. Briana Reply

    I would like to know you thoughts on an alkaline flask?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Briana – they’re a good quick, cheap start and will raise the pH by around 1. But they don’t offer filtration which is where I’d usually recommend people start as a first priority.


      • kris Reply

        Hi Ross,
        I just came across your website and am interested in learning more. My drinking water is well water and was very very high in calcium, so I have an RO system installed and have been concerned the water is too acidic. I saw your info about the water ionizers, but found they’re too expensive for me. Is the alkaline flask the best cheapest option? 1 point would bring my water up, but it will still be a bit acidic, so is there another option? THANK YOU in advance! I look forward to learning more.

  14. Alano Gray Reply

    Some thing needs to be made perfectly clear. Just because a food is acidic does not mean you can’t eat it. Limes are a great example because once ingested motabalizes quite alkaline. Also just because something is 9 PH does not automatically bring your body PH up. Test your own PH and you’ll find your saliva a different PH than your urine.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Everything stated here is absolutely true. Thanks for contributing Alano.

      • Skelly Reply

        Hi, I have just discovered this site and am really interested in following your tips and eliminating acid-forming foods from my diet.
        The one thing which confused me is this:
        If the pH of foods is irrelevant outside of the body (what counts is their effect when consumed, take lemons, milk and the like) then why are we talking about the pH of water outside of the body? :-S Just because water pH is 5 for example should not mean that it will have an acidic effect on the body when consumed no?
        Why doesn’t the same reasoning apply? #confused

  15. Alano Gray Reply

    Forget about all the machinery and never use tap water. Also boiling water does NOT distill the water left over but rather the condensation. Anyway I’ve been doing my recipe for about 35 years. I am 1 of 8 and the only one with zero illnesses or ailments, so the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Use Distilled Water only, store bought is fine. Add 1 flat teaspoon of Baking Soda (without aluminum) to the entire gallon. Pour 12 Oz glass, add half to entire lemon juice in glass, add PH drops. Drink a gallon like this per day. I’m not allergic to anything, full head of hair when my dad and two brothers are bald. All my own teeth no cavaties. Never get the common cold. Never had the flu or flu shot in my life. My skin looks 15 years younger than my age, eyes are clear, nails are healthy white. I also use hydrogen peroxide, Borax, Cyenne pepper and coconut oil. BUT you “MUST” do a Liver Flush first. The Liver is the most important organ in the body second to the Heart.

    • Richard Reply

      Great information Alano.

      What is your email so I can contact you.



      • Angelina Rios Reply

        I would like more information. Thanks Angie

    • Justin Reply

      Hello. Are PH Drops really necessary?

    • Jacob Reply

      Good morning Alano Gray,

      I am looking to a heather me and no doubt also my three little ones & wife (family).

      Can you please help me with your receipt with baking soda, lime or lemon & Ph drops.

      Any daily Alkaline powder you recommend..
      Any Alkaline filter to add to r/o system you recommend.. my email is [email protected]

      Any help is greatly appreciated.. Thank you for taking the time.. Jacob

  16. Sore and tired Reply

    Hi I know there is no cure for gout and it is caused be high levels of uric acid if you start drinking alkaline water will it bring the acid level down ?

    • Mira Reply


      Celery will do wonders for gout. Either juice a glass of fresh juice daily (mix with other juices for taste if you like) or celery tablets/ capsules (take as directed)

