Study: Alkaline Diet Prevents Type 2 Diabetes, CKD, Hypertension & More

alkaline diet study

Alkaline Diet Study: Research Paper Shows Irrefutable Evidence Through 54 Studies

I am so deeply passionate about helping you get the health, body, energy, vitality of your dreams – the health you deserve, and I do everything I can to make this as simple, straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

And I will never, ever give you a guide, suggestion or tutorial that is not 100% backed by scientific evidence.

This is why one of the things that makes my eyes roll the most is when people, who really aren’t qualified to comment (i.e. non-nutritionally trained doctors) say ‘there is no evidence to support the alkaline diet’.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are thousands of studies to support the alkaline approach to health.

The researcher’s summary is brilliant, so I won’t paraphrase, I’ll just let you read it:

Low-grade metabolic acidosis is a condition characterized by a slight decrease in blood pH, within the range considered normal, and feeding is one of the main factors that may influence the occurrence of such a condition.

The excessive consumption of acid precursor foods, to the detriment of those precursors of bases, leads to acid-base balance volubility.

If this condition occurs in a prolonged, chronic way, low-grade metabolic acidosis can become significant and predispose to metabolic imbalances such as kidney stone formation, increased bone resorption, reduced bone mineral density, and the loss of muscle mass, as well as the increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis.

What the researchers are reminding us is:

  1. As I have said many times (some critics are good at pretending they don’t hear) – it is not that we are trying to be MORE alkaline or CHANGE our pH – we are simply trying to support the body’s efforts to maintain it
  2. YES the body CAN balance pH on its own and does have these highly sophisticated mechanisms to do so, BUT, firstly, it is incredibly damaging to the body every time it has to do this and secondly, we are not talking about when your pH dips medically lower than 7 – we are talking about the damage done when it is hovering consistently lower than 7.365 but still medically within ‘normal’ range – this is what the scientific community means when they talk about diet-induced low grade acidosis – this is the dangerous place to be
  3. What we consume – foods and drinks – are what impacts this low grade acidosis more than anything else
  4. And indeed – there is a TON of evidence to support the alkaline diet out there!

Eating a High-Acid, Low-Alkaline Diet Will Result in Things Breaking Down

When we constantly bombard our body with acid-forming foods and drinks, we force the body to have to constantly address that and buffer the pH back up to the alkaline 7.365.

The flow-on effects this has to what I call your ‘Five Master Systems’ of your digestive system, immune system, detoxification system, endocrine system, and indeed your pH buffering system, more is catastrophic. It unbalances your whole body and sets the environment in which sickness disease occurs with ease.

Research papers like this one we’re looking at today provide all of the evidence we need to KNOW with certainty that eating alkaline is without doubt the way to go.

Alkaline Diet Study Shows the Direct Link Between Blood pH, the Alkaline Diet and Metabolic Disease

Today I want to share an exceptional paper that was published just a month or so ago in the Journal of Nutrients called “Diet-Induced Low-Grade Metabolic Acidosis and Clinical Outcomes: A Review” (study link).

The researchers, upon confirmation of ‘low grade chronic acidosis’ being real and relevant and caused by our diet, have dug deep into the literature to find areas where it has been confirmed through robust study, that the alkaline diet plays a significant role in clinical outcomes.

They found irrefutable evidence where it came to:

  • Bone Loss / Osteoporosis (12 studies cited)
  • Kidney Stones (8 studies cited)
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (10 studies cited)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (7 studies cited)
  • Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease (12 studies cited)
  • Body Muscle Mass Loss (5 studies cited)

Proven: The Alkaline Diet Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes & Hypertension

Think about how many deaths JUST type 2 diabetes (and its complications) and hypertension cause each year – and yet according to these scientific studies, the alkaline diet is proven to prevent and reverse them.

Not to mention the chronic kidney disease (which is another major killer), kidney stones, osteoporosis, muscle loss and more.

