This is Why The Alkaline Diet Works – and is SO Effective

This is Why the Alkaline Diet Works So Well

The Alkaline Diet WORKS – and here’s why…

When you’re first starting out on the alkaline diet, it’s logical that your first thought might be whether the alkaline diet works and :

‘Is this really going to work for me…?’

I don’t blame you. In the health world, there are so many crazy claims and unbelievable promises. It leaves us all a bit jaded and suspicious at times. And that’s me included.

I always want to validate every new claim or ‘hot new superfood’ I hear about as much as possible. Generally speaking, I need the proof, I need the cold, hard facts and scientific research.

And when it comes to the alkaline diet, and the question whether the alkaline diet works, the answer is YES, and let me explain WHY it works, because let’s be clear…

The Alkaline Diet Works Like Crazy


What is it about the alkaline diet that makes it work so well?

What is it that got me hooked over a decade ago, not only on ‘going alkaline’ myself, but learning more and more about it, researching it and making it my life’s work to teach others how to do it to get the health of their dreams by following it?

In this short guide I’ll explain to you the five reasons why the alkaline diet works, and why it works so incredibly well.

You’ll learn not only why it works, but the specifics about it that make it so effective – and I’ll show you how to apply JUST those specifics to get you off to a flying start!

Note: this guide refers specifically to the way I teach the alkaline diet. I’m not saying I am going to be telling you anything that I’ve patented or that is exclusive to me, and maybe there are others teaching like this too. But be aware, there are a lot of people teaching the alkaline diet in a different, much more hardcore, black & white way (as well as folks just teaching it badly). It’s not to say my way is better or worse, but I have gotten great results for folks and there are a lot of nuances to my philosophy and way of teaching.

The Five Reasons Why the Alkaline Diet Works Like Crazy

REASON #1: It Gives the Body The Tools It Needs to Thrive

OK, focus on the next line – it’s a surprising thing for me to say, but it is very, very important to your understanding of the alkaline diet – this is KEY:

The premise of the alkaline diet is NOT to change your body’s pH

Let me repeat – you’re not trying to make your pH more alkaline.

This is the reason why 99% of critics of the alkaline diet choose to criticize it. They say you can’t change your pH so it’s baloney. Probably while eating baloney and patting themselves on the back.

This is not the point of the alkaline diet. We are not trying to change your pH.

Your body will maintain the pH of your blood and other extracellular fluids at pH 7.365 no matter what you do. It will sacrifice everything and anything to do this.

You can drink cola all day long, while smoking, and eating pizza and chips and your pH will stay at 7.365.

It is the maintenance of this pH that causes stress to the body.

If you constantly throw sugar-laden, chemically processed, inflammatory, acidic foods, and drinks into your body, the stress caused by the body in holding your pH solid at 7.365 is what causes the damage.

It’s the stress of maintaining your pH that causes damage to your body.

By eating more alkaline foods, you not only remove this stress but you also give your body the tools it needs to thrive. This is the absolute foundation of the alkaline diet.

Alkaline foods are alkaline because of their nutrient content. They are fresh, natural, vitamin and mineral-rich, chlorophyll-rich, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory delicious foods.

Acidic foods are all processed, unhealthy foods you already know are not good for you.

I bet if I asked you right now to name the most acidic foods off the top of your head your list would look something like:

– sugar
– takeaways
– chips
– pizza
– cakes
– pastries
– processed meats
– chocolates
– alcohol
– trans fats
– and so on…

And if you name the alkaline ones, what would they be?

– vegetables
– leafy greens
– salads
– nuts & seeds
– healthy oils
– low sugar fruits
– and so on…

The alkaline diet works because it gives your body the tools it needs to thrive while removing the foods and drinks that cause the body stress, inflammation and oxidation.

And when you fuel your body with these foods, your body will shine for you.

So many ‘diets’ leave you feeling like you’re against your body…ME and MY DIET VS MY BODY…like it’s a battle…

“Why do my stupid legs look like that”…”Why does my body crave bread so much…”

When you work in unison with your body and simply give it what it needs, nourish it, love it – the results will (and do) happen incredibly quickly.

It’s wonderful and feels amazing.

Key Takeaway: you’re not trying to CHANGE the way your body works. This causes stress. The alkaline diet is about being relaxed, stress-free, and working together WITH your body. So chill. Just focus on getting the good foods in for the first few weeks – don’t worry about cutting too much out – just focus on getting in the good. The more good you eat, the more this will naturally crowd out the bad stuff. Relax, enjoy your food, have fun and stay focused on what you want.

get the alkaline recipe book here

Reason #2: The Alkaline Diet Addresses the Three Primary Causes of Sickness & Disease

In my over a decade of work in this area, I’ve seen in the scientific literature over and over and over again that the vast majority of illnesses, conditions and diseases (including obesity) are linked to one, two or all of the combination of:

  • Acidity
  • Inflammation
  • Oxidation

The alkaline diet addresses all three of these simultaneously. In a really simple way.

You don’t have to think about it or specifically eat certain things on certain days in a certain order or combined in a certain way.

Alkaline foods, such as kale, spinach, tomatoes, celery, quinoa, watercress, capsicum, almonds, flax, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, peas, lentils, ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemons, cabbages, coconuts and so on are naturally alkaline, anti-inflammatory and packed with anti-oxidants.

It’s easy – eat 70-80% alkaline and you will address all three of those factors.

Key Takeaway: by eating the most alkaline foods, you’ll create a naturally anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, alkaline diet, that creates the perfect state of equilibrium in your body – the balance your body craves. Before long you will start to see incredible results while enjoying the journey!

