This SINGLE Mistake is The Most Damaging Thing for Your Health

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alkaline vegetablesIt’s the single most dangerous, damaging thing you can do to your health. It will absolutely destroy your energy. It will age your skin and kill the cells inside your body. It will supress your immune system and cause your digestion to stop dead in it’s tracks.

It is one of the biggest contributors to sickness and disease in the world. It’s a mistake you could easily be making right now. 90% of people are.

But the good news is, absolutely anyone can turn it around in 24 hours.

The even better news is, if you ARE making this mistake, you’re going to look and feel unrecognisable within just 24 hours.

The True Dangers of Dehydration

alkaline waterIt is estimated that 75% of us are chronically dehydrated, and I believe that this is one of the three primary causes of sickness and disease.

In my opinion there are three fundamental causes of sickness and disease. I know Robert Young says there is only one cause of all illness, and while I agree with him to an extent – I think it goes slightly further.

I truly believe that the three biggest contributors to illness and health issues are:

1. Over-acidification:

As stated in the Journal of Environment & Public Health in the research article proving more benefits of the alkaline diet:

Life on earth depends on appropriate pH levels in and around living organisms and cells. Human life requires a tightly controlled pH level in the serum of about 7.4 (a slightly alkaline range of 7.35 to 7.45) to survive

And in this article from the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, which states:

There is scientific evidence supporting the concept that appropriate alkali supplementation in the form of fruits and vegetables serves aptly to neutralize excess [H+ (acidity)

It is clear that excess acidity is a cause of distress and illness in the body. This is beyond all doubt.

There are literally tens of thousands of articles proving that:

a) excess acidity causes problems to human health
b) that eating a more alkaline diet of vegetables and less acidic foods such as animal proteins does effect and benefit the body and the acid-base balance in the body.

2. Oxidation (free-radical damage) of cells:

According to the National Academy of Sciences for the USA, oxidative stress is a cause of so many degenerative diseases, illnesses and discomforts. There are thousands of research papers proving that oxidative stress can be a huge contributor to diabetes, neurological conditions, cancer, cardiovascular disease, immune-system decline, brain dysfunction, and more.

With situations such as diabetes, oxidative stress is perhaps the biggest contributor and minimising reactive oxygen species (ROS) is key. This article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) proved beyond doubt that a high level of dietary antioxidants can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, for example.

It’s clear that consuming antioxidants and phytonutrients is critical to reducing and fighting oxidation and oxidative stress in the body and as a further example, this article also shows how ionized alkaline water (which is antioxidant rich) can also fight this.

In this research, the researchers stated that “We demonstrated that electrolyzed-reduced water (ERW) scavenges ROS and protects DNA from oxidative damage”. This is great, not only for diabetes – but also because premature ageing as a whole is caused by premature cell death from oxidation.

If you want to stay and look younger, this news should make you happy.

3. Hydration/Dehydration:

And this is where this article fits in. The third critical component, alongside alkalinity and antioxidants, to reach your optimal health, energy and vitality – you need to stay well hydrated and avoid dehydration every day. Without fail.

The Dangers of Dehydration

“Chronic pains of the body which cannot easily be explained as injury or infection, should first and foremost be interpreted as signals of chronic water shortage in the area where the pain is registered. These pain signals should first be considered and excluded as primary indicators for dehydration of the body before any other complicated procedures are forced on the patient.” – Dr F Batmanghelidj

We are water machines. Quite literally! The body requires at least 1.5l of water per day JUST to replace the fluids you lose through normal, sedentary bodily functions. In reality, we need close to a litre (a quart) of water per 25kg of body weight.

Our blood alone is almost entirely made up of water. Our lymph fluids, which are so important to detoxifying our body (and makes up 4x the amount of fluid in the body as the blood) is also hugely comprised of water. Each and every cell in our body is build on the water we consume.

We need a constant supply of fresh water.

And what happens when we don’t get enough?

Like I have written about with the acid/alkaline balance in the body – when there is not enough alkalinity to buffer the acids that we consume it will ration the alkalinity it DOES have to do the most important stuff first. The same goes for water. When you’re dehydrated and the body doesn’t have enough water to do everything it needs to, it rations. It prioritises. Only the most important things are done and everything else suffers.

But the thing is, the longer this goes on, the worse it gets. It snowballs and it compounds.

And sadly, this is the case for 75% of people who are chronically dehydrated.

