Alkaline Diet Tip #6: Exercise daily, even if its just a few pressups, squats or a walk

Exercise daily, even if its just a few pressups, squats or a walk

Simple. Exercise. Do it.

When we exercise it makes all of the other efforts we put in with our diet and lifestyle 10x more powerful. It’s like compounding. The benefits become exponential.

The reason why I am saying daily is not to get you lifting weights or running or hitting the gym every day – your body DOES need recovery. It’s more to get you moving every day. If you go to the gym today, go for a little walk tomorrow. Even though you’d not normally have considered that walk as part of your exercise regimen, it’s essential to build momentum.

When you exercise every day like this (even if it’s only something tiny on your ‘day off’) the brain gets addicted and positively attached to you doing it and you halve your risk of accidently going 5 days without doing anything.

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