Tiny Changes for HUGE Results

Three Simple Steps for Huge Health & Energy

In my last video The ONE THING we talked about that one, single thing you need to focus on for vibrant health – giving your body all of the tools it needs to thrive – and if that was the WHAT, this video is the HOW. In this video I give you three super simple, quick – but POWERFUL daily habits. If you practice these tiny changes daily, the results will be huge.

I show you what they are…and how to put them into practice. You’ll love how amazing you feel just from making these few tiny changes…


Resources & Guides to Support You:



These are a few of the brands of coconut oil and omega 3 oils I like:

Nordic Naturals
Udo’s Choice
Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

If you need more convincing on the saturated fats front, here’s my guide to the TRUTH about saturated fat.


Here is the Hydration Cheat Sheet I mentioned which will help you easily get to your goal amount of water each day!

Transcript of Video

Getting to the health of your dreams is a LOT easier than you’ve been led to believe.

Hi, I’m Ross Bridgeford, founder of Live Energized and over the past 14 years I have helped tens of thousands of people get to their dream health, energy and vitality – through a simple, but powerful approach to nutrition – and in this video I’m going to give you THREE of the most efficient, and effortless ways you can make this a reality in your life.

Reaching your health goals is not supposed to be a hard slog, it’s supposed to be enjoyable, and the reality is, you can make a huge difference, take a giant leap forwards to whatever your health goals are – with just a handful of consistent, daily habits. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today. In my last video we talked about THE ONE THING – the one thing you need to focus on as your big picture approach to your health – we talked about how your body is constantly striving for balance – and to effortlessly maintain it’s homeostasis – and how the ONE THING we need to focus on is simply giving it the tools it needs to thrive.

And in this video I’m going to give you a few of those tools.

So if you’re a beginner, just starting out on your health journey – OR if you’re someone who’s been doing this a while – maybe you’ve gotten sick of taking one step forward and one step back over and over – these three new habits are going to help you get the consistency you need to make a big inroad into your biggest health goals – very quickly, and very easily.

Just before we get into that – and this is going to be a very practical video – last time out was theory and the big picture, and this time it’s hands on – but before we start I just want to say a big thank you once again to everyone who commented and emailed me about the last video – it’s just so amazing to get feedback like that and I truly appreciate it. You guys ROCK.

I included this in my email the next day – but I loved the comment from Robert, who’s achieving amazing health, amazing fitness and incredible results even with the challenge of polycystic kidneys -and he said his specialist told him “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing whatever it is you’re doing”. Fantastic. I had a similar one in my Alkaline Base Camp coaching group – one of our member’s wife went from type 2 diabetic to not diabetic in such a short period of time her doctor simply said “I don’t understand, but whatever it is your’e doing – keep doing it”. And they say the alkaline diet is a myth…OK then…

So today – to start you on the track of creating your OWN AMAZING SUCCESS STORY – I’m going to take you through three new habits to form.

It’s going to seem too good to be true. But I absolutely assure you – massive massive change can come from just a few simple things practiced consistently. If you can make 2 or preferably all three of these a daily habit you’re going to see massive shifts. Derek Sivers once said “If more information were enough we’d all be billionaires with six pack abs” and I couldn’t agree more. IT’s easy to overcomplicate when it comes to your health.

So let’s get into these three daily habits – I call them the Three Habits to Thrive – and get you ROCKING.


They say five a day. Five a day of fruit and veg. And you know what, most people would have a bunch of fruit and feel good about that.

But still most people don’t hit five a day. And this is FRUIT AND VEG. In Australia it’s 5+2 which is better – five veg and two fruit…but still most people get nowhere near that. My rule? 5-7 serves of GREENS a day. There is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING that will do more for your health than getting five to seven serves of leafy green foods every day. The additional nutrients you’ll be getting from that is crazy good. And it’s truly not that hard. Seriously.

Think now about your food intake for the past couple of days – don’t count today as you’re half way through, but think about yesterday and the day before. If you’re like most people if you’re eating a pretty normal diet, you’d have gotten about 1-2 serves of greens in each of those days. Imagine if you were getting 5-7 serves. The abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, protein, fibre, fats (yes there is a lot of omega 3 in dark leafy greens).

But you might be asking HOW am I going to get that much a day? Simple – juices & smoothies. It’s the quickest, easiest, most bang-for-your-buck thing you can possibly do. People complaint that they don’t have enough time to make a juice every day. Well, make twice as much today and save the 2nd serve for tomorrow. Bang.

