The TRUTH About Oxalate (Is Kale Bad After All?)

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Eating lots of green foods is GREAT for our health, right? Well not if you listen to the recent news about the danger of oxalate in our diet…

But is it true? Are high-oxalate foods dangerous? Should we be avoiding them and cutting them out of our diet?

Should these high-alkaline foods like kale, spinach, beets, celery, bell pepper be cut?

In this video I share the research-based, evidence-based TRUTH about whether oxalates should be avoided…or whether this scary message is just untrue…

Let’s face it, the LAST THING we need is MORE confusion, more conflicting advice and more back and forth over what we REALLY should be eating.

In this video I cut through the confusion and give you the straight answer: should we be eating or avoiding high-oxalate foods?

Enjoy the video, and any questions – ask them below (you can also find the full transcript below too!)



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The TRUTH About Oxalate (Is Kale Bad After All?)

It’s heartbreaking when we do what we believe are ALL the right things for our health and then one day we find out that all of those things we thought were so good are actually making things worse.

And one that’s causing a LOT of confusion is the recently popular debate around oxalate. All of a sudden – over the past couple of years it seems like there are so many messages out there saying – don’t eat kale, don’t eat so many greens – worry about the oxalate content!

If you’re anything like me – and I suspect you are if you’re watching this video – you tend to think that leafy green foods are awesome, you include them in your juices and smoothies and you believe them to be doing a ton of good for your body and your energy.

So this message is confusing, conflicting and frustrating. If there is anything we need LESS of when it comes to our health – it’s confusion or more conflicting advice.

And so today I want to clear everything up for you – remove this confusion and give you the truth about the issue with oxalate.
I want you to be able to move forward with confidence and know that what you’re doing for your body is AWESOME and not doing more harm than good.

Hey, I’m Ross Bridgeford – the creator of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse and the founder of and in this video I’m going to end this debate on kale and bell pepper. Kale – the seemingly champion of the oxalate-containing foods, and bell pepper – the hero of the nightshades.

I’m going to answer the question mark that has come up in the past year or two as to whether we should be worried about foods containing oxalate – and whether this is damaging and deleterious to your kidneys and thyroid.

It’s so important that when you’re putting huge effort in with your health that you feel confident in the choices you’re making.

So as a background and before we dig into WHY there is the debate over these oxalate-containing foods, and uncovering what the truth is – let’s have a quick look at what those foods are that it’s suddenly become popular to try and denounce.

So real quick – here’s a list of the common oxalate-containing foods that we’d often eat in a healthy, alkaline-based diet: you can see some real staples of mine there – kale, spinach, beetroot – most leafy greens you can see on there plus a bunch of stuff we’d never eat on an alkaline-based diet anyway…

oxalate foods

A lot of these foods are all pretty abundant in my diet. And in my Alkaline Reset Cleanse we juice and smoothie and soup them daily and feel AMAZING. But we keep being told they’re BAD for us? What’s going on?


OK, so oxalate is a small molecule found in plants – particularly those I listed before. If you love the science of it – it’s made of two carbons and four oxygen with a charge of -2, making it attracted to other molecules with a charge of +2; especially calcium and to a lesser extent magnesium.

So we ingest it through certain plant foods, but importantly – our body also makes a LOT oxalate as an end product of metabolism – and especially metabolizing fructose (and more on that in a minute).

However, our bodies do not USE oxalate in any way, nor degrade it, and it has be eliminated through the urine or feces.

And this is important too – even if oxalate intake is zero – if you completely 100% eliminate every oxalate-containing food on Earth – oxalate will be present in your body and need to be excreted in the urine as a result of normal metabolism.

In other words – you can still have issues even if you ate NO oxalate-containing foods.

So before we get too far into the debate – that’s important to know – your body will have oxalate in it no matter what you eat. Your BODY HAS TO BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THE OXALATE. It has to be able to manage it. Remember that part.

I talk a lot about balances in the body and this is another – your body has to have the carefully balanced mechanisms to be able to deal with and eliminate oxalate.

So What Are the Problems with Oxalate?

The theory that we’re being told is that because these foods – kale, spinach and so on are higher in oxalate than other foods that they can cause a number of issues in the body.

These issues are most often discussed as kidney stone formation and thyroid function.

Anyone with thyroid issues has now been rightly freaking out for the past few years – thinking they’ve been told to eat loads of veggies and especially leafy greens, but now all of a sudden those leafy greens could be making it WORSE?

