Why Alkaline Water is the Healthiest Water You Can Drink

Article by ross

What Is the Healthiest Water You Can Drink?

Every day we are told to drink more water, but we are never told what water we should drink. Is tap water OK? Should we filter? Do we have to buy bottled? Is any water OK?!

In my six years of researching and blogging in the health and nutrition industry I have to say: staying hydrated with the right water is the most important thing you can do for your health.

And if we are going to drink 3-4 litres of water each day it would make sense that we should know what the healthiest water is, right?

Alkaline Ionized Water: The World’s Healthiest Water

This is a detailed run through of what I have repeatedly found to be the cleanest, most healthy water you can drink, alkaline, ionised water.

Alkaline, Ionized water has so many benefits and advantages over any other source of water so before I detail the benefits of alkaline water, here are some of the disadvantages of other water sources:

  • Tap Water: I don’t know exactly where you live, but I can bet that the tap water there is far from perfect. Almost all tap water has added chlorine and chlorine compounds to try and kill bacteria and almost all tap water has toxic heavy metals including copper and lead. On top of this, tested tap water often contains pesticides and other toxins which over time can be very damaging to our health. Tap water also has an acid pH of between 6-7, which is not great for health as it adds to the overacidity caused by our diet.
  • Bottled Water: apart from being an environmental disaster, bottled water is often only barely filtered (surprisingly few brands are actually ‘mineral water’ most are just filtered), still contain toxins and have often suffered from being stored over long periods in harmful plastic bottles. Bottled water is devoid of any antioxidant activity and often have a very low, highly acid pH. Recent research has also found that around 70% of bottled water brands had high levels of bacteria.
  • Distilled Water: whilst providing a clean source of highly filtered water, distilled water comes out at around pH 7 and so is still slightly acidic, thus requiring pH drops to be added to increase the alkalinity of the water. It is much better than tap or bottled water, but still not perfect.
  • Brita/Carbon Filters: do a good job of removing pesticides and heavy metals, but leave the water less alkaline than tap water. Only solves half the problem.

The Advantages of Alkaline, Ionized Water

Alkaline water ionizers are, without doubt, the best water filtration systems around. They have so many benefits it is hard to list them all! But in my mind the following three benefits mean they give by far the best quality, healthiest water on earth.

1) High pH Water: the benefits of alkaline water is a whole discussion in itself, in fact, click here to get my Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water. But, as you probably know, drinking alkaline water is beneficial to your health in hundreds of ways. So if you want alkaline water, using a water ionizer is simply the very best way to do this. You can set the level of alkalinity you desire (between approx pH 4- pH 10.5) and voila, you have accurate, alkaline water on tap all day every day.

2) Antioxidant-Rich Water: not many people know this, but ionised water is also high in antioxidants. To give a brief explanation, antioxidant content is measured in ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) and the lower the better i.e. the lower the ORP the more the antioxidants. Alkaline, ionised water has an ORP of approximately -200 to -450! To give this some perspective, cola has an ORP of +600 and bottled water has an ORP of between +200 and +800.

3) Up to SIX TIMES more hydrating than other water: that’s right – ionised water actually hydrates you more than other water! How? Let me explain…

When you pass water through an ionizer, it ‘microclusters’ the water. By making the cluster sizes in the water much smaller (by increasing hydroxyl ions (OH-) and decreasing hydrogen ions (H+)) it means it is able to permeate the cells of the body much more easily than tap water that has much larger cluster sizes. This creates the exceptionally healthy alkaline water, but it also serves to make the water more hydrating than normal water.

To compare, alkaline ionized water has clusters made up of five to six water molecules, as opposed to tap water that contains 12-15. With the smaller clusters, alkaline ionized water gains the ability to penetrate tissue and cell walls far more easily, giving far superior hydration. This is also why many people experience detoxification effects in the first few weeks of drinking the water, as it infiltrates areas that have not been reachable with ordinary H2O.

So this smaller particle size allows the water better access to smaller pathways through your tissue – your water literally becomes wetter! This form of “microwater” is 6 times more hydrating than conventional water, and makes more oxygen available to your cells. This accelerates your metabolism and boosts your energy.

Other Benefits of Ionized, Alkaline Water

? Hangover Cure: Ionized water, because of it’s smaller clusters and increased hydration, plus the antioxidant content and high alkaline, acid-neutralising capacity – is a FANTASTC hangover cure. Now, of course, not drinking in the first place is the best hangover cure, but if you are a little worse for wear, drinking a couple of litres of alkaline, ionised water will have you back to your best in no time at all. Combine with pHour Salts, to replace lost mineral salts and you will be rocking.

