Honey in Lemon or Lime Water?

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Post Updated: 6th January 2017

Since I posted this blog back in March 2006 its received a fair amount of attention and there have been quite a lot of comments left (230+ to date). These comments are a mix of questions, agreement and a whole lot of flaming (some personal) against me. So I thought it would be a fine time to update the post, give you more information and clear up a heap of the questions that keep being asked!


Since we started blogging about the health benefits of lemon water I have received lots of questions from people wondering if it is ok to put a spoonful of honey into their lemon water to sweeten it up (as recommended on other websites and a few books).

The short answer is no.

Honey is obviously sugar, and although ‘natural’ – the effect on the body is the detrimental whether sugar is natural or not.

Now, this is not to say that you can never have honey ever again, but use it very sparingly. I understand, of course, that there are different types of sugar, and I understand that these metabolise differently, but from the perspective of their effect on the blood and our acid/alkaline balance – all sugar is detrimental.

Sugar is such an issue because it causes the blood to deviate from it’s ideal pH level of 7.365 and when this occurs it causes major stress to the rest of the body. The body has to maintain this pH level and it will go to extreme measures and sacrifice everything else to make sure it stays there.

Why Does The Blood Have to Stay At pH 7.365?

Because in an acidic state, red blood cells cannot possibly function as they are supposed to and begin a biological transformation into bacteria and yeast (called pleomorphism) and pollute your internal environment. In addition, the acids that are created and consumed in our modern lifestyle also ferment the blood, and create harmful by-products, toxins and alcohols, which then further destroy our internal environment.

With more acid, more toxins are created, the pH is lowered, the bacteria and yeast grows, becomes mold, and a vicious cycle begins

The unfriendly toxins, yeasts, bacteria and mold created by this acidic environment not only cause your system to become polluted and stressed, but they also feed off your good nutrients (meaning you feel less of the benefit of the good things you do eat) and excrete toxic acid waste, making the blood even more acidic and polluted. This toxic waste is…acid. It also acts as a food to the yeasts and bacteria already there, further fueling the problem.


Acids consumed -> turn healthy red blood cells into bacteria and yeast -> creates mold -> mold eats your good nutrients -> excrete acid wastes -> quickly turns healthy red blood cells into bacteria and yeast -> creates mold etc.

Sugar, in all its states and forms is the #1 contributor to the over-acidification of the body

I understand there are other benefits of putting honey in lemon water, but these are instantly and massively outweighed by the negative effect of the sugar.

Even though the natural sugar of honey metabolises slower than white sugar, the effect on the acid/alkaline balance is almost instant and is very strong.

Sorry guys! But hey, lemon water doesnt taste that bad anyway does it?

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  1. Latecia Reply

    I am 200 lbs tryin to loose 50lbs hw long wud it take to jus keep drinkin lime water for to loose that

  2. Sarita Reply

    hi ross, i read that liquorish herb tea is alkaline, if i added this for a sweetner would this work? i have chronic pain and just cant face the sour taste on top of being in pain in the morning. i read there are sugars in liquorish herb but surely the amount is miniscule?

  3. Sarita Reply

    hi, what about adding a liquorish herb teabag? I read this is an alkaline herb. would this still work? i have severe chronic pain and just cant stomach the sour taste first thing in the morning on top of being in pain. liqorish is very sweet, i read it contains sugars amongst other things but surely the amount is miniscule?

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Yep, licorice tea would work too 🙂

  4. Blue Arc en Ciel Reply

    Loved your post.
    I have been a lemon water loyalist ever since I was goaded by my mother into trying it as a teenager. At that point I was willing to try anything to put an end to the innumerable zits that started popping up on my face. This elixir has held me in good stead for years now.
    A GOOD TIP is to add a dash of cinnamon powder, its anti microbial properties add a host of benefits to the already amazing drink.

  5. Rahul Reply

    Hi, I had acidity problem in past but now i feel its okay. I am 35 year old, my height is 5.9 my weight is 65kg. I want to consume honey lemon with lukewarm water. Can i consume it? or Is there any other way to consume honey and lemon together.


  6. Natschultz Reply

    RAW honey most assuredly does have many health benefits!
    However, honey (and Maple Syrup, Molasses etc) IS SUGAR (glucose and fructose), therefore honey DOES have an ACIDIFYING EFFECT in the body. So, adding it to lemon-water negates the Alkalizing effect of the lemons!

    My personal opinion (and what I do) is to drink an Alkaline “Morning Tonic” with NO SWEETENER in the morning before consuming anything else, and at night I drink herbal tea with RAW honey. I am not on a specifically Alkaline Diet, but I RARELY consume any sugar, and I’m a low-carb Vegetarian, so I try to eat some Maple Syrup or RAW honey whenever I think about it for the minerals and a glucose-boost for the brain.

    My “Morning Tonic” is to get minerals and Vitamin C – the lemon or lime (organic) not only helps the taste, but the primary benefit is that the salty-sour TASTE of the drink sends the correct signal to the brain to release the proper digestive enzymes to efficiently absorb the Vitamin C and minerals. If you kill the sour taste with ANY sweetener, your brain will interpret it as if you ingested SUGAR and you will realease the wrong digestive enzymes!
    This is why sugar and fat “substitutes” makes people sick and fat – your body expects to digest the natural sugars and fats, so it releases the correct enzymes, but you actually ingested some fake un-digestable stuff and in an hour your are hungry again because your body never received the nutrients it was expecting.

    FYI – adding NATURAL SALT, such as unrefined Sea Salt or Redmond Real Salt etc. to the lemon water cuts the sour taste A LOT! And it gives you most of your needed minerals as well. I use 1/8-1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt and half a fresh-squeezed lemon in approx. 12 ounces of water.

    My “Morning Tonic” consists of this (i started with just the lemon-sea salt combo for a few weeks first):
    12 ounces room-temp water
    half an organic lemon or lime
    1/4 teaspoon UNREFINED natural salt (NEVER table salt!)
    1/4 teaspoon Pure Radiance C (organic powdered fruits)
    1/4 teaspoon Coral Calcium (natural source of Ca and Mg)
    1/2 teaspoon Magnesium Citrate.

    This takes at least a week to get used to the taste. The Magnesium Citrate has a bitter taste on its own, but the lemon and salt hide the bitterness really well. I usually end up adding more water once I have consumed half the glass, simply because it is too strong to down the whole thing at full-strength! This provides about 50% daily value of Magnesium and a bit less of Calcium and Vitamin C. The rest I get from food and an occasional Sambucol Zinc lonzenge.
    BTW: Magnesium must be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH!

    BTW: I DID once try adding RAW honey to this – it tasted VILE!!! The sour-salty-sweet combo was just awful! Sour-salty OR sour-sweet works, but not all 3 at once!

  7. betty Reply

    honey is good is well


    Hi Ross

    I’m a massive fan of u!
    Love u man!


    • Mayar Reply

      Just till us how to make lemon alkaline ? Bcs have already stom acid , and did honey mixed with lemon with warm water become alkaline ?

  9. marieh Reply

    Lemon and honey has been known that its good for the body. Lemone has vitamins C and I have been taking vit c for years. Vit c help to control cold does as honey.

  10. Dan Reply


    The Power of raw unheated honey…

    Honey has been used as a home remedy in Ayurvedic medicine to help dissolve fat for thousands of years.

    Honey scrapes away and dissolves fat. Fat by nature is oily. Honey has opposite qualities to fat. Honey has a drying astringent quality on fat helping to dissolve it.

    According to the ancient medical scriptures raw unheated honey also has the following benefits…

    anti fat substance
    easily digestible
    improves digestion
    good for the eyes
    good for the voice
    gives suppleness to your body
    purifies and clears the channels
    bestows contentment
    heals wounds
    purifies and heals ulcers
    gives good color and complexion
    improves intelligence
    cures many types of diseases
    rejuvenates your body

    Honey is opposite to sugar. Sugar actually makes you fatter but honey is the only sweet tasting substance that strips away fat.

    Source: http://www.babyinfocenter.com/remedies/home_remedy_for_weight_loss.htm

    • Ross Reply

      honey is the only sweet tasting substance that strips away fat

      That is literally not true.

  11. Dan Reply

    The benefits of honey are way greater than its side effects. Yes, honey has sugar, and about 70% of it consists of fructose. Which is worse. But…the benefit of honey are still greater.

    Take a tablespoon and mix it to your lemon water. Don’t worry about the sugar. It’s only a tablespoon. You’ll burn that up as energy in the first two hours anyway.

    Also, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentioned that a gulp of honey is a cure for you. Google it.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Dan

      THanks, you’re definitely entitled to your opinion. I’ve more than googled it and this article is my opinion.

      The bottom line is this is a pH Balance blog and all sugar causes a very very acidic reaction in the body, causes yeast to grow in the body very quickly and therefore I don’t recommend it.


  12. Amy Reply

    I simply think that anyone who is reading these comments should do a google search into Dr. Robert Young’s history. No, I am not necessarily saying that they should believe the anti-Young articles that crop up (though there may be a grain of truth to them) but go ahead and look up the educational institutions, colleagues, and such that are referenced on Dr. Young’s own website. The facts will speak for themselves! Any person with a keyboard can do their own fact digging and even research into the debated topics, rather than just taking an unproven blog post or article as fact. Go on guys! Google it!

  13. Tiffany Reply

    wow, so I leave a comment with a contradicting opinion, while trying to be as respectful as possible and you just deny the post?

    I thought maybe you were just mistaken about a few things in science but now I am doubting that assumption.

  14. LP Reply

    What I see is a bunch of IDIOTS arguing about, they don’t even know themselves, Ross has not passed any laws, making it illegal to drink honey with lemon and water, he only spent his own money and time for HIS website to try to educate others about a way of life.I just don’t understand what all your problems are??

    GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

  15. Ruby Reply

    are u one of those diet pill selling fellow…..how dare u write such blatent sin about such a noble ancien technique(honey+leon+water)…..and from where have u graduated…hope not from mars ?????

  16. rashida ibrahim Reply

    all of these i fink is rubbish everybody says what he/she like whatever i don’t care anymore i will do what i fink is right…

  17. Sam Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I just wanted to say thank you for providing more information on alkaline foods. I have just spent the last hour reading through all of the comments that have been posted, and while I don’t think you should have responded to all of the attempts to goad you into a “war of words”, I understand why you did. This is your blog and you are entitled to write about anything that you believe in. People come to you for information, not the other way around. My husband and I are starting to think about having another child and we would love to have a boy this time around (we are already blessed with a gorgeous daughter). After a lot of research, one of the stand-out recommendations to conceiving a boy is to adopt a more alkaline approach to food. I have found your website to be very helpful and I am constantly referring to your food lists for guidance. Thank you again for supplying such an amazing amount of free information without me feeling like I have to buy anything to gain access to it. I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  18. kate Reply

    if u need to sweeten your lemon drink what not try molasses as far as i know they are alkaline in the body….any one confirm this?

  19. Steve Reply

    I’m interested in how it’s possible to “turn healthy red blood cells into bacteria and yeast.” Is this the microbiological equivalent of alchemy?

    Plus, honey is well known for its antibiotic effects. Surely these should be considered in a balanced approach, rather than reducing its properties to merely ‘sugar=bad’.

  20. carol Reply

    Not all sugars are created equal!!
    Compared to table sugar, honey has a healthier Glycemic Index (GI) which measures the negative impact of a given food on the blood-glucose level. The lower the GI rating, the slower the absorption and infusion of sugars into the bloodstream and hence a more gradual and healthier digestion process.

    Honey contains at least 15 nutrients whereas sugar has none. Honey is an aid to digestion when taken in the raw state due to its enzyme content while sugar interferes with digestion. Honey enters the bloodstream slowly, 2 calories per minute. Sugar enters quickly at 10 calories per minute, causing blood sugars to fluctuate rapidly and wildly. Sugar causes calcium leakage from bones, contributing to osteoporosis while honey does not.

    Also unpasteurized honey is an ‘alkalizing’ forming food. Source below:

  21. Jade Reply

    Ross has a point…that is correct. Thumbs up to the author…was actually searching hot toddy’s but was entertained by the string of comments…Was always curious about this though. Thanks Ross… O, and P.s. ….Peter is a douche

  22. AJ Reply

    you are wrong. honey has wonderful health benefits.

  23. Nightmare Reply

    Wonderful article… more entertaining than informative though.

