12 Reasons to Avoid Acids and Stay Alkaline


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If you have read my post on acidosis & avoiding acids then you will know a little bit about how being acid is not the best of ideas if you want to remain healthy, vibrant and full of energy.

Well, here are my top twelve reasons to avoid acids & stay alkaline!


  • Makes Us Fat! As discussed in the acidosis post I mentioned earlier – the body creates fat cells in order to protect our organs from excess acids. The fat is designed to carry these acid wastes away to other, less critical areas of the body and it clings to these organs to provide protection. Once the body is rid of acid wastes (through a healthier diet and exercise) it no longer needs to hang onto these fats for protection and it lets them go.

    Alkaline Recipe BookAlongside this – weight problems are also compounded by the result of yeast and fungus overgrowths wreaking havoc on our digestive systems. And guess what – yeast and fungus thrive in an acidic environment. Because your body is now not able to properly process foods and extract the full nutrition from the foods that you eat – your body is always telling you that you are hungry. To compound this problem, the yeasts and fungus have the greatest shout in this signal to the brain – and what do they make you hungry for – more sugar, which further fuels the yeast growth.

    Following a diet of mostly alkaline foods (fresh and raw vegetables, salads, fresh alkaline fruits, seeds, nuts and pure alkaline water) will clean your system of the yeast, fungus and microform overgrowth and will flush your body of the excess survival fat that it has been clinging onto (literally for dear life!).

  • Robs Us of Energy! Principally, over-acidity will cause our body to leach alkaline minerals from our bones, muscles and other tissues to ensure that the blood maintains its delicate alkaline balance. This removal of alkaline minerals (particularly calcium) inhibits efficient and effective cellular and body metabolism – making us sluggish, tired and cloudy. Put most simply – over acidification drains our bodies of energy and inhibits the body’s ability to use stored energy reserves. And as if that was not enough – with the leaching of calcium from our bones, osteoporosis very often follows.
  • Causes Allergies:The mycotoxins that thrive in an acidic environment severly stress the immune system leading to it being constantly overworked and stimulated into response mode. The result of this is absurdly heightened sensitivity to nutrition and chemicals is what is more commonly known as an allergy. Excess mucus, soreness, swelling, eczema etc are all ways for the body to eliminate toxins.
  • Causes Free-Radical Damage and Premature Aging!: Acidosis is a symptom of – and a cause of – oxidative stress and lipid breakdown. The effect of this is that free radical damage is then promoted, attacking cell walls and membranes before killing the cells themselves. The outcome of this? Wrinkles, age spots, dysfunctional hormonal systems, poor eyesight, bad memory and foggy thinking – at the very least. Healthy cells are essential to almost every body process – so premature aging could become the least of your concerns!
    alkaline body

  • Causes Excess Mucus:Mucus is normal. It is just another mechanism by which the body eliminates toxins – it coats everything we ingest and engulfs the toxins. When toxins are engulfed the mucus becomes sticky, thick and cloudy in order to trap the toxins in. Acidic foods and drinks always contain toxins which cause so much mucus that we seem to be constantly blowing our noses! The worst offenders are dairy products, animal protein, white flour and pastas, chocolate, coffee and alcohol
  • Corrodes and Destroys Veins, Arteries and Heart Tissues! Acid is corrosive – and overly acidic blood and bodily fluids almost immediately begins to erode and destroy cell walls of the heart, veins and arteries – leading to a much weakened cardiovascular system.
  • Inhibits the Metabolism of Fatty Acids! Fatty acids are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system – without them any number of neurological problems can arise (including depression, bipolar and other mental health problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, brain development and learning in children, mood swings, ADHD and many more).
  • Causes Bad Cholesterol Problems! When we create an acidic environment in our bodies – the body creates LDL-Cholesterol at an accelerated rate. This LDL Cholesterol then causes huge amounts of clogging and cardiovascular problems.
  • Increases Blood Pressure! With the acid problems above, including increased LDL Cholesterol and compromised cell health – the heart has to work increasingly harder to move blood around the body. Acidosis is also to blame for venous vasoconstriction (meaning a decrease in diameter of the blood vessels) – which further adds to the workload of the heart and raises blood pressure!
  • Inhibits the Synthesis of DNA-RNA and Cellular Regeneration! For healthy cell regeneration and DNA-RNA synthesis – a cell pH CANNOT BE ACIDIC. On the flip side of this – for a cancer cell to grow, the cell pH HAS TO BE ACIDIC! An acid pH dramatically accelerates the possibility of the formation of mutated cells – otherwise known as cancer. Cancerous cells cannot contain hydrogen atoms – and healthy (alkaline balanced) cells contain plenty of hydrogen. In fact, the addition of hydrogen to cancerous cells actually heals them!
  • Stops Oxygen Delivery to Tissues! When our body’s are suffering from over-acidification the problem becomes compounded by the fact that an acid pH decreases the amount of oxygen than can reach our cells. Without oxygen our cells die!

