Alkaline Foods: Photos of ONE Serve of Each Alkaline Food

The 7 Most Alkaline Rich Foods: But What Does a “Serve” of Each ACTUALLY Look Like?

Ever since I released my Definitive Acid / Alkaline Food Chart and then followed this up with my now, officially, ‘wildly popular’ 7 Most Alkaline Rich Foods guide I’ve been inundated with questions from you lovely people asking me more questions about how to start the alkaline diet, and how to live alkaline.

This is brilliant.

It’s why I’m here. It’s why I spend hours and hours every week writing for you and answering your questions!

My whole approach to getting healthy, getting alkaline, and STAYING alkaline is based on three key things:

  1. DON’T try to be perfect – it’s unrealistic, unreasonable and doomed for failure. Take it day-by-day, step-by-step and still enjoy treats here and there. If you aim for perfection you’ll find it too hard. Go easy on yourself, still enjoy a night out with your friends, still enjoy life, and enjoy food – and transition gently. Unhealthy food (sugar, simple carbs, yeast, trans fats, additives, caffeine, alcohol, etc) ARE beyond doubt addictive. You will not make this a lifetime
  2. Put IN Before You Take OUT – if you try to start your healthy lifestyle by restricting and depriving yourself, you will fail. Simple as that. When you first start out take ALL of that horrible pressure off yourself by focusing solely on ADDING GOOD STUFF IN before you even think about taking the bad stuff out. If you focus on adding the good stuff (this article will show you how easy that is) then you will find yourself feeling better and better, more and more energetic, more and more vitality, smoother skin, less fatigued, better sleep, better moods, WAY less fat, WAY more muscle, brighter eyes and a sensational feeling of achievement and accomplishment. And guess what, the more you feel like this, the less you’ll crave the bad stuff and the less you’ll want the bad stuff.Simple as that.
  3. Work SMART Not HARD – This is based on the ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ principle Tim Ferriss teaches, and influenced by Pareto’s 80/20 rule. I believe that you will get 80% of the benefit from 20% of your activities.

This again comes back to not trying to be perfect. Using 20% of the effort you can get 80% of the benefit. Of course, this is not 100% of the benefit, but it would take the extra 80% of effort to get that remaining 20% of benefit! Make sense?!Now, once you’ve mastered the core stuff to get you that 80% of benefit you can fine tune and step-by-step add and improve, but for now just focus on mastering the core principles.

Alkaline Food Serves: The Background

>We all know we have to eat more fresh vegetables (especially the leafy ones) but it seems daunting and intimidating to try and eat (at least) five serves per day.

Or so you thought!

I have used the globally accepted measure of 80g of food as being officially ONE serve and measured out what 80g of each of my 7 Most Alkaline Rich Foods looks like.

By the end of this guide, you’ll realize just how easy this makes the alkaline diet.

Alkaline Rich Food: What Does 1 Serve of The 7 Most Alkaline Foods LOOK Like?

If you remember in my Seven Most Alkaline Foods article I listed:

1. Spinach
2. Kale
3. Cucumber
4. Celery
5. Broccoli
6. Avocado
7. Capsicum/Bell Pepper

Below you will find all of these photographed as the amount required to be classified as ‘ONE SERVE’ in the global 5-a-Day campaign (in Australia it is 2+5 with 2 fruit too).

1. Spinach – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 1: Spinach

This is all it takes to have a serve of spinach! Spinach is an incredibly alkaline food – packed full of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Protein, Fiber – it’s a true superfood.

As I always advise, if you include a side salad with every meal, and use this small amount of spinach, this will mean you’ll have 2-3 serves of this incredible food every single day. Awesome. You’ll feel amazing!