    I would only like to ask this of the author.

    Since most foods do break down into sugar, whether it be a fast transition or a slow one, what do you eat?

  24. subu Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have been reading the posts and thought I will put few words in the discussion.
    As you aware honey is natural sugar and the during the production of honey bees produce special enzyme which will help human body to readily absorb the honey.
    Where as the table sugar has to lot of protein, enzyme treatment during production. Obviously it is not good for the body as it increases the Ph level.
    Mixture of honey and lemon combination is acceptable to body as the lemon acts as alkali thus neutralizing the acidic level of honey.
    Honey phenol extracts separated on the base of their hydrophobicity were evaluated for the antioxidant content and for the ability to inhibit oxidative damage induced by radical species generated in the water phase or in the membrane of human erythrocytes. The water and ether fractions obtained from crude methanol extract of honey exhibited a phenolic content of 5.33 and 2.62 mg caffeic acid equivalents/100 g honey, respectively. These values correlate well with those of total antioxidant power, as assessed by FRAP assay (37.67 vs. 10.65 ?mol/100 g honey). Flavonoid contents were 2.57 and 1.64 mg catechin equivalents/100 g honey for ether and water fractions, respectively. Although both honey fractions protect erythrocytes against 2,2?-azobis(2-amidinopropane)dihydrochloride-induced lysis, only the ether fraction was found to be active in inhibiting hemolysis but not methemoglobin and ferrylhemoglobin formation caused by H2O2. In addition, the ether fraction prevents tert-butylhydroperoxide-induced lipid peroxidation in whole erythrocytes and in isolated membranes. The significant antioxidant effect against damages induced by both water-soluble and hydrophobic exogenous oxidants suggests that the ether fraction, owing to its lipophilic character, can interact with red blood cell membrane, and the protective effect can be associated with the binding of the flavonoids to the membrane. On the other hand, the water fraction is more hydrophilic than ether fraction and it acts only from the outside of the membrane by scavenging the radicals before they attack the erythrocyte membrane.
    (Honey flavonoids as protection agents against oxidative damage to human red blood cells by Manuela Blasaa, Manila Candiraccia, Augusto Accorsia, Maria Piera Piacentinia and Elena Piatti)
    Thus honey has a anti-oxidative property.
    So I could say it is better to mix honey in the lemon water would benefit where the side effects are almost zero!!
    And the second topic which is discussed most here is honey and lemon water will reduce weight?
    To certain extent it is true. When you drink good amount of water on empty stomach it flushes away all the toxins in the body.
    After drinking good amount of water you are in a state of filled!! where you tend to eat less quantity of breakfast than normal.
    When the person is feeling thirsty signals are transmitted through nerves.
    The thirst and hunger centers are located at hypothalamus. In most of the condition thirst signals are read as hunger signal where the person is thirsty but tend to eat food.
    When body is well hydrated well this will not occur.
    when you eat less you gain less.
    Stomach is a wonderful organ which can really expand or shrink in size. If the person is eating more stomach will expand and the it need more food to be in the state of satisfied.
    If the person is eating less the stomach shrinks in size and a person can be satisfied with little food.
    Overall there is definitely benefits from drinking honey and the water.
    Hope to get more discussions on this topic. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  25. Jim Reply

    OK Guys and Gals,
    I’ve been reading posts and I have a question. First of all lets say I LIKE COFFEE! Second I LIKE LEMON WATER! So if I put lemon in my coffee will that make it more alkaline??

  26. Manoj kaushik Reply

    I take 10 to 15 lemon in the morning in a one time just squish it and drink it without any water or honey etc, for one month for reducing wait. Will you please tell me is it really harmful to my health or can you suggest me how much lemon should I take to reduce my weight and which part of body effected now in last month due to take 10 to 15 lemon in day. Because somebody say your liver will be effected somebody say you bone will and somebody….

    So plz tell me what I had lost what I had gain
    [email protected], [email protected]

    Manoj Kahushik

  27. Steven Reply

    Obviously the author don’t know much about honey.

  28. sunny Reply


    I think up to my knowledge my parents also used warm water with lemon juice and honey early morning empty stomach, it really worked out to reduce weight along with which you need to walk for a while in the morning . within 3 months for sure you gonna see reduction of weight. (just half spoon of honey with half lemon and pretty much warm water) just try for couple of months ….

  29. aditya scindia Reply

    i think we are missing a point here………ross , what people are saying hereis “raw honey” and let me assure you it is a rare comodity…u probably have taken some tests on heated processed honey marketed by some corporations, also that their is a medicinal system named ayurveda please read something about it, if u allready have limejuce,honey and warm water remedy is one from it.

    • Ross Reply

      No, I think the point you are missing is that this entire blog is about the alkaline/acid approach to health, and honey is pure sugar. All sugar, regardless of how quickly it metabolises or whatever it’s nutritional content is highly acid-forming in the body. Raw honey, processed honey, fructose, glucose or any other form of sugar.

  30. sangeeta Reply

    guys i am so confused reading these reviews… i need to reduce wgt in 3 mths atleast 3-4 kgs since i m getting married.. can anyone advice best solution…pls dont recommend exercise since i dont have time..

  31. kuku Reply

    please reply ross

    • Ross Reply

      Nope. Drink normal, clean filtered water (up to 4-5 litres per day). But starting the day with warm water with lemon or lime squeezed in is great.

      But don’t add honey.

  32. kuku Reply

    ross what are u actually telling should we drink only lime water ?

  33. nazir shaikh Reply

    i like the lemom adn honey

  34. Shreyas Reply

    Eat good food, work out well, get into some meditation and yoga, reduce stress, Don’t drink and don’t smoke,,, avoid coffee and colas.. Avoid fatty food, have a complete meal of fruits or vegetables everyday… have a fruit like half hour you go to sleep (Plus honey and lemon does work in the work and also helps in reducing a lot of stomach problems)

  35. james M Reply

    Peter knows what he is talking. His comments are really excellent. In my opinion this blog is just created to make money selling alkaline foods. They are not ashamed of them making money off some fools reading this stupid blog.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi James

      That’s your opinion, and that’s fine. But note I’ve posted over 520 articles to this blog, and each take around an hour (often more to write). I must have made around 1% of my income from it, but it takes up about 50% of my time.

      This blog is here to inform. You can simply chose not to read it and leave the rest of us to it. Or maybe you could start a blog yourself and try to make a difference?


      • CLIFFORD OMOND Reply

        I LUV U ROSS !


  36. rita Reply

    No Peter! good riddance to bad rubbish you! what manner of man are you? you come to a man’s blog and throw your stinking weight around! kindly stop visiting this blog please! you are disturbing open minded people like us! whew!

  37. rita Reply

    it is very obvious who the “Fool” is here, Peter! kindly use kind words when writing to people and like Ross said, it is HIS Blog! go write yours fool!

  38. sadia Reply

    actually honey is very good for you…i have to say. lots of people have lost weight by drinking lemon-honey water…every morning.


  39. Sud Reply

    What the hell is going on in this post?…People come here to get some knowledge on the subject all they can see is 2 guys fighting for their egos…and Ross come on…what the hell is this : “I work with Dr. Somebody” and “This is my post”?…you got a point then argue about the point instead of the making it personal….
    Still trying to figure out the conclusion to this whole discussion. Hope that someone can help me out here.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Sud

      Understand where you’re coming from – but note that your comment is number 229 on this post and for the past few years I’ve tried to be as helpful as possible but generally get personal snides at me from a fair few folks. I never want this to be personal and about me, but I do take offence when people come on to criticise without taking the time to understand actually what this blog is about or who I am. Peter’s comments were about his beliefs on honey sure, but they were also directly saying I don’t know what I’m talking about and I have no right to talk about it. I was simply saying that

      a) this is a blog about the alkaline diet
      b) I’ve been researching this area for 5+ years
      c) I work with the foremost and most respected researcher in this area
      d) honey is acid-forming to the body
      e) so if you follow this approach to health don’t use honey every day

      It’s pretty simple. He then came back to say that I don’t actually work with Dr Young so I simply proved that I do.

      I think that is justified. And the conclusion? If you believe that the acid/alkaline approach to health is effective then you shouldn’t use honey except as a treat. As per my post.

  40. Kay Reply

    I was just reading this article about honey and some of the comments listed and I have to say they have both been very helpful. The article was informative and some of the comments we’re interesting. The only question I am now left with is, why take so much time to criticize someone (Ross) when he is taking the time to do nothing more than be helpful?

    Thanks for the info

  41. m Reply

    honey is great for you, no question

  42. Peter Reply

    Pardon, but your mistake is that you actually insulted me first, but your devoted drone followers must have missed that part. Second, I offered just about the same degree of substantial, real and tangible proof as you have offered to your readers. You only offer one opinion based on your interpretation of fact. I do the same. Also, your readers should at least attempt to be aware that at no point have I, in any of my statements, attempted to convince or sway any person(s) to eat honey, or to accept it as being “good for you.” I simply defended the _fact_ that honey is not the same type of sugar as plain white sugar that most people heap in to their foods. If you would really like me to start presenting facts about sugar, I could explain to you and you readers that every single starch you put into your bodies is no more than sugar when it is all said and done, but you’d simply defend that with some weak attempt at explaining how the body having to process it to turn it in to sugar makes it healthy.

    Also you should realize I never said your opinion was rubbish until, perhaps, after you became childish and implied that, it being your ball, those of us who don’t agree can’t be on the playground, even though you opened the playground gate!

    Oh, and dear boy, I believe you were looking for the term “shred of evidence, ” not “shed of evidence.” Sort of a shame that a college educated fellow such as yourself missed that!

    I’m done with your, and notice I say YOUR foolishness. You are welcome to join the vegans, vegetarians, “fruitarians” and other fruits of the planet now.

    Good day, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

    (By the way, as a final note, if you “don’t really care all that much, ” why do you feel the need to defend yourself and/or attempt to prove your relationship with the good Doctor?)





  43. Christopher Reply

    LOL, this past exchange has been very rich indeed. Much like the flavors of natural honey.

    I want to point out that regardless of honey or not, drink water. drink lots of water. drink a gallon a day if you can manage it.

    my personal routine is this:
    – roll one lemon and one lime on the table to help work out the juice once they are cut.
    – slice them into portions that are small enough to push inside the spout of a one gallon jug of water. (whether water is from the store or the tap is your own dilemma.)
    – squeeze as much juice as possible into a glass and then remove the seeds.
    – put pre-squeezed citrus-ey segments into the jug (making room by drinking some water first.)
    – pour in juice and shake.

    Everyone you have ever met knows that drinking water is good for you and honestly to die from it or strip yourself completely of minerals and salts would take an awful lot. I have felt much more energy and focus, especially during the slow hours of early afternoon. This mix seems to help me avoid indigestion, heartburn and upset stomach as well, most likely due to the lemon/lime juice, which is said by many sources to aid in digestion. (type lemon water in google and see how much good stuff you get). not to mention, simply drinking enough water aids digestion as well.

    now i take it a step further and add a high quality matcha green tea powder to the blend to up the ante. if you don’t know what matcha is, it is basically a high quality type of green tea leaf that, rather than being dried and bagged in small segments, is dried and stone ground to a very fine greenish powder. it almost looks like fine fish food. the addition of matcha further helps to improve my focus through the day and has been proven time and again to be a tremendous overall health aid. whether or not you subscribe to the belief that green tea aids weight loss is up to you, but an awful lot of people talk about it helping to raise your metabolism.

    oh and i take it one more step in that i add some powdered, freeze-dried acai berry. that is just me, though. feel free to avoid this step if you like. i am an advocate but you don’t have to be.

    the final thing i was planning on adding was active manuka honey, the type that they mention having non-peroxide-based antibacterial properties. i was gonna put it in to taste. i want to agree with Ross’ assertion that sugar wreaks havoc on the system but i just need to know how he thinks the body would derive sustenance if the only delivery mechanism to do so inevitably damages all systems? the theory that an acidic system is one prone to disease is my belief as well, but it seems that you believe this more wholly than i do.

    you are suggesting that all sugars respond the same inside our systems, correct? thus, one can conclude that the real danger is not to avoid sugars altogether…….. as sugars broken down from any number of foods are what ultimately fuel our muscles to continue working……. but to avoid sugars that are digested very quickly, namely post-workout drinks (including maltodextrin-based drinks which aim to have dramatically high glycemic ratings in order to flood our muscles with fuel), white sugar, processed white flour, etc.

