Alkaline Q&A#6: Weight Loss

weight loss

The Alkaline Diet Q&As

Hi all – every day I answer somewhere between 10-50 alkaline diet questions. So I have decided I should share some of the best!

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Weight Loss

I’m just scared to go “off” Atkins and eat so many carbs. How will I burn stored fat? I only have less than 10 lbs to lose.

Ross’ Answer

The difference in approach is small, but significant.  The theory of the alkaline approach is that the body will hang onto dietary fats in order to protect you from the toxic build up of an acidic diet and lifestyle.  Once you start to alkalise, you will soon send the message to your body that it no longer needs to hold onto this fat.

Plus, you will be consuming a lot of beneficial fats which will expedite this process because it’s a second message to the body that it now has a necessary supply of healthy fats for energy, so no longer needs to stay in the ‘starvation/ fight or flight’ mode which also makes it hang on to fat.

I’m 100% convinced of this as the people on my Alkaline Weight Loss Course all got incredible results.

Plus, there is not a lot of complex carbs on the alkaline approach.  Less than 20% of your diet.


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