Reason #3: It’s Nutritionally Solid & Rooted In Science Fact (It’s Proven to Work)

Another myth (alongside the ‘trying to change your pH’ myth we’ve already busted) is that the alkaline diet doesn’t have any scientific proof.

People (journalists and doctors like Christian Jessen of Embarrassing Bodies fame) lazily, and frankly embarrassingly try to discredit the alkaline diet with that one ‘you can’t change your pH’ without actually knowing anything about it at all.

How I’d love to spend 15 minutes in a room with them to undo all of their ‘first answer off the top of their head’ beliefs about natural health and the alkaline diet.


Here’s just a handful of the research that has been recently published showing that the alkaline diet works – for a number of reasons:

Study: Alkaline Diet Prevents Chronic, Degenerative Disease

“The evidence appears to be strong that an alkaline diet high in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) would help prevent chronic degenerative disease and cancer, and lead to a better quality of life”

Title: The Role of Mitochondria in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

Journal: Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2014

Study: Alkaline Diet Works to Prevent Gout & Hyperuricemia

“We conclude that alkalization of urine by eating nutritionally well-designed alkaline -prone food is effective for removing uric acid from the body”

Title: Effect of urine pH changed by dietary intervention on uric acid clearance mechanism of pH-dependent excretion of urinary uric acid

Journal: Nutrition Journal, January 2012

Study: Eating Alkaline Preserves Muscle Mass

“Alkaline diets favor lean tissue mass in older adults.  Metabolic acidosis promotes muscle wasting, and the net acid load from diets that are rich in net acid-producing protein and cereal grains relative to their content of net alkali–producing fruit and vegetables may, therefore, contribute to a reduction in lean tissue mass in older adults”

Title: Alkaline diets favor lean tissue mass in older adults

Journal: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 2008

Study: Alkaline Diet Creates Better Sports Performance

“An alkaline promoting (low-PRAL) diet increases anaerobic exercise performance, as evidenced by greater time-to-exhaustion during high-intensity treadmill running.”

Title: Effects of Dietary Acid Load on Exercise Metabolism and Anaerobic Exercise Performance

Journal: Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, June 2015

Study: Eating Alkaline Reduces Risk of Diabetes and Coronary Disease

“This thesis appears to be consistent with previous epidemiological reports correlating high potassium consumption, or a high intake of alkaline fruits and vegetables, with reduced risk for diabetes and coronary disease. “

Title: Acid–base balance may influence risk for insulin resistance syndrome by modulating cortisol output

Journal: Medical Hypothesis, 2005

And it’s of course not just the scientific proof that is important, but the proof in the real world, with normal folks who have started eating alkaline, following my recipes and meal plans, getting alkaline, loving it and seeing huge benefits.

I am going to pull together a big document of all of the amazing feedback I’ve received recently when I get the chance, but if you click on that link above you’ll see a few of them, with huge weight loss, digestive issues clearing, arthritis improving and disappearing, blood pressure easing, energy increasing, mobility returning, skin looking great…

When you allow your body to find that balance and equilibrium by fuelling it and nourishing it with the foods it needs – you’ll see the results flow incredibly quickly.

Key Takeaway: the alkaline diet is scientifically proven to support the body, help it to run optimally, and prevent disease.

It Meets All of Your Nutritional Requirements

If you’re eating alkaline foods 70-80% of the time, it’s easy enough to assume that , of course, you’re getting all of your nutritional needs met.

But I want to show you the facts. I need the facts, so I can only assume you might too 🙂

Here’s just a selection of the nutrient content of a serve of some of the alkaline foods you’ll be eating:


Vitamin K – 1110% RDA
Vitamin A – 337.3% RDA
Manganese – 84% RDA
Folate – 65.7% RDA
Magnesium – 38% RDA
Iron – 35% RDA
Vitamin C – 31% RDA
Vitamin B2 – 27% RDA
Calcium – 25% RDA
Potassium – 23% RDA
Vitamin E – 21% RDA
Fiber – 19% RDA


Vitamin K: 1327% RDA
Vitamin A: 354% RDA
Vitamin C: 88.8% RDA
Manganese: 27% RDA
Fiber: 12% RDA
Calcium: 11% RDA
Magnesium: 11% RDA
Iron: 9% RDA
Omega 3: 7% RDA


Vitamin C: 135%
Vitamin K: 115%
Folate: 16%
Vitamin A: 14%
Manganese: 10%
Dietary Fiber: 10%
Potassium: 8%
Vitamin B6: 8%
Vitamin B2: 7%


Dietary Fiber: 40%
Vitamin K: 38%
Folate: 30%
Vitamin C: 24%
Vitamin B5: 20%
Potassium: 20%


Protein 20%
Fiber: 46%
Calcium: 25%
Iron: 25%

On a typical day of eating alkaline, you will EASILY reach all of your nutritional requirements

This is a typical day of eating alkaline foods (taken from my Alkaline Recipe System – click here to learn more about this):

  • Breakfast: Chai Infused Quinoa Porridge
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Alkaline Powerhouse Juice
  • Lunch: Soothing Gut Healing Soup
  • Afternoon Snack: Superfood Balls
  • Dinner: Chickpea Cashew Curry

Your daily nutrient intake would include (note not an exhaustive list):

Nutrient —–> Daily Value / RDI %
Fiber –> 346%
Protein –> 185%
Calcium –> 97%
Phosphorus –> 198%
Potassium –> 173%
Zinc –> 111%
Manganese –> 522%
Thiamin –> 158%
Riboflavin –> 135%
Niacin –> 104%
B6 –> 234%
Folate –> 512%
Magnesium –> 217%
Vitamin E –> 115%
Iron –> 176%
Vitamin A –> 1580%
Vitamin C –> 669%
Vitamin K –> 4432%

This is just a snapshot, and of course, is only indicative (although pretty accurate) – as you might vary the ingredients slightly, maybe you will still add a little high-quality meat (totally fine – keep it organic and high quality though), or some fish and so on.

