How to Get Alkaline (as quickly and easily as possible…)

Article by ross

How to Get Alkaline Quickly & Easily

When people first ready my “Most Alkaline Foods” guide they get an understanding of which foods are alkaline, but are then left wondering:

HOW am I going to get alkaline?”

In this follow-up post to that “Alkaline Foods” I wanted to show you my five quick-start actions for getting green into your diet and giving you an alkaline kickstart as easily and quickly as possible.

How to Get Alkaline As Quickly & EasilyAs Possible

My approach to coaching the alkaline diet is based around a few key principles:

  1. Trying to be perfect from the start leads to failure in 90% of cases – go easy on yourself!
  2. For the first month, focus on the 20% of actions that make 80% of the difference
  3. Take it slowly, baby-steps, day-by-day and celebrate each success
  4. Give yourself a cheat day, or relax every now and then – treat yourself!
  5. If you have a bad day, don’t give up – take time to think what happened and start again right this minute!

If you want to get alkaline, see it as a longer-term shift, rather than a quick diet fix. If you can take it slow and start to incorporate these tips into your daily lifestyle, it becomes a habit and second nature, rather than feeling like work every day.

Step One: Getting Alkaline Means Going Green

Going green is so important because it gets a huge amount of chlorophyll into your body. I recommend reading my Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll article in full, but to give you a short version:

Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems.

Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body. Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs.

It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones for elimination, which are created by the body for the purpose of neutralizing and disposing of excess acid.

So getting a big injection of chlorophyll into your diet is hugely important to help you get alkaline!

As per point two, above in my five priciples – you have to focus on the small, simple stuff that has the most impact and in my opinion, getting green foods in is the single most powerful thing you can do to dramatically change your health, energy and vitality.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Banner

You have to get greens in and while this may seem daunting – here are a few suggestions to make it a LOT easier and less intimidating:

  • Have a salad with every meal: carry on eating what you’d normally have eaten, but just add a side salad (no unhealthy dressings though!). This TOTALLY takes the pressure off but the cumulative effect of having several salads a day will have a big impact.
  • Disguise green foods: you can shave broccoli heads with a knife over foods or into pasta sauce giving you heaps of broccoli, but you can’t see, taste or smell it. OR wilt spinach down with a little butter, salt and pepper – this gives you a HUGE amount of spinach in just a couple of mouthfuls. OR make pasta sauce by blending tomatoes with steamed pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, watercress etc. When it’s all blended down it still tastes very rich and tomato-ey, but you’ve got a heap of green foods in there too!
  • Get into Sprouts: sounds weird but it’s SO worth it – sprouts are sprouted seeds of plants such as broccoli which, when harvested at the sprout stage, contain all (or more) of the nutritional content of the fully grown plant – this means you can easily eat one handful and get a HUGE hit of nutrients. I’ve blogged heaps about sprouts (and have a guide coming) so click here to read all about sprouts.

Making sure you up your green food consumption from 0-1 times per day to 3-5 times per day is easy and it will blow your mind the difference it makes. Your body will thank you, I can absolutely assure you.

Step Two: Getting Oiled Up

This is another really easy fix and is something 90% of people are not currently doing:

You HAVE to get at LEAST 2 tablespoons of Omega 3 EVERY day

Eating more oily fish is great for the health benefits this can bring, but you’d have to eat a really silly amount to get enough omega 3 – and this goes twofold for eating nuts and seeds to get enough omega 3.

Omega 3 deficiency was named in a Harvard Medical School research paper as being the 6th Biggest Killer in the USA – yes it’s that important. It’s critical for our health, energy, metabolism, cardiovascular system, eyes, hair, skin, digestive system…everything – yet around 90% of people in the Western world are chronically deficient.

If you change nothing else but add 2 tablespoons (30ml) of omega 3 to your diet you will really see a massive difference in your body.

I really recommend a supplement to ensure you get enough and Udo’s Choice is my personal favourite.

If you want to learn more about Fats & Oils I really recommend Udo’s website here and also check this article I wrote on oils back in April 2011: Why Essential Fatty Acids are So Essential

This is another 80/20 suggestion – it is SO easy to just have 30ml of omega 3 every day (even if you just buy straight flax oil and use this in salads) but it will make a HUGE difference.