    • Alano Gray Reply

      The only people that would tell you that there is no cure for Gout is an Allopathuc Dictor, you would not ever hear that from a Naturalpathic, Homeopathic, Churopractor or the likes because they know that the body is designed to heal itself. Allow me to give you food for thought: a human can live with 1 eye (or none), 1 ear (or none), no teeth, no hair, 1 arm (or none), 1 leg (or none), no spleen, no appendix, no gall bladder, half of liver, 1 kidney – you get my point. And the reason is because the Human Body is Extremely Forgiving, the Hunan Mind is NOT. Unless you are born with a disease, all others and I mean ALL others are created in Mind first (usually UNconsciously) then become physical. But this can be prevented because what the Mind can conceive man will achieve. If you train your Mind properly you can Heal your body. Allopathic or Western Medicine is mostly a guessing game and it depends in pharmaceuticals NOT Nature. Between Man made and Natural – I go with Nature as its purpose is never ulterior. Of course Gout is curable. First do a Liver Flush, yup clean your Liver, The Apple juice, olive oil, lemon juice (google it). When done just try for one (1) week, to eliminate no coffee, red meat and other Uric acid forming foods from your diet, one week. Lots of water, never ever Tap water, never. Try a Gallon of Distilled water, add 1 flat teaspoon of Baking Soda without aluminum, squeeze a half to whole lemons worth of juice into a 12 Oz glass, add PH drops and drink the entire gallon per day starting on a Monday. One gallon of this a day. Do the same thing for seven (7) straight days. The following Monday report back here how you’ve had NO issues with Gout ; > )

      • Ross Reply

        Hi Alano, i just got hit with the gout. I am guessing it came because i love eating salmon almost every day with steak, i also drank black coffee every morning. I noticed some pains on my right big toe but it went away then 3 or 4 days later my left toe started hurting like crazy. so thats when i put two and two together. and read up on all my symptoms. i read that aple cider and water works, i took and it brought the swellin down but later that nite the pain came again. so the next morning i read that cherries or cherry juice helps bring down the uric acid in the system. so i got some and low and behold my swelling went down and pain subsided considerably. but now i am on the mission of riding my body of uric acid or atleast bringing it down. i have where ionized alkaline water can reduce my uric level. but i also read where baking soda can also be used but they warn that baking soda has some side effects. i wana confirm from u how this would work for me if i embark on this treatment u speak off. and as far as a ph drop, do u recommend any in particular. i live in germany so if u know of brand i can get at the health store that is international that would be very helpful….. i look forward to hearing back from u…thx

  17. Damien Reply

    Hello Ross,

    I am new to this and am researching the benefits of drinking alkaline water before committing to spending a thousand dollars or two in purchasing a water ionizer. One question I have is cooking with alkaline water. Do you use alkaline water to make tea, soup, stew, rice, and just about anything that requires water? If so, I like to know how this works, as alkaline water coming into contact with metal (as in pots and pans) will quickly neutralize the benefits (higher pH and ORP) of alkaline water, not to mention that heating alkaline water will quickly revert the water back to its original state. The product I am looking at is the Platinum water ionizer. Any comment on this? -Damien

  18. Alex lambrechts Reply


    Can you please tell me whether your system filters FLOURIDE, or has the ability to have a flouride filter added?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Michal Reply

      Hi Ross,

      can you please answer this question? As far as I know fluoride can be removed only by distillation.

      Thank you

      Best Regards

  19. Chris Reply

    So, Ross, why do you recommend Dr. Young’s PuripHy so highly, and say that powders such as Alka Clear are unsafe, when the two contain essentially the same ingredients?

  20. Tracy Reply


    I am having real trouble believe this. First of all, pute water by definition has a pH (negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration) of 7. Since the stomach is acidic and the gut is alkaline, why isn’t the “alkaline” water acidified in the stomach or, the acidic water alkalized in the gut?

    For the water to be “alkaline” it must, by definition have more OH- ions than H+ ions. But if you “ionize” water you create one H+ for every OH- for a net of 0. So please help me understand the (real) science behind this.

  21. Elaine Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Love all the info, great site. My question is how long does the ORP value or charge remain in the water? I spoke with a Kangen rep and she stated the charge doesn’t remain in the water for very long, is this the same for Chanson?
    Thanks, Elaine

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Elaine

      The ORP starts to slowly deteriorate immediately after production (like how the nutrients in foods deteriorate immediately after being picked or cut), but this lasts about 8 hours until it’s completely gone. So you have a good few hours!


  22. Jade Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Can I interview you about this topic for a piece in Australian Natural Health magazine? How can I get in touch with you?


  23. Joe Reply

    Whole Foods carries several types of bottled alkaline water. Can you review them and tell me which is best? Crazy Water seemed to be the most potent.

  24. Joe BlowWho Reply

    Tell me why someone would want to follow so many pages of advertising with no facts or other interesting details?