But you can see from this, there is a wide range of essential nutrients all covered off, and let’s face it, it’s FAR better than the typical western diet.

Key Takeaway: by eating alkaline, which as we’ve shown – scientifically – the alkaline diet works – it’s proven to be highly beneficial, you will be hitting ALL of your nutritional needs. Just think how this would compare to the crappy standard Western diet of some of your friends and family (who might just poke fun at your new way of eating…)

Again, it’s important to note here that you can stay relaxed. As I have eluded to above, you can still eat meat and fish if you like. You can increase some of the stuff you like, and decrease the things you don’t love. You can have cheat meals, heck you can have cheat days or cheat-entire-holidays! As long as you keep coming back to the core fundamentals, you’ll keep getting results

It’s Common Sense, Has Room to Have Fun & Isn’t About Giving Everything Up

This is where I believe my style and methods of teaching you to get alkaline really gives you a huge benefit.

The alkaline diet, the way I teach it, is all about making it easy to get started, easy to stick to, delicious, enjoyable, fun and relaxed.

It’s my belief that unless it is all these things then it’s simply too hard for most people.

The way I teach involves: No stress, no cravings, no beating yourself up over little mistakes or moments-of-weakness, no giving everything up…life is meant to be fun and food is meant to be enjoyable.

Here’s why the Alkaline Diet works:

Easy to Start: as you’ve seen in your beginner’s ‘Get Started Guide and Alkaline Food Charts‘ I have you focus on just the core, most important things that will make the biggest difference. To begin with, this is all you need to worry about. Get started, get momentum, and feel the benefits. Once you’ve got that sorted, you can move onto the next thing…

Easy to Stick To: if you start with my ‘crowd out the bad’ philosophy (which if you haven’t seen yet, I’ll email you about shortly), and focus on just getting the good stuff in for now without worrying about giving stuff up, you’ll find this SO easy to stick to.

Delicious: OF COURSE! My recipes are always created with enjoyment in mind. Food, to me, is a pleasure. And I believe food can both be fuel and delicious at the same time. My recipes have to tick both of those boxes or I don’t post them!

You’ve gotten your Ten Starter Recipes when you started with me.

But if you’d like more recipes, plus my menu plans for weight loss, inflammation, skin conditions, fatigue and more – check out my Alkaline Recipe System here.

It makes things even easier 🙂

Enjoyable, Fun & Relaxed: of course it has to be all of these things. With the way I teach the alkaline diet, you never have to give up everything, you can still have meals and nights out with friends, you can still have cheat meals, cheat days and cheat holidays.

You can still relax and have fun.

I make it easy for you to integrate the core, most important stuff into your daily habits, so it puts it on autopilot.

This is another reason why the alkaline diet works and works so well – you barely even notice you’re doing it!

It just becomes second nature.

But you feel and look AMAZING!

So Why Does The Alkaline Diet Work So Well? How Could it NOT?

It’s nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, easy to stick to, scientifically proven, gives you room to have fun and relax, gives your body everything it needs to thrive, is nutritionally balanced and most of all…


With this knowledge, reassurance, and confidence in the diet in mind – let’s go forth and make your biggest, BIGGEST health goals a reality for you.

I’d love to hear your goals – so post below in the comments what you want to achieve with the alkaline diet. Who knows I might even be able to give you a few pointers right away 🙂


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  1. Shirley Reply

    I’m a little confused to see lentils as an alkaline food as I’ve read that it’s acidic. I’d love to include lentils in my alkaline diet.
    I’ve been following an alkaline diet since being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022. I feel great considering I’ve been through chemotherapy and just had surgery. Radiation is next. I want to do everything possible to rid myself of cancer and make sure it doesn’t return. How strict do you think I need to be? I’d like to be able to include an acidic meal on special occasions when dining out.
    I will be ordering your system soon, it looks great!

  2. Fred Stewart Reply

    Hi Ross thank you for the above explanation about why the alkaline works well. It is good information and thought provoking information. I have recently started doing something about what you have been saying about the alkaline diet. For the last 3 weeks I blend two stalks of of celery some carrot and a couple of pieces of raw fresh ginger with a glassful of filtered and boiled water first thing in the morning and have only that. this juice is about 350ml. I then wait 1 hour and then have breakfast which is about 3/4 cup of oat/bran and dried fruit museli with soy milk and a cup of normal tea with soy milk. I do not consume any dairy products. This is just a small start for me. I have been told that having this juice mix first thing after I awake and not have anything to eat for 1 hour is the best time for absorption by the body. Could I please have your comment on this? thank you. Regards, Fred

  3. Thelm a Schumacher Reply

    Need to clear out cancer from my body to give me a fighting veggies and fruit need protein ideas besides meat and nuts.

  4. Patricia Harris Reply

    Thank you for helping so many people. My question is, do I need to make every meal alkaline? My husband is a big meat eater and refuses to get on this journey with me. I have myeloproliferative disease, which if not controlled leads to luekimeia. I have limited funds and it’s hard to buy for separate meals. Thank you for all you do. I am sure there are things I can “slip in ” on him???? also what brand of olive oil is true pure olive oil?