I went the extra mile and lightly steamed some spinach to show you how it is even easier to eat a HUGE amount of spinach by simply steaming it for a couple of minutes. The picture below is the above “1-A-DAY” serve of spinach, shrunk down by steaming:

Alkaline Rich Food 1: Spinach

Ross’ Alkaline Recipe Containing Spinach

Warm Red Pepper & Spinach Salad

Spinach, Garlic & Tofu Burgers

Alkaline Avo Power Smoothie

Alkaline Raw Soup

2. Celery – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 2: Celery

Isn’t it shocking – that’s all the celery you need to call it one of your five-a-day. It’s so small! You could munch down on this as a snack without even knowing you’d done it!

Can you start to see how getting your rich source of alkaline foods each day is just a case of some simple habits?

I often have celery with almond butter as a nutritious, alkaline, healthy fat-laden snack and it’s amazingly deliciously awesome.
It’s alkaline, has super-high water content, and if you are on a weight loss journey, you’ll also be happy to hear that this alkaline staple contains plenty of potassium and sodium and so is a diuretic – meaning it helps rid the body of excess fluids.

Ross’ Alkaline Recipes Containing Celery:

Vegetable Bean Soup

Bright & Breezy Salad

Alkaline Green Drink

Delicious Refresher Juice

Alkaline Chilli Greens

3. Cucumber – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 3: Cucumber

This is the most awesome of them all – how small is that?! You’d think that it would take a whole cucumber to make a serve, but no! This is all it is! This is absolutely one of your five-per-day.

I hope the more you read and see the easier you’re seeing this is and more motivated you’re feeling?

Ross’ Recipes Containing Cucumber:

Alkaline Cucumber & Watercress Soup

Alkaline Sushi

Antioxidant Super-Meal

Sweet Chunky Alkaline Shake

pH Boosting Protein Shake

Almond Gazpacho

4. Avocado – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 4: Avocado

Man alive, it’s getting easier as I go, isn’t it? This is half an avocado and then a tiny slither extra. In truth, the avocado I bought was pretty small, so for an average avocado it would be half or so. OK, so imagine using a 1/4 in one of your daily salads and a 1/4 as a snack. Easy. You put 1/2 an avocado into ONE green smoothie.

It’s so easy to eat this much delicious avocado!

In my Alkaline Diet Recipe System I have a great recipe as a snack which involves scooping out the flesh from half an avocado, mixing with chopped tomato and red onion, sprinkling in some sesame seeds, drizzling with olive or flax oil and eating from the avocado shell! Delicious and, again, your one serve of vegetables.

Ross’ Alkaline Recipes Containing Avocado:

Alkaline Avocado Power Shake

Raw Avocado Soup

Smooth Avocado & Tofu Dip

Alkaline Quinoa Salad

Spicy Alkaline Summer Soup

5. Broccoli – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 5: Broccoli

Broccoli is one of, if not THE, most important foods in the whole wide world. It’s amazing and I BEG for you to eat it daily. Steamed, stir-fried, juiced, mixed in a soup or smoothie, eaten raw (you get used to it!) – just eat it. A nice trick I thought of a while back is to grate the florets into salads – so you barely notice it! I love sneaking nutrition into food – especially for people who claim not to like it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ross’ Alkaline Recipes Containing Broccoli:

Broccoli & Vegetable Coconut Curry

Mixed Sesame Veggies

Gareth’s Green Smoothie

Spicy Alkaline Summer Soup

6. Bell Pepper/Capsicum – One Serve

Alkaline Rich Food 6: Pepper

Capsicum (Bell Pepper) was a big surprise for me but it is extremely beneficial.

Bell peppers have shown up in research relating to decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, macular degeneration, cancer, inflammation, and more.

Alongside these lesser-known or more complex-named antioxidants, bell pepper is one of, if not the best food source of the more common antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

They’re sweet, tasty, and delicious!

Ross’ Alkaline Recipes Containing Bell Pepper:

Sweet Chunky Alkaline Shake

Red Lentils with Bell Pepper

Stuffed Tomatoes with Pepper

Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

Without Kale I Thought You’d Need An Alkaline Bonusโ€ฆ

So, I thought it might be fun to measure out the foods I’d include in a basic alkaline green drink to see:

1. the vast quantity of fresh vegetables and leafy greens you get in ONE drink
2. to measure the actual ‘serves per day’ in ONE green drink

It’s awesome.