    If you would like to suggest the way to avoid all the negative side effects of sugars while still gaining sustenance then please do.

  44. Tobes Reply

    p/s Ross, you do a really good job. Keep up the great work!

    As for the posters who’re trying to get a rise out of you, or to try and get their point across, well perhaps they need to look inwards to themselves as to why they are getting so agitated as to why they need others to agree with them that honey, for them, is good.

    They’re all entitled to their opinion and free to express it, though surely not at the expense of putting someone else down and/or throwing insults or name calling.

    Perhaps the lesson of the day is Witness Consciousness, to go within and witness why they are feeling the way they feel. Those that criticise and judge will always criticise and judge as that is their patterned and learned behaviour. Remember, breathe …. 🙂

    You’re doing a great job and I salute you for that and thank you too as your website was key to my starting my alkalinising journey.

    Om Shanti

  45. Tobes Reply

    This is an alkalarian blog and Ross is the owner of it, along with being the owner of Energise for Life.

    I’ve been alkalinising for a few years now and would definitely not take honey in any lemon with water as I can’t stand the taste of anything sweet. Honey has the food “ash” ph of -7.6 making it acidic; and as alkalarians we do *not* eat anything acidic as we are trying to cleanse our systems.

    For those of you so against taking lemon and water on it’s own and want to use honey, you’re free to do as you want as it’s your body. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions as it’s a free country.

    For me, I take my lemon and water solo with no honey ever.


  46. Peter Reply

    Ha! You’re a fool. If you can’t handle any degree of criticism or disagreement, perhaps you shouldn’t allow people to comment? Sorry to say, by the way, that I have and do have public forums I maintain and have in the past maintained. As for being insulting? If you took anything I have to say as an insult you are a weak minded, self centered fool. Now, sir, I am insulting you. Good day. And to any who wish to listen to your drivel, they should stop to consider that “working closely with” could be derived to be anything from a professional colleague to the janitor that empties the good doctor’s trash can. And from your apparent lack of knowledge on any given subject, I’m leaning toward you being the janitor. Have a pleasant day.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Peter

      Here is me and Dr Young talking about this very topic.

      And here is me with Dr Young.

      In fact, I am about to spend the weekend with him.

      I can, indeed accept criticism when there is some shed of evidence presented back to me, but rather than that you just gave your own opinion and told me mine was rubbish. That is a weak argument. I actually love to debate on a topic and am always open to being proven wrong, but to do that you have to provide me with some proof! Anyway, I don’t really care all that much.

      Merry Christmas!



  47. Peter Reply

    I doubt any of my comments will make it to your blog’s comment log, but another thing I’d like to point out is this: You mention above that you have issue with the fact that sugar is bleached. I should point out to you, as well as others reading here, that there is no actual bleach or synthetic chemical used in the process of whitening sugar. Sugar is made whiter by filtering out the natural molasses that is present in sugar cane and sugar beet plants. The filtering is done with water and pork bones. At no time is white or any other sugar bleached with chlorine bleach or any other form of bleach. Now, granted, you might be unhappy that your sugar was previously soaked, filtered through porous animal bones, then dried, milled and packaged. But to say it is bleached is a terrible misnomer. Please either do not use misleading terms or, again, research thoroughly. It’s senseless trying to scare people with incorrect information. It’s like a vegetarian or vegan trying to convince people that vegetable diets contain all the nutrients they will ever need, then popping their dozen or so dietary supplements to keep themselves going.



  48. Peter Reply

    OH, and just for clarity’s sake, the combination of lemon and honey (or any other citric acid for that matter) alone absolutely will not make anyone lose weight. You still need to control your intake of useless calories, especially fats. You should exercise regularly and check with a physician before beginning any weight loss program. In short, there is no miracle cure for being fat. Yes, that’s right I did say fat. I apologize but the so called “politically correct” terminology of today’s “newer politer world” don’t really help anyone. When you call a garbage man a “refuse technician” you make him sound like a Doctorate wielding professional. When you say someone fat is “pleasantly plump” or “slightly large” you are sugar coating the situation (no pun intended) and giving them more of a reason to remain fat than to fight the obesity. Calling the kettle a kettle has always been the best plan.

    But I digress. In short, certain foods, when combined, do in fact aid in digestion. They also help keep different types of fats from forming, or in certain cases do in fact help us to burn already existing fat. But none of these foods alone will make a substantial difference in a short time. Perhaps, over a period of five years, you would see the gains you desire from merely eating foods that help burn fat or prevent it’s normal formation, but even then if you are not at least active enough to counter the calories that food(s) can not handle, you would never see benefit.

    Common sense and an understanding of your own metabolism are the key factors in weight loss and weight control. It would take me as many days and months to write every thing here that I have learned about the subject in 33 years. The simple fact is no one location, be it Ross’ blog, or any where else on the web, is a complete and cornucopious source of knowledge in this area.

    Your metabolism will change as you begin to exercise and control your intake. The more changes you make, the more you will have to adapt your diet. Also, remember, the term “diet” does not mean a weight loss program. It simply means your personal regiment of caloric intake. For instance the dietitian in a hospital does not only serve patients who need to lose weight. They help administer to the dietary needs of all people in the hospital, and in many cases out patients as well.

    Keep this in mind as it may help with the psychological end of things. Remind yourself that a diet is merely a controlled intake of food. Not a way to punish yourself.


  49. Peter Reply

    I think you really should do some research on honey before you comment about it, Ross. Every person is entitled to their opinion, but when you put an opinion out there in public forums, wouldn’t you at least like accuracy in your basis? Honey is not a “simple sugar, ” rather it is a complex sugar. The reason simple sugars are bad is due to the fact they are hollow calories. They provide no nutrients at all and actually consume nutrients for our bodies to digest them. On the other hand honey is a complex sugar which carries with it more nutrients than are actually required to metabolize it by most people. In this way honey does not trick our body in to thinking we are starving, as other sugars do. As such, we get the benefit of flavor along with the lack of build up of fatty tissues that our body produces due to consumption of simple sugars. Taken WITH citrus juice, especially lemon or lime, the combination becomes quite effective at battling “the bulge.” First it helps by satisfying sweet cravings without damaging our body. Second the citric acid helps prevent certain harmful amino acids from building up in the body, and stops simple sugars from binding to the blood cells. A little research goes a long way, sir.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Peter

      A few comments stand out that I need to address. Firstly, I spend my whole life working in this area and researching day in day out. You just don’t agree with me. If you want to provide me with researched proof that honey does not affect the blood and pH level of the blood then go ahead. I work very closely with Dr Young who is the world’s most experienced blood microscopist and nutritionist in this field and he sees (and has shown me) time and time again that as soon as someone ingests sugar it wreaks havoc on their blood. The reason? The sugar. While some sugars are indeed worse than others, honey is still devastating to the blood.

      Sure there might be nutrients in the honey, but then there are nutrients in meat, wine, chocolate and I’m not suggesting you have those in abundance either. It is illogical to suggest that just because something has nutrients in it then it doesn’t matter what else is in it.

      Secondly, this is MY blog. My PERSONAL blog. I write it. I spend hours writing on it. And I spend hours researching my articles. Some more than others, but I still research all of my life in this area & from my research my personal opinion is that honey is not a good addition to a healthy diet. A nice treat? Sure, but don’t use it or see it as a health product.

      I find your final comment downright insulting and patronising. Maybe write your own blog and put yourself up there for criticism from strangers before you start dealing it out on others who are taking their own time and energy to help people out.


  50. Ismaeil asaadi Reply

    i am need to take informations about effects of honey-lemon to prevention or reduce cinv related chemotherapy ???

  51. HONEY Reply

    LOL honey and lemon is good.
    ha ha acidic diet lol
    try manuka honey its the stuff to get.
    ha ha no such thing as weight loss diet.
    figure out your daily needs eat a liitle under that and excercise instead of reading about diets

    • Ross Reply

      I’m not sure I understand a word of what you’re saying but thanks for contributing.

  52. Terence Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I read some of your comments. We are all here to learn and share. Let’s not argue or fight over it.

    3 things to discuss
    1) The sugar that you are referring to is white sugar. White sugar is dangerous, because it has been bleached. Why bleaching? White sugar is easier to store and last longer because there is no antioxidant value in it anymore. Bleaching removes the color of the original state of the sugar. It is this color that gives food the antioxidant properties.

    Brown sugar, luo han kuo, and all kinds of fruit sugar is good WILL NOT cause diabetes. Luo Han Kuo contains mogrosides, some of which are 250 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. Despite this concentrated natural sweetness, LHK is low glycemic and can be safely used by diabetics.

    It is this processed white sugar that causes diabetes. Same things goes tablet salt and white flour.

    2) Secondly,
    You are correct in saying an acidic diet is the root cause of sickness and disease, HOWEVER the origin of how alkaline or acid the food BEFORE consumption doesn’t determine the alkaline or acid forming food does to the body

    IT is AFTER digestion

    For example, apple, watermelon, lime and most fruits, (except a few ) are acidic, but when it digested, it is alkaline based food.

    Example of food that acidic AFTER consumption are meat, corn, beans, fish

    For example, apple cider vinegar is acidic itself but it is an alkaline forming food AFTER digestion. For thousands of years people depend of fermented food of healing and nutrition.

    Ross, we are here to share and learn. You are correct in saying sugar is acidic and causes a lot of sickness in the long run.

    However, the sugar in white sugar and fruit sugar and honey is absolutely different. All fruit sugar and honey has high antioxidant value when its not processed and heated up.

    Cancel cells thrives and grow on white sugar. However cancer cell will be subdued or killed or decreased by taking fruits or rawhoney. The formation of sugar in fruits and plants and honey are completely different from processed white sugar.

    The anthocyanin and resveratrol in grapes, ellagictannins in pomegranate, lutin, apegenin, rutin and so many hundreds of these phytochemical antioxidants are part of the fruit sugar.

    3) Honey

    Most commercialize honey has been heated and filtered. Why? It looks good, easy to store and last longer, but it has no nutrient values as the enzymes and antioxidant has been eliminated by heat. Filtered honey are clear to see.

    There are still raw honey available sold by some companies. These are the honey that is good for health. The composition of the sugar merges with the flower plants that gives its distinctive smell and antioxidant value.which is the honey we are refering to. It is the complex composition of tis honey that gives its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal substance. Raw honey mostly very cloudy, and it has some air bubbles at the top in the bottle to indicate it has not be heated.

    Honey is also good for diabetes too. Facts about honey can be seen here below the link

    1) http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=96

    2) http://www.worldclassemprise.com/custom.aspx?id=21

    Have a nice day

    Terence L

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Terrence

      Thanks for contributing. I agree with this comment:

      You are correct in saying an acidic diet is the root cause of sickness and disease, HOWEVER the origin of how alkaline or acid the food BEFORE consumption doesn’t determine the alkaline or acid forming food does to the body

      IT is AFTER digestion

      For example, apple, watermelon, lime and most fruits, (except a few ) are acidic, but when it digested, it is alkaline based food.

      Apart from the apple, which is way to high in fructose. I absolutely disagree with your separation of sugars and the effect they have on the body. All sugar ferments. That white sugar is bleached is another concern, but my point of view is this: all sugars ferment in the body, causing the overgrowth of acidic microforms, yeasts, bacterias and molds.

      I agree that we are here to share, but the previous poster cannot simply wade into my blog, personally insult me and not expect a response (which, to be fair was full and well constructed, I didn’t just go name-calling back to him).

      The argument that antioxidants being contained within something means that it is healthy doesn’t convince me. It is like the ridiculously flawed argument that red wine is good for you. Sugar has such a devastating effect on the body that it would take a LOT to convince me that anything else within the fruit makes it worth eating a lot of.

      That is not to say I think you should never eat any fruit. Have some – but don’t go crazy on it every day. It is a better snack that a chocolate bar, but that is where I leave it.

      Thanks, have a great week

  53. Ross Reply
  54. Tanushree Reply

    Sorry, but it is you who is talking rubbish. Don’t just believe the websites, do some good reading work – like scientific books & journals – and you will know that Honey is really great for us.
    The honey’n’lemon with warm water mixture not only helps lose weight, but also helps to buck up your immunity system, reduces incidents of cough & cold, etc.
    I really think you should do some reading up on any issue before going public with your views & opinions about it – otherwise, no offence, people around the world would conclude that you are stupid.
    Apologies if I sounded harsh.