The best place to start if you want to alkalise your body and get full of health, energy, alkalinity and vitality right now is here:

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  3. Jim Reply

    Ive been taking 2000 mgs of MSM and it keeps me in the 7.5 range!!

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  6. chris Reply

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I cant actually see this box to write in until until it reaches the first capital I.. there is a vertical rectangular box containing the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,logos for facebook, tweet etc which covers up the left hand margin ( ie the side you start reading from) of the page ,,this must be doing immense harm to your web site as it makes reading any articles difficult and almost impossible as you have to keep scrolling up and down trying to see around the box and so loose the sense of the article your reading,, ive virtually given up trying as i find it so annoying…PLEASE do something about it Thanks

  7. Mark Reply

    You wrote, “Corrodes and Destroys Veins, Arteries and Heart Tissues”. Sorry, but the blood is buffered naturally so that the pH is brought into the correct range automatically. If it did not do this, we would not be able to survive. Get your facts straight.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Mark

      You are exactly right – the body does whatever it takes to keep the pH of the blood and other tissues at this level. It is the ‘whatever it takes’ that does the damage. Repeated consumption of acidic foods and drinks put a huge strain on the body to keep maintaining this level. One of the things it does is draw alkaline minerals from our heart, bones etc OR it can create bicarbonates itself, which is hugely stressful to the body.


  8. Jane Gooding Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Brilliant and succinctly put.
    Thank you.
    Reading this, challenges why on earth we would want to put corrosive acids into our system.
    Jane x

  9. t Reply

    i dont really believe all this… could ‘eating alkaline foods’, and cutting out ‘acidic foods’ really just be eating more vegetables and cutting the crap out our diet? I mean a rose by any other name… whatever gets people eating better is good by me though.

    • AlkalineAnthea Reply

      I believe there are many areas to health. First you must cut out all the junk food and sugar. Start eating real, organic fruits, vegetables, and meat, if you like. Properly prepare your grains, nuts, seeds and legumes by soaking/sprouting them first. Eat healthy fats like coconut oil. Reduce stress and filter your water, and lightly exercise, such as walking, rebounding. Get beneficial enzymes through fermented foods or probiotics. And most of all, find out what works/doesnt work for you (some people are bad at digesting grains).
      Hope this was helpful.
      ~ Anthea

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  11. Melanie Reply

    Thanks for sharing all of this information with people! I love that you are doing this! I started my blog with alkalizing as one of the things I wanted to share with people, too! It’s amazing how much it can do for our body! Love it!!!

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  15. anna Reply

    Hello ! pls could you kindly explain more about arkaline food and what does it means .

  16. Jeanie Waugh Reply

    I have been doing the alkaline diet for several weeks now and have been sticking fairly rigidly to it but havent lost any weight. How long does it normally take to transform your body and actually lose a few kilos?

    • AlkalineAnthea Reply

      It really does depend on the person, one tip that may help is also focus on getting in healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, grass fed butter and lard. These help to keep you full, reduce cravings, build healthy cells, and healthy fats actually help you lose bad fat!
      Hope this was helpful.
      ~ Anthea

  17. rosacea behandelen Reply

    Hi there Ross! How are you?

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done. Your tips and advice about alkaline diet has litterally changed the lives of me and my family.

    I have been suffering from rosacea, and since I took up your advices it is almost gone now! No doctor could do this, but you did!