Note: Omega 6 and 9 are also important but we tend to get enough of those through consumption of olive oils, vegetable oils etc.

Step Three: Instant Hits When You Need It

This is a quick step, but a brilliant one – because being able to give yourself a concentrated hit of green goodness is SUCH a powerful tool. I HIGHLY recommend you look into buying a liquid chlorophyll supplement.

Now at Energise we always say that if you can get it from whole foods then this is best, but being able to get ALL of your nutrient needs EVERY day from foods alone is a huge challenge. It is almost impossible in this day and age.

PLUS if you want (or need) to get alkaline quickly having a concentrated shot of liquid chlorophyll each day will give your body a massive boost. It really is awesome. Now if you can juice your own fresh wheatgrass into a shot each day that’s even better – but if not then I really heartily recommend a chlorophyll shot every day.

If you use supplements like chlorophyll smartly and choose the right ones (for you) then they are an absolutely potent weapoon in the fight against acids, fatigue and illness. I firmly believe this.

We’ve had dozens of chlorophyll supplements through Energise over the years but our absolute favourite is Nature’s Sunshine – no fillers, no crap, totally natural and no added sweeteners (you have to be wary of those).

It tastes great and makes you feel vibrant and ALIVE! Click here to find out more…

Step Four: Hydration is the EASIEST Way to Alkalise

So far in this lazyman’s guide to quickly getting alkaline(!) I’ve given you three big steps (and lots of mini-steps) that are all easy, take up almost no time, require hardly any changes to your lifestyle – but get you big-kahuna-changes to your alkalinity, energy, health and vitality.

But I saved the best for now.

The vast majority of people are chronically dehydrated, somehow barely getting through the day on less than 800ml of water. This dramatically effects mental clarity, digestion, the immune system, weight, energy, skin…just a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people. It is a HUGE problem and SO easy to fix.

Please just start drinking at least 2-3 litres of water every day. This will have as much impact on you than all of the other points in this article combined – it’s that important.

Ideally you’d be drinking 3-4 litres, but if you can even get to 2.5 per day for a week you’ll never look back.

In fact, right now, make the promise to yourself that you are going to drink at LEAST 2.5 litres per day. Write it down. Set a reminder in your phone!

The problems/questions most people have when it comes to hydration

In my experience as a hydration junkie, I find that most people have the same few questions when they first start to get hydrated:

– what type of water to drink (tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, ionized, lemon squeezed in etc)
– how much to drink
– …but I keep needing to pee!
– won’t it wash all of my minerals out of my body?
– I can’t remember to drink enough – I always forget!

Thankfully, I have created a very in-depth guide to hydration here for you to download totally for free.

It will answer every question you might have about getting alkaline with water – it’s very very good.

So please do download the Alkaline Water guide, follow the steps to choosing the best water for you and read my Guide on How to Remember to Drink Enough!

So getting greens in several times per day + getting enough omega oils + getting shots of chlorophyll + getting hydrated = incredible vibrant health very easily and quickly…so what could step five be?

Step Five: 5 Minutes Per Day to 24-Hours of Alkalinity

IF you read my last guide (The 7 Most Alkaline Foods) you’ll already know the answer to this, but it’s SO super easy, quick and powerful that I just HAVE to say it again:


You’ve just gotta. It’s 5 minutes and it will change your life forever. Honestly, it’s so quick and easy to knock together a juice – it really does take under five minutes from getting the food out of the fridge, to washing, to juicing, to cleaning the juicer to drinking. And there is no faster way to get alkaline.

This five minutes a day give your body a waterfall of easily absorbed nutrients that will instantly boost your energy, flood you with antioxidants, rapidly strengthen your immune system and dramatically alkalise you all day long.

Remember – the best thing about this is, it means you’ve already exceeded your five-a-day serves of vegetables before 9am!

And if you want to know what to juice here are some recipes for ya:

Blood Building Vegetable Juice

Delicious Refresher Juice

Anti-Stress Juice

…and of course – The Big Bad Green Drink 🙂
…and The Energise Guide to Juicing

So let’s all go get green and alkaline!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this quick, five-step guide to instant alkalinity. In case you haven’t seen it yet I also have a 3-Part Video Series on Getting Started with the Alkaline Diet that you can access from my homepage at

Leave me your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Until then

Do you have a way to get alkaline every day? Let me know below – I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. Colleen Grant Reply

    Hi my name is Colleen, for some years I have had the odd Lipomas, but in the past year I have had a lot more forming.
    I am going to follow your suggestions and hopefully they will show some improvement. I do eat a lot of fruit and veges. I do not drink a lot of milk or eggs.
    Do you have any suggestions of what could possibly help?