    • Ross Reply


      Why would you assume that I don’t do reading on this subject? Making assumptions like that makes the world conclude that you are stupid.

      For instance, here is some light reading of mine from just this morning:

      • Supplementation with alkaline minerals reduces symptoms in patients with chronic low back pain – from the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology
        Volume 15, Issues 2-3, 2001, Pages 179-183
      • A Sodium-Rich Carbonated Mineral Water Reduces Cardiovascular Risk in Postmenopausal Women – from the The American Society for Nutritional Sciences J. Nutr. 134:1058-1063, May 2004
      • Treatment with Potassium Bicarbonate Lowers Calcium Excretion and Bone Resorption in Older Men and Women – from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 94, No. 1 96-102

      I am dedicated to my topic so I regularly do such reading and research. And do you know what ALL of those peer-reviewed, scientific journals tell us? That an overly acidic diet is the root cause of sickness and disease in the modern Western world. And do you know the most acidic substance to the human body? Sugar.

      I suggest you don’t come here to spout ridiculous pseudo-science (how on EARTH could simply consuming lemon with honey make anyone lose weight? What about exercise?!) and then accuse me of doing the same without any knowledge of who I am or what I stand for or the work I put into my own website (yes, that’s right – it is my own site and I get to express my own opinion on it).

      You did sound harsh – you called me stupid. I am not afraid of being harsh, I think you are stupid. I also think you need to have a think before you type.

      But have a lovely day





  55. bikinimama Reply

    Just to clarify for everyone who is confused…..
    Yes, by adding honey to warm water and lemon, you can eventually loose weight. It will not be a substantial amount but yes it does help. A year ago i came across this remedy and a few friends and i decided to try it out first thing every morning. Everything else stayed the same, our activities and diets.
    The first 6 months was only lemon juice/warm water….then in jan09 we added honey and the weight loss was like double 12lbs total…gone!.
    Ive researched and even web MD (who are professional qualified doctors) have said that PURE honey is beneficial in moderation of course.
    Now am i saying drink a cup of honey a day to help with weight loss? Heck no, that would be foolish but anyway don’t listen to these ppl saying just lemon juice im sure it has its own health perk but use Pure honey for weight loss……hey what do you have to loose anyway other than the weight?
    If you email me i can show you pics from before and after. My friend too!

    • betty Reply

      hie so does pure lemon help loose weight am confused am 23yrs and am 84kgz i want to loose 20kgz help help me

      • Ross Reply

        Hello Betty,
        You can lose weight on alkaline diet. What it can do is that it can detox your body, hence it takes out the toxins like stored fats in your body. As a result you will have a lean body. And yes, Lemon is alkaline.

    • Jan Reply

      Hey, I am curious. I just bought a pure honey from Arab and would like to mix it with lemon/lime to help me lose weight. But some reviews i read were not positive for me to go ahead with this regime. Can you prove it to me that it works for you and has your health improved since then? thanks!

    • Kara Reply

      You need to use RAW honey not Pure honey. When it says Pure honey it usually means that it has been heated and pasteurized, which kills all the beneficial enzymes.

    • Jyoti Reply

      Hello bikinimama.
      First of all thanks for sharing your experience.. i an also suffering from same problem. i just wanted to see your pics before and after
      doing this exersize

  56. sam Reply

    ok so im confused what is the best way to lose weight water honey lemon o jus water and lemon? plus does the water hav to b warm?

  57. sonia Reply

    As its said,Honey is very good for health. It works as blood purifier.
    Warm water(1 mug) + Honey(10gm) + lemon(2 spoons) is very good solution to lose weight.
    is it advisable to take it early in morning as an empty stomach or can we had it anytime in a day????

  58. Jay Reply

    Okay sorry Ross but your argument shouldn’t even be able to be qualified ad such. Simply because honey is a sugar does not make it necessarily detrimental to to the body and identical to any other type of sugar, coca cola for example. Im not really siding either way, but I would say to use your own common sense when it comes to what is nutritious for you body and what is not. Always stay self aware and notice the effects that different substances (all foods included) have on you and try and work towards finding your own personal diet components that work best for you….peronsally I love warm honey water though. I drink a lot of it when I start to feel a little sick, but its great anytime.

  59. Atul Lokhande Reply

    Honey is very good for health. It works as blood purifier.
    Warm water(1 mug) + Honey(10gm) + lemon(2 spoons) is very good solution to lose weight. Take it in the morning with empty stomach.

    Do not take only lemon water without honey. It will increase your weight for sure.

  60. Atul Lokhande Reply

    Honey is very good for health. It works as blood purifier.
    Warm water(1 mug) + Honey(10gm) + lemon(2 spoons liquid) is very good solution to lose weight. Take this solution in the morning with empty stomach.

    Do not take only lemon water without honey. It will increase your weight for sure.

    • Ross Reply

      Honey is pure sugar and will absolutely, categorically NOT purify the blood, it will feed the yeasts and bacteria in it and make your body very unbalanced. You are talking, frankly, rubbish.


  61. Rashminder Kaur Reply


    I do not agree that honey is bad…Honey with lemon water is an ayurvedic remedy i have been taking it for weight loss and it had worked every time. the reason is that Honey is not plain sugar..its a complex sugar made from flower nectar and fruits which have complex sugar. there are also many other benefits of honey and it also depends on whether it is taken with warm water or cold water. The properties change accordingly. The way Jaggery and sugar both come from sugarcane but sugar is bad and jaggery has many benefits similarly honey though a form of sugar is beneficial. It never harms your weight loss program. In fact its good for your metabolism which is the crux of weight management.

  62. Kelli Reply

    Hey Ross.

    I love your advice and I think its great. Don’t worry…. I will clear it up…..PEOPLE-LEMON WATER WITH HONEY IS NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU ARE LOSING WEIGHT.

  63. meghna Reply

    i m all confused !!!to take honey or not to reduce weight !!!

    • Ross Reply

      TV – you can’t spot reduce weight, weight comes off at a natural rate across your whole body.

      Meghna – why??? why would you consume sugar to reduce weight? you reduce weight by eating a good diet and exercising, not by eating honey.

  64. tv Reply

    Is there any natural dite you would recommend to melt “visceral fat” around the abdomen?


  65. tv Reply

    Will adding Cinnamon, with Honey and Lemon help reduce fat.

    • Ross Reply


      A diet rich in vegetables, salads and plenty of water, combined with a solid aerobic and anaerobic exercise plan will help reduce fat.


  66. raji Reply

    hiii ross
    Ihave been taking honey ith lime ater at room temp.since 10 days and also doing some exercise .My weight did not come down yet .Please tell me when can i find result

  67. Shalini Reply


    My Brother is Weighing 128 kg of weight with height of 5′ 10″.
    He is having a Fatty Liver & because of that his SGPT levels is very high its about 199.
    So please suggest me should he take Lemon Juice first thing in morning?
    Also what kindda food he should have to get back his Liver Normal??

    Plz help.


  68. anupama Reply

    hey ross,
    i’m 16 years old and have a height of about 165 cms. what would u suggest my ideal weight should be?? also after some thorough reading, i figured out that honey has vitamins and minerals and several other essential things.. but isnt it sugar at the end of the day??? does it really cut that fat which is stored in the body??
    also, what do u think is more effective – honey+lime water OR cinnamon+honey+water ???

    hope to hear from u soon…
    thanks in advance

  69. sutapa satpathy Reply

    pl advice me or give me some benite if i take hot lemon water with honey.
    can i reduce my weight by talking in early morning????????? is that right that some one tell me by this water my skine will be get harm pls suggest me .

  70. teohhanhui Reply

    “Lemon juice in hot water has been widely advocated as a daily laxative and preventive of the common cold, but daily doses have been found to erode the enamel of the teeth. Prolonged use will reduce the teeth to the level of the gums.” — http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/lemon.html#Other%20Uses

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Teohanhui!

      Thanks for taking the time not only to research but to share. I believe that there are a lot of things that can erode the teeth, and acid is always the problem. However, the acid effect of sugary drinks, caffeine and high sugar foods is FAR more problematic. If it is a major concern you can always wash your mouth out after drinking or just have another glass of plain water. Or even better, water with highly alkaline pH drops in it.

      I personally feel that it really is a minor concern.

      Either way, I hope this helps put your mind at ease!


  71. sanjay Reply

    more attractive

  72. Scott McKechnie Reply

    Hi Ross.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into your I have really enjoyed reading this. It seems like the lemon or citric acid breaks down the fats as per the Kerbs Cycle. How ever my question to you would be is it better to take the Lemon and water or citric acid in a hydrated version. Is the a benefit to taking citric acid in a natural form.

    Kind Regards

  73. Ruby Reply

    I would like to reduce my weight,Is it safe to take honey & lemon juice in either cold water or hot water in early morning?pls suggest in what kind of water in have use?
    If so in what quantity?
    Can drinking cool water with honey every morning reduce weight or not. Can u plz help me..

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Ruby

      As my article you’re responding to actually states – honey is not a good idea.


  74. te ika a maui Reply

    The juice from a lemon and lime mixed with hot water, honey and cayenne pepper will take care of influenza (all types) and any other infection that resides in the mucous membrane of the stomach.

    • Ross Reply

      That is simply not true. Alkaline drinks such as water with lemon can help to boost your immune system, but it will absolutely not ‘take care’ of influenza. Honey will also sigificantly raise the yeast, fungi and mold in the body, significantly compromising the immune system. You really shouldnt make such sweeping statements about an issue as sensitive as this!

  75. jennifer Reply

    Is one cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a little sugar bad for one’s teeth?

  76. Manoj Reply

    Drinking honey with lime juice during day time after food Increases obesity/body wiight?

  77. samiksha Reply

    stop drinking lemon water with honey will gain weight ?

  78. Ross Reply

    You can click on the picture of my face below the blog post!

  79. Deepali Reply

    hey ross
    how are you doing
    can i have your personal email id

  80. Ross Reply

    Hey eclaire

    That’s great news! If I had to put my money somewhere then I’d say it’s your increased hydration and alkalinity of the lemon that is helping!

    Either way – awesome result!

    Have a great weekend

  81. eclaire Reply

    I brought 1L of lemon+honey juice to the office to drink everyday for abt 2 wks and I lost abt 2.5kgs without any serious dieting…no idea what or how the juice helped though…all i know is it works for me 🙂

  82. krish Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I would just like to say that all the info u r offering is great!! keep up the good work !!

  83. Ross Reply

    Hi Khurshid

    I don’t know of any side effects at all! It’s just water and lemon so it should be cool…


  84. Ross Reply

    Hi Amgad

    I personally don’t believe in the blood type diet.


  85. priya Reply

    hello ,,
    i wanna know whether drinkin honey wil increase weight or not?
    suggest me

  86. Amgad Reply

    Is it true that the blood type force you to choose the type of food. I am AB+ and I found out that Orange and Bannaba is not allowed to my blood type 🙁

    Please advice. Thanks and best regards

  87. khurshid Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Is it alright to take warm water with lemon juice EVERY morning. Is there any sight effect. I and my husband have both lost weight taking this for about 2-3 months. But I want to take it the right way and want to know how much lime juice and water should be mixed and should be taken at what frequency – everyday, alternate day or how many time a week etc. Please guide.


  88. Ross Reply
  89. Sam Reply

    Hi Ross,

    when you say lemon water, do you mean lemon juice + water….

    i know seems like a stupid question but i was just wondering.

    Cheers Sam

  90. bandy Reply

    Thank Ross for all the helpful info.
    I have a query about this… I have acid reflux problem. Is it ok for me to drink lemon with water in the morning (empty stomach)?
    If not, what should I do?
    Can I have coffee after that?
    Thanks In advance.

  91. karen Reply

    Hi ross…

    Couldnt tell you enough on what a great job your doing…My question is ive been drinking water and lime first thing in the morning as well as during the day..i exercise for on the treadmill for about 30 min…now i must say that i have been using the bathroom regularly..which is a good thing because being away at school the caf food is toooo fattening. Now with exercise and eating right as well as drinking water and lemon do you think i’ll lose the weight?..and is it healther that im drinking this throughtout the day??