The theory is that if we consume oxalate containing foods then our body will be overrun with oxalate that is too much to handle and it can cause issues such as crystal build up in the thyroid, causing imbalance there – or the other most common highlighted issue – kidney stone formation.

Aside from this there is hyper-oxa-luria – which has both primary and enteric versions. The primary hyper-oxa-luria is a genetic condition that affects around 1 in 1 million. That is very irrelevant to kale intake.

The other – enteric is a result of digestive disorders such as leaky gut and Crohn’s – in which case, again, the consumption of leafy greens is absolutely not the issue here – the issue is with consumption of inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten, processed foods and so on that has causes the autoimmune and inflammatory condition – and this condition is preventing the proper expelling of oxalate. If you have one of these condition you really NEED to be consuming MORE leafy greens to recover and heal the autoimmune condition – not restricting them!

The bottom line here is that the conditions that lead to the body being unable to excrete oxalate ARE NOT CAUSED BY YOU EATING OXALATE. They are imbalances elsewhere in the body – caused by a standard western diet of sugar, gluten, processed foods, little-to-no greens, low levels of vegetables, too much junk food, not enough water, too much caffeine and alcohol – i.e an acidic diet, inflammatory diet – and the sickness, disease and imbalance that THIS type of lifestyle creates leads to the body’s inability to deal with the oxalate and do it’s job.

These inflammatory conditions, autoimmune conditions, endocrine conditions – even if you ate ZERO oxalate, your body would still not be able to deal with the oxalate created through your normal body functioning. Especially given that the metabolism of these acidic foods creates way more oxalate than the metabolism of healthier, sugar-free, chemical-free, additive-free foods.

We have to address the root cause.

Just cutting out oxalate isn’t addressing this cause, it’s treating the symptom.

It’s similar to taking a drug to treat the symptoms instead of addressing what’s causing the problem.

You’re only slightly masking the symptom – and getting nowhere near fixing the problem.

I want you to have the truth and I want to clear the confusion.

I also want you to know that everything I do, everything I publish, everything I coach to my clients, the members of the Alkaline Base Camp, the people who go through my Alkaline Reset Cleanse – everything is evidence-based, tried and tested on myself and my thankfully willing family, but most importantly, rooted in scientific study and data.

And that’s what makes this debate so interesting – because while there is a HUGE amount of so-called experts telling us that all of a sudden kale is bad for us, beets are bad for us. There are actually massive holes in that theory, and little to no scientific data or research to back it up.

And as EVER – conventional medicine and nutrition advice focuses on that short term symptom masking (i.e the pharmaceutical industry) rather than really getting to the issue.

I am absolutely keen for debate and for having my opinion changed by actual evidence and data, but until then – please do not stop eating these oxalate-containing foods.

When it comes to the research – there seems to be some compelling evidence to show that the amount of oxalate CONSUMED doesn’t have a significant impact on the likelihood of you experiencing oxalate-based conditions.

By FAR the biggest precursor to oxalate-based conditions is having a pre-existing digestive disorder or autoimmune condition: Crohn’s, IBS, leaky gut and so on OR a genetic condition such as cystic fibrosis or hyper-oxa-luria.

There is no research with controlled, large groups able to show that a high-oxalate diet is any more of a risk than a low-oxalate diet for kidney stones or thyroid issues. In fact, the biggest determinants from the research appear to be:

1) fat malabsorption – people with inflammatory digestive conditions such as Crohn’s and leaky gut are at greater risk of fat malabsorption, and is often caused in the system by high gluten consumption. The body’s inability to absorb fat dramatically impacts it’s ability to excrete oxalate.

2) fructose consumption – metabolism of fructose produces a lot more oxalate than eating oxalate-rich foods – and in the US consumption of fructose – not really from fruit, but more from fruit juices, soda, and the myriad of foods sweetened with HFCS, consumption of regular sugar (which is 40% sugar – as is honey, maple syrup, brown sugar etc) – this massive over consumption of fructose is likely the biggest contributor to oxalate issues

3) Poor diet i.e. low magnesium and calcium consumption – in several of the studies, researchers saw big kinks in their data due to magnesium and calcium spikes in the controlled diets of participants. In a 2008 study – researchers gave participants a low-oxalate omnivore diet, a low-oxalate vegetarian diet and a high oxalate vegetarian diet – and the results after the study completed showed a lower oxalate impact in the high oxalate vegetarian diet than the low-oxalate diets.