    • Douglas Hankinson Reply

      Well JoeBlowWho, here’s a fact for you, interesting or otherwise. On a food/fluids pH kick here at our house today I measured the pH of our tap water (town supplied & treated) and found a pH of 5.0. Our drinking water we draw from the tap and put through a counter-top Brita filter much the same as what’s shown up the page. I can confirm that the fellow who put this article together, Ross is it? is absolutely correct! Our Brita filter gave us drinking water of pH 4.5! Based on this survey of one, Ross is correct 100% of the time. Bummer.

      • Tracy Reply


        It is very likely that your municipal water is acidic due to the chlorine in it as a means of eliminating microbial contamination. But just because your tap water is acidic, does not validate the veracity of anything else. Bummer.

    • Alano Gray Reply

      What are you talking about Joeblewwho

  25. Daron Reply

    What is the least expensive way that I can have antioxidant alkaline water that will benefit my health.

    Please Advise,


  26. rajveer Reply

    hi there’ kindly tell me abt this product,! i need alkeline in my daily food.!!! i m from india.! do u deliver it in india..? do u have a office in india? kindly send me ur no ,! where i can contact u.!

  27. Rheter Reply

    Can I soak/wash vehetables in salty water to eradicate bacteria, chemicalls etc.? (I know the ioniser would do a better job.)

  28. Rheter Reply

    Can I add Bi-carb to Lemon water without altering the PH of either. Tastes better with lemon.

  29. HCTan Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Is there any protocol to taking alkaline water – say with supplements or medicine?

    I read somewhere or was told when I bought some pH drops, alkaline water cannot be taken with medicine.

  30. Meg Reply

    How much in U.S. dollars is the ionizer?

    How much is it if I pay up front in cash?

    Thanks so much for your site!!!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Meg

      I’ve emailed you all the details!


  31. Betina Reply

    Hi Ross

    One of my colleagues are trying to sell me a Kangen ionizer. I know that they use Multi level marketing, so I am really not interested in the machine. But his point is that Kangen is the only machine that can be descaled. Danish tapwater is very hard. How do you descale a Chanson machine?

    What is the warranty on a Chanson? and where do I get it repaired, if necessary?

    All the best 🙂

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Betina

      How’s things?

      To say that the Kangen/Enagic (Kangen is not actually a trademark or brand) is the only machine that can be descaled is ridiculous, and frankly it is such a shame that the Enagic company has to suffer in their reputation because of the misinformation their reps push out there. Every single ionizer on the market that I know of can be descaled. I guess it is their own fault because the market through Multi Level Marketing and give their reps crappy commissions.

      Anyway…The Chanson has an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that runs every few days and you can also flush it once a year to REALLY descale it.

      Also, you can get a Chanson ‘Ionizer Armour’ which clips onto your water pipe before it comes into the unit which is VERY effective for hard water areas, it will extend the life of your filters a lot.

      I hope this helps.

      The warranty is 5 years and our service centre is in the UK, so if it needs fixing you can send it in, we’ll repair it and send it back out to you.


  32. miki Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’ve just found your site you’ve got some great tips and information on it, particularly the breakfasts ideas, not knowing what to have first thing in the morning was one of the things stopping me from getting started so thank you.
    I have been looking at changing my diet for a number of reason and thought the alkaline option was a good one, I bought some PH strips and set about testing all sorts of things including myself! One of the things I tested was bottled mineral waters and found that so far Evian seems have the highest PH balance but can you tell me if it contains the other elements and ORP that you have suggested we drink 3-4L of a day? I would love to buy a ionizer in the future but will bottled water be an good alternative until then?
    Thank you so much for your time,


    • Ross Reply

      Hi Miki

      Unfortunately pH strips don’t actually give an accurate read on anything other than human bodily fluids. I can tell you from lots of testing that Evian comes out at about pH 6.9 – so slightly acidic. However, for all bottled water you’re looking at a +ORP of around +200 to +300 which is not good at all. Chanson ionized water is -250 to -450.

      The other thing with bottle water is that it is stored for so long in the plastic and it leeches chemicals into the water, again – not good at all.