  92. Rukmini Reply

    i am increasing my weight 3 months back i am in 51 kg and know this month is 60 kg i am going on increasing my weight i am have lime water with a one spone of honey in early in the morning in emty stomoch is that reduce my weight either there is any other way to reduce my weight please let me know

  93. michelle Reply

    hi ross

    just wondering, my daughter eats limes and lemons like you would and orange. she would eat this daily if i let her. is this dangerous to her health?? also if i drink lemon in water every morning will this eventually turn my body more alkaline or will i have to do more for this to happen.

    many thanks


  94. Jessica Reply

    Hi, I take a glass of warm water mix with the juice of half a lemon evey morning. Thereafter, I will take my cereals with milk. Thus, I was wondering can I take milk immediately before/after taking lemon water?

    If not, what is best taken for breakfast after my lemon water.

  95. Ross Reply

    Hi Bharath

    I have to respectfully disagree. Honey is sugar, and sugar is sugar. No matter what the source of sugar it wreaks absolute havoc on the body. That there are nutrients wrapped in sugar makes no difference.

    It is like saying that drinking vitamin-enriched whiskey is ok, because there are vitamins in it.

    I agree that the nutrients are good, but the carrier (honey) is not. A shame, because it is tasty, but true.


  96. BHARATH Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Many people ask: Isn’t honey a type of sugar? Does it not add any weight? Won’t the calories in honey negate your weight loss efforts?

    You are right – honey contains sugar. But unlike refined sugar, honey contains vitamins and minerals too. Normally, to digest sugar, the vitamins and minerals stored in body are utilized, rendering the body devoid of these nutrients. These nutrients are essential to dissolve fats and cholesterol. Thus when you eat too much sugar, you tend to increase weight not just because of the calories, but due to lack of vitamins and minerals. On the contrary, honey being a good source of nutrients, helps you in reducing weight.

  97. Ayat Reply

    Thank you very much Ross,

  98. Ross Reply

    Hi again Ayat

    There is no real agreement on the apple cider vinegar thing, but I believe it does have some merit. Certainly taking it in moderation can help, as like most things – everything in moderation is ok.

    Indeed almost all vegetables are alkalising, but fruit is another matter. Due to the high sugar content of most fruit, only really lemons, limes, avocado, grapefruit and tomato are really alkalising. The others are ok for a treat – but don’t eat too much!

    Here is a page that might help: http://liveenergized.com/list_of_alkaline_foods.php

  99. Ross Reply

    Hi Jincy

    I’m not meaning to be rude but I am literally not going to answer that. Read the blog post and then ask me a valid question.


  100. jincy Reply

    hello ross,
    i would like you to answer one query as to how long should i take this honey and lime in lukewarm water.

  101. Ayat Reply

    Hello again,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate your time and effort. From what i understood the apple cider vinegar does has an alkalizing effect on the body but I am sure and you would know better. I was told that most of the fruits and vegetables are alkalizing – blueberries are acidic inside the body. Many thanks again,

  102. Snady Reply

    You are doing a great job Ross.

    That’s all I wanna say.

  103. Ross Reply

    Hi Ayat

    No worries – thanks for the positive feedback – I really appreciate it!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the apple cider vinegar just for now – remember, it is not about whether a substance is acid outside of the body, it is about whether the substance has an alkalising effect on the body once consumed.

    I will try to find out more – but stick with it for now!


  104. Ayat Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks so much for all your time. I just wanted to say that I drink hot water with lemon, turmeric, honey everyday. I did not realize honey had an acidic effect, thanks for letting me know. I add the turmeric as I heard it is a great liver cleanser and also great for inflammtions. I am forgot what cinnamon is good for but i know it is good. I also add apple cider vinegar once only in the morning. I know that that is acidic and that is why i add only once. I am not drinking this to loose weight but rather for alkalize my body. Many thanks for all your time and effort.

  105. Ross Reply

    Hi RK

    Thanks for your provocative, if somewhat patronizing comment.

    You’re right, they’re not the same substance. Quite. When you refer to ‘sugar’ I presume you’re talking about normal, white, granulated sugar, which is predominantly derived from sugar cane or beet. This substance is largely sucrose, lactose, glucose and fructose.

    Honey actually IS sugar. Honey is made up from fructose, sucrose and glucose. Sugar (in the form of fructose etc) is what gives it its sweetness.

    I think the point you are trying to make is that not all sugars have the same effect in the body – which is true in many respects, most importantly they don’t all give the same ‘peak’ as some are metabolised quicker than others.

    However, sugar is sugar is sugar from an acid/alkaline point of view. All sugar fuels the overgrowth of yeasts and harmful acid microforms in the body like petrol feeds a fire.

    All sugars are fermented in the blood and this is disasterous if you are trying to lose weight or solve any other health issue.

    Consult with any blood microscopist or hematologogist and they will give you more info too!


    p.s. this is not to say that I do not have huge respect for Ayurveda doctors and I have learned HEAPS from Ayurveda

  106. RK Reply


    HONEY and sugar are sweet but they are not the same substrance,. infact they act in our body in opposite ways. sugar adds fat buit honey helps in burning fat.. consult with any ayurvedic doctors and you will get more info about it ..

  107. Victoria Reply

    Lemon is a fat burner because its high content of citric acid, which let your body to burn fat for energy. You can download all the information from the web citricdiet, where they also sell a powdered lemon flavoured citric soft drink, which helps you to follow the diet when you are at work.
    Moreover, they explain that the main reason of overweight is the fat our body makes from carbohydrates, which can be avoid having phaseolamin with your meal. Thus, the show a very easy diet.
    Enjoy the web!!

  108. Celine Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Just a quick question from me, how about Organic Honey and Lemon mixture good for curing sore throat?

    By the way, you have mentioned honey is a form of sugar which brings acidic to our body. Will that be okay if I take the honey with lemon to soothe my throat?

    Thank you.

  109. pooja Reply

    hey …does having honey hot water and lime before sleeping lighten skin tone?

  110. Naina Reply

    Hi Ross!
    Great work. Hats off to your patience for replying repetitive queries. I learnt quite a things from reading all the articles above and few of my questions have been answered.

  111. MO Reply

    Honey is very good for washing off any toxic chemical that you have in you blood, it is recomended honey and warm water every morning is recomended.

  112. ami Reply

    hey ross…i wud lyk 2 loose som weigh n i hav even join a gym recentlyt…can u tel me the exact proces to make a lemon juice to reduce som fats….shud i use lemon dissolved in warm water n if so hw much of water n hw many piece of lemon shud i use….or any other way if u cud correct me….thnks in advanc for ur reply

  113. DEEPTI DANG Reply


    Thanks you soo..much ROSS for all of the hard work you put into this blog to help people..

    I am taking HONEY & LEMON with Luke Warm Water in the MORNING, But somebody told me that the LEMON will have a HARMFUL Side effects on the health specially it will effect the BONES & it will brittle later in the life….


    Is this is proven by any Research that taking the solution of HONEY & LEMON with Luke Warm Water is harmful for health & it has side effects on the body…

    Actually, I frequently suffer from COLD & COUGH…
    For that I prefer to take NATURAL EFFECTIVE HOME REMEDIES…rather than MEDICINES….

    Kindly, Please help me & give Clarity on IS IT Harmful for health to take HONEY & LEMON with Luke Warm Water…

    Also, please suggest some NATURAL EFFECTIVE HOME REMEDIES for frequent COLD & COUGH…

    PLEASE Ross, help me for the same..

    Eagerly Waiting for your REPLY,
    Thanking You,

  114. sadhia Reply

    I am taking feiyan slimming tea,i have only been taking it for 2 days and i think it is making a diffrence i feel much lighter and i am going to the toilet more,can i have lemon juice and honey in warm water in the morning aswell?
    can you please tell me.

  115. DEEPTI DANG Reply

    Happy Afternoon ROSS,

    Thanks you soo..much ROSS for all of the hard work you put into this blog to help people..

    I drink lemon & Honey with hot water in the morning, but somebody told me that, taking this decotion of lemon & Honey with hot water will effect on the health & bones & it will be brittle latter in life ,is it true?

    PLEASE Ross, help me for the same..

    Is there any RESEARCH Proves that thing…
    Please help me…

    Eagerly waiting for your reply..

  116. jared evans Reply

    Thank You Ross

  117. Pooju Reply

    hey first of all hats off!!!! for your wonderful comments.
    I just want to ask you something straight forward. Is a tablespoon of honey with few drops of lime juice in a warm water helps to reduce weight? I have gone through all your comments but still i will feel happy if u answer me directly to my question.

  118. swthrt Reply

    hiiii i am 18 though m wit good figure yet i wanted 2 know that taking honey with lime water and a spoon of honey leads to uterine problems or sumting lik tat .does it really cause prob in future whn i l get pregnent……………..

  119. THANK U ROSS Reply

    Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this blog to help people

  120. T. Jones Reply

    Fresh squeezed lime in water ; warm water especially is a very healthy way to detox your body and flush bacterias from your system. I’ve done this for about a year now, without knowing its beneficial effects. Most people drink lemon water however lemon water will not have the “quick flush” effect my little friend the lime has. You will notice within hours of drinking this “alkaline drink” increased urination, (not slight urination, but full bladder flush) each and every time you go that day. Once my mother and I had fresh squeezed lime in water while at a resturant and boy did we pay for it that night. The both of us went to the restroom at least 6 times in the middle of the night. If you’re looking to detox or rid your body of frequent bloating or even Candida (yeast infections), I recommend it highly. 🙂

  121. Ash Reply

    I have tried using luke warm water + lime juice + honey before and it has worked wonders on me. I lost a lot of weight during this program. I must also say that there was also an increase in the physical activity during the same time.

    I suggest the dear blog readers to continue taking the lemon recipe and do a bit of exercises to assist you in becoming the person you want.

    It takes about 2 months to start seeing the effects.


  122. Naomi Reply

    Just read this blog. Spirulina is a fresh water algae and it is alkalising. The fact that it is produced in fresh water and not salt /sea water sets it apart from other sea algae / greens and should not be confused with them.

  123. Rachitha Reply

    HEY!!! i wanna loose some weight…. i read d above posts… i just wanna knw.. how many times in a day one can hav hot water n lemon??? is it good to hav it more than 4-5 times in a day???

  124. shikha Reply

    I want to know if I mix milk and lemon and drink it will I get sick

  125. Ross Reply

    Hi Sally

    You’ve left me three comments on different posts on the blog, so have obviously looked around, but the single (only) point that this article makes is that honey is bad for you.

    Not sure you’re directing your research into the right places to be honest!

    Anyway, the answer to your question is yes.

    Have a great weekend

  126. sally Reply

    Hey Ross
    Is honey bad for you thanks bye

  127. NEHA Reply


  128. abed Reply

    Hi Ross,

    This blog is really helpful to know a lot about ‘lemon, honey and warm water’. Unlike many others I do not have any problem with weight gain (I am 41 yrs, 174 cm, 63kg – seems normal enough). For last many months taking 2 to 3 glasses of warm water in empty stomach in the morning and feeling better. Recently adding lemon and little honey. Heard that ‘lemon-honey’ combination is good for common cold, and it can even help in eczema. Do you have idea about this? btw, I found that adding a bit of salt, instead of honey can also make the taste better. I tried and I liked. So if there is anyone adding honey just for better taste, and worrying about its adverse effects, can try this. It might suits your taste too.

    Thanks and regards,

  129. anony Reply

    Hey All ,

    I am not sure if drinking honey and lemon juice as a first thing in the mornin g will cause any health problems.. But I have tried it some years back and it really worked for me..It takes 3- 4 months to see the results.. But once I stopped it my weight has increased again. Planning to start on it now.

  130. Ross Reply

    Hi Lemon

    I appreciate your post. Here are my comments:

    – one single thing (for example honey) cannot cause weight loss on its own. Weight loss is a holistic effort involving your mentality, diet and exercise.

    – honey IS the same as sugar in many respects. Different in others. For example, the body converts different sugars into energy at different rates. However, the process is the same. When we consume sugar it ferments in the body causing massive acidity and the creation of toxins, molds, bacteria, fungus and our red blood cells become severely affected by this. Consuming sugars leads to weight gain in a myriad of ways, for instance, when we throw acids at our body, it clings on to fat to protect our organs. When we are alkaline, this fat is no longer needed and dissipates.

    – I disagree that experimenting by ourselves will do no harm. For about a year I thought all fat was bad and so became massively deficient in omega 3, 6 and 9 which led to a whole host of health problems. As soon as I began consuming these oils again my health increased dramatically.