Why? Because the high oxalate diet also contained high levels of magnesium and calcium from the greens!

Similarly in a 2014 study – 57 participants were randomly assigned to either a DASH-style diet (a regular vegetarian diet high in vegetables) or a low-oxalate diet – and found that the low-oxalate diet made no difference to oxalate excretion, but the DASH diet had a huge impact.

Again – expected due to the increase in magnesium and calcium ingestion (and as an aside they did note that an increased urinary pH was associated with the decrease impact of the oxalates – interesting).

All of the research I have found has pointed to these factors.

Oxalates are an issue if you have:

1) a rare genetic condition

2) an autoimmune or inflammatory condition – especially digestive – brought on by poor diet and lifestyle and the way OUT of this is to eat a lot more greens – yes even these high-oxalate ones

3) a diet that is rich in fructose (i.e. sugar, not fruit)

The research ALSO shows that a high-oxalate diet doesn’t make things worse. The urinary excretion of oxalate is similar on a high and low oxalate diet. However, those high oxalate foods that the media is revelling in trying to demonise – spinach, kale etc. are so potent at reversing autoimmune and inflammatory digestive conditions that you would be crazy to exclude them.

The message is simple. Treat the cause, not the symptoms.

1) eliminate sugar and gluten
2) eat a diet rich in vegetables – regardless of their oxalate content – the kidneys LOVE leafy greens, the thyroid needs them
3) ensure you get adequate intake of those important alkaline minerals – magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium
4) and lots of hydration – if you have any risk or worry of kidney stones or thyroid issues dehydration is hugely detrimental.

Again – when you see hype – don’t believe it until you’ve peeled back a few layers. Look at the facts. People have LOVED writing headlines about Kale suddenly being BAD for you because it gets your attention and gets lots of traffic to their website. But there is no fact behind the hype.

There is nothing about leafy green foods that will ever be bad for you!

OK – phew I’m glad we’ve got that one out of the way! The guys on my 7-day juice challenge have all been juicing tons of greens for the past week or so and they’re FLYING! Amazing results in there – more energy, clearer skin, healed digestion, weight lost, weight GAINED (but the good kind), up early, feeling energised, it’s amazing what juicing can do…

And be on the look out! If this 7 days of simply having a JUICE every day has been so powerful – can you imagine what 7 days of doing a full alkaline cleanse – having tons of juices, soups, smoothies could do for you?

I’ve had a LOT of people asking me about doing an alkaline cleanse – the ins and outs and nuts and bolts – because it’s confusing, it’s not super easy and it’s very easy to get WRONG – making it a thousand times harder than it needs to be.

So for the first time EVER – in about a week or so I will be running a totally FREE 3-part Alkaline Cleanse Workshop for you – teaching you all about how to do the cleanse, why it works and what you need to do to make it happen.

Look out for that!

Until then,if you’re excited about the cleanse workshop and you want to do a cleanse LET ME KNOW in the comments below this video! I can’t wait to get started. Doing a cleanse is SO powerful, it’s going to be amazing to teach you all about it.

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  1. Pamela Dube Reply

    Hi Ross, my experience has been that adopting a more plant-based diet has caused my oxylate stones to become tiny, even though I eat plenty of foods that are high in oxylate. I gave up dairy and sugar and eat pretty much like you talk about here. I have been in remission from ovarian cancer for 3 1/2 years, even though they had given up on me 3 1/2 years ago. My oncologist believes that I am keeping myself cancer free. I do too. I am so glad to see the work you are doing. It is such a gift to the world.

  2. Anne Reply

    Thank you, Ross. I have had a quick read and will “digest” it in more depth in the coming days.

    • ross Reply

      Fantastic 🙂

  3. Lynn Reply

    I have MCAS and oxalate issues along with EBV. Some of the foods in the histamine diet and the oxalate diet. My question is which one do we focus on the histamine food list or the oxalate food list for healing?

  4. Theresa Reply

    Hi Ross, I have Psoriatic Arthritis and interested in understanding what to eat to reverse this? I have cutout sugar and do not eat anything with added sugar. I cutout gluten and dairy. I have increased vegetable intake and avoiding nightshades. Any other suggestions please?

  5. Joanie Wadden Reply

    I just simply adore you! Thank you for sharing your work!

