The ONE THING You Need for Vibrant Health

Do You Get Overwhelmed, Confused & Frustrated At All of the Conflicting Information Out There?

If so, this video is for you – it is the single, ONE THING you need to do to cut through the noise, remove the debate about this vs that, and the fads that are out there when it comes to YOU reaching YOUR health goal (because that’s all that matters here).

I am so passionate about getting as many people as I humanly can to the health of their dreams – and overwhelm, frustration and paralysis by analysis (i.e. bogged down in the details) is something that I see way too often.

If conflicting information is what frustrates you – then seeing people put in a TON of effort but getting held back by getting stuck in the detail is what frustrates me.

This short video will change all of that – it’s the ONE THING you need to focus on to get the health, energy & vitality of your dreams:

Remember: getting to the health of your dreams is a LOT easier than you’ve been led to believe…

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Here’s the transcript of the video:

My gosh, sometimes this whole health thing seems complicated and overwhelming. If you’re anything like me – at times it gets massively frustrating– everything you read seems to conflict with something else.

Hi I’m Ross Bridgeford the creator and founder of Live Energized where I teach you how to get to your health goals as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible. And in this short video today I’m teaching you how to overcome the overwhelm and frustration of TOO MUCH INFORMATION and ALSO That everything seems to conflict and say something different!

Listen, there is a LOT of information out there. There are a lot of conflicting reports, and who can you trust?

I hate to say it – but you often wonder – and can’t help to ask yourself: who stands to profit? Is this site telling me spirulina is the best thing ever because they ALSO happen to sell a spirulina supplement…would they be saying spirulina is bad for you if their supplement was made from something else?

And despite the fact we’ve now got SO MUCH evidence and irrefutable science to prove that saturated fat is NOT the evil it was made out to be and – in fact, it’s hugely beneficial, if not CRITICAL for our health…we then just the other week see all of these articles in the press born out of a sugar-industry sponsored report saying ‘hey, saturated fat is still bad – put down those coconuts.’ I can understand why people, maybe yourself, are confused, upset, frustrated, fed up and scared of what to do next.

Myself, Joe Mercola, Josh Axe, Mark Hyman – we’ve all been saying ‘get all of this coconut oil’ and then you pick up the paper and it tells you it’ll give you a heart attack.

It won’t and I know you know not to trust the mainstream media – but I can see how it gets confusing, frustrating and a littly scary.
I know how this feels. This was me when I was starting out. I was all over the place. There is a ton of info out there and whenever you just feel like you’ve cracked it, you open a magazine or get an email that says everything you just got on board with is wrong and will cause you to get boils on your butt.

Or something like that.

Paleo, ketogenic, intermittent fasting – and before that Atkins, Low-Carb, Just Fruit, Raw Only…

When I think back to how frustrated I used to get – really, now, it just drives me a bit mad, because the answer is in there for all of us, and in this video I want to share that with you. I want to give you something simple that will help you cut through all of the BS and give you a lens through which you can make your decisions – despite all of the conflicting information.

It comes down to the ONE THING.

I call it the “Centre-Point”.

It is the ONE THING you need to focus on as your guiding principle and it will make all of the little complications and inconsistencies, all of the conflicting information and frustration disappear straight away.

When you focus on this ONE THING it guides your decision making. It takes your thinking out of the minute detail, every tiny thing and minutiae. So often I get emails from people who are putting in SO MUCH EFFORT – effort that deserves massive rewards and results, but they’re getting so bogged down in the tiny details that the end up going nowhere. They’re not focusing on the big picture.

In the next video I’ll share what the most effective, efficient things are that you SHOULD be doing NOW on to get alkaline and get results.

But today – I want to give you the bigger picture – the ONE THING.

This is where my approach to health differs from most others and why how I teach – my coaching is different.

And to be frank, this is why I believe I get such fantastic results for people so quickly, while everyone still has room to have treats and have a good time.

And it’s this ONE THING that guides it all.

Listen – and this is important:

your body’s entire existence, every single thing it does, all day, every day – every action, every reaction – is down to one goal – to maintain balance.

It HAS to maintain balance – maintain homeostasis – and this is all it is trying to do and all it cares about. Every area of your body – from your digestive system to your endocrine system, your immune system to your, yes, acid-alkaline buffering system – is in a constant battle to maintain it’s very very delicate balance.

When it is out of balance, it causes incredible stress to the body to regain balance.

It’s the journey from being out of balance to get back to the ‘center point’ that causes damage.

Just think as one example – When your blood pH starts to deviate from that 7.365 your body will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to bring it back to balance. NO matter the cost. If it doesn’t do that – you die. Pretty quickly and pretty gruesomely.

Remember – the alkaline diet is not about making your body more alkaline – that’s a complete misunderstanding of the chemistry of the human body – the goal of the alkaline diet is to give your body all of the tools it needs to balance it’s slightly alkaline pH.

Does this make sense to you?