And just to give you a quick scare run down of some of the symptoms, you might expect the following if you’re not having your litre per 20kg of body weight per day:

– over-acidity
– obesity
– ‘high cholesterol’
– reflux
– heartburn
– skin disorders
– arthritis
– peptic ulcers
– asthma
– cancer (see more below)
– hot flushes and menstrual problems
– high blood pressure
– allergies
– diabetes
– migraine headaches
– colitis
– chronic fatigue syndrome
– ME
– heart disease
– gout
– kidney stones
– lower back pain
– yeast overgrowth and candida
– aches and pains
– depression

How and WHY Does Dehydration Cause So Much Damage?

The body is reliant on water for SO many functions. Here are just a few of the bodily functions that water is critical for:

Brain function:

The brain comprises 2% of the body’s total weight and receives 15-20% of the blood supply…and most of this is water.
It has been proven that being dehydrated rapidly decreases cognitive ability and can also lead to depression. Put it this way – the brain needs water. It’s why you get a headache when you’re dehydrated.

Cellular energy:

Water is critical to the life and health of your cells. And your health is completely determined by the health of your cells. This is also where the magic of electrical charge takes place.

As Robert Young states:

Put simply, all of your body functions rely on the electrical energy released from the unity of the ‘charge’ of the molecules in it and the opposite ‘charge’ in food water or air that enters it.

As water is drawn through the cell membrane, it’s flow generates a voltage or electrical charge which can be used in the manufacture of ATP and GTP energy.

This is why dehydration affects the proper functioning of cells and even kill them and causes a huge decrease in the energy you feel.

Bone function:

Bones require plentiful supplies of water. 75% of the weight of the upper body, for instance, is supported by the water core contained within the fifth lumbar disc, the remaining 25% by muscle fibers around the spine.

Nerve function:

Microstreams exist along the length of nerves which transport nutrients and conduct energy along microtubules to the synapses to transmit messages. Dehydration disrupts proper nerve function, resulting in the sensation of pain.


Water is intricately involved the chemical reactions of the body. When we’re dehydrated it leads to impaired or faulty metabolic processes. The acidity or acidic condition that this creates is incredibly detrimental to the work of proteins and enzymes and all manner of bodily functions.

Reflux & Heartburn:

Dr Batmanghelidj who I mentioned up top and who is the author of the incredibly “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” suggests that reflux, GERD, heartburn and also gastritis – are some of the most obvious and fast to appear signs of chronic dehydration…


…and as such it’s no surprise that our digestive system craves plentiful amounts of water.

We all know the stomach is the most acidic organ in the body (needed to digest acidic foods and proteins). But most people miss the fact that the stomach relies on alkalinity to protect it’s mucus lining on the walls of the stomach which shield the body from the hydrochloric acid! An alkaline bicarbonate solution is produced from the cells in the lining which neutralizes any acid attempting to break through the mucus – if it breaks through then all manner of digestive problems occur – this acid is pH 1.3!

Water is cruicial to bolster and protect this defensive mucus lining – and you can see here why alkaline water is so beneficial. If we’re dehydrated then the mucus barrier is broken, the acid will penetrate and will lead to big problems.

How to Stay Hydrated & The Right Type of Water

As you can see, giving your body vibrant health, energy, vitality and reversing premature aging, helping to protect against degenerative and oxidative stress related diseases and feeling fantastic can all be as simple as staying properly hydrated with good quality water.

But two of the most common questions I am asked are:

1) What is the RIGHT type of water
2) How do I stay hydrated?

The Right Type of Water?

I have made a handy-dandy complete guide to water and hydration for you. It walks you through every single method of making clean, alkaline water – the pro’s and con’s of each, the benefits of each plus the most important things to look out for in making the decision that’s best for you and your family.

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How to Stay Hydrated

This is one of the most common challenges people face. Even when they have understood how important hydration is they face one key question: How do I remember to drink enough?!

To help solve THIS problem, I’ve created my Hydration Cheat Sheet – which gives you loads of tips, tactics, tricks and strategies for making sure you drink enough water every day, on autopilot.

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  1. Roda Gordon Reply

    I love this article and it has given me answers to some of my problems which i did not know before.
    thank you so much.

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  4. Jessie CE Soon Reply

    I want to learn n acquire knowledge on wellness n greatly appreciate that u can share n keep me posted via email.
    Many thanks n looking forward to your sharing.