  5. Jackie Reply

    Hi! I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I know that acidifying foods contribute to bone loss, but Is there any evidence it can actually help promote healthy bone development? I’m not looking for a cure, but clearly want to do everything I can,

  6. Prabha Reply

    Mr Ross you are really doing a very good job for the mankind. If we opt for Alkali diets we remain healthy for ever. I am ardent lover of nature and running Community FM Radio Station in Aligarh, UP, India. We keep on broadcasting such programs to wash the brain of the people as most of them are not aware of the alkali foods.
    Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information with me. One thing I would love to clarify that how can I put on weight while consuming alkaline diet. Kindly suggest. Yes one thing more that I am pure vegetarian
    Kindly also let me know which part are putting up.
    Thanks and regards

  7. Noor Reply

    Hi Ross,
    So far I love what i am reading! I have been forced to be sort of a vegetarian for the last 10 years since I react to fats and proteins ( especially animal fats and proteins). My body is too acidic, I suffer from hurt burn, at times ulcers and I have been on Hypertensive drugs for 6 years, am now 49. I do so well on vegetable and fruits and natural foods . However, lately I react to Nuts with too much proteins like almonds, chia and flax by having poor blood circulation, swelling of feet and becoming weak. What other sources of proteins can you recommend, otherwise I am scared, as I run out of sources of proteins.

  8. Kevin M. Reply

    Will eating alkaline foods kill toenail fungus?

    • ross Reply

      Yep – following an alkaline protocol will support the body in removing candida and other fungus. I recommend adding a tbsp of coconut oil to your diet too – proven to kill several strains of candida in the body. You could also add this topically to the toenail.

  9. Kathryn Steinfort Reply

    Hi, Ross,
    I am relatively new to your alkaline regime and enjoying, appreciating, practicing! Thank you for all your hard work. Inam glad I joined and received the recipe books, etc. One suggestion I have is to provide some Table of Contents to help find recipes when you want to make the dish again.

    Question: In reading the weekly newsletters, I though I had read suggestions or recipes for snacks, bars, cookies, made with almond butter. So far, I cannot find them again. Was I reading something else? Will Paleo snack made with almond butter be true to your alkaline diet?

    Thanks for your consideration and reply to my question.
    K Steinfort

  10. Alida Coetsee Reply

    Hi Ross, My daughter was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago. She was put on a alkaline diet, andnher latest scan showed no trace of cancer!. THANK GOD.
    You can takenme off your email list, plse, she has all and recipes.
    Thank you for keeping me posted all the time, and God bless
    Alida Coetsee

  11. Margaret Reply

    I have GERD, Hypertension and Hypothyroidism. What is the best strategy for me to start. I need to loose 40 pounds. You look great – seems you haven’t aged at all. I want that. I love you for your dedication and commitment to helping others..

    • ross Reply

      Hey Margaret

      All three of those can be so tightly related – you’re really looking at imbalance in all three of those symptoms. Imbalance of digestion, the endocrine system and the acid-buffering system. They all interlink and have a knock on effect to one another. I am going to be teaching how to do an alkaline cleanse in my next free workshop which is starting the 6th September – so definitely look out for that – I believe doing a cleanse will work WONDERS for you with these three symptoms.

      I would definitely try to work on what I call my Four Core Actions of:

      1) plenty of greens every day without fail (best and most easily done with a daily green juice or smoothie)
      2) lots of hydration – aiming for 3-4 litres daily
      3) lots of healthy fats – coconut oil and omega 3
      4) turmeric every day – in teas, juices, smoothies, soups, stews – however you can get it!

      You can search my site for tons of info on each of those four. If you can embed those into your life daily – and then do a cleanse – you’ll be a long way towards your goals.


  12. Edson Reply

    Hi Ross, my wife has been facing kidney stone problems. Do you believe that an alkaline diet could prevent or even dissolve kidney stones? Are you aware of any research on this to share? Thanks.

  13. Mary Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Can the alkaline diet help me
    I have red eye lids at the moment which are very sore.??

    Regards Mary.

    • ross Reply

      Oh definitely – this can be an early sign of psoriasis or eczema. Definitely up your greens, hydration and oils – you’ll see a quick impact from that.

  14. Ron Griffiths Reply

    how good is litmus paper as a guide to acid/alkaline, also is it good indicator if i put in my mouth or urine sample?

  15. Peggy Berwick Reply

    Why do we use the word “diet”.

    It should be the “Alkaline Foods Lifestyle”

    • ross Reply

      Absolutely 🙂

  16. Michael Hewitt Reply

    Hi there Ross just like to thank you for all the great info you have sent to me, it is very interesting on how food can affect the body, my wife suffers with chronic nerve pain and chronic fatigue due to underactive thyroid and also had anemia in the past. do you think this would be the way to go forward . also a very quick one my son of 11years n o led suffers with very my skin do you think he would be able to do this. Thank you for your time micheal Hewitt.

  17. João Francisco Duarte Reply

    Espinafre tem acido oxalico, então quanto devo comer com segurança por dia?

    • ross Reply

      Olá, você não precisa se preocupar com o teor de ácido oxálico nos espinafres – isso é um mito. Vou gravar um vídeo nesta semana. Obrigado Ross

  18. tracybowering Reply

    Ross hi I’m so glad I saw your website I was sort of following an American way on the alkeline diet I was eating so much fruit yes I have lost weight and yes I have stopped rating fruit oh yes I believe in this way of life I myself am a spiritual healer and I can also see what a genuine kind person you are I do need some help can I still enjoy rice and olives I don’t eat meat or fish anymore I am happy about that I have also put two people on this diet the girl has a lot of problems and the young chap in his teens has started to give up sugar and he already feels better it was ment to be I found you love and light be with you god bless you my dear friend

  19. Howard Reply

    Please send me your FIVE favourite or best meals on a budget (they must be highly interesting to the taste).
    These can be from your alkaline recipe books volume 1 or 11.
    Tell me also the most beneficial snack according to you.