Below you will see the separate images of each of the ingredients in a basic alkaline green drink measured. It’s so interesting to note how this would be a salad that would be WAY too big for me to eatโ€ฆ.but juiced – it’s an easy, delicious, refreshing super juice!

Alkaline Green Drink Foods Measured

Alkaline Green Drink Foods

Above are photos of the ingredients I’d use in a basic green drink:

1. Spinach (not above, but right up above at the top)
2. Cucumber
3. Celery
4. Lettuce
5. Broccoli, including stalk
6. Carrot
7. Bell Pepper

I cut and sliced the amounts I’d use on a normal day and then measured to see how it rates on the 5-A-Day Scale.

As you can see (just about) from the pictures above, the total weight in grams of this green drink (which serves 2) is a total of 1,162g of vegetables.

This equates to 14.552 serves of fresh vegetables!

And looked like this:

Alkaline Foods Made Into Green Drink

As this juice would serve 2, this is 7.25 serves of fresh vegetables.


โ€œMost people are overfed, and theyโ€™re undernourishedโ€ฆFreshly extracted juice is the 15-minute nutrient express to healthโ€ Jason Vale.

I hope you’ve loved this blog post as much as my 7 Most Alkaline Foods article!

I loved making it – and it’s invigorated, motivated, and inspired me too!

Getting alkaline, staying alkaline, and enjoying the process has never been easier!


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  1. Anthony langan Reply

    Hi Ross, i would have like to have attended the anti-inflamation webinar on Monday 6 march 2017 but the start time of 3.30pm is very difficult for working people could you do another time or consider a replay, many thanks.

  2. cesca Reply

    how about making it into a smoothie instead of a juice daily? which is better?

  3. Sally Reply

    hi. Lack of Kale is endemic to the UK also. I grow an old Victorian variety of perennial kale called D’aubenton’s. Put out a search as it is very easy to grow, can be harvested all year and easily propagated from cuttings. It grows in my acid soil (!) and seems to be rabbit resistant when established (protect when small). It’ll also survive in pots.
    It’s a crazy state of play when we can only get what markets think we want!

  4. Margaret Reply

    Hi Ross – I notice that you said you can’t find kale in Queensland. I don’t know if you are near Brisbane, but the Northey Street markets (every Sunday morning) sell it. It’s an organic market at a city farm at Windsor.
    Regards, Margaret

  5. DM22 Reply

    Hi Ross
    I tend to feel a bit queasy when I have this juice – not always but often and especially in the mornings!
    Please advise!! thank you

  6. Ty Reply

    Hi, I have been following you for a while now but am still having a few issues I need your help with.
    I start the day with lemon juice water with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it. I then have a green smoothie or juice with kale, spinach, silverbeet, coconut water, super green powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, banana, and what ever else is available. Then I either have oats/rice porridge with rice milk and shredded apple/strawberries or rice & chia bread with avocado and tomato or eggs. Salad or vegetarian sushi for lunch or a quinoa and vege dish. Dinner is usually brown rice with caps, spinach and other veges or salmon or organic meat/chicken.
    I probably have 1.5L of water a day. And dispite all this I don’t loose any weight and have actually put on a few kgs. I’m not overweight but would like to loose the last 4kgs of baby weight, so what am I doing wrong (besides not enough water!)
    Thanks for your wealth of information

  7. ChilePowered Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thanks for all you do. It’s wonderful. When you make a green drink do you use a juicer or a blender or ???

  8. Diane Reply

    Is it ok to include sprouted grain bread in the Alkaline diet?? I’m getting mexed messages on this. I see sprouted grain ok on the list, but this is still a wheat product? And wheat is not allowed on the Alkaline diet?

