5 Steps to Make the Alkaline Diet Easy


How to Make the Alkaline Diet Easy with 5 Simple Alkaline Strategies

Alkaline Red Pepper SauceIf you live alkaline you will reach ALL of your health goals. No matter what they are. Guaranteed. It’s just a simple biological fact.

You know this is true, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, build stronger immunity, overcome a niggling health challenge, get rid of digestive issues or acid reflux, get clearer skin, more energy, better sleep, a better libido, overcome yeast infections – WHATEVER it is, alkalizing gets you there.

So motivation is pretty easy to come by, especially if you really sit down and think through and plan out your goals and what your life will be like when you achieve them.

But I know that sticking with a healthy, alkaline lifestyle can be a challenge at times.

In my almost 9 years of living, coaching, researching and teaching the alkaline diet I’ve seen MANY people (including myself) do well, do not so well, give up, try again, succeed and have ups and downs along the way.

In this guide I want to teach you the top FIVE steps or tactics you can use to make the alkaline diet not only a lot easier, but also more tasty, more on autopilot and more enjoyable.

Remember: my three KEY words when it comes to teaching the alkaline diet:


So, let’s get right into the teaching. Here are my biggest tips for making living alkaline an incredibly easy and delicious experience and make sticking to the alkaline diet SO much easier!


Alkaline Salad OilsThis is such a great tip because it will, regardless of what else you do, take your green leafy vegetable intake from 0 to 5 (at least) right away.

The downside is, you risk getting fed up of eating so many salads all the time OR if you try to vary the salads too much they could end up taking too long to prepare.

So here is the solution – delicious dressings. I think that a dressing makes the salad. You can have a salad of JUST leaves and if the dressing rocks, the salad will go down a treat.

What I want you to do is always have at least 3 dressings you love, preprepared. There are lots of dressings in my Alkaline Diet Recipe Book and right here are links to a couple on this blog. After you’ve finished reading this I want you to make them and bottle them up and put them in the fridge.

Alongside the recipes you have, you can also simply make flavoured olive oil by bottling up some good quality olive oil with any of the following: basil, rosemary, garlic, chilli or thyme.

Get creative – it will be well worth it!

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book Banner


This is similar to the first tip, but it involves making a few different alkaline, raw sauces you can dress your veggies with – So when you’re pushed for time or ingredients you can simply steam or grill a big pile of vegetables and make it delicious with the sauces! Again the recipe book contains a few of these, so when you make one, make at least 6-8 serves and keep the remainder refrigerated, or even freeze a giant batch in an ice cube tray. This allows you then to defrost them one serve at a time!

Imagine grilled mediterraenan vegetables topped with a red pepper and tomato sauce, served with a little cous-cous and coriander. YUM!

Making a sauce can be as simple as blending up some garlic, tomato, red capsicum, red onion, basil and seasoning.


Hydration is SO important but can take a little getting used to! If you’ve been dehydrated for a long time (as the vast majority of people have) then it can take a while to even form the habit of drinking enough.

To begin with people so often WANT to get hydrated but end up at 9 o clock at night kicking themselves because they simply FORGOT to drink enough!

OR they just get bored of plain old water. In both cases, herbal teas are your friend! There is a link below to the best, alkaline herbal teas and just think – having just 5 cups of tea per day would give you around 1.5-1.7 litres of alkaline hydration!

So if you start the day with 500ml, remember to have 500ml after lunch and dinner and again in the evening, when you add that to your cups of tea you’ve already hit 3 litres – which is a great start!


This is a great one for busy people (everyone nowadays, right) and those who lunch out-of-the-home. Just simply make 2x more for dinner 2-3 times per week and freeze the leftovers for lunches or snacks.

In fact, it is actually often more useful for snacks. If I get peckish during a busy day it’s great to go back to my leftovers supply and have an instant, alkaline snack. And of course, even better if served with a deliciously dressed side salad too!

One thing I love to do is, if I have leftovers like Mexican, or a curry or sauce-y based dinner, I just wrap it up in a wrap, add some spinach and I’m away!

Here are a couple of recipes that this works really well with:

1. Almost Alkaline Fajitas
2. Chickpea Korma


This is a big one, especially on the weight loss journey as it would be so easy to get this wrong and think it’s the best thing to do.

Never – ever – ever go hungry. If you are hungry, eat.