  2. Joe Reply

    Great post.

    Your liquid chlorophyll supplement link has some funny characters appended to the end which means it doesn’t resolve properly.

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Joe

      Thanks bro, I missed that – it had a trailling ” on the end of the .com””

      Fixed now 🙂


  3. Frances Broadrick Reply

    We are drinking Alkaline water every day and hope to bring our ph levels up. My husband is in the yellow zone but been diagnosed with non-hodgens Lymphoma, is there a chance for him to bring his ph level up?

  4. Linda Matejceck Reply

    I’ve been following the diet for almost a month and I have had a headcold for just about that long. I rarely get colds and when I did they never lasted more that 2 or 3 days. What am I doing wrong? I heve never had so much mucus and could have had a box of tissues for years without running out, now I haven’t had dairy, sugar, bread, pasta , wine or meat and have used more tissues than in one week

    • Emma Reply

      Not sure if you got an answer to this one, but it sounds to me like a detox symptom. Although it’s got to be annoying, I wouldn’t say that it necessarily means you are doing anything wrong.

      Of course, if the symptoms continue for months, not being an expert I don’t know how long cleansing symptoms normally continue or how long you should wait before changing something.

    • Barb Quenneville Reply

      sounds like your body is fully cleansing…I know it’s hard to believe…but our bodies are very good at keeping us as clean as possible if only we would try and help them by realizing that fever, sneezing, coughing, phlegm, sweating, breathing, urinating, and defecating and more ways…are all methods of the body…to eliminate what it doesn’t need or use or want. I believe it is up to us to help our bodies with good air, water, rest, good healthy food and exercise. Our bodies will always try to do their best to help. Lets face it we are up against a lot today…pollution, herbicides, pesticides, unnecessary meds., poor water quality, hybrid foods, etc. I am trying by best to become educated about what goes in my body and if and when I do fall ill I understand that my body is working to eliminate the cause. Many plant foods assist the body. I use oregano oil in the fall and winter to assist my body and put one or two drops in water and drink. I haven’t had a cold for years. It’s great as a preventative! If you already have a cold the duration of it will definitely be reduced in days. Worth a try… If you can’t drink it, at least try to inhale the scent from the bottle to help clear sinuses. Some people even put a drop under their tongue. I like the water best because it reminds me to drink more good water. Hope you get better and investigate oregano oil (there are different strengths so use a mild one. Wishing you health and happiness…

  5. Joanne Meuleners Reply

    Can I use ground falxseed to get my omega 3 in everyday? I currently eat 4 heaping teaspoons daily.

  6. Elizabeth Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information. I really appreciate it!


  7. Crystal Reply

    Hi Ross,

    My name is Crystal and I am loving reading your blogs on Alkaline living! Very interesting and informative 🙂
    The only annoying thing is that I’m not able to get the FB,Tweet advertisment panel off of my screen? Any suggestions…
    I try to read around it, but I check out your Website frequently and I’ve hit my threshold!!! LOL 😛


  8. Vanessa Wikerson Reply

    Love it! I am doing a lot of these already… but keep seeing this large doses of chlorophyll I bought for a heavy metal cleans… that I could be taking! Keep thinking even though I am resting on the heavy metals detox… I kept thinking I should be taking them w/ my current body needs in rebuilding after serious illness. Now, I know… do it! They are unfortunately pill form but very absorbable… so will go for it and lok into liquid in the future. Thank you for all you do!

    Please add a FB share button!! If I could find one, I would share this RIGHT NOW!

    Again, thanks to your contribution to human kind and human health!

  9. Julie Calvert Reply

    Thankyou Ross,

    For a realistic start to alkalizing, for making the information available without a huge cost outlay, and making me feel like it is doable.

