The Alkaline Weight Loss Series


Hey guys

I know that there are so many people who are SO sick, tired and frustrated with their weight loss goal. The simple fact is, 99% of weight loss ‘diet’s will put your body into SUCH an acidic state that you will NEVER lose weight.

Alkaline Weight Loss (Easy, Enjoyable & Sustainable)

In the last few days I’ve released my Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Series – a 3-Part free series that gives you my exact blueprint on how to lose weight with the alkaline diet.

alkaline weight loss

I’ve been getting serious weight loss results with people for the past eight years and now it’s time for me to teach it to you.

CLICK HERE to se the Alkaline Diet Weight Loss series – it’s my best ever, best received content and it’s 100% free of course!



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  1. susie Reply

    Hi Ross I would like to do the Alkaline weight loss solution -stage one (28days) but cant access it like a lot of other people ? I live in Italy where life revolves around Pasta -bread -wine etc !!! so you can Imagine how difficult it is making dietary changes …really want to do it though .Thanks
    Great that you’re so passionate about what you do .

  2. cathy seale Reply

    Hi Ross, I’ve been gone. Trying to get into the weight loss portal for week 5 and 6. Need the link. my passcode is MQj0qR9T

  3. Cindy Reply

    I am unable to access the weight loss series! Can you please help?

  4. Margaret Matheson Reply

    When I click on the Alkaline Weight Loss series link on the blog a message comes up that I need to log on to access it, even though I am already logged in. When I log in again as requested, a message comes up to say invalid user name or password. Can you help with this please?

  5. Robyn Dunkum Reply

    How do I gain access to some of your information? I keep getting asked for my e-mail and password…


  6. kat Reply

    Hi there, I originally found you while searching for the Tony Robbins 10-day challenge and an alkaline/acid chart (very helpful).

    My thinking has shifted from carbs, proteins and veg/fruits to alkaline or acid. Period.

    Biggest challenge for me is living with someone who won’t get on board. I accept that. The issue is that he won’t learn to cook, so I find myself shopping and cooking for two different philosophies and diets, which takes extra time and money that could be devoted elsewhere.

    Thank you for the support and knowledge you share with all of us in a positive and cheerful way. I’m subscribed.

  7. melanie Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have severe gout, so my intention with the alkaline way of life is not to necessarily lose weight, but to clear up the gout. Two years ago, when I first got gout, I found an alkaline diet somewhere online and it worked wonders. However, I am so riddled with gout that NO amount of alkalinity seems to help. I have decided to try the “LOW PURINE” food list for gout. Only problem is that there is lots of conflicting information. Quite a few foods that are low in purines (good for gout) are acidic (bad for gout). Would you know which is best for gout: Low purines, even thought they may be a bit acidic, or alkaline? I have been following my alkaline diet religiously for for about a month now and i am still sore all over. I would appreciate your input, thanks!

  8. Veronique Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Just discovered and subscribed to your blog; thanks for making the transition to the Alkalarian lifestyle easier by generously sharing your experience!
    I was trying to check out the Alkaline Diet Weight Loss series above but it requires to login with a password. Where is the initial sign in?
    Thanks. Best wishes.

  9. School of medicine Reply

    Thanks for sharing your views , I really appropriate it.
    Energise Alkaline Diet & Natural Health Blog is really helpful to me.

  10. JamilaM Reply

    Hi Ross

    I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind helping me out.
    a-I’ve been using an Ozonizer in my water does that help it make it more alkaline?
    b-Also I’m trying to drink around 3 liter of water a day, but I add a lemon squeeze with each liter is that ok?
    c-Also I tend to have a lot of cravings, a lot! mostly sweet stuff and chocolate predominantly, any tips on how to get over my cravings? and will an alkaline diet kill my cravings completely and indefinitely?
    d-Where do olives stand, alkaline or acidic?
    e-I was wondering to be perfectly alkaline what PH should the body be at?
    f-Also I’m curious, there are a lot of people I know who are thin and who eat mostly acidic foods, How can that be explained?
    I have questions about the weight loss coaching program your offering:
    Will we be given a diet plan after the 28 days?
    I live in Lebanon and there are a lot of foods that don’t exist here that might be required for cooking meals, what will happen in this case?
    Do you guarantee weight loss?

    Thanks again
    Keep up the great work

  11. Nichole Reply

    Hi I am considering trying eating the alkaline way and am curious about stevia. I know on other charts it is considered alkaline. I like it in my tea. Just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks