The 4 Biggest Mistakes Most Alkaline Beginners Make (…and how to turn them into strengths!)

four mistakes alkaline beginners make

When people first start the alkaline diet they almost almost make all (or almost all) of these mistakes.

If you are making any of these mistakes can do almost all of the hard work you put in.

It’s why so many people can find the alkaline diet hard at first, when in reality it should be fun and enjoyable and pretty darn easy.

Let me show you how…

Let’s Turn These Common Mistakes into STRENGTHS!

But when you take these common ‘mistakes’ and turn them into strengths (which I am about to show you how to do!) the alkaline diet becomes easy, enjoyable, easy to stick to and fun.

Plus the results you get are double or triple what you would have gotten before, with less effort required!

My Strength Is Making the Alkaline Diet Easy for People Just Like You…

It has always been my mission to make the alkaline diet easy, enjoyable and fun (and therefore long-term and sustainable). And in my eleven years experience (ELEVEN YEARS! It’s gone so fast!) I have truly gotten to the core of why some people get alkaline and get results easily, while others struggle and give up.

It’s not down to body type. It’s not down to blood type. It’s not down to your previous diet. It’s not down to how fit you are. It’s not down to whether you give up meat or not.

It’s not down to anything other than your approach – fuelling the body instead of focusing on restrictions, seeing yourself and your body as a team instead of working against one another…realising that if you give your body the nutrients and tools it needs it will thrive and you will flourish…

And those first few days and weeks are SO important.

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NOTE: The First Few Days Are the Difference Between Success & Failure

Bigger than that: the first few days are the difference between:

  • An alkaline life or a life of giving up, yo-yo dieting, never reaching your full health potential
  • Finding it fun and easy or feeling like you’re fighting your body, struggling, hungry, fed up and tired
  • Getting results FAST or hitting a brick wall for days and weeks before you push hard enough to break through

So let’s get into those mistakes and I will show you specifically, step-by-step how to turn each around and make it a strength!

The FIVE Biggest Mistakes Most Alkaline Beginners Make (…and how to turn them into strengths)

Mistake #1: Aiming for Perfection from Day One:

Woman Cutting Celery On Chopping Board

In my eleven years of experience, working with people from all walks of life, with all different backgrounds and history and with all different goals – one thing is almost always certain. When people first start the alkaline diet, they start off striving for perfection.

After reading the pH Miracle (or another book!), going to a Tony Robbins event, reading an article online or in a newspaper somewhere, going alkaline makes a LOT of sense to most people.

But when they start out, common sense seems to go out of the window and they try to do it all at once!

This is probably true of most people when they start with most changes to their health or lifestyle with any diet plan or new gym regime.

But let me make this clear:

When you try to be perfect from day one, you set yourself up for failure!

I’m here to tell you now – in all of my experience, there is nothing that will lead to failure faster than striving to be perfectly alkaline from day one. Plus it makes it no fun, unenjoyable and incredibly difficult to sustain.

The good news is that starting slow, building up, taking it day-by-day and one step at a time is the FASTEST way to succeed. It truly is. My old driving instructor, Ron Ricker used to tell me “Sometimes the fastest way is to take your time” and in this instance I couldn’t agree more with Ron.

When you try to be perfect all at once, there are lots of pressure points and potential points of failure.

…and most of all – the hardest thing is this: trying to give up everything at the same time as introduce new foods and habits…all at the same time…is too much!

When you’re in the process of giving stuff up, you have to battle the cravings, the habitual changes, the stress, the psychological battles, and then all at the same time as trying to think of alkaline meals to make.

This is hard.

There is a lot to take in at the start so I recommend (highly), taking it slowly and focusing at first on GETTING THE GOOD IN, not on trying to cut the bad stuff out. Sounds much easier doesn’t it?

I have a very detailed video on this coming up for you very soon (I’ll send it through once it’s ready!) but in the meantime, just keep this in mind….

Focus on the big, most important stuff. The core fundamentals that I discuss in my Beginners Guide (get this by signing up at the top of this page, or at the bottom of this article). If you focus on nailing these fundamentals (hydration, greens, oils, minerals, movement) then you’ll get 1000% bigger results than if you try to do it all at once.

Summary: Making It Into a Strength

  • Don’t try to do it all at once and don’t strive to be perfect from the start!!
  • Focus first on getting the GOOD in and not on restricting the bad. This will make it more fun, easy and still get you big, big results
  • Take it one day and one week at a time when it comes to eliminating and transitioning away from bad foods: this week dairy, next week coffee. And don’t move onto the next one until you’ve nailed the current one!
  • Focus on the FUNDAMENTALS first, the 20% of things that will give you 80% of the overall benefit: hydration, greens, oils, minerals and moderate exercise. Just these five small changes, when compounded, will get you a huge benefit.


