5 Ways to an Instant & Natural Energy Lift

Instant Natural Energy Boosters

During the day do you ever have those moments where you just need a pick me up?

And wouldn’t it be great to have an energy ‘toolkit’ of secret weapons you can use in the fight against fatigue?

No I’m not talking about sugar and caffeine…

I’m talking natural, instant, but sustained energy lifts that pep you up, clear the mental fog and get you refocused and ready to take on the World.

5 Instant & Natural Energy Hits

Energy Hit 1: Circular Energy Breathing

This is a really simple, super-powerful way to reinvigorate your body and mind. It boosts the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain, gets your blood flowing and even stimulates your lymphatic system!

It’s an easy breathing pattern of:

  1. 1. Breathe in for 4
  2. Hold for 16
  3. Breathe out for 8

In fact, you can do it in any multiples of 1-4-2 (in for 2, hold for 8, out for 4 or in for 8, hold for 32, out for 16).

Just make sure you don’t do it at a ratio that stresses you out!

Repeat the pattern ten times (count on your fingers for each cycle if you need to – I always lose count), and take this as an opportunity to try to focus only on your breathing and not let your mind wander to tasks, stresses or activities.

Just focus on your breathing and you’ll feel reinvigorated afterwards.

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2. Energy Green Juice


There is nothing that will boost your energy like sending a cascade of nutrients to your cells, and getting a green vegetable juice does that like nothing else.

A combination of cucumber, celery, spinach, lettuce and any other leafy green will do the trick.

Be sure to include only vegetables and no fruit in this juice. The fructose without the fibre in a juice will send you on a blood sugar spiral that will leave you feeling more fatigued than ever within 90 minutes of having a fruit juice.

Feel free to water down this juice up to 50:50 with filtered (preferably alkaline) water to keep it drinkable for your taste buds.

3. Five Minutes of Breath-Walking


This is one I learned from Tony RobbinsHour of Power on his Get the Edge program, and it involves walking and breathing in a particular pattern.

Five minutes of this will have your energy through the roof and your body tingling and ready to rock and roll. It puts me in a hugely positive state whenever I do it!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Walk at a brisk pace
  2. With each step breath in quite firmly four times (in-in-in-in) and then out four times (out-out-out-out) – in time with your steps if possible, but that’s not essential)
  3. While you’re taking the in breath, with each breath you will want to tap your fingers to your thumb in this pattern: on the in breaths tap your right thumb on each of your fingers, one at a time from your first finger through to your little finger; then on the out breaths do the same with your left hand – starting on your first finger, then index, middle and then little finger

Just five minutes of this can make the world of difference.

4. Wheatgrass Shot


It’s like caffeine but more effective, delivering instant mental energy and clarity and a huge boost of chlorophyll to your body.

And it’s actually a taste that you can get used to and once you’re used to it, it becomes quite sweet and delicious!

Wheatgrass shots seem to be readily available in so many cafes and food outlets now, but it’s also so easy to make them at home, relatively cheaply.

All you need is wheatgrass and a wheatgrass-capable juicer.

The wheatgrass can be ordered in most towns and cities by they tray, and lasts days and days.

You can also grow wheatgrass at home and have a never-ending supply too, with a simple sprouting system such as this one.

Wheatgrass cannot be juiced in a centrifugal juicer (the whizzy, noisy, spinny ones), but if you only have one of these, you can buy a manual wheatgrass juicer quite cheaply – meaning you don’t have to throw out your juicer and buy a new one just for this purpose.

If you already have a masticating juicer, you’re good to go!

A 30ml shot of wheatgrass will pep you up like nothing else, and I highly recommend this instead of an espresso shot for longer lasting energy that you can really feel!

5. Super Hydration


A 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people. And the simple, sad fact is, 95% of us are walking around chronically dehydrated and fatigued all day every day.

If you asked the next ten people you had a conversation with today how much water they drank in the past 24 hours, I bet 9 out of 10, if not all of them would be dehydrated.

And having more energy is not the only reason to drink more water:

A six-year study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses.

Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.

Drinking 2 litres of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%

This has been much debated in the mainstream media in the past twelve months.

Certain ‘experts’ have been playing down the need to drink water! Even 8 glasses a day (which is just under 2 litres or 64oz) is too much for these guys.

Instead they’d rather you just have a couple of glasses and be done with it. Let’s look at it this way, and I urge you to do this if you’ve got any doubts.


The rough guide to ‘how much is enough’ is 3-4 litres per day.

I know this sounds a lot, but it isn’t really.

You might also be thinking, “that is too much for me, I’m only little”.

So to work it out exactly, this is the official calculation:

1 litre of water per 40lbs (18k or 2.85stone) of body weight

For example, 12st = 4.2 litres per day

This, I have found, accurately works out to between 3-4 litres for most people each day.

And if you stick to this, every day, I promise you there will be a massive increase in your health, energy, mental clarity and vitality.

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