Diet Blog Round-up (THDBR) #23 :: SPECIAL EDITION

Article by ross

OK – so you may or may not know that Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has organised another group writing project. Darren gets quadzillions of visitors every day and he uses this popularity to create some good in the world: namely the group writing project.

Every project invites all of ProBlogger’s readers to submit their posts (on a different subject each time) to him and he publishes links to them all as a kinda hub.

It is great for several reasons, but the main one is that it gives exposure to hundreds and hundreds of blogs and encourages us all to network, browse and learn!

So in homage to this edition of the group writing project – I am going to focus the entire THDBR on it’s participants (because we’re all ace):

  • First up, Maricar has a great post on how to shop for groceries in less time. As I normally put off grocery shopping day after day until I end up spending half of my Friday night doing it – this will definitely come in handy!
  • Northern_girl gives us her how-to on quitting smoking – something that we seem to be talking about quite a bit at the moment!
  • Dave gives us a cracker – How to be bald! While there are no hairless wonders at energise just yet – I am taking bets on a couple of receeding hairlines. Guys, you might want to print this one out for later!
  • This is a cracker, in fact, this whole blog is a cracker and I am absolutely over the moon I have found it! Kenneth – you are a legend already! The post is about how to plant fall garlic – and the blog is full of great veggie gardening tips! I think even my Dad the allotment maestro might learn a few new things here!
  • Next up, RubberSole gives us two posts on how to train your subconscious mind to work for you! Some great tips in there and I have definitely learned from these posts.
  • Matt has just commented on my ‘how to’ post on libido boostin’ so you may have already clicked through to this – but it is worth mentioning again because it will be of value to almost all of us! Matt gives us his five how-to’s on keeping your wife/girlfriend happy!
  • Another of my faves is Jeff’s post called ‘Goal Crisis: How to Feel Good in a Bad Situation’ – there is some great wisdom on that blog!
  • Another one to go hand in hand with my post is Kelly’s – How to Make Her Melt with Your Kiss – several points noted Kelly, cheers!
  • I’m glad to see that there are a couple of my usual references in the THDBR included in the project: one of which is Real Muscle Online who have posted a how to get healthy in 30 days guide. Cheers guys!
  • I like this one because it is short and to the point and gives you something useful straight away – it is about how to retire young and wealthy.
  • Steve gives us another weight loss guide here – I love reading these to see everyones different strategies!
  • This is a cracker – do exactly what it says and you will be much happier.
  • I like this one for it’s practicality – Corinne details (with photos – how cool!) exactly how to make new plants by taking cuttings! A truly useful post!
  • This is another masterfully short but useful post telling us one simple knot that keeps yer shoes tied! Excellent for me as I am forever having to retie my laces when I am out running!
  • This is one that is probably very pertinent to our regular readers – how to survive your first year of going gluten free
  • This is one for me as I am such a rubbish, inefficient swimmer – how to do the breaststroke…
  • And finally – the most thoughtful and thought provoking post of them all post: Shonnie’s post on how to show love without spending a dime.

This has certainly been my favourite THDBR to date – even if it did contain a few non HDBs!

Have a browse and head over to Problogger to see all of the other 200+ great posts submitted.

If you have a post or know of a post you think should be up there just let me know in the comments – I will be glad to read more!


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