Alkaline Water Ionizers: Scientific Proof

British Journal of Nutrition
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Alkaline Water…Here’s the PROOF!

If you’ve been a long-time visitor to my site you will know that I am super keen on finding scientific proof that backs up health, nutrition or lifestyle claims and suggestions.

I have already made headway with this for the alkaline diet in general, and recently loved reading this study from the British Medical Journal stating that the consumption of green leafy vegetables, yes those alkaline foods, can really help prevent type II diabetes.

Scientific Research into Ionized Water Benefits
Benefits of Ionized, Alkaline Water

Before I launch into all of the research I have found I need to make it clear that I am not promising any of the below findings can be replicated in your life simply by drinking ionized water. All healthy lifestyle shifts are the result of healthy eating, drinking, exercising and thinking. Yes your emotions do play a role.

My position on alkaline water and the alkaline water ionizer is based upon this central belief:

The biggest contributors to sickness, disease and obesity are:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Acidosis
  3. Oxidation of cells/ free radical damage

Now, I could write similarly lengthy blog posts about the research into each of those areas, and I will at some point, but the main point I am making here is that drinking high pH, antioxidant-rich, microclustered ionized water addresses each of these points very effectively.

Research into Alkaline Water Benefits

Important: I have been extremely picky with the articles that I publish. A lot of water ionizer sites will publish research as fact, when in reality no research has been conducted and the facts you are reading are merely the opinion of a Doctor. These opinions could be absolutely true, but I am only going to report on theories that have been proven through scientific, controlled experiments.


Ionized water prevents the breakdown of DNA from oxidative stress and fights free-radicals:

Electrolyzed–Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protects DNA from Oxidative Damage
Shirahataa, Kabayamaa, Nakanoa, et al – Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (1997)


Ionized, alkaline water has anti-diabetic effects:

Anti-diabetic effects of electrolyzed reduced water in streptozotocin-induced and genetic diabetic mice
Kim, Kim – Life Sciences (2006)


Ionized water helps prevent oxidation in the body and damage to DNA:

Electrolyzed-reduced water protects against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA, and protein
Mi Young Lee, Yoon Kyoung Kim, Kun Kul Ryoo, Yoon Bae Lee and Eun Ju Park – Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2010)


Alkaline, ionized water protects against pancreatic cell damage:

Protective mechanism of reduced water against alloxan-induced pancreatic ?-cell damage: Scavenging effect against reactive oxygen species
Yuping Li, Tomohiro Nishimura, et al – Journal of Cytotechnology (2006)


Anti-diabetic effect of alkaline, ionized water:

Anti-Diabetic Effect of Alkaline, Reduced Water on OLETF Rats
D Jin, SH Ryu, HW Kim, EJ Yang, SJ Lim, YS – Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry (2006)


Alkaline, Ionized water is effective in treating digestive complaints:

Clinical Evaluation of alkaline-ionized water for chronic diarrhea. Placebo-controlled double-blind study.
Hirokazu – Digestion & Absorption (2000)


High alkaline, ionized water is effective at cleaning pesticides etc. from fruit & vegetables:

Combined Effects of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water and Citric Acid with Mild Heat to Control Microorganisms on Cabbage
# Rahman, Yong-Guo Jin, Deog-Hwan Oh – Journal of Food Science (2010)


The Scientifically Proven Benefits of ACID WATER from Your Ionizer:

Acidic, ionized water is an effective sanitizer for kitchens and bathrooms:

Disinfection effects of electrolyzed oxidizing water on suppressing fruit rot of pear caused by Botryosphaeria berengeriana
Muhammad Imran Al-Haq et al – Food Research International (2002)


More research showing the sterilizing effects of acidic, ionized water:

Application of electrolyzed oxidizing water on the reduction of bacterial contamination for seafood
Huang et al – Food Control (2006)


Electrolyzed acidic water (EO water) shows promise as an environmentally friendly broad spectrum microbial decontamination agent:

Reduction of bacteria on spinach, lettuce, and surfaces in food service areas using neutral electrolyzed oxidizing water
Guentzela et al – Food Microbiology (2008)


Acidic, electrolyzed water kills salmonella and ecoli:

Effectiveness of Electrolyzed Acidic Water in Killing Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella Enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes on the Surfaces of Tomatoes

Bari M.L.; Sabina Y.; Isobe S.; Uemura T.; Isshiki K – Journal of Food Protection (2003)