  9. Elvan Reply

    I can’t remember how I got on your website, but I’m glad I did! I thought that I was eating right, but that was nothing compared to your information about alkaline food. Today, I tried to make ร  green smoothie, unfortunately my blender gave it up! In the middle of green mess in my kitchen! I didn’t give up, instead of a smoothie I had raw green soup with lots of fibers. Can I drink THE leftovers next morning, or should it be fresh?


    Ross… wouldn’t PARSLEY be one, if not the most alkaline foods?

    I feel way better when i eat PARSLEY, or CILANTRO. To me i don’t really get that much HEALING power with spinach or kale. If i ate something really acidic like cheese, and feel really bad… 1 little sprig of parsley literally HEALS all of my problems.

  11. trendopics Reply

    i never thought we was allowed to eat alkaline i thought that was just for batteries, i never had known it was in fruit, well today i can say i learned something new

  12. Keith Townsend Reply

    Great list of the top 7 alkaline foods! I need to try the capsicum peepper. We eat all the others on the list regulary. I liked the steaming idea for spinach – Glad I found this post! tweeting this out

  13. Joe Jutrisa Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I stumbled across your site recently and I’ve gotta say…well done! There’s tons of great info that I would recommend every person should read, lots of excellent advice and looks like some cool products too!

    I find it amazing that so many people don’t know about this stuff. Really. What I find even more amazing is what some people eat! The SAD (standard american diet) is beyond belief and thanks to the Hollywoodisation and McDonaldisation and Corporatisation of our planet this has become “normal”.

    When I peer into people’s shopping trollies I don’t see a lot of food…just a lot of “crap”. Please excuse my French but that is what it is! What goes on in people’s minds? What are parents teaching their children? I’m not a Health Food Nazi or fitness lunatic by any means but most of this stuff is not rocket science.

    As a former Natural Health Practioner, I knew about this sort of stuff thirty years ago. When I was a kid, we ate real food, had dinner at the table and everything was homemade. As kids we were never indoors and walked, ran or rode everywhere…and I grew up in a big city!

    By the way…great work with the acid/alkaline charts. Most I’ve seen are not correct or at best very deceiving.

    People would ask me about this topic and I would explain it this way. To keep it simple vegetables are alkaline. Everything else is acidic! Eat, drink, juice lots of vegeies especially green things. Sure there are exceptions (please refer to Ross’s charts…they’re very good!) but that really gets them thinking and familiar with the idea. Create a few favourite cocktails and so begin your journey. There are lots of good ideas here that you can try. Start small and the changes will be big.

    Thanks again and keep it coming.
    Best wishes,

  14. beena Reply

    hey up ross,i’m pretty new to the whole alkaline diet thing&i just wanted to say this post about serving sizes&most alkaline veg is my absolute fave so far,thankyou! i refer back to it often. i found when the weather’s warm i’m happy to eat salad til it comes out my ears,but when it’s cold&rainy (quite a lot here in scotland!) i found it much harder to get enough alkaline veg down the hatch,especially the raw type which i feel is best – your whizzed up raw veg recipes have changed all that as i now have at least 5 veg every midmorning, and best of all: i’m not choking it down, it’s delicious! i’m already seeing results in terms of fat loss and energy increase so thankyou thankyou thankyou (your enthusiasm’s pretty catching too ๐Ÿ™‚ ) i’ve a question for you: have you heard of people beating recurring/ chronic illnesses by living alkaline? my particular interest is in depression. thankyou in anticipation of your response, frae beena ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Rabanne Reply

    Great post, thank you so much!
    I’ve always had trouble with serving sizes.

  16. Barbara Reply

    Hi Ross. I recently came across your alkaline site. Love all the information you make available to us. Much appreciated. I was diagnosed as having a tumour in my bowel, in early January. Had that removed, along with part of my bowel and lymph glands. Am now on chemo treatment for a 6 month period, and, so far so good. In February, I discovered your site, and now make and drink 500ml of mixed green veg juice every day. And, I have a salad every day as well. I’m feeling really well. My skin looks great and my energy levels are up. My doctor is happy with my white blood cell count.
    Thanks for all your info which helps me make the transition to a more alkaline diet, easier and tasty.