    • ross Reply

      My pleasure Joanie 🙂

  6. Peg Reply

    yes, I want to do a cleanse. I cannot attend the free seminar at the times offered. Are there other available times?

  7. Robbi Orr Reply

    Thank you so much for this message. I have been researching this thoroughly for the last week and have been so confused by all that I was reading. Your information has now cleared that all up for me and I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate this message. You have been such a blessing to me!

  8. Michael Reply

    Absolutely Fantastic Ross! Thank you so much for clearing this up. For putting it so succinctly! All the research and links to back it up weren’t even needed. Just listening to what you said made complete sense and I am scolding myself now for nearly falling for the ridiculous hype! Would you mind if I shared a link to this page in a post on LinkedIn? I’d love for more people to find out about you and your incredible alkaline reset program!

  9. Cheryl Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for clearing that up. ????
    I want to do the 7 day juicing but I don’t have a juicer yet, which juicer would you recommend?
    I’m signed up for you class on the 17th, I can’t wait to watch and start this, I’ve been doing changes for the past 3 weeks and it’s been a life changer and can’t believe how much inflammation I had, i think I just ingnored it or took lots of tylenol. Glad I haven’t had to in 3 weeks thanks to your tumeric and ginger teas.

    Your awesome and inspiring keep up the incredible truth you finally tell us and it makes so much more sense about food and our industry. What a eye opener wish we were tought to eat properly from day one as a child. ????????
    Blessings to you and your family.

  10. Star Stern Reply

    drinking spinach juice or taking spinach concentrate powders capsules is not considered a whole food and therfer not healthy in regard to oxalate digestion ?

    • ross Reply

      Please don’t get bogged down in the ‘whole food’ or ‘hybrid food’ nonsense. The powders and caps are NOT better than whole foods, but are still SO useful

  11. Christy Reply

    You have some of the facts but to say that eating the greens like spinach, chard is not going to matter. That is not true! If you have the autoimmune or digestion problems, you must go on a low oalate diet to get the oxalates out of your tissues. Please go on “Trying low oxalate diet” facebook and you will learn alot from Susan Owens. She has ressearched this. Tons of people telling their story. Also spinach does not have bioavailable minerals because the oxalates bind to them and they are not absorbed. They have done studies on this. You have good information but you also are misinformed. In order for people to heal they must go on a low ox. diet for at least a year to get it out of tissues. I know from experience. Another good resoursce is Sally K norton who has researched this for at least 2o years.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Christy

      I’ve researched this for 15+ years too, and I’ve made my beliefs, research, and ideas clear in my guide. I believe in what I have posted and also have tons of people telling their story from my approach. I respect your opinion but do not believe I am misinformed.


  12. Loretta Lichtmannegger Reply

    Hi Ross, thank you for all your research and understandable explanations. For years I have been trying to find the right diet, as I have a genetic predisposition for gout and try to avoid what brings on symtoms. For example, I used to do a 3 week asparagus diet in spring until I read how much uric acid they contain! I have downloaded your alkaline/acidic charts and see that goat’s milk is sorta OK. I eat very little meat, but I love cheese, especially hard cheese like cheddar and Manchego, but cheddar goes right to my big toe joint, making it inflamed and painful just like beef soup, which I cut out years ago. So my question is: if goat’s milk is OK, what about organic goat’s cheese in all forms, soft and hard? You don’t mention sheep’s milk products, which we have a lot of here in Salzburg, the mountain farmers producing ever more natural products including jogurt, soft and hard cheese, even a blue cheese. Could you please rate these products according to the chart before we begin on Monday? I’m so looking forward to this cleanse with you, to finally learn what I can allow myself of the mildly acidic foods, how much and how often. Thank you for your generous offer to share your knowledge with us. Can your book be purchased in Austria? I live in Salzburg.

  13. Ian Petty Reply

    Hi Ross – there are some recent videos by Dr Gundry which are suggesting that tomatoes, beans and capsicum are all causes of Leaky Gut! What is your position on that please? Ian

  14. Garda Rowe Reply

    Hi, thanks for the oxcalate clarification.
    Q.- I’m signed up for the cleanse beginning March 4th, should I also sign up for the new 3part cleanse workshop mentioned in the oxcalate video?
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    Hey Ross, still finishing your book, but, want (need) to start the 3 week reset/cleanse. Where do I sign up?