    – I agree with your final point, everyone should do as much research as they feel necessary and never take just one source of info as gospel. You should also consult with a professional before making changes to your diet.

    Thanks for contributing and sharing and have a great week


  131. Lemon Reply

    How confusing..some says do not add honey and some says add honey.Personally i found alot of evidence that adding honey does help.But then everyone’s body is different.Honey could have causes weigh loss to some and not to others.Just experimenting and figuring out by ourselves is no harm.But I won’t agree that honey is the same as sugar.They are alot different.Their nutritional content is alot different.Guys please read up on other websites too for information.One blog and asking so many questions will only cause confusion to others.

  132. maria Reply

    i had a small doubt…..that what quantity of lemon should be squeezed in 1 glass of water??? i genrally squeeze 1/2 …is that enough…or what is the best?

  133. ZaraO Reply

    Thanks for that, I really appreciate it.

  134. Ross Reply

    Hey Zara

    I’m legally only allowed to comment on my own personal experience, and as a man it’s hard to say! But as a hint, my girlfriend has found that alkalising (including lemon water) has been a great help to her! She has also found a lot of help from using an Omega 3 supplement.

    Hope this helps!


  135. ZaraO Reply

    Hay Ross, thanks for this blog its been super helpful.

    This may be a stupid question but when taking the lemon drink, as it has an effect on the stomach, will it cause any further pain or discomfort during ‘the time of the month’?

  136. Alexandria Reply

    This is really sad. If I can read through all of the comments above me, why can’t everyone else? I’m so positive this is frustrating to you Ross. You should get paid for this.

    But either way, thanks for the advice about the lemon water, my dad told me awhile ago that he eats a lemon a day, and he’s seen vast improvements in his health.

  137. Ross Reply


    This is one of the shortest articles I have ever written and the one single point it makes is that you should NOT mix honey with lemon or lime water.

    It makes no other point.

    I just don’t understand how you could not have answered your question from reading the article.


  138. Suchita Mehta Reply

    Didnt expect a rude reply from you, ofcourse i had read the whole article…it seems you didnt read my question properly!

  139. Mersada Reply

    thank you for starting this blog. I read alot of useful information here.

    I find it funny how the same questions keep coming up about the honey….does anyone read.

    I used the lemon water a while back and it did help me lose weight along with a low cal diet.

    It can’t hurt.

  140. Millicent Reply

    All I drink is hot water with lemon or lime, can that be harmful to the body?

  141. Ross Reply

    Did you even bother reading the article?

  142. Suchita Mehta Reply

    My weight is 52kg, height-5’2 . i want to loose weight and flat belly. Does lime and honey with warm water really help? When shud it b consumed, morning or night?

  143. Abdullah danish Reply

    HI friends,
    i was trying to loss wieght so i start drinking Lemon in little hot water . i use to drink it two times daily ,i have put down 15 kg in one month.

  144. Steven Reply

    I read Lime Water and instantly thought “Calcium Hydroxide.”

    Two different Lime Waters, guys.

    One is a chemical based on lime (as in the limestone lime)

    The other is based on the fruit lime.

    Kinda different. Make sure you got the right one, hahaha.

  145. Isabel Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Ok, now here is my story. 6 months ago I was size 27, I was eating normally (including some sweets, and sometimes junk food) and not following at all the Atkins diet!.. Anyway, I started at the gym with a personnal trainner because I wanted to shape a little bit more my muscles, now.. along with this, I started to eat just as one of persons in the blog (Tom) wrote, more protein, complex carbs, whole wheat stuff, any sweets at all, nuts, low fat no sugar, etc. I completly changed my diet and was exercising every single day a one hour hard weight lifting with the trainner followed by an hour of cardio, and started to take as well the fat burners pills, etc.. well, just as a professional in the gym.. salads..salads..salads and any of my little desserts anymore. Now, 9 months later, I can hardly fit into the size 28, I increased from 50kg to 59.6 kg, I can’t wear my clothes anymore:(.. I started to drink the warm water with lemmon after my mom told me to do so a week ago and today I started to take some detox pills I bought.. I’m drinking the lemon water in the night before bed time and in the morning before breakfast. If I increase the servings and drink regularly during the day as well, will it help me to loose weight faster?

    I really don’t know what happened, I’m eating better than ever, before I was eating 6 little meals a day but including sometimes a whole cheesecake as dessert without increasing a pound, and now that I only eat more protein, salads, complex carbs (the same 6 little meals as before, but no sweets at all) and exercise as an atlethe almost everyday.. I can’t fit into my old jeans:(..

    thanks a lot for your advice


  146. Mary Reply

    I just want to tell you that I totally lift my hat of to you for answering some of these riduculous questions!! And how many times are people going to ask the same questions……..READ ALL THE Q&A before asking something!!!! And seriousally what Ross is trying to tell you is that lemon water is healthy, but it won’t give you a tummy tuck or make you lose 50lbs! You have to WORK for that!!!!

  147. Ross Reply

    Spot on Shelli, that is absolutely correct!

    Thanks a mil for contributing!

    Have a great day

  148. Shelli Reply

    Just a quick note… I read a comment that water and lemon can not be alkizing because lemons are an acid. Lemons although acidic by nature are transformed alkaline in the body. Citrus fruits all possess this nifty little trick.

  149. mbalenhle Reply

    and i just want to loose more waight

  150. mbalenhle Reply

    i started using apple cider vininger and my colleges have seen the differnce in me i drink it two times a day i just wanted to know weather is going to help me without exsesizing

  151. Rohit Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I heard from a yoga teacher that lemon mixed with warmwater and honey is good in reducing weight……infact they have a 10days programme where they ask u to take more of the above mixture apart frm daily body massages.

    Pls suggest me that mixing honey with lemon warmwater is good or not for loosing weight?

    I am 80kgs now and want to reduce to atleast 72 kgs. Suggest me wht should i do?


  152. Christine Reply

    Hi Ross!

    I’ve only just today stumbled on your website, and am very thankful because I have a question I’ve been wondering about for some time now…

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been quartering up a lemon, dropping them into a mug, and then filling it up with boiling hot water. I love this way of drinking ‘lemon water’. However, I refill the mug (using same lemons) several times a day (prob around 8-10 times). Is this okay? (cos I note from your blog that it appears to be recommended to drink it in the mornings, so wondering if it’s okay to drink so much of it – ie instead of coffee really…)

    Thanks, Ross, appreciate your help!

    Kindest Regards


  153. Jisha Reply

    Hey Ross,
    Great blog!!! i need to lose weight nd i jus came to check whether drinkin honey in warm lime water might help.. but i am jus as confused as before. but i had tried it earlier for a few weeks coupled with other exercises nd i think it quickened the pace of losing calories..but i am not too sure.. but anyway, lot of other useful info was available..so thanx..

  154. rona Reply

    hi ross,
    i’ve been drinking lemon + honey in warm water as soon as i get up for 1 month. i also have been doing 30 mins workout and a bit of dieting. i lost 6 pounds. but from time to time i get these terrible stomach aches.i guess its because of the lemon + honey water . wat to do. please help.

  155. Nish Reply

    Hi Ross,
    This is really a very nice blog u have.Hats off for your kind work.I need to ask one thing
    can we mix lemon water and “suger free” to make this mixture sweet?

  156. betelhem Reply

    i heard that taking a cup of lemon juce daily is good for sex . is it true? if so how

  157. Walt Reply

    Folks this ain’t Rocket Surgery!

    The purpose for drinking lemon water is not to magically turn a couch potato physique into a fit healthy looking frame (if it happens so be it). The purpose of this lifestyle is to alkalize your body and Ph levels so that your lymphatic system and physical body processes toxins and removes toxins efficiently.

    Add sugar or honey if you need or better yet go to starbucks and get a Grande double whipped mocchachinno with chocolate and sprinkles and then add lemon to that!

    Acidity is aging! Acidity is the agent that breaks down cells and clogs up the human body. (fatty tissue stores these toxins because your system is overloaded… which is why you are likely to get sick)

    Typically we (Western Populations & similar diets) consume very very high acid based foods. ie: beef, chicken, pork, sugar etc…

    Simply put offsetting this by ingesting alkaline based foods such as lemon water counteracts this and stabilizes Ph levels (optimally between 7.0 & 7.3)

    I recommend taking the time to understand this process and the effects it has on your body. It is an excellent lifestyle. Eat a tonne of dark greens and veggies and balance your foods based on the PRAL. Reasearch supplements if you need (natural unprocessed is recommended)… and EXERCISE.

    Neither lemon water or lemon water with honey is going to give you total fitness or make you skinny. Hard work, common sense and a healthy lifestyle will.

    Oh yeah, it will make you a happier person too.

    Cheers big ears.

  158. Mark Reply

    Just a quick clarification if it helps…

    Lemon is acidic while it is outside of your body… However, once ingested and digested it has an alkalizing effect.

    The PRAL index (Potential Renal Acid Load) of foods lists the acidity while ingested whereas other indexes simply measure the values based outside of the human body.

    Lemon in your water=alkaline once you drink it.

    Lemon in your water=acidic if you stare at it.

  159. Ratna Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Just wanted to check if drinking lime in luke warm water effect getting periods.

  160. ritu Reply

    is lemon water loose weight or lemon water with honey loose the weight

  161. Angel Reply

    Hello Ross,

    It’s so nice to read all these things you have written. I understand you are busy with life. If possible, can you give reply to a couple of questions?

    I’m a young girl of 21 years age. It is usually painful for me during my monthly cycle. I take lemon water on other days, but on my friends and family’s suggestions, I avoid drinking lemon water in those four days. Are they right? Does lemon water do any harm if taken during menstruation?

    My second question is, should one drink lemon water in empty stomach? My mother doesn’t like me to drink lemon water after a meal, so the only time get to drink it is before breakfast. I hope drinking it more than once in a day is not harmful.

    Wish you the best,

  162. neeshaa Reply

    lemon does relly weight lose

  163. Neena Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for sparing time to answer most of our questions we appreciate your efforts!

    i’ve been takin freshly squezed lime juice with luke warm water for 2 weeks now it has made a diff esp in my weight (i’ve cut a lil weight) ..however i had my baby via a c-section he’s now 2 yrs i hope this will not affect my internal stiches in any way or will it?

  164. Lana Reply






  165. Kripa Reply

    I am in a fix. I was 68 kilos and 10 kg overweight while I was working until 3 months back. After having taken a hiatus for 3 months, I weighed 75 kg a fortnight ago. I realisd it was time to tone up since my knees began to complain and began a regular and rigourous 1.5 hour exercise routine which included yoga, cardio and aerobics. I began watching my calories, don’t have more than a spoon of sugar a day, drink the lemon- honey mix in water early morning and watch my diet the entire day. I feel better and fitter than ever and can fit in to clothes I couldn’t since some time and I have already been getting compliments after 2 weeks of having joined. But I just happened to weigh myself on the scales today and am devastated. I weigh 76.3 kg. Why?! What’s happening? Help!

    • mima247 Reply

      ur bodys converting fat to lean muscle which is good .ur on track.. so dont stop n dont be devastated cos from this stahge its easier to burn d fat

  166. dorothy Reply

    hi Ross,
    Is honey + lime in warm water good for reducing fats. pls help me. i have put on alot of weight. pls help me ross.

  167. daina Reply

    hi Ross,
    Is honey + lime in warm water good for reducing fats. pls help me. i have put on alot of weight. pls help me ross.

  168. chandan Reply

    Does lemon honey combination affect in long term the fertility in men?

  169. Carrie Reply

    I was pleasantly surprised that the number of times I have nausea reduced from about ten times to one time a day after adding one teaspoon of lemon juice into every750 ml of plain water. Is it recommended to have this lemon added water daily?

  170. Ross Reply

    Hi Pooja

    I absolutely do NOT recommend honey either way, but the simple consumption of lemon water will neither make you lose or gain weight. It is not as straight forward as that.

    Weight loss is about your WHOLE diet and lifestyle.

    Good luck and have a great day

  171. pooja Reply

    if u stop drinking lemon and honey in water..will we get fat??

  172. Ross Reply

    Hi Manisha!

    You can definitely drink lemon or lime water after aerobics – that would be great! You can drink it whenever you like!

    As for the salt – salt does get a bad rep and the right salts can be incredibly health-giving. I currently am using Dr Young’s pHour Salts which is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate.

    I have only been using it a while and so far the effects are good!

    As for a pinch of table salt, I would be wary of this – what is your reason for adding it? Is it taste?

