THDBR (Thursday’s Health and Diet Blog Round-Up) #5


Keano grabs the winner and then does a camp cartwheelAnother week! I know I express my surprise at it being Thursday every single week (you would think I would learn one of these weeks) – I really cannot believe it is Thursday again!!!

So much has happened since last Thursday including Spurs picking up a rather fortunate, but deserved in my opinion, result against a spirited if poor quality West Brom side on Monday.

Aside from that – this has also been going on:

  • Diet Blog – posts about the creation of the ridiculous 30 Day Dieters website – which aimed to show that Morgan Spurlock was apparently a liar when he created Super Size Me. I think the 30 Day Dieters site is missing the point personally and will blog about this later. Nonetheless Jim’s post is very interesting and another great find.
  • Karen Knowler points us to four raw foods we should avoid – and whether you are a raw foodist or not this applies. My old bug-bear of mushrooms is featured in there so I’m pretty happy about that!
  • Tyler at The 400 Pound Mile – has had another great weight loss week. But he also points to a very interesting site and blogs fairly eloquently about the effect that airbrushing of magazine models is having on our confidence and motivation! Its worth a look!

Thats all for this week – it has been a quiet one on the blog front. I expect business to return to usual next week though!

As ever, if you have seen a blog post or have blogged something yourself that you think is intersting then let everyone know in the comments below!

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