    Your absolute winning juice.

    Finally which nut should one eat mainly on a daily basis.

    THANK YOU………….Ross. P.S. just give page numbers as I have these two books

  20. Mary Rose Barry Reply

    I work alot. I love being on a more alkaline diet. I actually, am working on keeping my ph really high, because I had cancer last year. I take baking soda and honey at night. This has been keeping my ph high and I’m trying to eat healthier. For breakfast I have Irish oatmeal with chopped walnuts or almonds and blue berries and flax…then Im having a chopped salad later. My problem with recipes that I got….they required too much work to put together.Im sure they are fabulous when they are made…but I would need to go buy those ingredients then spend more time then I usually do to make them
    Mary Rose

  21. Susan Kelley Reply

    I REALLY don’t like to cook…3-4 ingredients are it for me…l am reading a lot about alkaline eating but nothing is simple with the recipes…l live alone and eat standing up a lot…..l want as simple as l can get for a meal…..what do I do to eat this way ?…..

  22. tracybowering Reply

    It all is fantastic I have been working on this diet for about two month now I am very spiritual and was told to give. Up meat completely I have just seen on tv what the health it made me feel extremely sick unfortunate ly I can not comite to your group as much as I would like as I can not afford it but will be very grateful for your emails as and when

  23. zamfira Reply

    I am BRACA 1, ovarian stage II and breast cancer stage III.
    Presently i am in remission. I had chemo and radiations. What to do to detox my body of all the chemicals.
    Please give me more info. for my condition. What do you think about baking soda with lemon.

    • Triz Reply

      I have a tough problem. I have been eating vegetarian but more of the acidic foods than alkaline. Now after a doctor visit i am told i need a hip replacement. My cartilege is almost gone and i have had at least five years of excruciating pain trying to lift my right leg. My thigh and groin burn. But after just two days of creative alkalinizing i am improving. I am hoping my hip joint will recover. The Jarrow minerals are so much cheaper that i know i could afford them. I am praising God for the beautiful foods He has made that are changing the way i feel. Thanks for posting all of this info. It is giving me hope 🙂

  24. Sophie Reply

    SO I eat NOTHING but vegetables (carrots, celery, raw broccoli) for breakfast and lunch and snack. I have a cup of coffee in the morning only water the rest of the day. But for dinner, still healthy I am a vegetarian but still if I want pasta and sauce for dinner that is what I will eat.I do my best to stay away from refine sugar, read labels etc. I am NOT trying to lose weight I am 5’5″ 122# (52yrs old 2kids). I feel great. I am never hungry. QUESTIONS: Are my dinners going to mess up my hard work?

  25. Sheila Allum Reply

    Hi Ross
    My main reason for considering this diet lifestyle is to increase my bone density as I have osteoporosis and have spent four years on a drug which now is not working and in fact could be making the bones more brittle. There is no specific mention of this in any of what I have read so far on your site although the Bone Health sites is where I first heard about 80/20? I live on a small island in Malaysia and although we have an abundance of Malaysian leafy veg some other foods are not easy to get and are expensive. I do appreciate that I also need to exercise regularly etc etc. Would appreciate your thoughts.

  26. Walter Sorochan Reply

    You make claims that I would like to believe in. But you do not show any researched documented evidence to support your claims. You are expressing an opinion. What background do you have that makes you an expert in this pH field? There is common sense support for eating a whole plant food diet that can be similar to an alkali diet. But your presentation lack the science behind it!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Walter – I don’t follow – there are a bunch of studies listed on this page, and thousands referenced throughout my site.


  27. Anne Heerikhuisen Reply

    I´m very into eating very healthy, I´m only worried about the double-side of healthy
    What about anti-nutriënts?
    What about digestion problems with raw food like vegetables and fruits? I get with allmost everything I eat a bloating stomach. Also my little child has problems with digesting raw foods.
    What about the enzymes you need that are destroyed when heating any food?
    Hope you can help me!

  28. Rosie Reply

    Hi Ross I am eating an alkaline diet for my bone health, diagnosed osteoporotic. Do you have any specific guidance. Rosie

    • ross Reply

      Hey Rosie

      If you check out my Alkaline Base Camp membership here – we just did a whole month of deep dive on bone health (Stronger Bones Month) – you can access all of that training, meal plans, recipes and guides here:


  29. lois davison Reply

    Hi Ross

    I am really interested and appreciating all your articles.

    My husband has had one dose of chemo but has reacted badly to it. There is a question mark whether he can continue with it. We are concentrating on improving his diet to help fight the cancer and the alkaline diet seems the best one to follow. However, he has lost a lot of weight and I am concerned about his calorie intake. It would be easy to feed him high calorie food to put weight back on but obviously totally against the principles of the alkaline diet. Do you have any suggestions on how he can eat enough to at least maintain if not put weight on? Thank you.

  30. Lacy A. Reply

    I grew up on a farm eating things we grew in the garden 76 years ago. I am pretty healthy now except varicose veins in my legs. It is hard for me to quickly explain my experience with doctors. Maybe we can communicate more on that later. But let me say that the only reason I see for going to a doctor is to get something sown up because of an accident. I had blood work done once when it war required that I have a physical for a CDL. The doctor seemed irate at the fact that my blood work was like a teenager. He said, “your doing something special aren’t you? Said he didn’t want to know what it was but just wanted a yes or no answer. I have only been to a doctor for medical advice about once or twice when I was too young to know better. Thanks much for your work, I plan to adjust some in my own diet to include more veggies. I grow garlic on our little place, hopefully to sell, and am trying to get into more herbs and herb teas.