      To be honest, if you’re drinking 3-4L of bottled water each day you’re probably spending at least £10-£15 per week, which is MORE expensive than our Chanson on a monthly (interest-free) plan which is under £50 per month!


  33. Jack De Simone Reply

    Hey Ross,

    how come i can’t just live off the alkaline water of green vegetables?

    can’t i just ditch the “water”, and live off of just celery & spinach water?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Jack

      I wouldn’t recommend it. You’d find it very very expensive and almost impossible to succeed with this and the outcome would be dehydration. I certainly recommend getting a LOT of hydration from vegetables, but not all. Remember also that the body finds it a lot easier to digest and use pure water.


  34. Kathy Swanstrom Reply

    Can you please send me the Alkaline Food Charts List again. My ink cartridges did not print very well, and I am unable to pull this up again. Thanks for your consideration, or help me find how I can pull this PDF file up again. Kathy Swanstrom

  35. James Reply

    Hey Ross I was wondering what you think of the biocerra alkaline filter jugs? Thanx

  36. Marian Jones Reply

    I have a British Berkefeld ceramic filter flow. Can pH drops be added to the water to make it alkaline?

  37. Myra McAlpine Reply

    I live in South Africa and honestly don’t know if I can even source a ionizer here. Have never seen them advertised here? I enjoy lemon water very much. Do you have an idea how borehole water features on the PH scale?

  38. Judie Reply

    I would like to know what the cost would be in American $

    I am very acidic and have gallstones.



  39. Sampson Maclean Reply

    I use water from bio-disc as my drinking water. Please tell me the comparative advantages or disadvantages compared to ionised water.
    In my country a lot of noise is being made about ionic silver water, my question is what is ionic silver water and what are the comparitive advantage or otherwise with ionised water.

  40. Gabe Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’ve had an ionizer for about 9 months now. I’ve seen great results and am very happy with my purchase…although it wasn’t a Chanson.

    Lately though, I’ve been hearing a lot about hydrogen machines. Apparently Asia is beginning to move beyond ionizers and to what they are calling the next generation. Very simple, no moving parts, no electricity and great filtration.

    You’re more plugged in than I am, do you know anything about them?

  41. Hamie Reply

    Hi Ross, I am unable to make up my mind yet about the best product for water – from ionization, magnetic water to hydrogen rich water (which also has a stirrer to impregnate water).
    Can you advise.

  42. Grace Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I live in Canada. What is the best way to purchase your Chanson Ionizer?

  43. Wanda Reply

    I drink Essentia water daily. I suffer from acid reflux. It has definitely been helping. Do you purpose that there is a short shelf life on bottled alkaline water? I’ve been feeling really good, with no acid reflux in the last 2 months.

    • Alano Gray Reply

      Wanda google the apple juice olive oil lemon juice Liver Flush. Once your liver is crispy clean you’ll be good to go. However, make note, excessive sugar is a less know about cause of acid reflux, so watch your intake of sugar. Remember, if its white stay away from it, salt, rice, flour, sugar text.

  44. Tamu Best Reply

    Hi Ross thanks for the information very helpful .i just purchased a kangen machine and want to know if you reccommend using chllorophyll in ionizered water ?

  45. Guity Reply

    Hi ross,

    Thanks for your reply. I know it has been a while since we talked. You know I live in Los Angeles, California. How can we get service here and what would the monthly charge be for us. Also, how do we go about obtaining filters when we need to change them?

  46. Eddie Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for all the information, and the feedback you provide with your products.
    I am interested in the Chanson water ionizer. Could you tell us what the returns policy is for this product if I feel it is ineffective.
    I have post viral fatigue, and anything I purchase must be considered carefully because I cannot work many hours currently.
    Thanks and all the best for the launch of this exciting product.

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Eddie

      On the Chanson Ionizers we offer a 3 year warranty on all parts, labour, ground shipping (in the UK mainland) and a 60 day money back guarantee.


  47. Guity Reply

    Very informative article. Thanks.
    On your interest free payment plan, how long a payment period are we talking about?

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Guity

      Long time no speak! The plan length is 24 months.