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    Hi Ross
    Thanks for your Great work with nutrition.
    Considering oxalate containing vegetables What is your view on adding calcium salt to the meal as to forming chelates with oxalate ehich Can then be excreted unabsorbed in the feaces as calciumoxalate ?

  17. Valerie Bower Reply

    Ross, you absolutely ROCK!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Your knowledge, vast! SO looking forward to the Cleanse Workshop. See you Monday!

  18. Kirsten Reply

    Hi Ross, Just heard my first talk from you, very inspiring.. Can you shed some light on cooked verses raw silverbeet/kale/spinach? Kind regards, Kirsten

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    Hi Ross,
    I am in the middle of the alkaline cleanse as I had actually bought your book without being aware of you and your website. Consequently, I am looking forward to the workshop as questions do keep popping up. I will continue in the meantime and of course. can always do it again when you have the workshop.

    • Bernard Reply

      Hi Ross, I’m Bernard.
      I just completed radiation treatments for stage one prostate cancer. Going forward I would like to know what my nutritional and dietary needs should be. In other words I need to know what to eat. Desperate for answers.

  20. Alex Reply

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! and words don’t do enough justice (:

  21. Lisa Campbell Reply

    What if I don’t have a juicer? Can I use my blender?
    Thanks for the great articles and information.
    Lisa Campbell

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    Hi Ross, when are you going to teach the 3 part cleanse? Would love to take it. I’ve taken the 7 day juice challenge and just finished the Alkaline Diet. Such wonderful information. I’m 71 and beginning to feel better, not so bloated and wake up with more energy. Thank you!

  23. rosemary chesters Reply

    Hello Ross
    I’m so pleased I’ve found your website! I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and, after much research, want to follow an alkaline diet.
    My question is this… relation to the juice/smoothie debate, what balance would you recommend i.e 80/20 % of time juicing to smoothies intake, 50/50 or what percentage would you think?

    Many thanks Ross
    Please don’t publish my full name or e-mail addres Thank you

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    I have lupus. Can the 7 day cleanse help.

  25. Bernice "BC" Marks Reply

    Please let me know if you will be repeating the Wednesday training. I will be on the road and really want to hear this. I am a big fsn!! HELP.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Bernice

      If you register for it, you’ll be sent all info regarding repeats or replays.


      • Bernice "BC" Marks Reply

        Just registered…thank you! “BC” Bernice

        • ross Reply

          SUPERB! Can’t wait to teach it 🙂

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    Where can I get Alkaline Cleanse Workshop?

  27. Beth Rose Reply

    If I’m worried about my osteoporosis do I need to worry about cutting down on these oxalates?

    • Shelagh Reply

      Thank you so much Ross for that informative session! I had been told not to eat spinach because of osteoporosis.
      I have recently joined your Alkaline Base Camp and within 3 days of cutting out gluten and fructose the pain and inflammation from my joints disappeared! Thank you, and also for all your videos and book which are so inspiring.
      I am really excited about your juice cleanse and your 3 part series on preparing for the alkaline cleanse. Put my name down.
      Thank you so much.

  28. Beth Rose Reply

    Wonderful thank you for clearing up all the confusion for me I thought I was going to go crazy

  29. Adagio Reply

    What about pomegranate juice

  30. Jeff Reply

    I think that you are unfairly demonizing gluten and sugar. Sure sugar is bad for you, but it is no worse than an equivalent amount of chicken breast (or other meat), and it is probably considerably better given the salt.

    There are a lot of details behind this, but one example – Chicken breast raises blood sugar as much as pure sugar in pre-diabetics.

    And regarding gluten – see this video from Mic the Vegan.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Jeff

      By this logic I would not say sugar is OK and shouldn’t be demonized, I would say chicken is just as bad.

      Big picture though, I disagree with you. I also disagree with your assertion that salt is bad (there is good and bad salt – see my article here:

      Sugar and gluten are hugely damaging to the body. Other foods are too of course, and I accept your thoughts on chicken breast or other meat (I haven’t eaten meat in 21 years btw – I’m not trying to support that), but sugar and gluten deserve to be revealed for what they are.


  31. Elsabe Reply

    I have very active Rheumatoid Arthritis. Horrible decease. Looking forward to your cleanse workshop.

    • ross Reply

      It is truly horrible – nobody deserves to be in pain like RA brings so often. I truly hope I can help for you.