    Many blessings

    Julie Calvert

  10. Barb Hall Reply

    I used to grow my own wheatgrass until I found this one for all the reasons stated below:
    Cleanse, Alkalize, and Nourish! Get all three by consuming one drink and you can take it with you when you travel, go to the gym or anywhere for a quick boost! In this highly nutritional, organic powdered product, 4 packets are equivalent to one tray of wheatgrass. Another important thing the packets are used upon opening, not like a jar, which each time it is opened oxidizes and loses its nutritional value. This product is cold dried to maintain its live enzymes and nutrients when combined with water.
    This is the only wheatgrass powder in the world grown aeroponically in 100% purified oxygen; soil free, fungus free and pollution free. The roots contain SOD, cancer fighting agents and 13 amino acids not found in the leaves
    Another plus, by combining the roots with the blades, the taste is not strong and nauseous as juiced wheatgrass. You take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in 6 to 8 ounces of room temperature, or cooler water.
    Check out the website at: for testimonies and information.

  11. Chintana Reply

    Thank you Ross so much for sending us these newsletters, recipes and plenty of tips for reminding and helping to get alkaline. In the ambient we live is bumping us full of acid foods….so need to stay strong to be different. I live in France and find it difficult to find some ingredients in your recipes, or to understand what they are like kale. And the other things is I love to buy seasonal veggies, so like in this period it is very difficult to find organic cucumber (good tasty ones). In these cases could you give some alternative for the winter period. In the Autumn and Summer I love to have a green smoothie in the morning but now I really need something warm to eat, like I am making a Millet porridge. I would love to receive a recipe for a warm breakfast from you.
    Thank you again, I really appreciate the work you are doing and I love your Alkaline recipe book!

  12. Marian Reply


    I love your sincere, enthusiastic spirit of wanting to help us become really healthy by alkalizing the diet. Your suggestions given so simply sound very do-able, and I hope to keep improving my health with them. I eat two luscious green salads a day but intend to increase the greens by using your suggestions. Thank you for sharing what your nutrition learnings. Blessings!

  13. Janak Lal Kakshapati Reply

    Iam a patient with Kiney transplant, Nephropathy ,Retinopathy and Diabetese Mellitus Type 2 and am under regular medication, that developed G.I. problem. As a result I am suffering from Acidity and was in quest of Alkaline food. Fortunately I am getting great help to alleviate my my ailment. I must thank you for your outstanding and helpful hand . I expect your new information in days to come too.

  14. linda Reply

    i really appreciate this guidance. what kind of juicer do you suggest?

    • linda Reply

      Hi i am from holland and i have a question
      I like the diet. Bud i am still hungre what can i do?

  15. saky Reply

    wow what a nice thing to know than you so much .i like the guidance
    you can also check out here for some advices

  16. Stephanie D Allen Reply

    I am slowly moving into an alkaline diet. I love greens of all sorts. However, growing up in the south I’m use to the flavor of smoked meats in my cabbage, mustard, and collard greens. If I use a leaner smoked meat like turkey necks will that make the greens totally acidic. Will I lose all of the alkaline benefits? I am enjoying the information you are sharing. I have been researching acid/alkaline foe some time. YOU offer the best information. I feel I can really do this now. Blood work show C-Reactive Protein way out of range. Scared into submission. I look forward to your response.

  17. Jean Reply

    This article is awesome. It gives me lots of information on alkaline food. I will be back again for your new updates. Thank you!

  18. Artist Eric D. Greene Reply

    Great information – I have recently begun raw juicing every day for about 2 weeks now. I am really feeling the difference and getting addicted to it. So much so that I have started doing 2 juices a day… it’s just so refreshing and feels amazing.

  19. alice Reply

    great great blog. I’ve been going alkaline for 10 weeks now as a result of crippling rheumatoid pain all over my body (since I was operated on last year) and refusal to take drugs. Pain is now soooooooo much less, weight has dropped by 7 kilos and I feel positive that I’m on the right track. Before I was sugar addicted and 15 kilos overweight. My doctor is lovely but says food has nothing to do with my problem… how wrong can he be… thanks for your blog, it reinforces my belief in come sense!

  20. Candra Reply

    This post is awesome. I’m really excited about getting healthier and I’ve heard that this is very beneficial when preparing for pregnancy. I can’t wait to get started!