      Hope this helps

  48. Yah Reply

    Fantastic article Ross which provides a very informative amount of information which helps alot in understanding how to go more alkaline. Thank you for such a great article! I eat alot of greens vegi’s and I add chlorophyll to my water as was as using alkaline drops throughout the day however I am very interested in the Chanson product. Please keep us posted on that.


  49. Kazzi Reply

    Hi Ross,
    With the current financial climate as it is and personal circumstances I can not invisage that I would ever be able to afford a water ionizer anytime soon. £1,000 is a lot of money. However I realise that a vast amount of my health issues would benefit from getting one. What would your advice be for people in my situation?


    • ROB Reply

      Hi Ross,
      I have a water distiller, would it make the water any more pure and more alkaline by putting it through the chanson ionizer.

      • Ross Reply


        You shouldn’t use the distiller AND the ionizer. It actually isn’t possible anyway as the ionizer has to be fitted to a tap. However, the ionizer works by utilizing the minerals within the water and as the distiller removes all minerals you would have to use a remineralizing product to get it to work.

        The filter in the ionizer produces better drinking water than distilled either way. My advice would be to use a Chanson instead of a distiller, but I understand you’re already rocking with the distiller.

        Hope this clears it up.


      • Ross Reply

        Hello Rob,
        Yes, that would definitely would.

    • Bryan Reply

      I have heard that Cancer cannot survive in a body that is 9.0 alkaline so it is a good idea.I am broke however and can’t afford it.A friend of mine has it delivered here in Las Vegas NV for about $9.oo dollars a visit.He brings one or two 5 gallon bottles.That would be more than enough for me in 2 weeks time.She gave it to her little itchy Pomeranian pup who loved it ,and she stopped the biting and scratching almost at once,and seemed to enjoy the water .I agree its good stuff.You can also buy it at better health supermarkets.Good luck.Thanks Ross for this informative blog.

      • Alano Gray Reply

        Most humans are between 6.5 and 7 with 7 being neutral on the PH scale if 1 – 14. You certainly do NOT want to fall below 5, nor would you want to be over 9. To High is just as unhealthy and dangerous as too low.
        Ideal for Humans is 7.5 consistently.

  50. Robyn Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I live in South Africa on a plot. What is your opinion on Borehole water. This is water that is directly taken from the ground/water table?

  51. Judi Monnig Reply

    Ross, I have two questions for you. No. 1: what is your opinion of the ionizer brand Kangen (?) No. 2: what do you think of the alkalier stick?? It claims the machines are great if you can drink straight fm it in 1-3 minutes but goes back to regular tap water ph levels very quickly. I got water fm an ionizer machine fm a friend as she said it would only be good for 4 days. I checked it w/ a ph tester after only a few hours (next morning) and it read same as my tap water! I was very disappointed and had brought home 5 gal. to last a few days for nothing. I seriously want to buy something as I believe in the alkaline diet and water being healthy for us. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Judi

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Judy

      Thanks for contributing here! I have to be honest, I absolutely prefer to talk positively about the products I like than assess products I don’t – so I will keep it very brief:

      1) Kangen machines will absolutely not give you a better performance than any other reasonable quality (the Chanson machines absolutely give great quality, and to be fair so does the Jupiter Delphi). The Kangen machines, however cost over twice as much. I can only believe that this is because their business structure means that there are a heap more people in the chain who need to be paid for every unit sold. I also understand that the Kangen technology is quite old and have heard that they have not been remanufactured/upgraded for nearly 10 years. However, I would investigate this yourself too – don’t believe everything you read! But to be honest, I know for a fact that the performance of the Kangen is certainly not better than the Chanson yet it costs twice as much.

      2) The sticks are a good tool to use when you’re on the go but are nowhere even close to being a replacement for a fitted ionizer. They do raise the pH but this is only a small part of the effect you are looking for and that an ionizer provides. You want your water to:

      – be filtered
      – have a pH of 8.5+ (pref 9.5 – not sure the sticks get that high)
      – be antioxidant rich (have an ORP of -250 to -450)
      – be ‘microclustered’ to increase hydration

      The ionizers do this, that is their job. So I use the stick when I’m on the go but definitely have the ionizer at home!