    Also my husband was overweight and suffering the consequences. Now we eat healthy foods and we are fully aware of the dangers of junkfood etc.

    Again, you changed our lives and I can’t thank you enough for that!


  18. devi Reply

    healthier life style

  19. Balakrishnan Reply

    Dear Ross,Your article ,12 reasons to avoid acid and stay alkaline is really usefull.Thanks.

  20. Rhonda Lundt Reply

    How do we know if we should be drinking alkline water. Ive been drinking it for a few weeks and seem to like it. is their a difference in which alkline to use. I just want the best water for my health. and family.is their any imformation you could give. thank you

  21. Emerson Nagel Reply

    I live in Mexico, and several times have had problems with amaebas. A couple of weeks ago, my stomach started to hurt again, I was grinding my teeth, and drooling at night – signs according to local lore of a problem with amoebas. I had my stool tested, and sure enough I have entamoeba hystolytica issues. But I also noticed that my stool had a pH of 8. My husband and daughter took the test, and came out negative for amoebas, but with more acid stools (5.5 and 6). Is there a link between amoebas and alkalinity, and is an alkalinity of 8 something to do something about?

  22. Marti Kirby Reply

    I bought an Enagic SD-501. I have had the unit for 3 weeks, I love it I have more energy, sleep better, my skin is softer. Oh did I mention I’m 52 years young. The cleansing process is starting now.
    I have seen the Alkaline properties of this water do wonderful things for others. My Cat Timmy has been on the water as long as me, he had a rash he itched so bad he chewed his hair out. His hair is now going back. I’m going to make a statement. I believe with my heart. If I could snap my fingers, put an SD-501 (Kangen Water) in every home, we would see hospitals close down

  23. Elyn Chua Reply

    Thanks so much Ross for posting the message. Definitely, it’s a life-changing awareness, an inspirational and informative message as this one is truly worth reading and sharing as I also started recently into this alkalinic diet program to stay and live a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, I agree with the content of the post.

  24. Luke Reply

    Thanks for the post man.

    The nutritional microscopist put me on an alkaline diet. After 3 days I’m feeling like sh*t. (First 3 days were good).

    The encouragement of a post like this is much appreciated.

  25. nisha Reply

    Interesting, Ross!! And informative!

  26. Girl Startup Reply

    Ah well I was kind of close then English..Aussie same thing 😉 And yes I love Melbourne. I feel pretty lucky to live here too.

    Cool I will have a look at the interview.

    I’m a big fan of Kevin’s work too.

  27. Girl Startup Reply

    Timely post to come across. I have been reading more and more about alkaline diets and Kevin Gianni had Dr. Robert Young on one of his interviews. Although I think he’s a bit more finatical than I would like in his points of view.

    And this is off the point…but as soon as I saw your gravatar I said I bet he’s an Aussie. We Aussie/Melbournians must have a certain look 😉

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Girl Startup

      Thanks for contributing! I LOVE Kevin’s work and props to him for giving Dr Young some airtime. We’ve got an interview with Dr Young I did just before our ‘Dr Young Live Weekend’ event back in June – right here. He’s a real nice guy.

      The alkaline diet is such a great approach to health. It gets results and it is just so common sense, I love it. But you can probably tell that from the blog eh?

      I’m actually from the UK but I’ve been in Australia for 5 years now…must have adopted the vibe! Absolutely adore Melbourne – isn’t is fantastic?

      Happy New Year and I hope to see you on the blog again soon

  28. Glen Woodfin Reply

    Jeez, I had half of those acidic symptoms. I’ll deliberately start drinking alkaline water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Thanks!

  29. Alex Reply

    as always another great article, it is nice to learn more about the alkaline diet
    thanks for posting

  30. Dariusz Reply

    I second Roy.P’s request re where this information comes from. Is this based on any medical peer-reviewed studies you can provide a refernce to? Or is the information here based on “Your Opinion” as stated in the disclaimer?

    Re cancer there are studies which link glucose with tumour growth and good success with glucose restricting diets reducing or stopping cancer growth. So sweet sugary fruits and starchy veg may not be the best things to eat to fight cancer, although most of the other items of an alkaline diet (e.g. low carb fresh veg, nuts, seed are probably fine). Also, I would agree with the advice of eating fresh non-processed foods.