  31. Caroline Marchesi Reply

    Hi Ross
    How important is it to purchase organic vegetables and if not, how important is it to soak the regular vegetables in vinegar water to eliminate chemicals? Thank you Caro

  32. Donna Reply

    Hi:) So very happy. Stumbled upon this and have been trying this (the way we should eat) alkaline food intake. Truthfully speaking, I have been fatigued for years. Finally, this makes complete sense. My eyes are open & my way back to whom I am designed to be is taking place. I am so very proud of you to complete your journey and research. Please know that you have helped me immensely to be beautiful inside and out. I will have to send a before and after:) Kudos to you! I do have a question. Can you make some meats alkaline? Which meats have lower acid? I am praying my children embrace this with me. Thanks again! For memory has painted us this perfect day with colors that will never change, and at the end of the day, we may discover the very soul of a friend that we have made- Patrick Miles-Overton.

  33. Christine Cener Reply

    I have been working with a well-known nutritionist because I want to treat my osteoporosis naturally, at least for as long as possible. She advocates alkaline diet, but frankly is not teaching it well. My questions are:

    1. Can I work with you but keep the products (supplements) I am already using? They are extremely high quality and my functional doc approves of them as top quality.

    2. Are you working with osteoporotic clients? What is your experience with them?

  34. Katie Reply

    Hi Ross I seem to have lost your e mail offering the two recipe books and would love to buy them. I really must make a start.

  35. Fred Reply

    A hard line alkaline, nutrient dense, low glycemic, chemical free diet will cure cancer because it creates a “Terrain” that in unfriendly to almost all all all disease.

  36. Fred Reply

    you missed the main justification – it ups the bloods capacity to carry oxygen that is our immune system. If we are alkaline, slow breath to get CO2 then the oxygen jumps or to 20 times more.
    almost all disease is anaerobic so oxygen…actually O1 not O2 is poison . yes cancer dies

    The cure for anaerobic pathogens fred wittig updated 15 Feb 2017
    Cancer, MS, Malaria, MRSA, Sepsis, chronic Arthritis, Diabetes, Aids, worms, Lyme’s, acne, colds, flu, virus and more………..

    There is a common characteristic for almost all invaders that makes them vulnerable. (Warburg}
     They are all anaerobic !   They can not live in an oxygen rich environment    Really?   Can we just change the terrain and they will stop growing and die? Yes by increasing the available oxygen in our body, meaning a single free radical oxygen atom 01 not 02. Ozone, H2O2, MMS(CLO2), Vit C, calcium Hypochlorite, and more.

    Start here with the Terrain Approach to Wellness (Bernard)
    1. Decide you really want to live and why you are worth it to your family and community. Think – Say… YES!

    2. You are now more motivated to change your diet to be sugar carb free, nutrient dense, alkaline, and minimum toxins. This will shift your body pH up so the tissue can hold more oxygen/poison to pathogens.
    3. To up the tissue oxygen more we also need CO2.  Let’s do slow shallow breathing “Buteyko” Pause a few seconds at the bottom of your relaxed meditative exhale like falling asleep. 10/min? less is best.

  37. Saman Reply

    Hi Ross 5 Feb 2017
    I am from India.
    I am really LUCKY and HAPPY to have come across your page.
    Will it be ok if we have alkaline diet as prescribed by you and have Apple cider with baking soda along side to address my acidity and inflammation in my joints.I am hypothyroid and have type 2 diabetes.
    I would love to be advised by you.
    Take care.Have a nice day.

  38. Cathy McGrath Reply

    Hi I have been diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in my leg got early stages and hopefully curable, I have had my radiotherapy and surgery, just in recovery. Very interested in your alkaline diet , but do not wish to loose any weight , would need to maintain my weight. I am worried if I stick totally will my weight decline, if I give up porridge, bread , yogurts and potatoes. Wondering can I have small portions of these daily.


  39. Dan Pongallo Reply

    Hello. I’ve been seeking out diets to help control my recent onset of rosacea. I came across your site and thought I’d ask if you have any information around the alkaline diet helping in this area? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

  40. Paula Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have been truly dedicated to the alkaline diet for about 10 years. Recently found that I am seriously Histamine Intolerant due to a lack of Diamine Oxidase in my gut apparently from Leaky Gut caused by a parasitic and fungal infection years ago. My first question is HOW? High histamine in my body causes severe facial swelling. So many of the Alkalizing foods I have depended on all of these years are high histamine producers: spinach, avocado, tomato, lemon, lime, grapefruit, eggplant. As long as I stay away from them, no swelling. I am at a loss! I want to stay alkaline, but my choice of foods has been dramatically reduced. Have you studied Histamine Intolerance and how the Alkaline diet affects or helps?

  41. Kashmyra Reply

    Is your alkaline book a raw food book …what percentage raw? I am a raw fooder and Iridologist , Yoga, Pilates teacher and anti-aging coach

  42. Lorraine Reply

    Are you married ???

