How Chronic Stress Affects the Brain – Must See

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We know stress can have more of an effect on our body and health than poor food choices, but this video REALLY opens your eyes as to how it affects your brain – this is must-see stuff:

How Stress Affects the Brain

How chronic stress can affect the brain's size, structure, and how it functions:

Posted by TED-Ed on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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  1. Patricia Reply

    So, everyone handles stress differently. My a duck!! Rolls right off…it seems anyway.
    Me not so much. The biggest, aging mom.
    How does one do what is necessary without the guilt or feeling separated from your spouse?
    Example…long drives, movies with a friend…hear music.
    Sports and Golf is all he really needs!
    Thank You

  2. Bonette Beamon Reply

    Hi Ross…,I was with you online today. Can you send me the dollar special link???? And workbook info.
    [email protected]

  3. Jane Crowley Reply

    Hi. I’m a 60 year-old female on Levothyroxine 150 MCG for low thyroid (approx. 30 years) and now Polyethylene Glycol 3350 1-2x/day for constipation or age-related poor motility which, incidentally, coincided with having my gall bladder removed 5 years ago. My diet is fresh and organic with occasional cheating, but always good sources, never commercial or conventional. Hydration is steady and adequate, at least 64 ounces water per day.
    I exercise – hike, bike and swim, but remain sluggish, sleepy, experience frequent indigestion and feel bloated yet NOT FULL after eating as if my metabolism is slow and lousy including painful widespread abdominal irritation and inflammation in my gut. My TSH is normal with “no further testing necessary”, according to my Dr. (this is a point of contention for me). I want to eliminate these 2 meds, if possible, and try to improve my thyroid function and get my bowels and GI tract flowing smoothly again. Conventional medicine and chemicals don’t resolve much, they never have, and I’m tired of low energy side effects and living in a restricted and predominantly depressed state of mind and body. I didn’t used to be this way.

    Dr. Ross, sir, what would be my best natural course for healing? I’m more than happy to try anything such as food [group] eliminations and a planned lifetime dietary commitment. I look forward to it! Please advise and stay with me, if you will. Thank you. -Jane