I’ve just cut your juicing time in half. And the truth – the cold hard truth – the tough love truth – is that if you have this excuse, and it is an excuse, then you need to stop lying to yourself and start making juices and smoothies. Smoothies take about 4 minutes from prep, to pour, to clean. Juices take about 7 minutes.

SEVEN MINUTES every 2 days.

Honestly, you don’t have 3.5 minutes a day.

OK, so this is the surefire guarantee to get in an extra 4-5 serves – in your juice – and below this video there are a bunch of juice and smoothie recipes for you to try. This has to become a habit. Make it a habit. Set an alarm, set reminders, get up earlier if you have to – you simply have to start having a juice or smoothie every day – packed with at least 3-4 serves but idealy 4-5 serves of greens. Think spinach, kale, watercress, beet greens, silverbeet / chard, lettuce, parsley, cilantro/ coriander, arugula/ rocket, any greens you can get your hands on!

That’s 4-5 serves a day. Just that is going to transform your life, energise your body, rejuvenate your cells.

But we can go a step further to push this up to 5-7 serves a day, really easily. It’s called the “SWEM” technique. Not really I just made that up – but SWEM theoretically stands for side-salad-with-every-meal. It’s so easy. I’ve been teaching this tip for years and it’s SO easy and powerful – you simply have to do that – have a side salad with every meal. Even if your meal is totally the same, is completely unhealthy, is as acid-forming as it gets – have a side salad with it. And by side salad – it can be as simple as just a handful or two of spinach leaves with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. That’s fine – it’s 2 more serves of greens! If you can get into this habit – you make your dinner, and then side plate – handful handful, little bit of healthy oil on top – done. You’re laughing.

This will add about 2 minutes of prep time to your lunch and dinner. But it will give you a HUGE hit of extra greens – so simple.

Done. 5-7 serves of greens a day:

Step one: juice or smoothie – you can make it every second day – yes the nutrients do start to dissipate once you leave it and it’s best to drink immediately, but I’d rather you do this 80% right and stick to it forever than do this 100% perfect for 2 days and give up.

Step two: side salad with every meal – the old SWEM technique!


This one is even easier. Healthy fats are CRITICAL to your vitality. You cannot be vital and energised if you are deficient in omega 3 and saturated fats. It is proven beyond doubt. You cannot restrict fats and be healthy. For decades we’ve been told fats are unhealthy, but this is (and I don’t want to get too deep into it now) but this is a complete lie that has been peddled by the food industry – namely the sugar industry, the low-fat industry and the grains industry.

Fats do not make you fat – the body simply does not work that way. Multiple studies have found – with hundreds of thousands of participants – that total fat intake – good or bad – does not affect mortality. Sugar does. Fat is not an influence. That’s not to say trans-fats etc. are good for you – it’s to say omega 3, saturated fats, and to a lesser extent polyunsaturated fatty acids are all beneficial to your health and you should make sure you consume enough every single day.

Now – we all tend to get enough omega 6 and 9 without really having to try – and the body needs a lot less of those anyway – but we struggle to get the right amount of omega 3 and saturated fats from healthy sources – namely coconut oil.

We should be aiming for approximately 3 tbsp of omega 3 per day and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

The coconut oil is easy to get: put it in smoothies, soups, stews, oats, you can cook with it (it’s one of the only fats that doesn’t become toxic upon exposure to heat), you can add it to practically anything, or simply warm to a liquid and take it from the spoon.

Omega 3 is a little more tricky – so I really recommend you put some focus on this as a daily habit. I do recommend you supplement as a safety net, because it its SO critical to have enough omega 3 – but I also recommend you use foods like leafy greens, flax, chia, quinoa, almonds, if you are not vegan then to have oily fish – highly preferably ocean caught and not farmed, walnuts, winter squash and more.

It can be pretty easy to get enough – if you definitely make sure you’re having a good quality omega 3 supplement each day – and you get what you pay for so don’t scrimp with this one – then that will account for 1-1.5 tablespoons per day equivalent.

