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Easy Alkaline, Inflammation Soothing Morning Routine

Getting the inflammation out of your body is so important.  It is at the root of so many sicknesses, illness and disease, not just those that we hear are ‘inflammatory conditions’ (such as autoimmune, arthritis, chronic fatigue and so on).  Inflammation is at the root of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and so much more.

This quick morning routine will be a huge help to tame the inflammation, and boost your energy and vitality too.  It is rich in potent anti-inflammatory nutrients, is high alkaline, and antioxidant-rich too.

If you can follow even 50% of the steps, you will see a huge benefit.  Pain and fatigue will quickly disappear, as your body gets back into balance.

Sound good?  Let’s get into it.

Step One: Wake Up at a Consistent Time

Regularity is nature’s preferred rhythm. Whether it’s the predictable rising and setting of the sun, the rhythmic flow of ocean tides, or the consistent blooming of flowers in spring, nature thrives on consistency. Similarly, our bodies, particularly our internal clocks or circadian rhythms, flourish when we maintain consistency in our daily routines.

Our circadian rhythm, governed primarily by the hypothalamus in the brain, relies on cues like light and temperature to help regulate our sleep-wake patterns, hormone release, body temperature, and other bodily functions. When we wake up at the same time every day, we strengthen and stabilize this internal rhythm. As a result, our body knows when to prepare for sleep, when to wake up, and when to release the essential hormones that keep us energized and focused throughout the day.

The ramifications of an irregular sleep schedule stretch beyond mere fatigue. Research has shown that erratic sleep patterns can increase markers of inflammation in the body.

But what if you’re not a morning person? Or you have late-night obligations? The key isn’t necessarily waking up at the crack of dawn; it’s about consistency. Whether your day starts at 5 a.m. or 9 a.m., aim for the same time daily. Over time, your body will adjust, leading to improved sleep quality, more daytime energy, and reduced inflammation.

ACTION: try to get to bed, and wake at time that is as consistent as possible. 

Step Two: Daylight Exposure ASAP

Exposure to morning sunlight does more than provide a daily dose of vitamin D; it also plays a pivotal role in modulating our body’s inflammatory response.

The blue light wavelengths present in morning sunlight signal the brain’s suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) — our central circadian clock. By aligning our internal clock with the external world, we promote the timely suppression of melatonin in the morning, leading to increased alertness and better daytime functioning.

For inflammation, this is really important.  Disruptions in our circadian rhythms, often caused by irregular exposure to natural light or excessive exposure to artificial light, can lead to what’s termed “circadian misalignment.” This misalignment can increase markers of systemic inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation, as we know, has been linked to a plethora of health complications ranging from cardiovascular diseases to mood disorders.

Hence, embracing the habit of greeting the morning sun doesn’t just boost our mood and sleep quality—it could be a natural strategy to mitigate inflammation and support overall health.

ACTION: as soon as you wake up, get sunlight (even if it is cloudy) onto your eyes for even just 3-5 minutes. 

Step Three: Early Hydration

Getting hydrated right away in the morning is absolutely essential, not only for inflammation, but to assist your body’s detoxification system (of the liver, kidneys and lymph), and to support the body in eliminating the excess acidity produced overnight.  An overtaxed liver is a big source of inflammation, but this is not all.

Water plays an indispensable role in maintaining cell health and function. Every cell in our body requires an optimal fluid balance to function effectively. When we’re dehydrated, our cells can’t operate at peak efficiency, potentially leading to cellular stress and the release of inflammatory cytokines, signaling molecules that trigger an inflammatory response.

Furthermore, hydration supports the kidneys in efficiently flushing out toxins from our system. A build-up of toxins can stimulate an inflammatory response as the body attempts to neutralize and eliminate these foreign substances. Drinking water first thing in the morning ensures that these toxins are promptly addressed, thereby reducing the potential for inflammation.

This can be plain, filtered water, or lemon water, or even (and top marks for this) my Lemon Water 2.0

ACTION: have 300-500ml of filtered water (15-17oz) as soon as possible after waking.

Step Four: Turmeric & Ginger Tea or Latte

Turmeric and ginger are nature’s two most powerful anti-inflammatories.  They have been studies perhaps more than any other natural compound, with studies showing their benefits to decrease risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and autoimmune, obesity, type 2 diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disorders.

Kicking off your day with one of either my Turmeric & Ginger Tea, or Turmeric & Ginger Latte is an absolutely fantastic way to very quickly reduce the inflammation in your body.

Both recipes take under 5 minutes to make, and they are both delicious!

CLICK HERE to see the recipes

ACTION: make one of these each morning (you can bulk make them a few days ahead at a time too)

Step Five: Enjoy my Anti-Inflammation Green Juice!

This green juice is not only delicious, but it contains FIVE of the most powerful anti-inflammatories around, whilst also containing the micronutrients known to support the liver, kidneys, digestive, immune and endocrine systems to help undo the damage caused by inflammation at the same time.

Here’s the recipe:


Anti-Inflammatory Alkaline Green Juice

  • Author: Ross



 1 inch of fresh turmeric
1 inch of fresh ginger
1 cucumber
1 handful spinach
1 handful kale
1/4 bunch parsley
300ml filtered (pref alkaline) water



1) Wash all ingredients and juice, putting the roots through first and the cucumber through last, before washing through with the filtered water.

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ACTION: make this juice (you can make 2 days worth at a time) and enjoy it each morning.


There You Have It!  My 5-Step Anti-Inflammatory Morning Routine!

In total, this is 15-20 minutes in the morning, and you will not only be getting the inflammation OUT, but also getting the alkalinity, antioxidants and goodness IN.  You will be setting your day up to be a total success.

Imagine leaving the house for work with all of these nutrients, and beneficial behaviours already in the bank.  How good will that feel?

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Let’s do this,

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  1. Diane Velletri Reply

    Hello, Ross – I’ve been drinking lemon and ginger water for years now and so happy to find this new recipe to liven things up around here. hehe I cannot locate fresh turmeric so can I use ground? If so, how much? Thank you!!! — Diane

  2. Denise Reply

    Should we eat animal protein?

  3. JoEllen W Reply

    Good morning, for the green juice you say “before washing through with the filtered water”.
    I don’t understand what you mean by that. Just adding the water to the juice?

    Thank you, JoEllen

    • ross Reply

      Adding water through the juicer while it is running 🙂

      Gets out more juice and cleans the juicer a bit for you too!

  4. Lillian Schneider Reply

    Please tell me the recipe for the anti inflammation green juice…

    • ross Reply

      It should be showing right there on the page for you.

  5. Emily Collett Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Great email but I can’t see the recipe for. the green smoothie .. maybe its just me!