Mistake #2: Preparedness


Be prepared. Oh yes, the boy scout motto has never been truer!

A lack of preparation will undo even the most experienced alkaliser!

I have been studying and coaching the alkaline diet, as I mentioned, for a long time now. I’ve closely examined what makes people succeed, what makes them fail and success always leaves clues.

I have seen, over and over, that in a vast number of cases where people are going great and then suddenly crash – a lack of preparation is the reason. Hunger kicks in and there is no healthy option.

Picture this:

…you get home from work, tired, stressed and HUNGRY. The kids are hungry. It’s time for dinner. It’s dark and cold outside and there is no way you’re going out there, even if you had the time, to go shopping for groceries. What’s in the house will have to do it. BUT what’s in the house is not a pretty sight. So you just have to grab/cook whatever is easiest and quickest to make to feed all of these hungry bodies. And convenience foods, the stuff that’s left in the cupboard when everything else has been eaten is almost always acidic.

And even if that isn’t the situation, when you’re not prepared but you DO have a bunch of raw ingredients in the fridge and pantry, if you’re not prepared and knowing what you’re going to cook it can be soooo hard to invent a meal that’s going to be not only alkaline, but delicious enough that the whole family will want to eat it.

And if that isn’t the situation either, consider that time when you’re hungry for a snack but don’t have anything alkaline on hand to make it a healthy snack. But the hunger is gnawing away at you. What will you eat?

And even if none of those are the situation(!) – imagine breakfast time when you’re in a hurry, late for work and don’t have something that is quick AND alkaline to grab? Can you imagine what you might have?

Being prepared is simple. It’s about developing a bank of easy, delicious, alkaline recipes that become your staples. Meals that you can always fall back on.

Being prepared is also about knowing what meals you’re going to eat in the next few days, forward planning and then, shock horror, shopping for those ingredients you need so you can make those meals!

It’s all about having a little bit of preparation, foresight and planning so that it enables you to live alkaline easily, and deliciously!

This is why the folks in my Alkaline Base Camp membership do so well and so easily – because each month they get a new set of menus, with their daily meals planned out and an itemized shopping list laid out for them – so they just need to shop, follow the meal plan and it’s all done for them.

Having this resource for yourself is a HUGE win – and makes it all so much easier.

I HIGHLY recommend planning out your meals each week, fortnight or month and going through this exercise yourself. It is often the difference between success and failure.

If you want to find out more about joining the Alkaline Base Camp so you can have this done for you – click here to check it out and get started.

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It’s as easy as ABC!

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Summary: Turning the Mistake Into a Strength

  • Don’t leave it to fate! If you live and shop and eat day to day you will get caught out – hungry but only with access to acidic foods
  • A little bit of forethought will go a LONG way: plan your meals ahead at least 3 days in advance and shop for those foods!
  • Always have a shortlist of ingredients – 8-10 ingredients you can always have in the house which mean you can make 5-6 simple alkaline meals and snacks at the drop of a hat.
  • Always have a couple of ‘get out of jail, free’ snacks available to you at all times – nuts & seeds, sprouted breads, avocados, tomatoes make excellent options


Mistake #3: Digestion


So few people realise the important of the digestive system. I think it’s the most important thing to focus on when you first start to go alkaline. When you have been eating an acidic (not alkaline), and less than healthy diet for a while, your digestive system gets clogged up and impacted. It gets chock-a-block full of yeast, bacteria, mycotoxins and candida. Both of these situations are not good for you and your health goals.

And worst of all, they will mean you’re only getting a fraction of the benefit from the hard work you’re putting in. Let me explain.

  1. When your digestive system is compromised and acidic, you will get into a cycle of bacteria, yeast, acidity, candida and more.  The more there is, the more wastes these produce, the more they then feed on these wastes and grow and the more acidic and bacteria you get.SO many problems emerge from this.  Candida, of course, reflux, and research STRONGLY links digestive issues such as IBS with the existence of bacteria and yeasts in the digestive system, for example.

    The more acidic you are, the worse this gets and it snowballs.

    If you believe you have a yeast/carb/sugar addiction – this is a symptom AND a reason.

  2. A clogged and impacted digestive system will mean you’re only absorbing a fraction of the nutrients you’re consuming! When your digestive system is full of undigested matter, yeasts etc. these wastes coat the walls of your large intestines, which is where your nutrient absorption is supposed to take place.Your large intestine walls are covered with tiny little finger like things called villi that have the job of absorbing all of the nutrients from the foods you consume.