  5. Ellena Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have enjoyed your article and it has confirmed a few things for me already. I love that you refer to research studies and scientific evidence which many people seem to need in order to deem it true. Even though many personal testimonials are given as evidence, it needs something ‘scientific’ to seal the deal. I understand this as I an analytical person by nature and need to know the ins and outs of WHY! I do have to slightly disagree in some of the wording used in educating people about alkaline water. According to the studies made on such water it is actually the ionised state of the water that holds the antioxidant benefits of water or more specifically as you mentioned above the electrolysed reduced water which frees the Hydrogen atom from the oxygen making it a smaller molecule and it is the negative hydrogen that hold the key to ridding our body of free radicals. The alkaline benefit is not hugely mentioned in studies and water is only made alkaline by adding calcium and magnesium to the water. I am sure that this helps the body with the job of keeping that crucial acid/alkaline balance along with organic fruits and vegetables. Likewise acidic water and its disinfectant benefits as you describe is not the nature of it being at a low pH but the charge that this water has. If it is due to the acidity then other acidic items like fizzy cola would do the job. But the opposite end of electrolysed reduced water is actually electrolysed oxidized water or electrolysed acid water. Again it is the ionic state of this water (peroxide and superoxide ions) that seem to deem it antibacterial and antimicrobial. I have been confused into whether it is actually the alkalinity of water that has the huge potential to be antioxidant and the acidity of the by product that made it a great disinfectant but after reading the studies for myself I have realised the science behind it and more promoters of this water should really clarify more. Now I don’t know whether you mention this in another article on your site but thought I’d share with you anyways!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Ellena

      Yep, this is a tough thing to convey accurately and without having a knock on effect. I generally like to talk about ‘alkaline water’ in general because I don’t want people to think they can only get a benefit if they spend $2k on an ionizer.

      BUT – there are very few scientific articles about just alkaline mineral water (which you get from the methods of making alkaline water such as adding minerals, pH drops, lemons and the non-electrics and jugs etc).

      The real magic IS in the electrolysis – which is why it has gathered some attention in the scientific research community.

      That’s not to say there are not huge benefits of non-electric alkaline water, which there are, but the SCIENTIFIC research will only be on something that is worth the researchers making a big investment to do the research, so this has focused on electric.

      In this article I have tried to specify up front that I am talking exclusively about ionized, alkaline water, but I hear your point and yes, for the science part of the article and the antiox it is specifically the ionized water we’re referring to here.


      • Ellena Reply

        Hi Ross,

        I agree that not enough studies are done on the benefits of alkaline but if one was VERY serious about the water they drink then the most important investment they will make is in some kind of water purification system. I see that you are a huge advocate of this and love the fact that you offer people the opportunity to get one via your site. I think people need to realise that tap/bottled water where alkalizing drops or lemon etc really will not do anything significant in purifying there body. The state in which our domestic tap water is in is disgraceful and we need more people like yourself talking about it with everyone. The fact that by adding alkalizing drops to tap water, which contains dangerous chemicals like chlorine, bromine and fluoride which compete with iodine receptor sites within the body preventing the absorption of precious iodine leading to a myriad of life threatening diseases, means that your water still is unhealthy. Removing those chemicals first is more important in my opinion than making the water more alkaline. Only then can we alkalize and more importantly ionize the water will you truly see and feel a benefit.


  6. pat sheppard Reply

    you need to get to the point. it sounds like the typical infomercial right from the beginning, example
    are you fat
    do you look ugly
    does it hurt to play with your kids on the floor

    Well just listen to this, in five days you can turn your life around, just listen Vera from Bison South Dakota.
    Picture of Vera before

    “I took the floride out of my water just by using Wendalls health formula for one week . Now I can work in my garden all day long and then run to the north forty and bring in the milk cows, milk them, and still have the energy to read Atlas Shrugged to my home schooled children. shazam

    Sound a little too familiar? well get to the point or cross all the bullshit out and then look at your article- if you want people to believe you tell them what you know,not what they want to hear.

    It is this simple ; do you want to sell something or educate people?

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Pat – I’d ask you to answer the question yourself. Have you been sold something in this article or been educated?

      I’m pretty comfortable with the value I’ve provided here and in my other 674 free articles and guides.


    • Ellena Reply

      Pat, you totally missed the whole point of this article! Ross really wanted to EDUCATE his readers on the huge problem we have in society about not only do we not drink enough water (some people only drink 1-2 glasses a day!) but the quality of water they drink aka tap water is shocking!!!! Ross is doing a great job getting the message out there!