  21. Anne Reply

    Hi Ross,
    There is a drink I am making that I like a lot but have a question.
    This is 9.5 PH water, and I put 4 salts of PH Miracle, just a bit, and then I add a lemon to it (squeezing out the juice of the lemon).
    Sometimes I add also a Grape fruit as well.
    It makes it like a soda, but no sugar and alkaline! It’s quite neat.
    My question is actually if the lemon acid and the 4 salts (or Bicarbonate,does the same effect and alkaline) neutralize each other when I mix them like this. I just want to make sure this would not be the case… Thanks!
    I really admire the job you are doing on making it possible for people to eat alkaline as it is so important as you well know. Keep up the good work, really.

  22. Natalie Reply

    Is having 50ml of wheatgrass equivalent to one of the green vegetable juices you all advocate?
    I can’t afford to buy all these vegetables plus I am limited by time.

  23. Joan Reply

    Ross, your information is excellent, but that box on the left side of your pages is obstructing the text! It’s even making it difficult to leave this comment! Very unfriendly. If you must have it on your pages, why don’t you put it on the right side instead?

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  25. debbie counts Reply

    Dear Ross, I am 56 years young and was very active all my life, working 2 physical jobs for years, playing on both volleyball and softball teams pluse raising 2 wonderful boys (by myself) and both of them were very active in sports which meant I made time to take them to every practice and never missed a game. THEN! suddenly about 2 years before I got them raised to the age 18, thinking I could slow down and have some me time and money, my health went South! Now I have been in pain since about age 32 and have no life at all…I’m alive but not living…After reading about your diet, I have hope!! I will keep you updated on my progress!!!!

  26. Michele Reply

    Hi , I am wondering if you would have some suggestions for my son
    age 11, he has celiac (no gluten) and fructose malabsorption,and acid reflux. We are trying to give him foods to make his system more alkaline, but are looking for low fructose, high alkaline fruit and veg and nuts/grains list ( and of course no gluten).
    Any suggestions.
    Thanks so much, and your website is wonderful!

  27. prosper Reply

    The doctor said my body is too acidic so I’m drinking raw vegetable juice 3 times everyday hope it will help me fast to alkanize my body?

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  29. manuel Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have a question about nerve healt. If you know of ways to restore nerve damage

  30. Erin Evans Reply

    I have been on the alkaline diet for over 2 weeks now and have had many problems, including stomach aches (severe at times), very low energy and my body feels ‘strange’ at times. I went on this diet because I was diagnosed with overactive bladder and after doing research, as well as beginning to test my ph, realized I was very acidic. I continue to have bladder and urethra pain at times, despite the diet. Am I doing something wrong? Is this “normal” detoxing? I am having a very difficult time. Thank you for your help…

    • Erin Evans Reply

      Also, I forgot to mention, despite being on the diet, taking ph drops and “greens”, my ph is still always acidic. How long does it take to see a difference?

      • Erin Evans Reply

        I have more questions about sugar cravings and gaining weight on the alkaline diet… maybe this is not the forum? Can’t seem to get answers from anyone…

        • Energise Ross Reply

          HI Erin

          Sorry your questions haven’t been answered as yet – I’d need a lot more info than you’ve given before I could try to help. Can you let me know what a typical day of food, drink and exercise looks like for you?

          Regarding pH – it won’t instantly show as alkaline because as you start to alkalise the pH may drop on saliva/urine tests as your body will be getting rid of all of the stored toxins and acids in your body.

          You can get more info on pH testing here – please read this – it’s super important to get this right:


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  36. Deborah Reply

    Suffered ibs for years now on omeprozole but stil have belching stomach acid drink ginger fresh lemon tea to no avail could the glass some a night cause this

  37. Joan Reply

    I love white wine, can I drink it while going alkaline?

    • ross Reply

      Pretty much anything is fine in moderation and as a treat – just not every day 🙂

  38. Bridget barrows Reply

    Bob barefoot …..thats how i became a believer
    Book was about coral calcium
    More alkaline
    Less acid

  39. JO Robinson Reply

    First I want tho thankyou for the info, greatly appreciated.
    So following your steps how long till I can say my body is alkaline?
    And does maintenance require all steps all the time?

  40. Lynda Byrd Reply

    Hi Ross,

    If on Chemo, will I be able to alkalize my body? My schedule is once a week for 4 weeks, then I am off for 3 weeks. I really enjoy all your information.