    But of course, when you’re intestine walls are covered in old matter, candida and bacterial overgrowth, these villi are covered and impacted and cannot do their job!

THIS IS EXCITING NEWS!  It means that as soon as you start to clean out your digestive system your results will suddenly POP – even though you’re not doing anything different!

More results, with no extra work required!

While going alkaline will make this process of cleansing start to work, there are some simple things you can do to speed this up considerably – especially when you’re first starting out.

Digestive Foods

There are certain foods you can include more of that will rapidly speed the cleansing of your digestive system. In another guide I’ll go more into each of these foods, how to use them and give some recipes, but for now, just shop for them and include them!

– Quinoa
– Buckwheat
– Husks
– Beans
– Greens (collards, kale, spinach etc)
– Avocado
– Celery
– Broccoli
– Chickpeas
– Sweet Potatoes

Plus a special shout goes to grapefruit as a snack as it is mildly alkaline and helps support the digestive system with a high content of pectin fiber which is a great cleanser.

Plus of course these foods are terrible for your digestive system – processed foods, fast foods, fatty foods (as in trans fats), low water content foods, sugar, yeast etc.

Digestive Supplements

The two best supplements you can use, in my opinion are:

1) Psyllium Husks: which are a combination of insoluble and soluble fibre and are the very best cleansing fibre supplement I have ever come across. Cheap and easily found online and offline.

2) pH Miracle’s pHlush: powerful, so use gently and slowly at first. It’s an oxidiser in the alimentary canal and acts like an ‘at-home colonic’! It’s fantastic for clearing out the digestive system!


Hydration, hydration, hydration. You simply cannot be dehydrated and have a properly functioning digestive tract. It just ain’t gonna happen. Aim to drink between 2-4 litres of clean, filtered and preferably alkaline water each day, without fail. Your whole body, not just your digestive system, will thank you for it.


Incomplete chewing and talking while eating can cause premature swallowing. Our digestive systems are not designed to digest large pieces of food, so putting large pieces in our stomachs can lead to incomplete digestion (aka: digestive discomfort). The digestive process starts with chewing, which naturally churns the food. Chewing also releases digestive enzymes to further aid in the digestive process.

The same goes for having massive mouthfuls. When you have a big mouthful, then chew – it expands and forces you to swallow prematurely, putting even more pressure on the digestive system.


Eating when you are rushed increases your stress and slows down the digestive process. Create a nice calming atmosphere while eating. And take your time. Here’s a simple rule I put into place for myself to stop myself hurrying through meals:

– don’t allow yourself to touch your fork until your current mouthful has been completely chewed and swallowed.

So many people start racking up their next mouthful before they’re even chewing their current mouthful. Don’t do this. Savour each mouthful. Enjoy your meal.

Eating Regularly

Having big meals less often is much more stressful on the digestive system than having smaller meals more often. Eating little and often will also prevent you getting into that position I mentioned earlier of being so hungry you just have to grab whatever you can (which is almost always acidic!).

Summary: Turning this Mistake Into a Strength

  • Don’t ignore the digestive system! Give it love (especially in the early days) and your results will be SO FAST!
  • Focus on the high fibre foods to begin with green vegetables, beans, chickpeas, grapefruit, avocado, celery etc.
  • Try to move away from the foods that will encourage yeast to keep growing in your digestive system: simple carbs, refined foods, processed foods etc
  • Get some psyllium husks!
  • Eat slowly, relax, enjoy your meals
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration!


Mistake #4: Quantities

Jars of Jam

This is a funny one, but true. When most people start the alkaline diet they eat so little! For some reason quantities go out of the window and they start eating these tiny little meals!

I don’t know why!

The best thing you can do to repair and alkaline, cleanse your body and digestive system is to flood your body with nutrients, and you’ll only be able to do that by eating lots!

I generally don’t like to talk about calories in/out – especially when it comes to weight loss, but in this instance I will reference it simply to say: these people are getting nowhere near enough protein, calories or fats!

You really do need to keep on eating lots when you go alkaline. It’s no good to cut out all the crap and replace it with a plain salad. You still need to be getting a varied, mixed diet, with protein, complex carbs, oils, loads of veggies, high water content foods, nutrient dense foods etc.

Important: you should NEVER be hungry on the alkaline diet.

If you are often hungry, you’re doing it wrong and you should email me to trouble shoot with you to make this right.

So make sure you’re getting enough food each day! Here is a sample day’s meal plan for you that will definitely keep you full and not hungry or missing any of your vital nutrients!

