Seven WARM Nourishing Alkaline Breakfasts for Cold, Wintery Mornings

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With cold, frosty mornings drawing close – wouldn’t you love something warming, nourishing and satisfying to start the day?

So winter drawing close for a lot of people and the thought of a cold juice or smoothie at breakfast is not one that warms the heart…

You feel like you need something warm for breakfast, but don’t want to fall back to traditional, unhealthy standard breakfast foods (that are all so processed, gluten-containing, acidic, inflammatory, junk, sugary foods)…

So to help you out with these cold, winter mornings, here are SEVEN of my most popular WARM alkaline breakfast recipes:

Seven Warming, Nourishing Alkaline Breakfasts

1. Gluten-Free Buckwheat & Pumpkin Pancakes

buckwheat and pumpkin breakfast pancakes

These pancakes are quick, nourishing, totally alkaline and gluten-free – PLUS they contain a big hit of potassium – brilliant for your kidneys, liver, adrenal health and your brain. You can top them with coconut yoghurt, fruit, nuts & seeds, a little brown-rice syrup, lemon, lime, orange – whatever you like!

Click here for the Buckwheat & Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

2. Quinoa & Apple Breakfast Warmer


This 80% alkaline breakfast is warming, filling and absolutely packed with nutrients – Quinoa is a powerhouse of protein, fibre and minerals and this wonderfully simple brekkie will fill you up and keep you FULL of energy.

Click here for the Quinoa & Apple Breakfast Warmer Recipe

3. The Ultimate Simple Alkaline Breakfast


This is truly the ULTIMATE Alkaline Breakfast – You get abundant quantities of healthy fats, a solid 25g protein, 2-3 serves of green foods, a huge range of antioxidants AND it’s warming, filling, delicious and FAST!

Click here for the Ultimate Simple Alkaline Breakfast Recipe

4. Chai-Infused Vanilla Quinoa Porridge


I LOVE the chai flavours in this nutrient dense, high protein porridge. I wonderful way to start the day (when you’re not in the mood for broccoli)!

Click here for the Chai-Infused Vanilla Quinoa Porridge Recipe

5. Super-Nutrient Breakfast Bowl


With super tasty sweet potato chips and avocado this breakfast bowl is delicious and perfect for those lazy weekend mornings.

Click here for the Super-Nutrient Breakfast Bowl Recipe

6. Alkaline Baked Bean Salsa Brekkie

alkaline breakfast: baked bean salsa

This breakfast ticks pretty much every box – it’s warm, filling, satisfying AND contains all of those most essential breakfast nutrients: protein, fibre, fat AND greens!

It’s super quick and easy to make too. I’m sure you’re going to love it as much as I do!

Click here for the Alkaline Baked Bean Salsa Brekkie Recipe

7. Simple Alkaline Oats (GF)

alkaline oats bowl

It’s a common concern that oats contain gluten, largely because they’re rarely listed as gluten free. However, oats, in nature are actually 100% GF. If you are a hyper-sensitive coeliac you should always look for gluten-free oats – but all this means is that they have been milled in a facility that has NO other gluten-containing grains milled there. This is the only reason most oats are not listed as GF – because they’re milled in the same facility as wheat, spelt etc. If you’re not coeliac then you have nothing to worry about – the tiny trace of wheat is no concern.

So with that being said – this is a great mainstay of my weekly breakfast menu because it’s fast, easy, protein, fibre and fat-rich and fills you up for hours.

I tend to couple it with a green juice or green smoothie too so I’m also getting plenty of greens.

Click here for the Simple Alkaline Oats Recipe

So there you have it – that’s seven delicious ideas for having a WARM, alkaline breakfast that will see you through those cold winter months in a healthy, nourished, satisfied way.

Enjoy and if you have any suggestions of your own let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lil Reply

    Where is the delicious granola recipe that was posted about a month ago, Ross…
    I can’t locate it, unfortunately…

    Lillian Schneider

  2. Susan Reply

    In Canada we are coming into spring, but I love Warm breakfasts. Can’t wait to try these delicious sounding & looking breakfast! Thanks Ross.😋😋

  3. Lorraine Reply

    Hi, you recently sent me an email with two books for sale, one was for alkaline desserts. I have recently had a problem with my emails and lost most of them. Could you please send it again. Thanks.

  4. SB Reply

    I’ve been looking for warm breakfasts as well, and they could not have come at a better time. Although it’s Spring in the US, I still want something hearty and satisfying to get the day off right. Also, fell off the wagon a little, and really notice the difference when eating more alkaline foods.

  5. Aardy Willow Reply

    Thank you so much for these great breakfast ideas. I need a solid warm breakfast for a very long work day and these give me plenty of new directions. Ross, I am healing and that is the most amazing thing. I follow you with determination. You have turned my health (life) around. You are blessed.

  6. anne ludlow Reply

    Good morning Ross, I’ve asked you this before but didn’t get an answer so I’ll try again.
    How can I order your books from a Spanish account in euros? And is there is any delivery charge to Spain?