    Re obesity & diabetes, recent studies point the finger at sugar and refined carbs, so again sweet fruits and starchy veg, no matter how fresh will be a hindrance here. In fact, other studies suggest that saturated animal fat does not have detrimental effects on the body if it is not in the presence of sugar and refined carbs e.g. how come the Inuit had virtually not know cancer, obesity, diabeties or cardio disease when their traditional diet consisted of almost pure animal fat and protein and almost no fibre? It is only once the Inuit started adopting Westen foods that they have had an explosion of these diseases.
    I think the majority of the diet you advocate here is great and healthy i.e. fresh veg, non-processed food etc, but I think the addition of good quality, grass-fed organic meat could only compliment the veg and boost someones health.

    P.S. I’m happy to provide refernces to these studies if anyone is interested, I just don’t have them to hand and need to dig them up. But Gary Taubes The Diet Delusion/Good calories, bad calories is a great refernce book with masses of research refernces

    • AlkalineAnthea Reply

      I agree with you about traditional diets, healthy fats, and organicly raised meats can be very beneficial to health! As always, there are many aspects to a healthy diet.
      Hope this was helpful.

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  33. TV Reply

    Great article, please keep posting this information.

  34. Laura Reply

    I just got back from a cruise were I meet another very knowledgable Australian and he talked about the very same thing you have been about body Ph and acidity etc. I believed what he said sincerely others didn’t but its nice to know he really did know what he was talking about I wish I could send this blog link to those who thought he was just trying to sell something…which in a way he was but I believed what he said about the product and he had a lot of real people to back up what he said. I hope to meet more Australians!

  35. Judy Reply

    I am a firm believer in the health benefits of an alkaline diet and have passed on information to my now grown up sons. What one of them has asked me is ‘How do horses get cancer when they are eating grass and hay, which are alkaline foods?’ His wife has horses, and two of them have cancerous growths, but other horses with them do not. I do not have the answer, and it is making him sceptical. Can anyone explain why in spite of their diet these animals have cancers?

  36. Amy Reply

    What I get confused about is that anti-fungal diets usually include animal protein, which albeit is acidic, does not feed the fungus like some alkaline starches, fruits or seeds. My 21 mo. old son has eczema, has had it since he was 3 mos. and going mostly meat-free did not help him. It was getting rid of most grains, including alkaline ones (millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa), that truly helped.

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  38. Juli Reply

    I have been drinking alkaline water and my body is swelling. I have always had a problem with yeast, allergies, migraines since I was alittle girl. Taken alot of antibiotics when I was younger, now 53. Could the swelling be from my body trying to get rid of the yeast?

  39. Roy P. Dig Reply

    I am wondering what your source of information for most of this post. Alot of the facts seems skewed, and in some places out right wrong. It is true that cancer cells only thrive in an acidic environment, but it is also true that human cells also only thrive in an acidic environment. The acidity is needed so enzyemes in the cells are activated and normal cell function can be achieved. And given the extreme acidity of the stomach, food has no effect on blood acidity, and can only affect the acidity of urine, though mostly due to the breaksdown of proteins and the like.

  40. mansoor Reply

    hello my name is mansoor
    my father is having problem in elternal heart
    please help mein this case

  41. Ross Reply


    Have a look around the site – you’ll find all of the answers you need. Here is a good starting point:



  42. PRashant Reply

    Really nice but how to get out this acid problem?

  43. Apollon Reply

    A excellent guide which when you think about it is just Common sense. The more I read up on Acid/Alkaline balance in our systems the more truth I discover, and the turth will set you free. No more lies!

  44. karenarment Reply

    What a great awakening for me !


  45. Galactica Reply

    Great Post! I’m just starting out on this alkalizing programme and stuff like this really gives me the feeling I have made the right choice. I am really hoping that I can shift some of my beer belly with these alkalizing foods!


  46. Alan Reply

    thanks for the motivation. its unbelevable how many problems come from being overweight. im really gratefull for this blog. alan