Breakfast: 1. Scrambled Tofu Brekkie | 2. Quinoa & Apple Warmer | 3. Alkaline Power Smoothie

Lunch: 1. Mexican Tortilla Soup | 2. Fill You Up Salad! | 3. Almost Alkaline Fajitas

Dinner: 1. Marinated Asian Salmon | 2. Alkaline Lentil Curry | 3. Alkaline Sushi

And if you throw in snacks like almonds and other nuts and seeds, sprouted bread toasted with avocado & tomato, an alkaline salad wrap, hummous with veggie sticks etc you will NOT be going hungry.

(note: all recipes taken from my Alkaline Diet Recipe Book)

Making It Into a Strength Summary:

  • Never go hungry
  • Eat LOTS
  • Remember to get enough oils, complex carbs and proteins, if you’re ever worried
  • Make 2x your main meals and freeze some to eat later as snacks or as a second serve if you get hungry an hour or so later
  • Being hungry is an acidic state – don’t let it happen!
  • Have alkaline snacks handy at all times when you’re first starting out


Bringing It All Together: Turning Potential Pitfalls into Big Wins

If you follow this guide to avoid these common mistakes then what you are actually doing is this:

1) Focusing on the core, most powerful alkaline actions you can take (avoiding perfection)

2) You’re ensuring you’re always eating highly alkaline, delicious meals (being prepared)

3) Eating an abundance of alkaline foods that will cleanse your digestion to give you double the results, twice as fast (digestive cleansing)

4) Eating LOADS of alkaline, nutrient dense foods to allow your body to cleanse, repair and then thrive (getting the right quantities).

These four common mistakes are now all pulling in the same direction to give you a compounded benefit. Doing these four things will give you a benefit greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Using this in conjunction with the Beginner’s Guide (sign up below if you haven’t already) will leave you feeling AMAZING, but more importantly, they’ll make the alkaline diet exactly what it should be (and what I strive to make it): easy, enjoyable and sustainable.


Alkaline Food Chart

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  1. Yolanda Reply

    Hello my husband and I are wondering if you mean to eat all 3 items in your sample meal plan above?
    We think this is what you mean but would like confirmation.
    Thank you,

  2. Hoda Reply

    Hi there, I started the alkaline diet this week and have been eating all the right things… I suffer from terrible constipation and still am not finding relief. What am I doing wrong!? I do bake with organic sprouted spelt and have organic grain fed eggs sometimes, but even when I didn’t (cause I’ve attempted this before), I was still constipated!

    Also when should I stop drinking liquids? I can’t drink too far into the night.

    Thank you!

  3. Dee Reply

    Hi there

    I’ve been following your alkaline diet for 2 weeks. The first 5 days, I dropped 3kg. I had a green smoothy for breakfast and lunch, and an alkaline soup for dinner. No dairy, or meat, only vegetables and almond milk..

    After 1 week on this routine, I swapped out the soup for dinner with an alkaline salad, loads of greens and broccoli, with added chick peas and beans… I kept the morning green smoothy going, but started adding, almonds, chia and Peoria and sunflower seeds as well. I replaced my lunch smoothy with another salad, much like dinner, loads of greens, avocado etc

    By day 10 I had lost 4kg, but in these last 2 days I feel extremely bloated and just yukky.. I haven’t gotten on the scales because I can feel I’m heavier.. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. I’s it possible I am consuming too many vegetables? Aside from a few chick peas and beans in my evening meal the last 5 days, I’ve not had anything else..

    I want to keep going but I feel disappointed that I still remain bloated and feeling like a whale!

    Please can you give me some tips? I’m desperate 🙁

    • Hoda Reply

      I know what you mean! I’m dealing with the bloat too! Waiting for a response!

  4. Gargi Bhatia Reply

    there are a couple of things on your highly acidic list, eggs and chicken…i am used to eating a lot of egg whites of boiled eggs for breakfast. is that not a good thing to do?
    also wanted to know about yoghurt, it is a big part of our staple food. how do i go about consuming these things? and how much is fine?

  5. Noreen Reply

    I understand water is acidic
    Can one add bicarb/baking soda to water to correct this?
    I know adding organic lemon is good..
    Thank you

  6. Deb Reply

    Hi, are mushrooms alkaline or acid. Ive seen them on the acid list on your page but on the internet it says they are alkaline. Please can you clear this up for me. Thanks

  7. Beverley Dubus Reply

    Hi, My son is on a special diet for reflux. His nutritionalist has recommended raisins as a snack. I understood they were alkaline, as many websites also state? Do you consider them acidic or alkaline?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Beverley

      They are absolutely not in any way alkaline, they are a concentrated source of fructose, which will do more damage for his reflux than possibly anything else. I would consider finding a more nutritionally aware doctor.