  32. Melanie Rodericks Reply

    Thank you Ross. I am one of those with thyroid issues. (Hypo). Had this problem for over 25 years and weight gain, hair loss, leg cramping etc. Although many have told me to stay away from Kale, (by the way broccoli too) as this worsens my symptoms, I do believe what you said in your video, that its the acidic foods that are causing these symptoms.
    I haven’t been juicing, as folks tell me that I am losing the benefits of the roughage and I don’t have the correct juicer. I have a filter system at home that is attached to my kitchen pipes. Even though I have only just started, some of the benefits I am seeing already, such as some weight loss, more energy, feel lighter, is due to reducing and stopping, milk, cheese, bread, rice and other foods mentioned in your videos.

    I look forward to the Alkaline Cleanse workshop.

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    Thanks Ross,
    This was a great explanation. Love that you back everything up with research (and common sense).
    Bev. Aus.

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    Looking forward to the Alkaline Cleanse Workshop and to getting back on track.
    Recently became sluggish and put on weight to find out the thyroid was the problem.

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    I was diagnosed with raynauds and scleraderma. I got a kidney stone a few years back which I passed. Omg the pain. Apparently, I have another one sitting in my kidney. I was juicing every day kale, spinach beets etc. I was told that this had caused the stone. The urologist told me to add a pinch of magnesium to my juice which j do. I struggle with maintaining my weight too skinny. I have also been told that I have some crackling in my lung. I have controlled my condition with diet, exercise I,e. Yoga, dance and gym. I find that juices make me very cold. I was told by my naturopath to cut out oats, eggs and lots of other stuff. I just don’t know what to eat anymore

  39. Vivian Dowsett Reply

    What foods contain calcium and magnesium?

  40. Sheila Reply

    Hi Ross,
    thanks for the video and putting me straight about Kale not being bad for me !! I have signed up to your cleanse workshop, and am looking forward to that!
    I live in the UK, and it seems as though your alkaline books are not available here. Strange as it seems to me as I thought that you would have been a best seller over here. Maybe you need to have a word with your publishers.
    Keep up the great work

  41. dan Reply

    Hi ross
    Im planning on getting a distiller or a bigger filter for water.
    Does the distiller negatively effect minerals? Surely minerals come from plants anyway. I did hear a about that at one point but could do with your input.
    I cant afford anything expensive so maybe even one step up from a britta filter would do.
    Thanks for any help


    Hi Ross. Do you have a book that I can buy with meal plans/menu plans and recipes. I am 95% vegan and gluten and sugar free but I am never sure if I am getting enough food or enough of what I need. I would prefer an actual book to downloads ? Please contact me at [email protected]. I am also interested in your training sessions but because of time difference, they are when I am sleeping
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    • Nicole Brown (Niki) Reply

      Hi Ross,

      Thank you for the video explaining everything.

      I have arthritis in my fingers and digestive problems. I have been a vegetarian for 43 years. I always thought I ate well but I did have digestive problems my whole life. I loved ice cream, cheese, and breads along with fruit, vegetables and nuts.

      I am ready to do things right.

      Thank you for being here for us.

      Sincerely, Niki

  43. Paleeta Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Is the sugar in water kefir bad for breast cancer patient who finished with chemo and radiation .

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    Hi and thank you for educating us
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    My brother has chones and believes he can’t eat any healthy foods and on top of that we are twins and both are mild hemophiliacs so surgery for anything is a big risk. Can a hi oscolate diet reverse chrones. Thanks.

  47. Lisa Reply

    Thanks Ross for clearing up some confusing things for my Hashimotos healthy diet. I’ve been gluten free for a few years and the results have been astounding….now all this stuff about the greens I shouldn’t be eating threw me for a real loop. Also, I’ve watched and participated in your videos 1 2 &3 and . I AM READY TO JOIN YOUR ALKALINE DETOX CLEANS 2017…so excited….but I’m unable to find where I can pay to join. Help please.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Lisa – I’ll be explaining everything in my next, and last, video in this workshop – which is coming out on Wednesday. Can’t wait to have you in the group!

  48. Hilary Popo Reply

    I have had kidney stones and some was removed. Still have a piece left.
    what would be the effect of using food with more oxalate in my body

  49. Suzanne Randall Reply

    You are spot on Ross as usual. Love your teachings❣

  50. Denise Reply

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  51. Cody Reply

    Hey Ross,

    Thanks for your wonderful service in researching health and sharing your expertise. God bless you for teaching everyone to be healthy. My question is, can alkalizing help with treating SIBO? What are the specifics and how to do it to ensure that the SIBO does not recur (as tends to happen if one takes the regular pharmaceutical antibiotics – 50% recurrence rate)


  52. Kiri Reply

    Thanks for this valuable information Ross – really love that you have both the video and the written info for a kinesthetic person such as myself. Is chlorophyl purchased from health shops a good addition/supplement for green leafy vegetables that are commercially grown (non organic greens, that is) which I believe lack good nutritional value?

