Alkaline Diet Recipe #81: Big Bad Green Drink Recipe

green drink recipe

This is THE definitive Alkaline Green Drink recipe that I have been making as a staple in my life for over 14 years and it rocks!

Packed full of alkaline vegetables, this nutrient-dense green drink will nourish your entire body from top to bottom.

It is my cornerstone green drink, but really, you don’t need to get any more complex than this – it is a phenomenal hit of greens, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and alkalinity!

It’s perfect on an alkaline cleanse and will keep for 24-36 hours in the fridge if kept in an airtight container, so you can make 2x what you need and keep a second serve for later!

Ross’ Ultimate Alkaline Green Drink Recipe

Serves 2

Green Drink Ingredients

One stalk of kale (or a handful if you buy it off the stalk)
4 sticks of chard/silverbeet
2 big handfuls of baby spinach leaves and/or watercress
2 sticks of celery
1 (1/2 if its a biggie) cucumber
5 broccoli florets
1 inch of raw root ginger
Filtered water or coconut water to taste

Ideal but optional dependent on availability: 1 inch of raw turmeric

Instructions to Make the Green Drink Recipe

Juice it all through your juicer, putting the ginger in with something that is high-water such as the cucumber.

Enjoy immediately and feel the buzz!

This is an incredibly alkaline, delicious and refreshing green drink recipe, and it’s what I have almost every day to get my greens.

Just imagine how AMAZING you will feel getting over 7 serves of green vegetables every morning before you even leave the house!

This WILL make a huge difference to your life, even if this is all that you do.

I recently wrote a blog post showing what one serve of each alkaline-rich food looks like, and for fun I measured the weight of my average green drink (in terms of raw ingredients) and found that using the globally accepted 80g = one serve measurement – my green drink was over 7 serves of fresh green vegetables!

Put that in your juicer and feel the power!

Have a great week

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This will get you started on the right track to make it easy, fun and delicious to get alkaline and energized!

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  1. Anne Reply

    My understanding was that if you have turmeric you need to heat it to activate it, and eat it with a fat. Adding it to a smoothie does not seem to address either of these conditions. Comment please??

  2. Faye Pye Reply

    Hi, are both Swiss chard and rainbow chard suitable for your recipes?

  3. Karisa Reply

    What if you dont have a juicer will a blender work just fine to

  4. Ashley Reply

    Hi Ross – How many calories are there in the big bad green drink? Just curious. We make this recipe often. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Jeff Reply

    I just had my first kidney stone at age 61 Now I’m told I have to follow a low, or non oxalate diet. Problem is loads of your alkaline foods are also high in oxalates. I don’t want to have any more kidney stones.

    How can I follow your diet/lifestyle when I see it contributing to me having more kidney stones?

  6. Solenn Reply

    I’d like to know what do you use to make your smoothies or alkaline juice with all the green leaves and other beautiful ingredients? A juicer or an equivalent to a “nutri bullet” or something else ?

  7. Kyle Ann maystead Reply

    Do I have to use a juicer or can I use a nut rivulet to process the greens?

  8. Nancy Smith-Baker Reply

    Hi I need the alcolizing water recipient and cannot down load it for some reason .please help in a crisis .thanks .

  9. Gabrielle Reply

    Spinach kale etc have a high content of oxalic acid, which can affect people, ie when I was juicing these it caused a terrible burning sensation in my throat, have since read this happens to others. Would love to be able to tolerate juiced greens….what do you suggest?

  10. Karaline Reply

    What kind of juicer do you tecommend?


    It is beneficial to drink alkaline water? I’m considering joining an alkaline water club from my local holistic health dealer.

  12. Robyn Reply

    I have a under active thyroid, what can be substitute that is best for the people that have this same problem.?
    I want to try smoothies but this worries me.

  13. philip Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Excellent website and very informative, however the most annoying thing is that every couple of minutes I keep getting interrupted by the Take the Quiz pop up. As I do not feel fatigued the initial questions are not relevant. Is there any way I can stop this happening ??

    • ross Reply

      Hey Phillip

      It was pretty buggy. Have just deleted it.


  14. Yong Siew Wah Reply

    Can cabbage leaves be mixed with broccoli when blending or will it be too high in goitrogen?

    • Energise Ross Reply

      It’s fine to mix cabbage and broccoli, but you can stay on the safe side if you like. There are lots of alkaline foods to choose from.

  15. sheila Reply

    My favorite green juice is spinach, kale, cucumber, and apples – sometimes I add a pear.
    How bad is it that I’m adding apples to my green juice? It really makes it easy to drink.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hey Sheila

      I’d try to transition away from it – reduce to 3/4 of an apple, then 2/4 and apple and so on. The fructose, without fibre is really acidic.


  16. Adan Wilder Reply

    This Blog is awesome

  17. Randy Reply

    Hey Ross ,
    I battle gout all the time do you think this drink would help with my problem, please help.
    Thanks Randy

  18. ciara minahan Reply

    Hi Ross, I just want to double check that the green juice is ok without all the pulp and fibre? I have a juicer and this will remove all of the flesh, so just want to make sure that the green juice is also as good as the blended green smoothie drinks i read alot about.

  19. fielker Reply

    hi Ross,i have the same question like Hal thanke you.

  20. Marianne H. Reply

    Remove my email address from your list.
    I will not subscribe to anyone no matter how much I like the alkaline diet if they endorse Tony Robbins…his group from Arizona are crooks, stealing money from people for seminars they never held.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Marianne, you just have to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button on any of my emails.


  21. BarbS. Reply

    I’m not familiar with chard. What is it?

    • Ross Reply

      Its a green leafy plant, similar to silverbeet.

  22. Neil Asher Scam Reply

    This green drink looking good. it will be helpful for the thyroid activity.

  23. Hal Reply

    your green drink looks like a good way to start/ revive the day, but raw broccoli, cabbage etc reduce thyroid activity, an under active thyroid is bad enough without reduced activity, would par-steaming the broccoli first to get rid of the goitrogen spoil the mix?
    Regards Hal.

  24. alkaline foods Reply

    wow thats some serious green cocktail of good stuff, ive done the green smoothie before but not with the broccoli, will give it a go