  8. Anita More Reply

    I am 79 years old. Before, eating for the most part in a conventional healthy way my digestion worked pretty well.
    Now that I switched to a mostly alcaline diet I am unable, for days at a time, to have any digestion. I feel very bloated and uncomfortable, despite drinking between 3-4 liters of water daily as well as taking quality Zeolite Clinoptilolite .
    Would appreciate any suggestion. If I cannot get relief soon I have to abandon this way of eating.

    Thank you.

  9. Rita Reply

    Please advise if I can have all the food on the alkaline diet as I am histamine intolerant as somewhat restricted to low histamine foods. Really battling with flareups which are so debilitating.

    Thank you
    Rita Moir

  10. John Reply

    I am currently on a low carb high fat eating lifestyle.
    No processed food and healthy eating. I like to keep control of insulin and i have a problem with gout.
    I am d own 70lbs but need to drop another 70lbs.
    What will the Alk aline Diet offer me snd how will it address my sugar levels, gout condition snd weight loss ??

    Problem #2 Gout attacks
    Problem #3. Long term weight loss

  11. John Vagianos Reply

    I am currently on a low carb high fat eating lifestyle.
    No processed food and healthy eating. I like to keep control of insulin and i have a problem with gout.
    I am d own 70lbs but need to drop another 70lbs.
    What will the Alk aline Diet offer me snd how will it address my sugar levels, gout condition snd weight loss ??

    • Elaynn McGuffrey Reply


      This alkaline thing does make a lot of sense and when I took the urine test it was extremely acidic. So, I’m going to investigate this alkaline a little.

      Now, my first question is : when you steam or cook veggies such as sweet potato, and cruciferous veggies does it turn them acidic once they are digested? I think I read somewhere that cooking alkaline foods turns them acidic.

      Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

      • ross Reply

        Hi Elaynn

        Cooking does not turn an alkaline food acidic per se. You have to think of it as a spectrum – the more you take a food out of it’s natural state the more nutrients disappear…eventually, and depending on the cooking method you *could* make an alkaline food acidic (i.e. deep frying in canola oil), but cooking, in most instances just removes the nutrients.

        Try to be as gentle with the food as possible i.e. steaming instead of roasting or frying.


  12. Bhuwaneshwar Ojha Reply

    In India which type of alkaline food can be taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner? Please show a chart so that we could follow.

  13. Mary Reply

    Is kefir good to drink on alkaline diet?

  14. Ava Reply

    Can’t eat grapefruit…is there a just as effective sub?

    • ross Reply

      Lemons & limes

  15. William V Reply

    Hey Ross, how you been? A quick question to an expert 🙂

    What’s your take on supergreens VS juicing?

    I’d guess juicing wins, only that I’ve been fighting helicobacter issue (started 10 yrs ago, before my Alkaline journey) so my stomach is quite sensitive to juicing (baring in mind pesticides that comes with it, too)

    In your opinion, is it still anywhere near beneficial to replace juicing with just supergreens?

    Summertime when we get some home-grown I’m fine with real stuff, but during winters I’m quite cautious… haven’t been juicing for almost a year now! Miss it a lot, actually… 🙁

    Thanks for helping me to start on this journey… gosh, it’s been more than 7 years ago now! What a wonderful one. Grateful.

  16. Satish Lala Reply

    Hi Ross

    I currently started the alkaline detox program
    i have done the pre detox .im now my third day in to the detox program I have been going to gym doing only cardo light 30 min walking or biking everyone seems to think I should not be training please tell me why i cant train

  17. Melanie Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I am a newly alkaline vegan. Any tips on trying to cure BV?
    Thanks a bunch.

  18. Robin Reply

    Hello Ross,
    How would you rate the Biocera Alkaline water filter jug using ceramics to structure the water differently.
    I was hoping this would be listed on your different methods to make water Ph more alkaline. I purchased it from company Water For Health and have found it very good.
    Many thanks for your research which i would have loved to have done but just seems to complicated.
    all the best


  19. Teena Reply

    Some People Say Drink 2 Litres Of Water A Day Some Say Don’t Drink More Then A Litre My Belly Is Huge I Have Endometriosis. I’m Frightened If I Drink 2 Litres A Day I Will Get Bigger

    • ross Reply

      Hi Teena

      You’re more bloated because you’re dehydrated. The more you drink 2+ litres a day (up to 3.5-4 litres) you will become more hydrated and less bloated.


      • Mel Reply

        Hi Ross! Can I use both Psyllium husks and pH Miracle’s pHlush or just one? Can I use it during the 7 days cleanse? I’m getting my tdap shot this friday. I want to do the cleanse on the same day. Do you think these 2 supplements and cleanse program will help to cleanse the toxin? Please advice, thanks!