    Hope to hear from you soon

  173. Manisha Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have a small question which is already asked here by Rajib…please let us know whether its ok to mix a lil bit of salt in lukewarm limewater ??? and yeh another lil one..:)…can one drink limewater immediately after doin aerobics or anyother sort of excercise or not??? if not then when is it recommended??

    Thanks in advace for ur help!! 🙂

    Wish u a good week ahead….

  174. Ross Reply


    Firstly, I run this blog in my own time and have a full time job which is quite demanding on my time. Have some patience – I don’t owe you anything so don’t be so rude.

    Secondly, as I have pointed out time and time again – you are right, lemons are acid – but they have an alkalising effect on the body. There is a big difference.

    I really haven’t got the time now to answer your comment fully, but when I can, I will.

    In fact, it has inspired another blog post about dispelling the common myths about the alkaline approach to health.

    Have a great weekend

  175. Mike Reply

    DON’T ignore Tom!
    Answer his question!
    I’m also curious as to why you say lemon is alkaline. Lemon has citric acid! So what are you on about? You’re replying to everyone else. What’s up with that?

    Your stomach is full of acid for digestion. Seriously, if you eat something too acidic the worse thing that could happen is you get too much acid in your stomach, and maybe some reflux.

    There is no basis for truth in this acid vs alkaline diet.





  176. NIki Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Ok im trying to lose weight i am traning alot and i drink lemon water but i dring cold water + lemon its different from 2-4 lemons . I drink it 2 times a day .Am im doing something wrong ? And Is cold water + lemon juice help me lose weight

  177. Rajib Reply

    Hi Ross,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for this nice blog. You are doing a great job!!!

    Please tell me whether adding a pinch of salt to the lukewarm lime water instead of honey/sugar has the same positive effect. I have been adding salt and not honey or sugar in the lime water as you have been repeatedly telling that honey has its adverse effects too. Please suggest.

    Once again, thank you for your kind effort!!!

  178. Ross Reply

    Hey guys

    Generally, honey does not work if you are trying to alkalise (search this forum for alkaline diet if you don’t know what I mean!). Honey does have some health benefits, but generally the cons outweigh the pro’s I’m afraid!

    With regards to water temp – just luke warm or room temperature is best, but don’t worry too much about it. Anything too hot or too cold will require energy from the body to digest so just slightly warmed is recommended. But it is not essential.

    Thanks for your kind words and contributions everyone! Makes my day a million times happier!


  179. Debbie Reply

    Hi Ross,

    is it ok to drink the lemon water cold instead of hot? I prefer cold water.

    thanks Debbie

  180. sameera Reply

    how hot should the water be??thnks

  181. Armeet Kaur Reply

    I would await ur special tips through mails


  182. Armeet Kaur Reply

    Thanks for the tips. They were interesting and sounding beneficial. If u can always mail me tips like this to get slim, I’ll be very grateful to u.

    Thanks / Regards,

  183. Cathy Reply

    Thanks for the the tips. My body is so screwed up between weight gain, hidradenitis in my groin, very bad ezcema, 3o pages worth of food allergies, high blood pressure, constipation, hemmoroids, …shoot, I’ll try anything to make “Anything” better. I am going to start this morning. Will let you know how things go.

  184. jacqueline Reply

    Is honey n lime better OR honey n cinnamon better for losing weight n overall health without any side effects. Is anyone sure of the answer?????

  185. NEELUM Reply

    fresh lemon and honey in water can help with weight but i have a jelly belly will it help pull my belly in

  186. Kat Reply

    I drink 1 lemon juiced with a little bit of honey for weight loss and to to help my digestion every morning. I have also noticee that since taking the lemon tea my bowels have seemed to regulate. This is a wonderful and very healthful drink. Honey is the healthiest sweetner in the world, and it is a very good cleasner. I don’t understand why it is said above that you should not use honey.

  187. anitha Reply

    i think honey and lime water works to loss weight. and i also tried honey with coconut water .it works faster. but i am not doing anything now.becos i am suffering from hormone problem.

  188. Shazzom Reply


    Great info here by the way!

    I tried the lemon punishment – no, sorry – “DETOX” as favoured by Miss Knowles last year. I looked excellent for the party I did it for (although I pretty much spent the entire night hogging the buffet I was so hungry), but then noticed I actually put on more weight than I lost in the first place afterwards.
    Since this time I have since lost 14llbs since January, but healthily this time. I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes everyday, try to walk to as many places as possible and eat healthily. Feel loads better for it, and knowing I’m getting all the proper nutrients I need and making my heart and body healthier and fitter too is a great feeling.
    I also drink lemon water. I drink 1 litre of pure water daily, and then I juice 1 whole lemon, and add that to a litre of water and drink that too (this is all drank throughout the day). It certainly hasn’t done me any harm, and I like to think that it’s doing me some good!
    I would recommend it – but also can’t shout enough about the exercise. It really has made me feel good about myself, and I was a proper couch potato who went on every diet going before I had this epiphany.

    It’s great to see sites like this giving proper information out rather than “get thin fast” tricks – which never work in the long term.


  189. Kayla Reply

    please reply back to me as soon as possible! thanks

  190. shruti Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have been drinking lemon with luke warm water for about a month twice a day and now have started adding spoon full of honey to it.will this help me in reducing weight upto 12 pounds?If so how long do i need to drink it?Thanx please reply…

  191. nisha Reply

    iam 25 years with a 2 year girl baby….after delivery i was diagnosed with thyroid and am really exerting myself to aerobics all the time cuz my weight has gone up from 52kgs to 80 kgs now. i am always on the hunt for home remedies to loose weight and i found this excellent…..

  192. nisha Reply

    cool blog………….i need to lose 20kgs as well.am trying aerobics, but from now am gonna start lemon honey as well…………thank u for such nice info..

  193. Kayla Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I had just discovered your website here and was wondering if drinking lemon with water everyday will help me lose weight? or if drinking hot green tea is better? I have been drinking lemon w/water for about a week now and at least one glass each day. I want to lose about 10 pounds…
    Please reply as soon as possible…thanks =]

  194. kankani Reply

    i mean empty stomach…

  195. kankani Reply

    hi…somebody told me..that one shud drink warm water and lemon juice empty to loose weight…is that right?and i wanna increase my breast and decrease my love handles….please help???and also wanna reduse weight??

  196. Marie Reply

    Lemon juice is acidic, not alkaline (or basic). The only way I can think it might have an alkalizing effect on the body is that it would attempt to neutralize the acid, especially if the acid levels increased in the stomach. The body always goes for balance.

  197. Alex Reply

    Hi Ross. I just want to know how many lemon should i squeeze into a glass/cup of water everytime

  198. Vivek Reply

    Hi Just an off note little bit of honey in warm water will bring ur weight down it also helps when you have sore throat… but it dosent mean u can have a double wapper from McDonalds with diet coke and expect it to work.

    the Honey has to be pure btw. Lime water helps too (not sure of Lemon).

    This is an age old medicine that we use in India.. We are loosing some of these with the age of modernization.

  199. veena shenoy Reply

    i want to know how does honey and lemon water help in waight loss

  200. Jatin Reply

    Hi Ross,

    First of all, let me thank you for all the nice work you have done in running a blog like this.
    Great Job, mate.

    My queries are almost same as what others have asked but I want some more precise answers to my questions if possible to you.

    1. What else we can add with lime water in our diet to burn fat more effectively.

    2. My weight is 85 Kgs/185 lbs, how much of lemon water is good enough on daily basis.


  201. Neha Reply

    Hey Ross,
    First of all, I must say this is a great blog and you are doing a coool job.
    I was wondering can I take milk immediately before/after taking lemon water?
    I have this notion that it will make cheese in my tummy if I do that..Have seen my mom prepare cheese out of milk by squeezing a lemon in it 😀

  202. zarah Reply

    hey i was just wondreing does honey lemon and cold water really help you lose weight????

  203. nadia Reply

    i just wanted to ask if lemon and honey wud make me loose weight, av tryed everyting and this seems to be safer than anything. i need an answer ASAP. thanks

  204. jenny Reply

    does the lemon cause ulsers

  205. Ross Reply

    Hi Jen

    Lemons are acid, but they have an alkalising effect on the body.


  206. Jen Reply

    I’d just like to say that although I am a fan of lemon water, it is NOT alkaline!! Lemon juice is clearly an acid- hence citric ACID! Duh!





  207. Marisa Reply

    Thank you for running this blog, I am sure that it has touched the lives of many people around the world in positive ways.

    I have been drinking lemon water on and off for the past 3 years but I have never really been sure about the amount and I want to maximize the effectiveness.

    1) How much lemon should I be squeezing into my water…I need a step-by-step recipe (I know it’s easy but I wanna make sure I’m doing it properly)

    2) Can I make a pitcher of lemon water evey few days instead of squeezing it fresh every day (trying to save time)

    3) cold or lukewarm or boiling lemon water????

    THANKS and I look forward to hearing from you, keep up the great work.

  208. mamatha Reply

    after taking lemon water can i have coffee immediately.

  209. rohan Reply

    i’m very thin.i use cold water and honey and lemon for bringing up a glow in ma face.but does it make me more thin??

  210. rohan Reply

    will cold water and honey and lemon make me fat or thin?????

  211. karthik Reply

    Honey is an excellent home remedy for obesity. It mobilizes the extra deposited fat in the body allowing it to be utilized as energy for normal functions.
    Dosage: One should start with small quantity of about 10 grams or a tablespoon, taken with hot water early in the morning. A teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice may also be added.

  212. kirsty Reply

    eat nothing but lemon grass n honey for two weeks it might work 😀

  213. kirsty Reply

    havein lemon n honey drink see if i loose weight in next week 😉

  214. papi Reply


    i had a doubt regarding weight loss. can i have cool lime water with honey.I will be in hostel so i can’t get warm water.

  215. deni Reply

    Hi guys , i want to ask something about water with lemon, is it good to drink it if you are with thalasemia ?

  216. Merlin Reply

    I see many people have asked about adding honey to the lemon juice mixture. Just wanted to point out that a good substitute for simple sugars is stevia, which has health benefits on its own. It is a herbal sweetener that is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, so you would use only a minute amount in a cup of water & lemon juice. I use this in herbal & green teas, as well as, in baking. There’s a lot of great info here. Keep up the good work.

  217. Ross Reply

    Hey Luna!

    Heh, it’s cool – I really enjoy answering everyones questions!

    The other effects all derive from the fact that lemon water is a nice, gentle cleanser and alkaliser. In essence, this helps to remove toxins and such like from your system and gently alkalise you. If there are less toxins, then there will be less problems, particularly in the stomach and intestines. Being overweight is a symptom of being over acid too – BUT…DRINKING LEMON WATER ALONE WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT (the caps are for others, I know you know). It will help – but it is part of a bigger picture including your entire diet and exercise.

    So many people have come on here or emailed me saying ‘I need to lose 5kg, how much lemon water will I need to drink and how quickly will I lose weight?’

    It doesn’t work like that – there are no cheats/quick fixes!

    So yeah, more specifically in answer to your question – it will help to cleanse and alkalise you, removing toxins and acid wastes such as yeasts and fungi which will have an energising and purifying effect overall.

    Sound good?

    It’s also just a lovely tasty, refreshing drink to start the day!

    Hope this helps! Have a great weekend!


  218. Luna Reply

    Ross, I feel so sorry for you, posting such a popular topic with all the information we really need, yet all these questions still! People, the answers that you seek are on this page! Trust me on this, I read it properly! anyway, thanks for your help Ross, my doctor recomended lemon and water for problems I have with my stomach and intestines and I just wondered what the other effects of it would be, apparently its all weight loss and general improvement in health, so its all for the good lol 😀

  219. Ross Reply

    Hi neetu

    Thanks for your thoughtful post! I agree with every point you make regarding the benefits of honey over sugar and also the point about how regularly and consistently one should drink lemony water.

    However, I have to highlight that despite the advantages of honey over sugar (of which there are many), honey is still very acidifying. Obviously this isn’t of concern if you don’t subscribe to the alkaline balance approach to health. It is similar to spirulina – spirulina has exceptional health qualities, but is unfortunately highly acidifying due to it being an algae.