  43. JoAnn Miller Reply

    I (JoAnn) am learning all about the Alkaline Diet for a very special friend that was diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive bladder cancer that has (since Aug.27th a tumor in the bladder removed), but after CT Scan w/contrast & recently a PET CT, have shown the cancer cells have spread to the pelvis, abdomen,ovaries. We went to a Medical Marijuana Dr. to get a “card” so Carol(my friend) could purchase CBD Oil. The Dr. also told Carol she wanted her on an Alkaline Diet and 1 gram of CBD oil. So as she is very sick I am researching and learning about this for her. Carol is to start Chemo very soon and we have an app’t with a Urologist on Nov. 17th to see if surgery is in order but until then I am trying ALL I can to HELP her body to combat this horrible diagnoses. I am like a sister to her and dang if we’re going to let this Cancer win without a heck of a fight.

  44. Maria Reply

    I’ve been doing the alkaline diet for about 3 weeks. I lost 5 lbs then gained it back then lost a couple more again. I’ve been up and down between these five lbs. I walk and jog 6 days a week. I drink fresh veg juice twice a day as a snack and lemon water all day long. I eat 80% veggies and small amounts of protein. When will the lbs really start to come off? I feel great and look better but I want to lose 30 lbs.

  45. Asif Tajik Reply

    Hello Ross,
    i have recently been disgonsed with prostrate cancer which is in intermediate stage and would want to get my body less stressed as head that letting it easily achiever the PH of 7.3 helps such cancers
    I am 57 years old and have started hormonal tratement which is what has been perscribed for me. However, have now sifted to a diet of vegetables which also include mushrooms, eat fruits like Pomegranates & bananas and also take raw ginger (about 50 mg/ day with some yogurt, I am regular at exercising and spend around 1.5 hours a day in the gym lifting weights and on tread mill. Walnuts and pistachios are my favorite nuts along with some almonds. i eat a lot of fish done in turmeric and garlic. Take chicken some times, but like once a week
    Just wanted to know if I Can I eat things like eggs, and drink skim milk and if what I am following is good to go ?
    Warm regards

  46. Gabriella Reply

    Hi Ross,
    If your pH level is constant and cannot be changed, then why is it, that everyone shows a different level of pH when testing it with with pH strips, some show acidic and some show alkaline?

  47. Kaye Sproule Reply

    Hi Ross I am 73 – have Barretts – keep good health etc. Apple cider Vinegar – should I be using this or not? I am confused

  48. Samantha Reply

    Hi Ross!
    I am a 26 year old woman who has been dealing with many problems in the last year and a half. I started gaining weight rather quickly (though not changing my diet), I started suffering from fatigue and extremely bad headaches (sometimes even migraines). Though seeing many doctors they feel they couldn’t find what was wrong with me. In their experimenting I ended up in the hospital because my muscles were breaking down too quickly and again the doctors did not have an answer for me. “There are too many things that could cause this” is what I kept hearing. After much research on my own I found your website, what an improvement going alkaline has made. I need to follow your how to get started plan a little better, I tried too much too soon I think, but I felt amazing!
    My question is how can I incorporate more alkalizing foods to improve my energy, as that is one of the biggest struggles I deal with right now?

  49. Kathleen Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for the fabulous website!
    I am a 63 yr old female diagnosed with osteoporosis at the young age of 40. I am quite healthy otherwise and thought I was eating well until I began researching how an improper Ph balance affects the bones. I now realize that I am continually robbing my bones of precious calcium. I am also aware that putting more calcium in, especially in the form of supplements, is not the answer as most health care professionals would like us to believe. I just need to stop stripping the calcium out with each bite of food that is not properly balanced. What nutrients rich foods, in your opinion, are the best to begin the bone healing process?
    Thanks, again!

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Kathleen. If you eat a varied alkaline based diet you’ll get the minerals needed for bone healing – calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and so on. It’s a double process of removing the acid-forming foods that rob the body of these minerals, while also putting more in with the alkaline-forming veggies.


    • Christine Cener Reply

      Kathleen, I would love to know more about your experience! I am 66, just recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, and am both confused and frightened. May I email you?

  50. Patricia Clews Reply

    I am 74 and have always tried to eat healthily, only purchasing fresh food and making all my own bread, main meals, varied salads and drinking lots of water. So 3 years ago I was shocked to discover I have severe kidney problems resulting in 3 monthly visits to the hospital Nefrologist. Need to reduce my very high uric acid level which is the reason I wish to seriously follow the Alkaline eating plan. Thank you for the info received so far and also the excellent free downloads which are very helpful.

  51. Adriana Reply

    Fiiiiiiiiiinally someone talks about the truth of the alkaline diet!! Great post! Regards from Mexico

    • ross Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  52. Dave Reply

    I was diagnosed with Barrets esophagus. This alkaline diet can only help me. I started it 3 weeks ago…. I Feel better… No caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, I can give this up to live longer.

  53. Monica Pettelle Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I am learning so much from you and enjoying your style!
    A little history: I ‘m a 66 year old female, relatively active 5′ 7″ 162 lbs. I have been taking prilosec and nexium for 10 years because I had gotten yo the point where I couldn’t eat or drink anything without a serious burning sensation in my esophagus. An endoscopy showed ulcers on my esophagus….aargh! Prilosec was prescribed and I was told to take it “for the rest of my life”. I found when I tried to stop the burning was back with a vengeance.
    New research is suggesting that an inflammatory process may be at the root of the disease….surprise surprise!
    I have been guilty of indulging in acidic bad habits…, chocolate, sugar and bread but otherwise eat a good diet with lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains, fish, chicken and little to no red meat.I have recently ditched the coffee, chocolate, sugar and am substituting sprouted grain bread once a day. Oh did I mention that I have stopped the Prilosec? It’s a battle. I do have Zantac on hand when I can’ t handle the burn. I have been drinking a swallow of Apple cider vinegar diluted that will quell the fire temporarily.
    BUT….I am in in for the long haul and am going to keep working on changing the underlying problem of too much acidity….I appreciate all you are doing to educate and support those of us who are seeking to restore health to our bodies.