  53. Patricia Reply

    Thank you Ross for once again bringing such amazing facts and debunking all these crazy headlines that are designed to keep us ignorant and sick. So excited about the upcoming cleanse workshop. I am working on getting the Hashimoto’s in remission as well as digestive issues resolved once and for all and I too have done my research and know that everything you have said is accurate and I hope the word continues to spread rapidly so others too can benefit and pass it on! Blessings to you Ross for all the amazing things you do to help us regain our health. I am so inspired by you today that I am about the make myself a beautiful leafy green smoothly to celebrate! Cheers to good health!

  54. Pia Taylor Reply

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    Just watched the video, thank you, it makes perfect sense! Thank you for doing what you do ????
    I am very interested in the Alkaline Cleanse Workshop that you will be doing.
    Have a great day!

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    This is a brilliant article. I am so glad someone as smart as you have finally cleared the fluff about Oxalate. I really appreciate the depth of this article and I will be sharing it with all my readers and followers!

    Thanks so much!

  56. lisa Reply

    I have no gallbladder and you say that fat malabsorption is a risk factor. what ways can I combat this problem. it is having a huge impact on my diet as I am trying the alkaline with lots of healthy fats but still not able to tolerate them. I know digestive enzymes exist but its not low stomach acid but lack of extra bile excreted at the time it is needed that is the problem and I fear if I take them then it will inhibit my own production of stomach acid.

    • Sally Reply

      My study of food brought me to soaking, sprouting, or souring grains, nuts, legumes before consumption to eliminate phytates (anti nutrients). I’d also read that cooking greens removes oxalates. I still eat more fresh than cooked, but a person with above mentioned issues might steam greens until they can handle more raw. What do you think?

      I appreciate your CAN DO positive approach to helping us listeners improve our diets. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen because we don’t do processed food and listening to you while I wash greens, prepare veggies etc. is fun and inspiring. Thank you! Sally

    • Sally Reply

      Note to Lisa: I have read that coconut oil (NEVER hydrogenated coconut oil) is the only fat that someone without a gall bladder can handle.

  57. Tania Sinclair Reply

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  58. Joren Reply

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    I can say that through personal experience and testing that I feel fantastic after having a vegetable smoothie in the morning containing kale, spinach, and others… way better than let’s say eggs with bacon, or a grain based breakfast.
    Green vegetables make me feel healthy for sure!

  59. Nina Holman Reply

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    It was a bit of a concern to me.
    I have been following Yuri Elkaim’s Program for the last 2 years fairly well, with some occasional relapses. His program is very close to your program and I am doing well on it if followed. I do not have a juicer mainly because of the work of cleaning it daily. I am using a Vitamix for my smoothies and I think the fiber is anyway good for me.
    I am certainly interested in taking your Alkaline workshop when you are giving it. I trust you as much as Yuri Elkaim, I have a good feeling about both of you. Thank you for all your good information.

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  65. Bernarf Reply

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    I actually emailed this exact question to you a couple of years ago, after advice given to me by a friend and I appreciated hearing your response again here in this post. Great work, so appreciate your efforts. I would like to be kept informed about the upcoming cleanse please. I am due for a reset!
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    Yes, I’m very keen for the Cleanse workshop. I bought the Reset cleanse a year ago and still haven’t tried it, a bit of nerves and a bit of feeling overwhelmed with the planning and prep (I work full days and commute, so my time at home is limited). I think the video workshop will help me with approaching it with the right frame of mind.

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    Thank You Ros !!!

  70. Alex Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’ve been following you for a while now and have been enjoying the juices /recipes. Bit of info: I am a (usually) fit, healthy 60 yr old female (I’m a runner).
    However, I had surgery for colon cancer in June and am now undertaking chemo.
    This has really knocked me for 12 let alone 6!
    It’s making me too nauseous to even think about food let alone good healthy juices. I’ve lost weight too.
    Can you suggest anything for me to do to counter this and get me back on my road to recovery and wellbeing?