To get the remainder (and you can fluctuate between 2-4 tablespoons a day – don’t worry you can’t have too much – again, it will not make you fat, that’s physically not possible – omega 3 fatty acids don’t work in that way) so to get the remainder, I recommend you:

1) add flax oil to smoothies – in the form of straight oil or as ground flax seed
2) have chia often – added to smoothies, as a chia pot (recipe below), in juices, with oats and more
3) snack on omega3 rich nuts like almonds and walnuts daily
4) get plenty of leafy greens – already covered a minute ago
5) and a big one is to make your own delicious salad dressings – idealy to go on your side salads with every meal! What I like to do is simply infuse a mix of flax and olive or avocado oil at a ratio of 3:1 flax to olive – and put it into a glass bottle, with something delicious to infuse it – basil, chilli, lemon, rosemary – you can infuse with whatever you love the taste of – and then if you’re having your two side salads with each meal – fi you have a tabelspoon of this oil as your dressing – thats a further 1.5-2 tablespoons of omega 3 in your day!

You’ve just got to be thinking – each day how can I hit a baseline minimum – without question 100% of the time, and then build from there. The supplement is your base line and then if you do just one or two of these extras, you’re going amazing and will really feel the difference.


The third and final daily habit that you have to make a MUST, without question – really – no excuses here ever ever every – is proper hydration. This is SUCH an important thing you need to do every day – it’s so simple, and so powerful – but SO MANY PEOPLE ARE DEHYDRATED! We have a culture where we’d rather take a liver-stressing pill for a headache than just drink some water. Honestly, dehydration is practically the worst thing you can be doing for your body. Worse than most foods. When you’re dehydrated every area of your body is on high stress and high alert. Your digestion clogs, your hormones go out of whack, your liver and kidneys can process toxins and neutralize acids, your immune system gets thrown out – everything works at 10% of it’s capacity and it leaves you feeling sick and tired.

All for the sake of drinking some more water.

How much I hear you ask? The mainstream convention is that weird rough 8 glasses a day. I’d ask, how big are the glasses? If they’re 500ml, that’s cool – but a) most people are drinking from 250ml glasses, and b) they’re not drinking anywhere near 8 of them.

In my research, most people are drinking a max of 1 litre (about 33 fl oz) a day – when you take away diuretics like coffee and regular tea, soda, ice tea etc. Nowhere near enough. But how much is enough? Well there is a reasonably simple formula of:

1 litre of water per 40lbs (18k or 2.85stone) of body weight

However, for most people 3-4 litres per day would be awesome.

And getting this much can be SO simple. You just have to focus on it and build the daily habit. I have found over the years that people have two challenges when it comes to getting enough hydration: 1) being able to drink that much and 2) is simply remembering to drink that much. The first of these challenges is pretty simple to overcome – you don’t have to do anything! When you’re really dehydrated, over a long period of time, it just takes a few days to a week for your body to readjust – you’ll find you probably need to go to the toilet a fair amount in that first week! But after a few days you’ll feel a difference.

The analogy I use is imagining your body like a dried out sponge. When you first run it under the tap the water just bounces right off it – barely anything gets absorbed, but after a little while, it softens and more and more and more gets absorbed and is usable. That’s like your body. The more you hydrate, the more, over a little time, your body will be able to absorb and use it. After a week I find most people are completely adapted.

And massively energised!

The second problem just takes a little focus. I have included a below my Hydration Cheat Sheet which goes into a bit more depth on this – but just take this average day in my life:

> Upon waking 500ml of lemon water or 250ml of turmeric tea and 250ml of water: water so far 500ml
> After cleaning my teeth another glass of plain water: water so far 1000ml
> Mid morning cup of herbal tea: water so far 1330ml
> Make 1 litre of iced herbal tea usually peppermint or ginger to have before and after lunch: so far 2330ml
> Another herbal tea with your mid afternoon snack: water so far 2660ml
> As I prepare dinner a glass of water: water so far 3160ml
> After dinner a cup of herbal tea: water so far 3490ml
> Before bed, a glass of warm lemon water: water finished at 3990ml

You don’t have to do much to get up to 4 litres (120 fl oz) especially if you have a few herbal teas throughout the day.

But this one simple habit will do SO MUCH for your body, your energy, your mental clarity, your hormonal balance, inflammation, digestion, alkalinity and immunity. It’s incredibly powerful to be hydrated.

When people first start out with me on one of my programs or in my Alkaline Base Camp membership and they have these challenges to overcome like fatigue, weight loss, autoimmune, hormone, digestive issues and so on – and they tell me they don’t drink a lot of water – I CELEBRATE – they are the lucky ones in a way because I know what a huge impact, and how quick that impact is going to be – for them to get a massive shift just by hydrating – that’s instantly available to start and, practically free.