  20. Emma Reply

    Hello Ross
    I’ve been unwell for last 24 months, started with stubborn Bladder Infection, repeated antibiotic treatment, lots of Cipro, cystoscopy revealed Mast Cells in bladder lining. Went on low histamine diet and was a little better, however in Feb 2015 was put through penicillin allergy test at the hospital around same time as being treated by herbalist for IC. My health plummeted, terrible joint pain, nausea, brain fog, multiple food intolerances, tachycardia, feeling of permanent UTI. I feel like my life has been taken over trying to resolve my health. I’ve seen quite a few Dr, Rheumatology, Urogyneacology, Allergy, Pain Management they don’t know what to do and so prescribe pretty hard hitting drugs which I don’t want to take. I’ve been told I have methylation issues and struggle to take supplements I also have very low vitamin D level. Would your plan help and can it be done observing the low histamine diet? Any advice would be so welcome. best Emma

    • Fred Mazzotta Reply

      Hi Ross, I’m a new beginner with Alkalizing the body, my question is I love different meats especially steak, can I eat meat in the beginning or wait some time. I also have very bad allergies. Thankyou for your help. Fred

      • ross Reply

        Hi Fred

        You’ll find the allergies will clear up the more in balance your body gets. The alkaline diet is especially effective for balancing as the alkaline foods are no only alkaline(!) but also anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich and are very nourishing and balancing to the endocrine system responsible for balancing your hormones.

        When it comes to meat, I do recommend most folks cut down from what the mainstream consumes…but you don’t have to give it up. My advice is to take your same meat budget and spend that on the highest quality meat you can find – organic, grass fed, pasture raised, the most expensive cuts etc.

        This way you’re getting *less* meat, but more nutritious, ethical and healthy meat – and I’d imagine tastier too.

        Hope this helps – do feel free to follow up if you have any questions at all!


  21. rehana Reply

    Hi Ross!

    I am grateful finding you on Facebook. Your expertise will make so much difference to help me understand and know ‘ how to prepare a healthier food for my love ones.

    Thank you.
    rehana (:)

  22. Paula Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m just getting over breast cancer, both removed, but manged to avoid the chemo which is great but my immune system is crap! So I’m on a mission to restore it and take the super green foods in powder and eat non dried goji berries and it goes on…my question is how, if I have removed the sugar, dairy, and as much gluten as poss, and meat, apart from fish, as the first two things help cancer to party in my body along with the acidic environment! So trying to keep a balanced diet is hard having removed the meat and trying to keep to as much alkaline food as possible. I’m juicing as well but I’m hungry and get stuck with what to eat at lunch and then snack on hummus and breadsticks!! Pls can you advise…….

    Many thanks

  23. Terrie A. Reply

    Hi Ross, Thank you for the list of Biggest mistakes. It Helps to keep on track. My husband and I have been phasing in the alkaline diet every since we found you on line – a year or so. I can’t begin to tell you how much better we feel and can really tell the difference when we don’t eat right (too many baby and wedding showers). I have your first cook book and use it on a regular basis. I also try to make other recipes more alkaline. I would like to get the second cook book as well. You mentioned if we get hungry to to email you. Well, when I’m eating more alkaline, I find myself hungry every 4 hours or so. Is this normal? I also find myself becoming “shaky” which means low blood sugar especially after exercising. I’m 62 y/o and in very good health. Thank you for your encouragement. Terrie 🙂

  24. Sharon, Bethel OH Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I have 2 auto immune diseases & systemic candida which is extremely bad in my whole GI. I have cut out all sugars, including fruit. I am very acidic! I am on Nystatin. Should I be on a probiotic? Should I be on a cleanse? What foods can I eat? Are all your recipes ok at this pont for me?

    I need help! Please & thank you!
    Struggling in OH

  25. sue jensen Reply

    I am to avoid/not have at all the nightshade foods -tomato, white potato, eggplant, chilli, capsicum and have sensitivity to Garlic, Dairy, Wheat, Rye, Rice, Corn, Oranges, Yeast. I’m
    battling disappearing cartilage in my thumbs (I’m 53). Feel a bit daunted by it all. Your thoughts?

  26. Rajveet Saluja Reply

    Hi ross. I m from india and I dont know how to alkeline my many of good fruits n vegetabels r not available here in indian super market.. most of the veggies n fruits r pestsides grown n not organic.. instead of diet chart can I take a telephonic concelling.. ? Or any of good detox suppliment. Which I can get in india. Kindly enlighten me with ur world. I have a sevear digestion problem. Bloating n constipation n even piles.. and I m just thirty years old.:( kindly tell me wot can I do to detox my body n live a happy life… or tell me if I can call? Tc .regards.