– Cleans Pesticides from Fruit & Vegetables: the high pH water is fantastic at removing all traces of pesticides from vegetables and fruits – making your food have the cleanliness of organics!

– Sanitises and Steralises: the low pH, acid settings on your ionizer produce water that can sanitise and sterilise your kitchen, bathroom and water bottles – all naturally and without the need for chemical cleaners.

– Removes Stains: the acid water is also fantastic for removing stains such as oil, blood, ink and more. The acid water is able to actually emulsify these liquids lifting them right out of fabrics.

– Skin Rejuvenator: spraying mild acid pH water on to the skin visibly decreases signs of wrinkles, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, acne and more. It is a fantastic toner and cleanser and is also able to remove makeup naturally without the need for chemical makeup removers.

I personally LOVE my ionizer and thank the day that I made the decision to invest in one.

Think of it this way – you HAVE to drink enough water each day to stay hydrated, so rather than tap or bottled water with its bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and more – why not drink water that is more hydrating, alkalising, is antioxidant rich and only requires a one-off investment and will last you for life!

If you would like to know more about alkaline water and water ionizers then get your copy of my Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water here.

Enjoy alkalising and stay energised!

For more information about alkaline water click here to download my free report “The Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water”.

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  1. Janice NaPier Reply

    Which bottled water can I purchase that is alkaline ?

    • ross Reply

      None really, they all go through a similar process of bottling and heat filling, and then sit in plastic for months (or more) before reaching your hand, so all end up acid-forming. You are far far better off buying (even a simple) water filter.

  2. Maanda Manyatshe Reply

    I am a little confused with your assertion that pH 4,5 to pH 10 is good……Is the general assertion that the lower the pH the great the acidity? You seem to take the view that the lower the pH the more alkaline the water is. That is not true….I would discourage anybody in drinkinh water in the range of Ph 3 – 5……I would relent between ph 5.5- 6 and I would RECOMMEND water between ph 6-8 …with 7 being neutral and anything above 7 alkaline,,,……your science is mixed up.

    The LOWER THE pH NUMBER….the higher the acidity, the lower the pH……..
    check my reasoning, what is the pH of 98.8% HCl…? ..pH=2

    Alkaline water has pH above 7

  3. Anastasia Calka Reply

    Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge of H20. I super appriecate this article, as I am a huge naturalist and I always try my best to drink the purest form of water. Recently I discovered that reverse osmosis isn’t as good as it seems. So now I am searching for a better alternative… would you say that alkaline is the best of all? From my research and based on your article, I can see why alkaline is given such high praise! I couldn’t argue that it isn’t the best! I am hoping to find a suitable filter that produces fresh and clean water for my family members, as for home filteration systems, what would you suggest I do? Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon! – Giving Thanks, Anastasia Calka

    • Lee Reply

      Alkaline water is a hoax. Please do some counter research by REAL scientists (not health bloggers) where you will learn that your stomach’s naturally acidic pH level will render the alkalinity of your water useless upon digestion. This is not a secret, but basic biology.

      • ross Reply

        Hi Lee

        The aim of eating or drinking alkaline-forming foods and drinks isn’t to ‘change’ the pH of the stomach or anywhere else in the body. You’re actually showing a complete lack of understanding of basic biology. You’re missing the effect that acid-forming foods and drinks have on the balance of the pH of the digestive system, especially this first step in the stomach, but also really importantly, the next step in the duodenum.

        I explain more here: http://liveenergized.com/alkaline-foods-2/drink-alkaline-water-stomach-acid/


  4. Monica Reply

    This water right here took all my sodium out my body my inr was low I had to stop drinking now I’m great no More for me

    • ross Reply

      Hi Monica

      When you say ‘this water’ – what are you referring to? How were you treating your water?


  5. maribeth Reply

    this is very interesting a lot of dr’s in t.v or dr’s oz they talk about healthy food to eat all the time but not healthy water to dink but i’m glad that it came in my mind to check this in the internet myself and find out what’s the best water to drink,so my question is if you tried to drink the alkaline water for the very first time will this give me any problem in my guts or can you drink it withthe empty stomach?

  6. Taylor Bishop Reply

    Thanks for the interesting read on alkaline water. It’s really interesting to learn that ionized water can actually hydrate someone more than other water. I’m kind of interested in learning and reading more about any case studies regarding this, and if people can actually feel and tell a difference.