When you bombard it with acid-forming foods and drinks the damage this causes is the net result of your body buffering this acidity, recovering and returning to an alkaline pH that is what causes the vast majority of the damage.

When there is more acidity than your body can deal with – it will pull alkaline minerals from your bones to raise the pH, generate visceral fat cells to bind up the acidic toxins, shut down all of the kidney’s other functions to focus its effort on the acidity – and this is just the start. The knock on effect of this is devastating.

And this is all interlinked – when your pH is thrown out of balance, studies have shown this creates a huge excess of cortisol – which then stresses your adrenals, your pancreas and thyroid, and the process of clearing up the excess cortisol creates inflammation. And chronic inflammation leads to the formation of visceral fat cells. And the formation of visceral fat cells leads to an acidic environment and more inflammation. It is a vicious cycle of imbalance.

It’s the same for your gut – when there is an imbalance of gut flora, the gut is a breeding ground for candida, and candida excretes acidic wastes which the body then has to buffer…and excess acidity leads to excess cortisol production and so on…

Again – IT’s all interlinked – when your pH gets thrown out, this throws out your endocrine system, your detoxification system of your liver and kidneys, your immune system, your digestive system – these all get unbalanced as a result too.

We HAVE to focus on this ONE THING.

This is all we need to do – it’s our SOLE JOB is to give the body the tools it needs to maintain this balance effortlessly.
If you only feed your body the foods and drinks that will help to maintain this balance, your body will sing for you. It will reward you with the most incredible energy, vitality and effortless health. It will lift you to a higher level. You’ll be amazed.

Remember – this is all the body wants and needs – it is working 24/7/365 to simply maintain this delicate balance. It’s “centre point”.

So work with it. Be on your body’s team.

When you take this as your guiding principle, all of the complications, conflicting guides and ideas, the minor details and minutiae – they all become irrelevant.

You simply need to always remember to ask: will this support my body being in balance, or will it contribute to imbalance?

Listen – all you need to do is give your body the tools it needs to thrive.

All you need to do is give your body the tools it needs to thrive.

I cannot state that enough. Nourish it, fuel it, feed it and become a support for your body.

It will repay you one thousandfold.
Your body is fighting all day every day to simply be in its perfect balance – it’s centre point – that’s the ONE THING.

So fuel your body. Don’t restrict it, don’t starve it, don’t go hungry for nutrients. Nourish it.

DO you agree? Does this make sense to you?

I hope so.

In my next video I’ll be getting into ACTION with you – I’ll be giving you the most simple, yet powerful actions you can start right away to get the biggest benefits, the biggest impact with your body with the least amount of effort needed.

All you need to do is focus on these three actions and you will get results. I promise.

I’ll be back with that video tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll probably be sending you a couple of recipes too – so look out for that!

And until then – let me know in the comments below – WHAT do you want from me? What guides and training would you MOST like to hear from me over the next few weeks? How can I help you the most?

Let’s do this – and remember your job – give your body the tools it needs to thrive.

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  1. Sandra Sammartino Reply

    Please help me to maintain my weight. Eating alkaline has caused a weight loss, and then trying to eat to gain back the weight is difficult. Please help me with that. Thank you.

  2. jOHN Reply

    We here continual advice for overweight people but never a mention of underweight
    people like me . I eat very healthy food – five organic vegetables every day An avocado and lots of coconut oil Nuts and seeds are in my daily diet I have an excellent appetite and have large meals
    Chicken and fish are preferred . I am extremely thin . I used to be 12 stone in weight but am now down
    to under 10stone . My GP rreferred me to a specialisr to find the reason for my emaciated appearance I had a thorough series of scans and cameras in everypossible place to find out why i had lost so much weight . A week after the investigation I received a letter from the specialist to say ” Good News you have noT got Cancer . No mention of the reason for my weight loss which is what the referral was made to find out My weight is stable now . I am 84 years of age Can you Ross suggest how I can put on some weight I have absolutely no muscle tissue . Just skin and bone despite my large meals . Any advice would be most welcome .

    Kind regards John

  3. Jenny Weir Reply

    I am interested in weight management. A lot of advice is about weight loss but what about weight gain?

    With a busy lifestyle & high energy levels weight seems to disappear very easily.

    Being a skinny person from years of pursuing healthy eating plan I don’t need to lose another ounce.

    • nick Reply

      Dr. Stephen gundry says bread and tomatoes are not good for the body and mainstream comments say that part of mediteranean diet that keps them healthy whats your take on that

  4. Eileen Bailey Reply

    You always inspire me Ross with the fantastic work you do. Thank you. As you say all the info out there is complicared and often conflicting. I just look forward to getting back to basics so that I can rid myself of fads and supplements. I am well and truely looking forward to you following videos.

  5. Simon kipper Reply

    Thank you for that inspiration Ross I am going to grab the bull by the horns and dive into this….