  27. Lance Reply

    Hey Ross! AWESOME power packed post!!

    I noticed the phlust link wasn’t working (i tried to go there, to no avail). I’ve used this in the past, and MAN does it work good! lol… how do u know when you should stop using it?

    Also, LOVED your list of foods for the digestive system. I didn’t realize sweet potatos, and quinoa were such good items to have on that list— hurray!

  28. Sandra Green Reply

    Hi Ross, is it possible to eat alkaline on a budget when eating for one ? I have both books but not yet got started…. I love your books and your passion for wellness through good food but we live in a nation of low income and hard workers (often two jobs to make ends meet). I personally have lost the basics on cooking, I think many of us have. And due to the lifestyle, I am unwell with many things and struggle to find the energy to plan and prepare.

    Could you produce a book on the basics ? keeping things fresh/storage of foods etc as a lot of health foods have no basic instructions on them and as they are expensive to buy am fearful of buying. is it doable to eat well on around £30 a week ?


    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Sandra

      I’m actually working on a Beginner’s Course right now which will include some of this info.


  29. Julie Huang Reply

    2. It’s too much to read! Could you please make it brief or do you have a video on this??

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Funny – people usually say “I prefer written” when I post videos!

  30. Julie Huang Reply

    On the upper right hand photo there are two persons which one is you?

  31. Peggy Bradley Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks so much for all the valuable information. Could you please tell me how much psyllium
    husks I need to take. Thanks..

    • mary Reply

      Hi peggy, i use
      psyllium and i use 1 tables

      spoon in my shakes or juices. I find the best time to take this, is just before you go to bed, and hour or so. You can have it in water as well.

  32. Kathleen Reply

    Thank you Ross, very useful information, and you are so generous with your information. I’ve been raw vegan for the last month which has been a good starting point to going alkaline. I’m now starting to use your cook book to maintain being alkaline. I have diabetes and my blood is normal most days now. Just want to get to a point where the condition is reversed and healed. Thanks for your support.

  33. Amanda Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you so much for the information.
    I do have a question though, I have been eating the following for about 5 months now and I am not losing any fat. ( I am 5’2″ and weigh 57kg)
    Morning – 1 1/2 ltr water, 900ml juice of celery cucumber baby spinach then large salad (lettuce toms avocado or goats cheese sprouts olive oil salt herbs( fresh and or dried) 15 min rebound and 20 mins bike to sweat. Twice a week short free weights work out followed by cardio to get rid of acid.
    Lunch- salad as above with quinoa or butter beans or chick peas or new potato or brown rice. Water during the day.
    Dinner- salad as above. Maybe with seeds. Steamed broc or cauliflower asparagus or zucchini or homemade veg soup. No tins or yeast stock
    Snack sometimes on pecan or macadamia nuts
    About 3 or 3 1/2 litres of clean water a day. And about 100gr of dark choc a fortnight and 3 times a month home made pancakes with jam and cream or scones.
    Also 30 – 60 min walks 3 times a week and odd 2 hour hill, nature walks
    Will the fat lose not happen until I get rid of all acid. My health is much improved still abit low on energy sometimes. Just put on fat around middle and back about age 40. Do you think it may be hormone imbalance or adrenal fatigue.
    Thank you so much for your help
    Wishing you every success

  34. tracey Reply

    Hi Ross….This is the second message I have received from you as I am a novice and only been on it for 3 weeks…..I did the opposite of what I just read!!! Went straight in with the whole thing! BUT, aside from the frustrations with learning how to cook all over again and how to shop, Myself and my husband are LOVING it, we eat 3 great meals a day and are rarely hungry between meals…It’s so good! Wish I had done it for years and years!
    We haven’t yet found a restaurant yet though locally that does food that’s totally alkaline, or if it is, it’s foul!! Will keep searching!!
    Can we eat olives and goji berries?? Can’t seem to find out if that’s ok or not.
    Tracey xx

    • Energise Ross Reply


      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Hope you both keep up the excellent work!

      Stay alkaline!

  35. Amanda Reply

    Ross, you were preaching to me today!!! Thank you, I made all of the mistakes this past week, which was my first week! Thank you for this and I’m on my way again, one meal at a time!

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Great news!

  36. rita Reply

    thanks so much Ross. I just finished reading on “the seven mistakes alkaline beginners do commit”. I must admit i faulted in almost all. God bless you for letting me know these facts. I promise to take in more alkaline liquids, eat in a more relax manner and most importantly, not push big morsels down my throat anymore.
    I look forward for more enlightenment. Thanks once again.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Good luck Rita!