When you’re hungry you will start putting your body into that deprivation and starvation mode, slow down your metabolism and make weight loss so much more difficult.

Use the tips above to make sure you’ve always got snacks available and if you’re ever desperate, you’d be surprised how filling a handful of nuts and seeds actually is – don’t forget those little nutritional wonders!

When you’re on the alkaline path, you can always eat until you’re satisfied – you don’t have to fear overeating alkaline foods!

I hope this helps!

It’s some simple, but easy stuff to put into practice and I am pretty sure it will make the alkaline diet a LOT easier for you – and more delicious!


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  2. Marion R Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have been trying to alkalise for about 3 years now since I read one of Dr Youngs books. I have been following your advice for years too but really think this lot is great. BUT do you have shares in ‘Tena Lady’ or is the running to the loo just your way of getting me to do more exercise? Is this just because I have been drinking closer to 4 lts of green or alkalised water or will it resolve itself eg is it part of a cleanse? I bought Eko Crystals last week and am alternating them with my green drink (filtered water with sodi bic, chlorophyll and green powder.
    I have a male friend with constant severe pain from osteoporosis and will send him your email as I am sure you would recommend alkalising to him.
    Come visit Kiama some day. Regards Marion

  3. frances Reply

    hi Ross
    This is what everyone needs – please continue to tell the world
    that health is simple – just change to alkaline foods

    my question is — a person that is on warfarin – how would you help them get alkaline
    they have to watch out for greens ?
    ps – a great topic to write about – helping people on medications like warfarin !! etc
    thanking you for your time and energy

  4. Emmanuel Reply

    Where can you get healthy/sprouted/wheat-free wraps in the UK?
    Is there perhaps an on-line supplier?

  5. Sherry Kocot Reply

    When I make my own dressing with olive oil the only problem I have is that when it goes into the fridge the olive oil solidifies – So my question would be is it ok to Not refrigerate the dressings?? and if you have to how do you put it on your salad when its solid?

  6. lynda Reply

    morning ross. my food choices are having to be made with the driving factors of systemic candida and indigestive pain taken into account. i am suffering major weightloss, chronic fatigue and a rejection to most foods other than vegetables with occasional buckwheat or fish. even lemon water creates stabbing stomach pains. i strive to find the diet that ticks the boxes with foods ithat my body will tolerate. many of the foods in the alkaline diet go against what the blood type diet says i would be able to digest or the candida diet says will feed yeast. it is very easy to feel confused as to which i follow as everything seems to give me chronic pain and energy loss once my body begins to digest it.
    i welcome any adivce/info.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Lynda

      The alkaline diet is really good as it contains no yeast or sugar, therefore it should be effective. I disagree with the blood type diet.

      What type of foods are you eating at the moment?

      Lemon water is a great way to start the day, but not crucial for your overall diet so don’t be too concerned about not taking this in.

      Good luck


  7. Sol Reply

    Hi Ross, I would like to ask you how can I eat to prevent low sugar. I have hypoglycemia and a little while after eating I get palpitations up to the point that I am afraid to eat. I stop eating fruits and starches, and try to eat healthier. I am getting to thin.
    My heart is ok. I went to see the cardiologist and had many tests done, and all of them came out normal.
    Please help me. I do not know what to do anymore.
    Thank you very much.

    • Energise Ross Reply


      We don’t offer any medical advice unfortunately.

      However, if you check my blog out there are lots of interesting articles about sugar intake.

      All the best!

  8. Veronica Reply

    Where is the link for the alkaline teas?

  9. sandeep Reply

    u rockstar.

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  11. Aby Simons Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Really enjoying the videos and tips you provide. I found you and your diet because I was recently diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitus which means my bladder has small sores inside the lining which has forced me to stay alkaline and drink a lot of water. I only feel pain when I eat or drink anything too acidic and recently have become so sensitive to things I could always eat before. I know all the usual things, drinking water and eating green vegetables (I can’t go near tomatoes anymore) and I’ve stopped having caffeine and alcohol but if there was anything else you suggest. When my bladder really flares up I used to drink a pint of lemon water but even that doesn’t help these days. If there is anything you could think of or any research I could look into I would appreciate it greatly as you can imagine this is really annoying.
    Thank you!

