Alkaline Diet Recipe #10 Anti Stress Juice

anti stress

Here is an alkalarian juice recipe that incorporates some of the most powerful anti-stress vegetables known to man!

Remember, as Dr Young has found in his blood work: emotions can be just as acid-forming as any foods or drinks!

The stress-busting properties of these juices should be a big help in fighting tension, stress and anxiety and what better way to do that than with delicious, wholesome, fresh, natural foods – delivered to you in a delicious juice!

If you are concerned about stress at all, I also recommend St John’s Wort, which theoretically could be added to this juice if you had it in powdered form. I also strongly, most highly recommend the Inner Balance Stress Support capsules from the Tony Robbins Companies. They are fantastic – we’ve had excellent feedback on them.

The Anti Stress Juice!

1 beetroot (medium)
2 radish
3 broccoli heads and stalks
1 carrot
1 stick of celery

Another easy juice. You can also try squeezing some lime or lemon in afterwards or add half an apple (although if you do this you should try to phase it out because apple is a high sugar fruit). You can also try increasing the amount of celery or add half a cucumber if you want to water it down slightly.

Give it a try, experiment with flavours and let me know if you find a new combination!!!


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  1. Muhammad Shafi Reply

    insomnia treatment

  2. Kate Weiss Reply

    Hello Ross – just read this recipe…

    I thought that raw potatos are really bad for you and the green bit under the skin is poisonous…. can you clarify?



  3. Yvonne Reply

    My brother has just found out he has brain cancer stage 3 – need advice 🙂

    • Ross Reply

      Hi – unfortunately I am legally unable to answer any questions that relate to a specific condition or medication. I recommend that you check our Dr Young’s youtube channel as he discusses specific conditions there in some depth ( Apologies.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi – unfortunately I am legally unable to answer any questions that relate to a specific condition or medication. I recommend that you check our Dr Young’s youtube channel as he discusses specific conditions there in some depth ( Apologies.

  4. Yvonne Reply

    Hi, does anyone know if mixing lemon juice in with vegetable juices is alkaline or acidic?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Yvonne,
      Lemon is highly alkaline and so thus vegetable juice, in short that mix is very alkaline.

  5. timothy Reply

    I am sorry to hear that so many people suffer from this horrible disease. I have seen and experienced that vegetarian diet is helpful in any sickness . Please read books like “China study “ and How to prevent and reverse heart disease. American meat products ( Anything which has a face and a mother ) should not be consumed . American milk products are deadly . So first thing is to stop these things before you starts any juice therapy or any other treatment . NEVER give patients any meat products or milk products . These products are nutrition to cancer cells . So PLEASE do no consume it or give to your dear ones . Eat vegetables fruits nuts beans and whole wheat . Once a day we must eat fresh greens and fruits uncooked .

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Timothy & Angel

      Thanks for sharing, appreciate it.

      Cancertutor is a great site – definitely recommended!


  6. Angel Reply

    Ginger and anyone else battling with cancer..check out it has many different alternative approaches to cancer 🙂
    have strength, results will show different in all people.

  7. Michel Reply

    Re : previous comment that distilled water is acidic , yes that is true however it reacts with our bodies to become alkaline .Read that just this week in my friends handbook , of course i do not recall the author or name of book but we had a discussion on this very subject so will find out those names and let you know which book it was in . What a great website !! Cheers fellow raw food / juicer people .

  8. Tammy Reply

    I’m after as much help and advice as possible my dads just recovering from bowel cancer and now my mum has been told she as about 12/18 months left due to cancer in the lymph nodes, lung, brain and spine. I want to help as much as possible and i’ve been told to look at an alkaline diet, but really don’t know where to start – i really want something simple some one to say eat and drink this … and avoid this…. can you please advice me

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Tammy

      I really suggest you take a look at our Alkaline Diet Course which gives you exactly what you are after – i.e. eat this and drink this.

      I also REALLY recommend you read The pH Miracle by Dr Young. Armed with these two you will be well on your way.

      I hope this helps

  9. Chris McCormic Reply

    I would also like to know about the Ionized water, where to buy it and how much water to drink everyday. Meaning is there a limit?

    My twin sister was recently diagnosed with liver cancer as a result of a cancerous mass that was found in her colon. the colon has been dealt with and a portion removed along with her left ovary; but the liver is what is left to deal with. We are starting her on a hig akaline diet added to that the juicing, but you have stated above about the Ionized water.

    Please fill me in as to where to purchase it please.

  10. Ratna Reply

    Sir, I am amply rewarded with information on alksline juice food and watr. Pl send me details reg preparation of alkaline iodised water for health benefits. Thanks.Ratnasabapathi

  11. Julie Reply

    Hi Ginger,
    I am so sorry to hear about your husband. My chiropractor/natropath Dr taught me about alkaline water and has worked with patients with cancer and has read up on stuff similar to your husbands situation. He would have a lot of helpful information to give you. Please email me at [email protected] and I can send you more information.
    Thanks, Julie

  12. Ginger Reply

    Julie, My husband was diagnosed with tongue, throat, and lymph node of the neck cancer. Basal and Squamous cell. We have looked at a alkaline diet approach vs chemo and radiation. What are your views on this approach? Just looking for as much information as we can find.
    Thanks, Ginger

  13. Julie Reply

    In response to Mary’s question…Distilled water is acidic.

    Alkaline Ionized water can alkaline our bodies much faster than an alkaline diet alone, simply because the body is made up of 60-70% water. We all need water to survive so why should we not give our bodies the best water possible?

    Alkaline Ionized water can:
    *penetrate the cells much faster (micro-clustering/super-hydrating, better absorption of nutrients)
    *provide high amounts of antioxidants (higher than green tea/vitamin C)
    *strengthen our immune system (less sickness/disease)
    *supply more oxygen to the body/blood stream
    *neutralize free radicals (slows down cell degeneration/aging process)
    *flushes out toxins/impurities in our organs/colon (detox the body)

    The best part is it purifies the water we drink, taking out the contaminants/pollutants and still providing all the nutrients that distilled water does not provide.

    If you would like more information feel free to email me.

    Julie ([email protected])

  14. Mary Reply

    Please email me:
    How much Alkaline suppose to take in a day. & what the different with taking Alkaline food/fruit & drinking alkaline water.? Is it okay just taking the alkaline’s food/fruit to our body & having the distilled water. not alkaline water machine hong-up in our faucet at home.

    Thank you

    God Bless You


  15. Ross Reply

    Hi Chester

    Definitely a good call! I’m having a bit of a ginger addiction at the moment – adding it to every juice I make!

    Cheers for stopping by to comment 🙂