Acid, ionized water can be used to destroy penicillin:

Activity of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Against Penicilium expansum in Suspension and on Wounded Apples
D. O. OKULL, L. F. LABORDE – Journal of Food Science (2008)


Acid water used to kill e-coli:

Roles of Oxidation–Reduction Potential in Electrolyzed Oxidizing and Chemically Modified Water for the Inactivation of Food-Related Pathogens
Kim, Hung, Brackett – Journal of Food Protection (2000)


Killing e-coli on cutting boards using acid, ionized water:

Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes on Plastic Kitchen Cutting Boards by Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water
Venkitanarayanan et al – Journal of Food Protection (1999)


Electrolyzed, Acidic Water Speeds Wound Healing::

Effect of Electrolyzed Water on Wound Healing
Yahagi et al– Artificial Organs (2000)


Acid, ionized water is effective for treating burn wounds and preventing infection:

Effectiveness of Electrolyzed Oxidized Water Irrigation in a Burn-Wound Infection Model
Nakae et al– Journal of Trauma (2000)


More proof that acid, ionized water is effective on treating burns

Effect of electrolyzed oxidizing water and hydrocolloid occlusive dressings on excised burn-wounds in rats.
Xin H, Zheng YJ, Hajime N, Han ZG. – Chinese Journal of Traumatology (2003)



In the six years that I have been researching and working within the alkaline diet world I have yet to come across an ionizer that delivers stronger acid or alkaline water than the Chanson Water Ionizer.

In fact, as Dr Young states:

l can’t think of a better machine than the Chanson Miracle MAX to give you the type of alkaline & acid water you need

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, or in the collective mind of the scientific research community that alkaline water is beneficial and that ionizers are the best way to make this water!

If you agree or disagree, let me know below!

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  1. Mike Reply

    I believe it is very important for people to start to understand the need to detoxify you body of acid condition that we humans acquire just from everyday living. I have found that AMA. and Drug Companies really protest this information getting out. What would they do if everyone got healthy. They just might lose some money, Ya Think!!!
    Anyway, give it a try. I know, it has really worked for me and it will for you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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  3. Bob Reply

    why 9.5 pH?
    why not 10?
    or 9?
    thanks Bob

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Bob

      10 is too high, 9 is great, but 9.5 is perfect!


  4. Brian Reply

    Your site says its all in your mind, if the Ionized water works.
    People have convinced us placing a bracelet on your wrist will change your life.
    I have found sites that debunk the entire ionized water does not work and is all marketing.
    I would like one but can’t find the proof they work.
    If these machines worked why wouldn’t all doctors jump on the band wagon.

  5. Renzel Reply

    Your blog is very informative. Very scientific and rational. I’m having a report about alkaline water and I think you’ve exhausted all those important researches and journals I should be finding on the internet. Good job! 🙂

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Thanks Renzel! Appreciate your kind words!

  6. Ty Stearns Reply

    I notice there is a specific link to a certain website what sort of kick back do you get?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Ty

      Which website are you talking about? If you’re referring to the link to then I get 100% – it’s my website (check the url of this page).


  7. romulo patricio Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I do have crohn’s disease. Is drinking alkaline ionized water good for me ? Frankly, I have been on a maintenance drugs like pentasa, imuran and prednison since 1974 up to now. Thanks for your response.

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  9. Guy Henning MD Reply

    Testamonies, testamonies, testamonies; I want to read the medical articles myself

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Guy

      The articles that are publicly available (i.e. free) are all linked to.


  10. Janine Patching Reply

    The drug companies definitely dont want us getting better so anything I read written by doctors trained by drug companies or the companies thelmselves is completely biased and unreliable. There is out there about alkaline water being great in acidic conditions but long term use it can be damaging to cells. I wonder where this orientation comes from if there are no long term double blind studies done on drinking ionised alkaline water? Someone needs to carry out more studies. We need information on long term use and to hear from as many people as possible who have consumed this water for years

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  12. Christopher Reply

    Can water ionizers be jug filled (with Tank Rain Water), or just plumed to mains (tap) water.

  13. Darius Reply

    Ross like always you show your incompetence and lack of knowledge. For people like you the word QUACK was developed. On your site your called sources are very poor without any true scientific meaning. Cherry icking studies funded by seller of this filters only show that you are fraud or incompetent. BTW In the same manner I can cherry pick you studies showing smoking is healthy,
    Darius MD Toxicologist/Neurologist.