  54. andrew Reply

    Hey ross andrew hear from los angeles I’m on day 2 of the alkaline diet can u give me a list of foods specific to skin diseases mostly rosacea and dry flaky skin thanks man feeling better already.

  55. Marianne Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have been told by the doctor that my blood is too acidic. You said our blood’s ph stays the same always. I am a bit confused – what should I do?

  56. Sue Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I am just starting out with an anti-inflammatory diet and came across your alkaline one.
    Gonna include your information in my own quest to be healthy. I like the way you have laid out the diet so simply. Simple is what I want and need right now. So many others say that you need to eat this and that and all these other foods that I know nothing about, or worse…you cannot eat____???
    I like things SIMPLE!!!
    I am dealing with obesity, osteoarthritis and inflammation right now. Not to mention several other diseases that are in control or in remission. Need to watch so many things in my diet these days. Hoping that your alkaline diet will help me reach me goals…by eating healthy, losing weight and keeping my muscle mass(Yea!)
    Thanks for all your information…took notes on the videos and am going to eat breakfast with your suggestions in mind.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Sue

      Thanks so much for your kind words and good luck on this journey! There is an awesome series coming soon from the Truth About Cancer team that I will be supporting and I highly recommend you check it out – it should be available in April and it’s totally free of charge.


  57. George Reply

    I suffer from psoriasis – would alkaline diet help in anyway.
    Also I am 73 years old and I really would not like to lose muscle density !


    • Mike Reply

      Hi George I was covered from head to foot in psoriasis for 17 years, had tons of steroids and lots of UV treatment, none of it had any lasting effect
      I did a 40 day alkaline juice fast and my psoriasis has just about gone
      I’m now fully alkaline in my diet and am seeing the last of the psoriasis disappearing fast

  58. Jitka Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for all the great info. I have attended UPW this October (2015) for the first time and after I got home, i have changed my whole lifestyle. I started alkaline diet and I’m proud to report an amazing improvement with my health, energy, and weight loss. I have a question, Tony talked about 10 day green cleanse when you only drink pure energy green and green soups, no foods, as I understand it. However, I can’t find any info regarding this cleanse. I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you

  59. BRONWEN Reply


    • ross Reply

      Hey Bronwen

      Congrats on your fight and determination you clearly have in abundance. I can’t really recommend anything for a condition that is medically diagnosed and under treatment, but it sounds like you’re doing all the right things.


  60. craig Reply

    HI, great post. I am about to start my journey into alkaline diet.
    I have read that parasites within the body cant thrive if there is more acid in the stomach.
    If alkaline reduces acid does this increase the parasites within the body or is this a different form of acid? Does an Alkaline diet reduce parasites?


    • ross Reply

      Hi Craig

      Interesting question. First and foremost, nothing you do with your diet will stop the stomach producing hydrochloric acid, and the production of hydrochloric acid is actually very very important to maintaining a proper pH balance. Contrary to what most people think, the stomach isn’t just a pit of hydrochloric acid (HCl) waiting for food to drop in, it produces specific quantities of it depending on the food you eat, and then balancing quantities of sodium bicarbonate to balance this out as the food then passes onto the next step of digestion.

      So eating alkaline actually means a more healthy amount of HCl is made, not less. Parasites won’t be more or less likely to survive the incredibly strong acid of the stomach due to alkaline foods being eaten – if they can survive a pH that low, they will survive it no matter what you eat.

      The alkaline diet won’t necessarily directly reduce (or remove) parasites, but it will get the body in an optimal state to fight them.

      Think of it this way – if you had a parasite, which two diets would you think are more likely to help or hinder:

      1) fresh vegetables, green foods, healthy fats and oils, nuts, seeds, salads, lots of filtered water, exercise, moderate proteins and so on…


      2) processed foods, gluten, sugar, yeast, dairy, sweets, trans and hydrogenated fats, fast foods, takeaways and so on…

      1 is the alkaline approach and 2 is an acidic diet.

      Interestingly – eating alkaline foods doesn’t reduce the amount of acidity in the stomach, and

  61. Teresa Mazur Reply

    I am confused as to whether lentils are alkaline forming or acid forming. On the list you sent me they are listed on both sides. Please clarify. Thank you! I am realizing it is going to take a year or more to get myself healthy. I am grateful for your emails as I enter my alkalizing for life journey.

    • ross Reply

      Hi there – it depends on their preparation and storage. I tend to say eat in moderation as a lot of sources of lentils are stored/prepared in a way that encourages them to grow mycotoxins and yeasty bacterias (similar to peanuts).

      A great source of protein, but yep – one to have in a side, rather than as a main.

  62. Frances Akubuilo Reply

    Thanks so much for listing some research articles/journals! I am the kind of person that likes to have proof as well. It will be very helpful to look into those.

    • ross Reply

      Nice one Frances – the more time goes on the more important it is – there are a LOT of health sites making unsubstantiated claims out there.

  63. Joren Reply

    When I read it, it all sounds so damn logical! It’s funny people still claim it to be nonsenses. It’s the only flawless diet I have ever seen, because I’m sure this is the natural way for a human to live. I once went to the zoo, and I saw these big, huge gorillas eat a sh*t load of salad and other vegetables, and it made me realize our ancient ancestors might still be smarter than most of the people around the world when it comes to their diet.

    • ross Reply

      Totally agree Joren – totally agree.