    Regarding the weight loss subject – you’re right – drinking water with lemon in alone will not cause you to lose weight. A wholistic approach involving diet and exercise is necessary for healthy weight loss. Anything along the lines of the lemonade diet is just not a good idea as it is calorie and nutrient deficient and only serves to trick your body to go into starvation mode (in which you only burn muscle, not fat – the body clings on to fat if you diet like this).

    Anyway, thanks again – your comment was a great contribution to this post.

    Have a great day

  220. neetu Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Allow me to congratulate you. Its a great blog!
    I just wanted to point out one thing…Lots of people here when talking about weight loss with honey and lemon juice are worried that honey is sugar. Honey while sweet is not the same as the sugar we use in daily life. Honey is natural as you know and for the same reason has a lot of benefits that artificial, factory processed sugar doesn’t. The sugar that we use in daily life is good for nothing other than taste. Honey on the other hand is beneficial in a lot more ways than just taste.

    Coming to lemon water and honey, anything in the excess harms your body. If anyone really wants to go for this treatment, I would suggest one/half glass of warm water with a spoon of lemon juice and honey each, first thing in the morning. It is very beneficial on an empty stomach. If you want to repeat this treatment, do so a few more times in the day. I do it 4-5 times a day and it doesn’t affect me in adversely.
    I cannot say for sure that this helps in reducing weight but it is said that honey works as a fat burner. One more thing, one cannot stop this treatment after a few days. You need to keep up for atleast a couple of months. I just started this treatment and will give an update in a few days.

    I am confident though, that even if it doesn’t work for weight reduction, it will help my body in other ways. So, I am not really fussed about how if might act negatively on my body.


  221. ethel Reply

    hi rose
    i want to loose 20kgs and was adviced to eat 3x a day since i usually ate when i felt like it and mostly missed breakfast. i was thinking of taking a lemon/lime either before or after each meal will this help in any way?
    tanx 4 ur help God bless!

  222. ethel Reply

    hi rose
    i want to loose 20kgs and was adviced to eat 3x a day since i usually ate when i felt like it and mostly missed breakfast. i was thinking of taking a lemon/lime either before or after each meal will this help in any way?

  223. Terrie Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I did my first saltwater flush yesterday and it really did not produce anything major in the bathroom(if you know what I mean), However, as the night went on I got so very sick with chills and body aches and weakness as though I had the flu..(it was awful!) Is this normal for a first flush? Maybe I need to get more toxins out but I am so scared to try this again. I feel as though I poisoned myself!

  224. Reena Reply

    I would like to reduce my weight,Is it safe to take honey & lemon juice early morning?If so in what quantity?Will it reduce weight?

  225. Mary Reply

    Hey Ross

    Great site!! Thanks for all your time! My ND has told me to start drinking Lemon and water in the morning cuz he thinks I’m too acid. But I also heard that baking soda and water is better. To akaline, which do you think is better? I do feel more energized taking the lemon mixture but he said the baking soda is better for you. Any thoughts?

  226. Mary Reply

    Just a cooment on all who are considering or already drinking wqarm lemon water: I have been now drinking 2 litres a day (making this intake part of my 10 glasses of water per day) without sugar or honey and I have noticed a BIG diffrence in weight loss. My skin feels softer and I don’t feel so blotted in the mid section. I have to say though that I have also reduced my calorie intake thus loosing the weight.
    MY QUESTION TO ROSS….Would you know…which is most beneficial? Eating carbs or protien before a work out such as spinning…

  227. veena Reply

    I drink lemon with hot water in the morning, but my friends says that the lemon will effect the bones and it will be brittle latter in life ,is it true?

  228. Ross Reply

    Hi Sue

    Lemon water should def not have that effect – did you make any other changes to your diet? Without knowing what else you are eating it is difficult to comment.

    For detoxification and ‘movement’ I STRONGLY recommend making your own fresh veggie juice with cucumber, spinach, lettuce, celery etc. That is a great detoxifier and a GREAT mover!!! Heh – if you catch my drift…!

    Also, have a look into probiotics if you haven’t already.

    Hope you have a great day

  229. Ross Reply

    Hi Sony

    Have you read this thread and the comments there?


    You’ll find all the answers you need…


  230. Sue Reply

    I have read and read how lemon water helps in detoxification. I have suffered with IBS. I started the lemon water routine about a week and a half ago, 3 times daily. Guess what? I am now constipated! Bad! That is what I suffered before trying this. Any suggestions? Like I said, from what I read, I thought this lemon water would solve this. I drink a full 8-12oz. glass before bedtime, and another before my yogurt in the a.m., and then another before my light lunch. hmmmm

  231. Sony Reply


    I am totally confused whether i shud take lemon water with honey to reduce weight?? Give me answer pls!!

  232. Ross Reply

    Hi Aisling

    First and foremost (and maybe Im taking this out of context or something) but you shouldn’t be so rude/impatient. I run this blog in my own time and I don’t owe you the right to an answer in 24 hours.

    Secondly, you gave me almost zero information on which to answer you!

    Personally, I’ve never heard of this. The stomach is incredibly hardy – but excessive amounts of anything can be bad (i.e. too much water too quickly will kill you, too much vitamin c does more harm than good etc).

    How much lemon and in what concentration with water?

    If you are really concerned I would go see a doctor. I would be hugely surprised if consuming lemons had anything to do with it, but it depends on how much you had!

    Sorry if I come across as a bit sharp in this answer, but it is 11:36 in the evening and I found your comment to be a bit on the sharp side too!


  233. Aisling Reply

    i need a answer????????

  234. Aisling Reply

    hi….does lemons corrode your stomach because i drank alot of lemon water today and i have this pain in my stomach area…please help! 🙁





  235. zareen Reply

    Hi Ross

    i like to discuss abt my weight loss kindly help me on this ,now i started to take honey+lemon water every morning is it good for health / for weight loss pls help me ross.


  236. Satha Reply

    Hi Ross

    i really want to loose weight. i excersice regulerly & i am very cautious about my diet. even though i cannot reduce my weight. i heard & read it in your page about lemon juice. does it really play a small roll in weight lose?
    if it does………. how many times i have to drink it per day.
    Please help me!
    many thanks


  237. Tom Reply

    How can lemon juice in water ever be alkaline?! Pure water is very slightly acidic, only marginally below pH7, and lemon juice is a strong acid about pH3. There is no way these two alone can create an alkaline mixture. Depending on the ratio of the two, the pH at which you’d choose to drink it would be about 5.5-6.5, still a weak acid.

    I’m pretty sure the lemon does not help in weight loss much if at all. Stick to the known bits, and dont try quick fixes: Eat more protein and complex carbs like white meat/dairy and veg, eat less starchy carbs like potato, white pasta, rice and bread, eat very little or no cake/sweets/junk food and keep well hydrated. Dont stop eating, or your body will go into shock and pile on the pounds, and excercise regularly. Finally, dont do this for 1, 2, 3 months or a year, keep doing it for the rest of your life.

  238. exper health Reply

    I’m drinking apple cider vinegar at night before supper. will this affect anything if i want to start drinking lemon juice in the morning?

  239. Amit Reply

    Hi, I am 28 yrs old .From last 2 weeks I am taking Honey with lime juice to loose weight . But today somebody told me that it is nood for health and it might have some side effect later . Is that true .So I want some comeents on that .

    Can u tell me what is the best way to loose weight out of all the below mentioned method;
    1.lemon juice with honey
    2.lemon juice without suger.
    3.hot lemon juice without suger.
    4.hot lemon juice with honey.
    or else please sugest some other method.

  240. john Reply

    I am drinking apple cider vinegar at night before supper. will this affect anything if i want to start drinking lemon juice in the morning?

  241. Ryan Reply

    I used to love to eat lemons straight when I was a kid. My parents used to say it would eat the enamel (sp?) off my teeth. If I start drinking lemon water do I have to worry about looking like snaggle tooth?

  242. renaldo Reply

    hi i was wondering if lime and water without any other additions can help with cold if so would it be ok to give it tobabies as well?

  243. G.Satheesh Reply

    Can drinking cool water with honey every morning increase weight or not.I want to increase my weight. Can u plz help me..

  244. rash Reply


    does lemon juice assist in loosing weight? n how many times i need to drink lemon water for weight loss..can u pls help me ?


  245. Brittney Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I was just wondering what is cayenne pepper soppuse to do when you mix it into lemon water. Is it recommended and if so then how much should you put in?

  246. Ross Reply

    Hi Jacqueline

    Don’t believe everything that you read….erm, apart from this! Honey may well have some healthful properties but the fact remains that it is pure sugar – which is not a good thing. Natural or not, sugar still causes acidity, yeast, mould and other harmful microforms to thrive in the body – the exact thing that lemon and lime water is trying to prevent!

    I would stick to other anti-ageing bits n pieces such as omega oils and veggies.


    ps you could try posting at the forum as you might get some other viewpoints there: http://liveenergized.com/phpbb2

  247. jacqueline Reply

    i take lemon in warm water every morning, as it relieves my constipation. i read in the papers last week, honey is an anti aging agent. i am thinking of including honey with the lemon water i take . how will this help me??????

  248. Hayley Reply

    Hi, I am 27weeks pregnant and trying to eat healthy after a large weight gain recently. A friend recommended drinking lemon water to help me as it can draw nutrients away from the food I am eating. Is this true? I am trying to do this right and not lose unnecessary weight as I am having a baby but I want to give my baby the best chance by eating well. Not only this, I don’t want to put on too much weight that could cause problems for my already increased blood pressure. Thanks.

  249. Ross Reply

    Hi Gail –

    Yep lime is just as good – see here:


    Have a great day

  250. Gail F Reply

    How is Lime in the water verses lemon? I am a much bigger fam of lime. Does it also help in weight loss and have the same cleansing effect and the lemon?

  251. Ross Reply

    Hi Shreya

    That really is a question for your doctor because I am not a qualified GP and I also do not know what medication you are taking.

    However, I would be surprised if any medication would have active ingredients that would be harmful if you lost weight – as I am not sure that the FDA would allow that!

    To be safe though – ask your doctor.

    As an aside – lemon water is great for you in lots of other ways apart from just playing a part in weight loss – so drink up regardless!

    Have a great day and good luck!


  252. shreya.P Reply

    Myself & my husband are trying since 4 years of marriage for a baby. We have already started our treatment. My husband has deficiency in motility of sperms. After I started my treament with doctors i found I weight to has inscrease from 50 kg previously to 69 kg recently. Now I have started drinking warm water with lemon juice squeezd for losing weight. Is it ok if I am taking it to lose my weight simultaneously taking the medical treament for getting pregnant. Will effect my child in any way if I will be pregnant and drinking the same.

  253. shreya p Reply

    Myself & my husband are trying since 4 years of marriage for a baby. We have already started our treatment. My husband has deficiency in motility of sperms. After I started my treament with doctors i found I weight to has inscrease from 50 kg previously to 69 kg recently. Now I have started drinking warm water with lemon juice squeezd for losing weight. Is it ok if I am taking it to lose my weight simultaneously taking the medical treament for getting pregnant. Will effect my child in any way if I will be pregnant and drinking the same.

  254. Ross Reply

    Hi Michael

    You would have to define ‘excessive’ urination. Before you started drinking lemon water in the morning did you drink any other kind of liquid (i.e. has the lemon water replaced another drink?).

    I cannot comment on things medically – but I also do not know enough about your situation to gie you my suggestion – can you expand for me?

    Many thanks

  255. Michael Reply

    Can drinking lemon water in the morning increase urination? Since drinking lemon water I have had excessive urination. Just had tests done and my kidneys are fine and my prostate is fine. Any comment?

  256. Ross Reply

    Hi John

    In a slightly indirect way it does, yes. Lemon juice, especially when squeezed into a nice amount of pure water, can certainly assist in weight loss by creating a more alkaline environment in the body. The lemon juice is both alkalising and also a great detoxifier.

    The body hangs on to fat in order to protect the organs from the toxicity that is created by excess acids in the blood. The fat is actually saving us!

    By consuming alkaline foods and drinks such as lemon water we are helping to flush our bodies of the excess acids and therefore we will begin to lose weight.

    Making sure we are properly hydrated will also assist in weight reduction as it will stop the body from retaining unnecessary water.

    For more information I would recommend reading:


    And please do let me know if you have any other questions!


  257. John Reply

    I drink a large jug of lemon juice(freshly squeezed) after my 10-16 km run and was talking about this to a grocer today.She asked me does lemon juice assist in loosing weight? i was lost for words, but really, does it assist in weight control?