  37. Jacob Olawoye Reply

    Alkaline could be better with organic all over.

  38. finn Reply

    hi ross ,one and half years on diet now ,all good but i still have porridge for breakfast with soya milk and flaxseed washed down with a litre of doc brocs powder, after a glass of phour salts .and a green juice of my 5 a day green vege with squeezed lemon ,ginger and udo oils .can i improve on this am i ok with the daily porridge?

  39. Marva Reply

    Ross, is organic Agava Nector acidic? Can it be used in smoothies? And how about Birch Sugar (Xylitol) can that be used as well?

  40. Liz Reply

    Hi Ross

    I read the PH Miracle a couple of years ago, but found it difficult to put it all into practice. I have found your site so informative and your receipes so easy to follow and I am going to try really hard to make this work this time. I have sarcoidosis an immune disease which is now in remission and I am hoping that the alkaline diet will stop it from coming back.

    Keep up the good work.

  41. Olliehuv Reply

    Ross – I would like to know if you have heard of anyone reversing osteoporosis by following your alkaline diet?

  42. kathleen Reply

    is nonfat, organic, plain yogurt alkaline, and is greek yogurt better for you?

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Kathleen

      Goat products are generally better than cows and yep, organic is better than not.


  43. Kaye Reply

    Ross, I just want to say a sincere thank you not only for this information but also for your website where you provide so much more valuable info, all free. Hard to believe really – Nothing is free these days. Clearly it shows that you like helping people reach their goals. I also love your all inspiring emails, hints and tips etc. The detail you provide is easy to understand and makes complete sense. I’ve read heaps to get myself prepared and am now putting my shopping list together so my pantry and fridge will be fully stocked. I’m very excited about becoming healthy in a very logical 80/20 ratio, all thanks to you. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Kaye

      It does feel that way! I try to make as much free as possible. Of course, I do have bills to pay like everyone else, but I keep it 95% free 🙂

      Thanks again for your kind words – keep on keeping on and good luck with the shopping list!


  44. Rachelle Reply

    Hi there! I was so excited to find your site a while back! I first read the pH Miracle book about 6 months ago and just couldn’t get my head wrapped around how to make that work with our family of 7. However, I started a slow process of eliminating some things and adding in more alkaline foods. Just over a month ago, our oldest daughter’s eyes flared again (she has Uveitis) and we were faced with putting her back on very severe drugs (a liquid chemotherapy) or… well, I pulled the book out again and we are now on the full program. We are praying and believing for great results! I love all the information you give, because I am putting it into play for the rest of my family and it is great! Thanks so much!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Thanks Rachelle – good luck and good work for keeping your mind open and continuing to learn!

  45. Lourdes Reply

    I want to help changing the world too.

  46. Lourdes Reply

    THANK YOU Ross.
    You´ve always moved me deeply for your passion for life, your love for all suffering humankind (bad eating habits making them all sick, unhappy…) and your passion (again!) for a healthy lifestyle and the huge possibilities for happiness and freedom. You´re unique of your kind.
    Thank you for being here and for your compassion and GENEROSITY for us all. GOD bless you.

  47. Petra Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks a lot for all your work and creation!
    About 3 years ago I foung Robert Young’s book and could stay on it for about 1 year on it – not 100%, just about 80% – and I never felt better, looked better and even had a mannequin-figure!
    But due of some life-situations, invalidations on my diet etc – I gradually end up on my earlier acidic-lifestyle and just couldn’t get back on it.
    But thanks to your positivie advices and constant creation – I made it back and I am so happy and grateful for that to you!
    Thanks for what you are doing and for being here!!! :))
    Much Love, Petra

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Thank you so much Petra – I too tried to stick to the pH Miracle as it states but had a tough time trying to do it all to the letter…but when I dropped back to 80% I felt great!

      Thanks so much for commenting, I really appreciate it!

  48. Dove Reply

    I second the motion! Love your web site. Your information has changed my life and those in my immediate circle (family). It was difficult in the beginning to take in all the information that could change the way we were eating, but now we have learned that the most important point to remember is…..BE PREPARED!!! It’s so much easier to have everything you need on hand at all times, rather than wondering “what can I eat”!!! Keep up the good work Ross…one “converter” at a time and soon “Junk food” will be a thing of the past!

  49. Stephanie Laver Reply

    I love what you represent – authentic, committed, passionate, logical. Thank you Ross, you remind me of everything I KNOW in my heart and forget not too often, but forget!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      THANK YOU Stephanie – I truly appreciate your positivity and kind words. You’ve made me smile from ear to ear 🙂