  17. carol Reply

    Thanks Ross. I feel blessed to be able to access your website. Keep up the good work . Humanity needs this information

  18. rose joseph Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you very much for your posts. I was diagnosed with GERD and acid reflux, three years back and I was on medication. But nothing helped. After starting Alkaline diet I started feeling better and now I am almost cured, except I hav lost 12 kilos.
    Once again I thank you!

  19. Teniel Reply

    When I went raw nearly a year ago, no one knew what Kale was. I was asking everywhere for it. But now its even sold in my local fruit shop and sometimes at woolworths. I live in Brisbane.
    I only buy it from my organic markets as I have been told it is quite heavily sprayed so this is one vege I buy organic only and also celery.
    So keep an eye out because Kale is becoming very popular. I pay up to $4.50 for organic. But you can get it for $2 un organic some places.

  20. Candra Reply

    I am really enjoying your blog! My husband and I decided just about a week ago to eat the alkaline way. So far it’s been very exciting and I’m surprised to find how easy it is to come up with delicious recipes! I just have a question about how much food (in general) we should be eating each day since five servings isn’t really much at all. My husband has a big appetite and I tend to snack throughout the day. Should we load up that much more on alkaline foods or curtail our enormous love for eating?

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Candra

      Of course, five serves is the general governement/state recommendation as a minimum. As mentioned in the post – you’d get more than seven serves just from the juice.

      Don’t ever go hungry – if you’re eating clean you can have as much as you like!


  21. dorothy Reply

    I have started eating more if alkaline foods and am doing great, and funny, I have also learnt to pay attetion to my body,its rejecting foods which are not alkaline and accepting more alkaline ones.And the green drink, oh what a way of consuming more of alkaline plants I love it. thaks a lot.

    • Ross Reply

      Glad you like it Dorothy!

  22. rosalinda Reply

    Ross, i jtried just now your green drink with the addition of avocado. i love it.

    • Ross Reply

      Sounds like you did it in a blender to make a smoothie? Try to juice as well as blend.

  23. Marie Reply

    Ross, Is baby spinach as good as the big leafy type? It’s much easier to find. I see you have both types in the pictures above. Thanks.

    • Ross Reply

      Absolutely ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Marra Reply

    Ross, I eat plenty of all the vegies mentioned, but I cannot eat green bell peppers as they cause me stomach pain. However, red, yellow and orange bell peppers are very agreeable for me to eat. Do they have to be green bell peppers to benefit me???


    • TC Reply

      Hi Mara –

      You are absolutely right! Green bell peppers are unripe and the body can’t digest them ! All the rest of the info was great!

      Only eat red, orange and yellow bell peppers!

      • Ross Reply

        You don’t have to have green – red, yellow etc – whichever works best for you!


  25. Irene Reply

    Hi Ross

    I am new to this alkakline way of living, I haven’t exactly started as yet, but i have been trying different recipies changing from white sugar to raw and changing over from cows milk to goats milk, i sort of have a problem you see i really… Love cows milk and i did drink alot of it and i dont really like the after taste of the goats milk, i tried the lactose milk is that allowed?.
    The reason I decided to make an effort on changing the way I eat is that I have been feeling tied all the time and I don’t even feel refreshed even when I wake up. I have restless nights all the time.
    So I am hoping just like many of your followers I will also feel the difference.
    Thank you for sending me your emails!.
    Warm regards
    I also wanted to commend you on the way you make it so much easier to eat Greens!. I am not really sure on the 20% that you are meant to eat of the normal foods yet but I will look into it.

  26. jany Reply

    what you would recommended for sperm increase and motility .

    • Ross Reply

      The alkaline diet is great for preparing for having a family

  27. Loretta Reply

    Hi Ross, Kale is everywhere in Brisbane now. Fresh Organics deliver and have great stuff. Just order on line. Flannery’s do have it every week as do some of the local fruit shops now.

