Alkaline Q&A: How Can I Remove Candida After Doing the Alkaline Reset Cleanse?

Remove Candida After the ARC

I recently had this question come up from someone who had just read my book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse and finish their Cleanse in style…but still had some questions and needed some follow up support:


Hi Ross,

I’m just finishing up the ARC and while it’s gone pretty well, I don’t really feel a huge change in my energy. Sugar has always been an issue for me and I’m pretty sure I suffer from candida overgrowth.

All the research I’ve done indicates that it takes several months to conquer it – do you really think that going alkaline for one week is enough to take care of it?

I ask because I’ve felt so awful for so long that I’m completely ready and committed to changing my diet to plant-based whole foods but if candida is still an issue I want to try a medical protocol to treat it. Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much,


Answer from Ross:

Hey Susanne

So awesome you’ve done the ARC – congrats! Candida can take a few weeks, possibly 8-10, but not months and months. And yep – candida overgrowth is a HUGE source of fatigue. The quicker the candida is gone the quicker you’re going to see a massive energy surge – especially now you’ve done the ARC and knocked out so many of the other sources of fatigue 🙂

And remember – the promise of the ARC is not that it can cure anything and everything in seven days – that is unrealistic. If someone has 100lbs to lose, they won’t lose it in seven days.

The promise is that it will reset and cleanse those Five Master Systems, and leave you set up on ‘day zero’ with a reset, nourished, and optimally functioning body so then rapid healing can occur.

It’s absolutely the case that many goals will be achieved in those seven days (and especially so if you do the 7 days before protocol too, you did that right 😉 – it’s important!). But with strong liver and kidney function, more balanced endocrine function, a cleared out digestive system and easily balanced pH, a fully functioning immune system – your body’s ability to regenerate and heal, to remove what shouldn’t be there (candida) and so on is exponentially faster and more efficient.

As mentioned in the book – it’s why I call the first day AFTER the Cleanse “Day Zero” – the first day of your new health and the rest of your life.

Now, specifically with candida, there are a few things to think about and focus on:

1) eliminating the food of candida: gluten and sugar – the seven days before, and the seven days DURING – you will have dramatically reduced sugar and gluten intake and right now it will be down to almost zero. Keep it this way for at least another 7-14 days.

2) killing the candida: thankfully, nature has given us something that is PROVEN to kill many strains of candida – caprylic acid – which is highly naturally occurring in coconut oil. If you want to get even more potent – MCT Oil is 100% caprylic acid. Don’t be concerned by the word ‘acid’ it is alkaline to the body – it’s a wonderful healthy fat (that is also great for cognition and endocrine function, for your metabolism and more).

3) hydration is essential – you’ve been up at 100-120fl oz during the ARC – keep it there, ideally ongoing

Other additions you can make:

– supplementing with NAC and oregano oil
– adding lots of raw garlic to your diet for a couple of weeks

For the raw garlic – you saw a couple of smoothies and soups in the ARC that had raw garlic, which is a good start, but I also love to make my own pesto and hummus to get more raw garlic in 🙂

You can do this! Medication is totally not necessary 🙂

Congrats again on finishing the ARC and here’s to your amazing health!


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  1. Rebeca Reply

    Hi Ross

    I’ve been diagnosed with Myomas, which led to many bleedings during my periods, and I now suffer from anemia.
    I have taken different doctors’ opinions, and they are recommending to have surgery, even removing the uterus. I’m 49 and nor planning to have children, but anyhow this means losing an organ.
    Do the Alkaline diets helps reverse myomas? I’m a marathon runner and a busy professional. I want to feel energetic and not lose weight.