Easy Summer Salad Recipe: Citrus, Fennel & Olive

Easy Summer Salad: Citrus & Fennel

Easy Summer Salad Recipe

This quick & easy summer salad is full of flavor, so simple to prepare and it’s packed with alkaline, nutrient-dense ingredients. It is a real crowd-pleaser and works fantastically to take to a friend/relatives house, to serve with hot or cold food (and definitely a BBQ), and it’s a salad that will win you friends 😉

The simple but flavorsome combination of crisp, sweet, oil, and fresh is such a winner. I especially love the combination of the aniseed fennel, the spice of the radish, with the cool crispness of the celery. Plus of course the sweet and sour from the citrus. Yum.

I cannot WAIT to hear how you go with this one!

Citrus, Fennel & Olive Salad


1/4 cup pitted black olives
Up to 1/4 cup organic olive oil (to taste)
2 oranges, peeled
4tbsp lime juice
1 fennel bulb
4 red radishes
3-4 stalks of Tuscan kale
1 stick celery
Himalayan salt & freshly cracked black pepper


Prepare all of the vegetables and fruit by:

  • Peeling and thinly slicing the oranges
  • Trimming and thinly slicing the fennel, lengthways
  • Very thinly slicing the radishes
  • Thinly slicing the kale, and the celery stalk (discard the leaves, or save for juicing with your next juice

Next place the orange slices on a large plate or platter, and season with Himalayan salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Squeeze over a little of the lime juice to balance the sweetness of the orange a little.

In a medium bowl, toss the fennel, kale, radish, and celery with the other 3 tbsp of lime juice and add a pinch of the salt.

Now top the citrus with the veggie mix, and the black olives and drizzle the olive oil over the top to cover everything.

Serve cold, and fresh! This is my quick and easy summer salad recipe, and I hope you love it.


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    I made the Citrus Fennel Salad with the Barramundi, don’t know what happened to my first email


    Dearest Ross,
    (I know you will not like) Fresh Barramundi – OH MY GOD, it was delicious.

    Will be making it again for friends.

    Making the Aubergine Stew tomorrow night.



  3. Cindy Reply

    Is this recipe for one or two people?

    • ross Reply

      All recipes are for two, unless otherwise stated.