  28. Anna-Anna Reply

    Good post
    Is it possible to make these ahead and freeze them?
    I live in Wisconsin, USA, and we have a 5 month growing season at best.
    I have severe osteoporosis- 25+ fractures and am looking for anything to help this out.

    Before you think I have had a crummy diet, and was inactive my whole life, such is *not* the case!
    I was adopted quite young- Then raised on a dairy farm. When I was growing up it was nothing for me to put away 3 or 4 huge glasses of milk at suppertime. These, along with a mother that was [long before her time with being] a health nut.
    Having a half acre of garden and berries ensured that we ate good, and right.

    I continued with lots of hard work (physical and mental) throughout my career; and supplemented that with playing ball for over 25 years. (Some years I played 4 nights a week, PLUS tournaments on weekend).

    A bit of background which may/may not be pertinent…

    I have had migraine disease since I was a child.
    I was diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back well before I turned 30. (My love for softball was greater than any little pains I felt). Additionally I do have a very high tolerance for pain.
    I married right out of high school, and had 3 daughters by the time I was 22. Another daughter in ’87.

    I do freeze green peppers and use them throughout winter- onions (for soups) also.
    Carrots and celery can also be froze-
    Am I destroying much by freezing these?
    So again, is it possible to freeze more of this?

    Please forgive my ignorance.
    I thank you in advance for any replies.

    • Lynda Reply

      Do you think drinking so much milk contributed to your conditions? Was the milk pasteurised or raw?

  29. Kimberly Reply

    One serving is different for everyone! Your one serve is waaay too much for me at on time….smaller meals more often works for me….

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Kimberly

      One ‘serve’ is 80g – this is using the global 5-a-day standard. So this article is intended to show you what 80g of each looks like. It isn’t an arbritrary selection of what I think a serve should be ๐Ÿ™‚


      • kim Reply

        thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ the info is great!

  30. Laura Reply

    Hi Ross, have communicated with your many times re my chronic eczema/psoriasis condition. I went on your alkaline diet last year when things became unbearable and my skin cleared up! Then got lazy and let the bad foods and too much vino and coffee back into my day to day life and I am back to where I was ๐Ÿ™ I am now going back to the alkaline diet and will try hard to stick with it (I do miss my coffee and odd glass of vino though). Am curious to know if anyone else has cleared up their skin condition with the Alkaline diet? I have been told to give up dairy, wheat etc as well. It’s tough! Any suggestions/thoughts from either you or your loyal ‘followers’ would be helpful. Thank you so much!

    • Tina Reply

      Hi Laura,

      Have you ever looked into Candida for your eczema/psoriasis ,dairy and wheat carry yeast which makes your skin break out. The Alkaline diet which nearly takes out wheat and dairy would def help. It’s all about eating whole foods and green foods. Candida is an over growth of yeast which almost everyone is effected by it. It’s hard to stick with a different lifestyle but just plan and prepare, and know it will make a huge difference in your life and maybe also effect someone else’s life as well!! Get back on the alkaline wagon!

    • Maggie Reply

      Hi Laura, eczema and psoriasis can be caused by food intolerance. As dairy and wheat are the most common food intolerances, perhaps that is why you have been told to give them up. You would need to give them up totally for at least a week to begin to see any change. My daughter suffered with eczema from birth because of intolerance to dairy.

    • Marie Reply

      Laura, My psoriasis cleared up completely on the alkaline diet 80 / 20 rule. I omitted tea and coffee and drank herbal teas. Yes it does return with the addition of wine and coffee ๐Ÿ™ I find 80 / 20 totally manageable and I am less likely to totally relapse.

  31. Vanessa Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Your site is invaluable, so helpful and illustrative, I love the pics – being an artist the visual treats keep me hooked!

    I’ve just started growing all my own veg the permaculture way, weed free, low maintenance and very productive, highly recommended!