    • Lois Reply

      If you have IC, as I do, you should NOT be drinking lemon juice, although it is an alkaline food once consumed, it does not work this way with the bladder. What you need in a flare up is a tsp of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of warm water & keep drinking!
      There are 2 excellent books which I have found of help.
      ‘You don’t have to live with Cystitis’ by Dr Lauren Gilespy &
      ‘Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle, by Amrit Willis
      They are both American which is a slight drawback. The first was written a while ago & does not talk about the Alkaline diet but get it none the less.

      • Energise Ross Reply


        Thanks for the book suggestions will check them out.

  12. Diane Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I absolutely adore the work you do and found your website a couple of years ago when I was home in the UK. Am from Northamptonshire and I ordered some products as I was visiting and desperately looking for alkaline water. Anyhow, I have struggled with this program like most people and try to incorporate as many tips as I can but I have a very severe case if IC so it really limits my water intake. I have a chanson machine at home but have not noticed a difference since drinking the alkaline water – I know it would help if I drink more but with having to work and “live” it is just not possible with my many many bathrooms trips because my bladder is so inflammed and raw. I don’t have a specific question for you but more a general one, have you come across someone with severe IC in your travels and have you seen them overcome it and if so any tips you can give me??? I do eat salad for lunch everyday and my dressing is usually just a oil blend (olive, flax, avocado) but I also do have a sweet tooth and give in to that craving too because this disease isolates me so am alone alot and admitedly I do eat for comfort so anything you have is appreciated. I have already decided if I ever win the jackpot lotto I am going to contact you to have someone come live with me and make me all this wonderful alkaline food and really get it ingrained in my mind so I can finally be rid of this nasty disease because for all my faults I do believe the cure is in natural healthy living and not drugs.

    Take care Ross, again absolutely LOVE what you do, you are so dedicated to helping people and are a true inspiration, if the world was filled with people like you it would truly be a wonderful place.

    BC, Canada.

  13. Vera Reply

    Really having a tough time with stomach pain and bloating.
    It seems that drinking Kambucha helps but wanted to know if
    you knew much about that and how to make it safely yourself.

  14. Jackie Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Brilliant newsletter, two questions…

    1) how do you know if you have a Candida overgrowth and
    2) where is the link for alkalising teas, I’m using my phone, so it maybe doesn’t show up as easily?!

    Amazing job you’re doing at helping people be the healthiest they can be!!

  15. Joy Linsley Reply

    Ross, would deeply appreciate your responding to the emails Harriet Partridge & I have sent to you regarding my account. Thank you.

  16. jolly Reply

    hi Ross,
    ur doin a really gr8 job…keep it up…im a 28yr old
    female and hve been suffrn fm gastritis since 10 yrs…i just
    had an endoscopy and confrmd chronic gastritis…cn u gve me
    a diet plan 4 my case…thankyou

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  18. Energise Ross Reply

    Hi Jenni

    Are you on the Weight Loss course? I think I recall your name! There is a video on this in there – I think week 3. Basically, while acidic, you will have a sweet tooth. This is because your digestive system is overrun with yeast/candida which makes you crave MORE sugar which ferments, then, into more yeast/candida. We have to stop the cycle – and the more you cleanse and follow the programme the easier this will get.

    Are you having the salts mentioned in the videos?


  19. Joe Reply

    Hi Ross,

    You mentioned lemon and ginger tea is an alkalising herbal tea.

    I drink Twinings Lemon And Ginger from tesco – http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=256263336.

    Is that ticking the right alkaline boxes?



    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Joe

      This is fine – an organic one would be better, but this is perfectly ok.


  20. Jenni Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for the brilliant tips. I am on the Alkaline Solution Course. I find that I have a very sweet tooth. I make alkaline foods but I still go for biscuits and crisps. What would be an easy and sustainable way to reduce my sugar cravings?

    • Veronica Reply

      Hi Jenni

      I found it very hard to give up my stodgy puddings with lashings of custard, I chose to do it gradually and I now eat nuts and goji berries when I am peckish. I hate most nuts but found I quite like cashew nuts. At Xmas I plan to buy a dehydrator and dry out fruit and veg to mix with a larger range of nuts.
      Don’t cut off from the biscuits and crisps cold turkey do it gradually and it is far more bearable. I can now walk past Paul’s (French pattisserie) without stopping. I have been on the alkaline diet for about 6 months. Best of luck.

  21. Energise Ross Reply

    Thanks Douglas!

  22. Douglas McAuley Reply

    Nice tips, especially for busy lifestyles. Thanks