  6. Barbara mara Reply

    Hi Ross, need your assistance , I don’t eat cake or biscuits , I only drink water sometimes with a
    Little lemon , but I don’t know why and it is upsetting me but I can’t stop eating extra strong mints
    I do everything thing else right , I have three green smoothies with contain spinach water cress
    Celery cucumber turmeric ginger flax seeds chia seeds mixed with coconut water , I also have a
    Meal which is mainly salmon with either quinoa or sweet potato and fresh vegetables I snack on
    Almond butter and celery or my favorite celery and coconut oil , what am I doing wrong????????

  7. Jean Marie Reply

    I attempted to order your books but the order didn’t go through. Now I can’t find the link. Please help.

  8. Connie Stuart Reply

    I live in northern Canada…. Fresh food year round is very scarce and very little in summer is the name of the game… Even a garden does not supply much…… Native peoples have huge health problems from food flown in and is garbage. I would like to hear this subject addressed and what we can do…. Remember, not much money also……

  9. Teneka Reply

    I loved this video and I 100% agree with you. I wish you had of made this video and I saw it 10 years ago before my body became a human guinea pig. This is the one truth that I have come to know. I don’t have to starve my body of 100 things or try to get that one super food that’s going to complete my nutritional puzzle, I need balance!

    good job! Thank you for the great content!

  10. Gary Speece Reply

    Ross, how about the hard apple cider drink craz. Is this good or bad for PH and or balence?

  11. Gloria Denning Reply

    Hi Ross, great video. I hsve been taking diatomaceous earth lately i figured this would help my body. I don’t take much else in the way of supplements. Would love to hsve your opinion. Many thanks Gloria Denning.

  12. Glen Reply

    Hi, refering to the letter from sharanjeet, I am also 72, and didn’t know that as you get older stomach acids reduce – or do they???? If so, does that mean your system becomes more alkaline?

  13. Sharanjeet Shan Reply

    As you get older, the acid in the stomach reduces. I am 72.
    Is your site for young people only?
    Your advice please.
    I have asked this question before and did not get an answer.
    Kind Regards,


      Sharanjett I can answer this for you it is for everyone. Just to put it in perspective meat is about 3.5 on the scale so very acidic and it will get digested and then that acidic will be in your blood it has nothing to do with your stomach acid. So yes it’s very important to eat alkaline food.

    • Michael Reply

      You could try feeding the bacteria in your stomach by eating certain foods. Cabbage is a very good food and is probiotic.

  14. Kim Reply

    I live in Texas and I want to get your alkaline books so I can eat healthy you have a toll free number to call

  15. Peggy Berwick Reply

    Great video. I would love to me more videos of you making some of your
    recipes. I am a visual learner. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  16. Diane Nicolia Reply

    Where can I find the breathing exercise and meditation that you suggest. Please answer via email. I am not on face book.

  17. Kimberly Reply

    Hi Ross, Thank you for all your information. I am medically dealing with renal failure. I need to know how to go alkaline safely for my kidneys. I am not on dialysis and the goal is not to be.

  18. Anne Kojan Reply

    Hey Ross, I can answer this one from Elias for you..

    Elias, in answer to your question, there’s no need to deprive your sheep of food. And also, I think grass is pretty alkalizing.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Thanks Ross for your great articles and your continued preaching the gospel of good nutrition. This Centerpoint of yours is exactly what I tell my clients. Not everyone wants to hear it. It requires taking responsibility for ourselves. No surgery, no pill, no $7,000 test or procedure. Just down to the basics.
    Keep up the great work.
    Anne K.

  19. Mary Gillam Reply

    I would love to see/hear more from you in the Facebook group. ;). Getting your input on people’s questions, etc. Since you are the boss!!
    I think everyone would love and appreciate that.

    Many thanks!!!

  20. River Reply

    I love what you say there Ross, I want to be on my body’s side.
    Interested in Elias’s question about fasting for 12hrs.
    What is your take on intermittent fasting?
    sorry if you have already banged on about this, I missed it.
    also what about vit B12. Do we need a supplement on a vegetarian diet?
    We have chickens and get a few eggs. Occasional eggs I wonder?
    Warm regards,

  21. Margaret Weathersby Reply

    I have been on an alkaline diet for over a year and did well. I am 71 years old and weigh 88 pounds. (Been a small lady for 20 plus years.). I am usually energetic but last few months I am dragging. (Went through some serious stress time!). Weak legs and arms mainly. Any suggestions to get my pep back???

    • Heather Reply

      Interesting to hear your comments Margaret, I have had similar problems and was wondering what to do about this.

  22. ELIAS Reply


    I?d like to know wether fasting for abot 12 hours is healthy or not. After doing that, feed with alkaline food.

    many thanks,

  23. Oyo Reply

    This message was for me Thank you Please just keep on doing Me I’m trying to eat better Be better but I’m off balance need those recipes and need to lower my heart rate and rid myself of swollen feet and ankles dealing with hidden sodium too much olives and capers