They conclude:

The excessive release of acids into the bloodstream may predispose to various metabolic imbalances, such as increased mineral excretion, insulin resistance, and the stimulation of glucocorticoid hormone release. Such imbalances are associated with an increased risk of non-comunicable diseases. Taking into account the acidifying potential of the western food standard of the vast majority of countries and the increase in the incidence of chronic diseases worldwide, it is necessary to encourage public policies that stimulate the intake of fruits and vegetables in the course of life, so that there is no volubility in the acid-base balance and the risk of chronic diseases is attenuated.

In other words – stop eating acidic foods (sugar, gluten, soda, processed foods – you can find more of the most acidic foods here) and eat more alkaline-forming foods (greens, fresh foods, veggies, salads, healthy fats – you can find the most alkaline foods here too!)

And remember – this isn’t the only study showing this, and these are not the only benefits that have been proven either.

But this is overwhelming evidence that the alkaline diet is not only real and powerful, but it is clinically relevant for those being affected by chronic disease too.

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  1. Mark Lewinski Reply

    i have no knowledge of this diet….but i do know is that i experienced severe acid reflux pain last night…i almost checked myself in to the hospital ……my son said, when i was practically crying, to lose the grain and meat and caffeine for a few days….today i only had 2 cups of coffee, fruit and broccolli rice and nuts with some soy sauce…and thats not even really following your program…no acid reflux and little back pain today….I am excited to start this new adventure…thx Ross….

  2. Arvin Reply

    Hi Ross. I’m having silent reflux, will this diet change help me?? Thank you, in new to this & open to learning. Thank you 🙂

  3. Sheila Reply

    Hi Ross

    I have osteoporosis and have followed the alkaline/acid eating lifestyle for since June last year. I feel good and have lost 12 kilos. Because of the op and to make my life a little easer timewise I have added in chicken, fish on occasions, but still trying to follow.

    However, I belong to two FB groups and recently the comments have been spinach is a no on because of the oxalates which leech calcium from your bones. Secondly I need fats to enable Vit D and K2 supplements to be absorbed so I take them with my morning oats, seeds and nuts but have been told that I should not eat nuts as they contain phytates which hinder the body’s absorption of calcium magnesium, zin, manganese etc.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  4. John capper Reply

    Is sourdough bread less acidic than normal bread.

    • ross Reply

      Nope – still contains wheat.

  5. Alan Foxley Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Although I’m not completely alkaline.
    I tend to drift in & out during the day.
    With the help from the recipes from your books I am improving .
    Always start the day with a “green” drink which is a real must. The day wouldn’t be right with out it.
    Carry on, don’t ever stop.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Alan – so great to hear – it’s been over 3 years now since you got those books so I’m stoked you’re still going strong with them! What an ROI 🙂


    Please kindly send the complete list of Alkaline foods to my mail now. I miss all the webinar and I have urgent need.I am a Nigerian, in West Africa and currently diagnosed of Hypertension ,Diabetes and Asthma. Also having symptoms of Arthritis. My present age is 52years.
    Thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Victoria

      You can get them at the top of this very page.


  7. Janette Reply

    I have been suffering for 7 years from multiple weird chronic illness. Mold toxicity? Probable. Histamine problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, postural orthostatic syndrome. I could go on. I need help, I’ve run the road, gene testing, other testing…. no one seems to be able to help with each issue taken in as a whole. They only want to focus on one thing, or straight out detox which I have problems with because it sends my histamine off the charts. Can this help? Can you? I’ve spent thousands of dollars on testing and doctors and this is your cure all. I need help.

  8. kathy Reply

    Ok, I start the day drinking soy protein with some barley max in it.. at least a tsp. and then take my alfalfa pills to add to the greens I take in for lunch..or a snack. I try to eat more greens with Kale, and other vegies. I fix broccoli stir fried with onions and garlic. Umm good.
    need to know if taking Lima beans is not good. Know pork n beans or vegitarian beans are too sweet. Just got to get my sugar down to 90 at least.