  7. Kay Reply

    If i eat a lots of vegetables and fruits everyday, can I still drink alkaline water? Is three any side effect of too much alkaline in the body? Right now I’m drinking reserve osmosis . Should I Chang?thank you for your further help

  8. Tomas Reply

    I’m on the market for an ionizer and came across a few articles drawing a distinct line between an unnaturally alkalized and naturally alkalized water. All ionizers fall into the unnatural group that after a while causes side effects and heart problems due to fooling the body into thinking it’s getting alkaline minerals with the water.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Tomas

      This is 100% categorically untrue. I am quite sure you read that on a site selling ‘naturally’ alkalized water, right?

      The ionizers that create ionized water through electrolysis are literally mimicing natural spring water, and work only with the trace alkaline minerals already present in the water.


  9. Nbk Reply

    Having worked in a laboratory I have learned that you cannot just drink ionized water. It can cause harm to your body. If you are to drink it, you must do so with cautiom and check your pH daily if it is indeed exposed alkalinity. That’s not to say there aren’t benefits, but there is a very sPeconic threshold and that needs to be understood. You can by an ionizer and think it is a problem solved. It can be a problem in its own if not seen as part of a system of health strategies. This is not for the everyday person. I suggests doing extra research before going on a sight that also sells you the equipment they are advocating.

  10. Howard Reply

    Is this alkalline water have more H of the H2O?

  11. victor challenor Reply


  12. Anna Ortiz Reply

    How do I get this?

  13. Edward Eckert Reply

    I used to drink acidic water for a few years,and it tested between 0and 4 usually.Then I heard that Im drinking battery acid,and should switch to alkaline which I tried 1 bottle at a ph of 7.What should I be drinking.Im 77 yrs old,and weigh 316lbs,and stand 6 ft,6 in.

  14. Edward Eckert Reply

    what is a ionizer and where can I buy one,and why should I use one in conjuction with my alkaline water

  15. Tom Passaro Reply

    Where can I buy an ionizer? How much are they? What do you suggest for those traveling out of the country?

  16. Sarah Reply

    The ionizer I have at home includes four different strength levels, 1-4. Which strength level would be best to drink?

  17. Bindu Nair Reply

    Where can you purchase the ionizer and which brand do you recommend. I currently use the zero water reverse osmosis water filtration unit and it is one I have sitting on my counter top. After reading your article I feel as though I am missing out on a more superior water quality.

  18. Janet Reply

    Is alkaline water good for u .what the side effects

  19. Taylor Reply

    What about the elite non electric filter? Compared to the chanson besides price. And what about reverse osmosis?

  20. Don Reply

    Which alkaline brand do you recommend, I currently use the Teu Alka brand

    • ross Reply

      Hi Don

      I recommend Chanson for ionized water.


  21. Felicia MORROW Reply

    I actually have more of a question than comment. Is it okay to mix my alkaline water with lemons.

    • prince Reply

      you are very stupid u hear how can add an acid which below pH to an alkaline .it will neutralise the whole it to produce salt and water. and in acid the lower the pH the higher the concentration.
      for any enquiries visit me at ask.com
      foolish girl ignorance of science is a foolish mistake®
      hurry up .

      • Hope Reply

        You are very rude!

  22. D. Frazier Reply

    Ross, I just read your article on taking chlorophyll and now reading this one. You have such a wealth of knowledge and your enthusiasm is bouncing off the page! Thanks for informing of about ionizing water, it’s something I never thought of. I’ve been using a filter and purchasing distilled water for years. I even keep a gallon of distilled water by my bed so I can drink during the night if I wake up. I’m adding your blog to my blogroll.


  23. Rocky Garcia Reply

    Hi Ross

    Thanks for the great articles. I wouldn’t dream of spamming your blog and using all of the content you’ve created to drive traffic to my own website.

  24. Mike Reply

    I believe it is very important for people to start to understand the need to detoxify you body of the acid condition that we humans acquire just from everyday living. I have found that AMA. and Drug Companies really protest this information getting out. What would they do if everyone got healthy. They just might lose some money, Ya Think!!!
    Anyway, give it a try. I know, it has really worked for me and it will for you. If nothing else, you have of the best tasting water around. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  25. els klootwijk Reply

    Where can you buy an ionizer and how big is the unit?

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Els

      You can buy an ionizer here from us – http://www.energiseforlife.com/alkaline-water/alkaline-water-ionizers.html

      The unit (countertop) is 4.72 inches deep x 8.86 inches wide x 13 inches tall

      Hope this helps

      • Poody Reply

        Drink peppermint tea or eat celery to neutralize the acidic stuff and let your body be more alkalized. I bet you this get erased in a week.

  26. amir Reply

    your blog is very good