Again – getting to the health of your dreams is a lot easier than you’ve been led to believe. By following these three steps and creating these three new habits you will be simultaneously alkalising, energising, nourishing and going a long way towards that one single job you have – to give your body the tools it needs to thrive.

Hydration, healthy fats and greens are three of the baseline things that your body needs to thrive – and these three habits will start getting you some great results – even if this is all that you do.

Remember – my philosophy is to make it as easy, enjoyable, effortless and FUN to get to your health goals as possible – life is about balance, it’s about enjoyment.

So start thinking now – how am I going to incorporate these habits. How can I make this happen, what steps do I need to take – in fact, what is your next step.

Write that down for me in the comments below this video – what is the very next step you’re going to take to make this happen. I’ll answer as many as I can with feedback! Let’s do this – have a great day and speak soon.

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  1. Teresa Reply

    Great way to get started! Thanks for offering these 3 habits to change my life. I’m on it! : ) Teresa

  2. Cheryl Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have my water on track and loving it, what a difference and my oils are put into everything except I have to find a supplement and thanks for your recomdations, I’ve been slowly feeling much better since I’ve been feeding my body with the right stuff, I can’t thank you enough for finally finding something that can make sense and with freedom to pick for those that are fussy. Thanks

  3. Anneliese Golubic Reply

    Hi Ross, I made about 3 cups of juice this morning, how much should I drink today and should I
    spread it out, or drink all at once? Can I save enough for tomorrow of the 3 cups?

    Thank you for your answer.


  4. lisbeth Reply

    can celery juice included in morning hydration..that’s on top of lemon water before and then some tea after be considered part of hydration. finding celery juice is having some benefits. sometimes add ginger to it

    and on the oils..i do use coconut …then also get a lot of flax sees and chia seeds a lot

    but i find the coconut oil subject still constantly have yeah and neah stories…and for cooking..specially stir fries…only coconut oil…find avocado super expensive also avocados are hi histamine which for reasons I am steering away from some of those triggers…

    even smoothies which i do actually for lunch kale and some other green and flax …sometimes a trigger from that but keep doing it

    .thank sso

  5. Donna Reply

    I tried juicing, wasnt for me. Smoothies have started to gross me out so i stopped that too. However i take vitamineral green and vitamineral earth from Healthforce Superfoods and will start taking digestion enzymes from the same company. I do eat a salad at least once a day. And the water drinking is no problem at all, and i drink a lot of tea. I was hoping i dont have to give up the tea. So have you ever heard of the company Healthforce Superfoods and if so what are your thoughts on taking those instead of buying a lot of greens. I already prep my meals for the week and the cost of the greens – salad stuff, is too time consuming. I hate shopping

  6. Alan Foxley Reply

    Fantastic Ross,
    Although I’m no where near 100%
    Your continued support is so motivating.
    Don’t stop!

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    Are there any recipes you can recommend to replace smoothies as i find it hard to have anything cold in this cold season.

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    Thank you for the encouraging video! I’m increasing my water intake from 2 litres to 4 litres per day and having a green juice every day. Cheers from Colorado!

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    You completely inspired me again.!!!!
    I stopped your video mid stream. Went out to the garden – picked some parsley and fresh lettuce.. found some not so fresh spinach in the fridge along with fresh coriander 1/2 a juiced lime and a small green apple and uncoverd my almost kaput NutriBullet and made a delicious juice…then I continued to slisten to the rest of your video..Thank you Ross for completely inspiring me again…I really needed to hear from you today ????????

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    I’m going to increase water as my immediate next step. Followed by making my first smoothie from your recipe.

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    I love simple and I love that you don’t take an hour to tell us about it! We have been eating a ton of romaine but now I will try to incorporate darker greens. Thanks for the reminder about getting healthy fats!! Great video and information!!

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    Hi Ross, Ive just started looking at alkaline and health. The above sound pretty DO-able. however, I am on Oral chemotherapy, and with my WBC dropping between sessions, in order to make sure I dont get infections/inflammations etc., my Oncologist has suggested to avoid raw veggies and fruits. Fruits I have managed to overcome by buying bags of frozen berries. Veggies I steam or stir fry. Because it is breast cancer that has metastasised, I am also on an anti-estrogen pill (which as you can imagine DRIES skin and hair etc.) and need to avoid flax, soy etc.

    Sooo, I might just have to turn most stuff into soups to make sure it is somewhat cooked. Anything you can suggest to assist in all this..would be great. Thanks!

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