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚ Vanessa

  32. Sheri Reply

    LOVE this post and your website!!! Have been making small changes since this past December….and will continue to do so, with the help of your awesome information. Sharing with my Mom as well as she tackles a lot of inflammation in her body.
    Thanks for all that you do!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. allen Reply

    happy reading… eat healthy always…

  34. Shelley Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Such fantastic information and pictures sure help a lot!

    My question is, is it possible to be too alkaline? I know through out the day my ph levels sweep from very alkaline to hardly alkaline when I’m eating pretty much 100% alkaline. I think my body is clearing out all the old junk as I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past week with a sinus/head cold. I’ve been eating alkaline 100% for about 3-4 weeks now, I’ve not done the cleanse yet as I’m in training for a 10 k which is in 2 weeks.
    Thank you again for the fantastic job you’re doing, so informative!


  35. henrietta Reply

    I would like to try this alkiline drink but I can’t read the prinmt.

  36. Anna Poulin Reply

    I am a high school teacher – I teach an elective in the U.S. which prepares students for the Health Industry. I found that the reading level is very compatible to the students’ overall reading and comprehension development for High School. I particularly liked the sugar section which describes the negatives of sugar. Very relatable for teens. Thank You

  37. Betty Roy Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m slowly starting to eat more alkaline foods. Thanks so much for sending me info and pics and serve amounts it’s GREAT!

    Betty R.

  38. Pam Reply

    I just learned about massaging raw kale. You grab a handful and rub it. It will crack and crunch, the color will change, but so will the flavor. It’s amazing and delicious.

    I love this website. I love how I feel with these foods. And I love to eat them! How great is that!

  39. Priscilla Reply

    WOW!!! You are amazing!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this wonderful info. The pictures help a lot and recipes to boot. I have Fibro and since finding you & alkalizing I feel so much better. Thank you, thank you! Priscilla

  40. Janez Reply

    Can i also add protein powder to this alkaline green drinks?

  41. Janez Reply

    Can i add protein powder to this alkaline green drinks?

  42. doog morgan Reply

    This is great info , A T H A N K Y O U from me . Have been having challenges w uric acid and cholesterol , 21 on the cholesterol and
    some serious pains in my left hand and leg . Of course the consequence of those 2 – I managed to get serious numbers with
    my blood pressure , will definitely be applying this valuable info to my
    lifestyle changes .
    All The Best DougMorgan

  43. Robert Reply

    Good Morning Ross,

    After reading your blogs for some time now and finding much interest in them, I have slowly started to incorporate some of your ideas. I have been looking into purchasing a good juicer. From my searching, I feel the slow juicers seem to be the best yielding with less breakdown and oxidation. Can you give me a recommendation here?

  44. Lauren Reply

    Hey Ross!

    For the green drink, do you cook/steam the veggies first or does everything just go in raw? And do you add water to the mix?


    • Marina Reply

      Hi Lauren,
      I know the ques. was directed to Ross, but thought I’d just let you know (Hope u don’t mind Ross)
      When juicing its ‘raw’ veges or fruit. I don’t add water to my mixes but its ok to add it. I use the stalks (eg broccoli, silverbeet) as its full of nutrients. Happy juicing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Lisa Reply

    Thanks so much for all the great information you provide…
    ๐Ÿ™‚ its truely appreciated.

  46. Jillian Reply

    Nice blog. I live in the UK with it’s distinct, if currently erratic seasons, and grow as much veg as I can during the growing season. I am also a Locavore and try to eat veg that is in season so unless I buy from a Supermarket, most of the above are not available to me during the winter. Any surplus I have grown I store, either by dehydrating, pickling, bottling etc but they have probably lost their benefits by so doing. Since I am addicted to salads I admit to buying celery, cucs and peppers through the winter. Any suggestions. Incidently I use Olive, Rape or Almond oil and OACV for a dressing. What should I be using?

  47. Ron Coley Reply

    This was a really good way to show how getting alkaline isn’t too hard.Thank you for the pictorials! It definitely helps!

    Thanks from Chicago!

  48. Patti Reply

    Brilliant post! The breakdown makes eating right simple and do-able! Loved it! Thank you for putting it together!

  49. Ali Reply

    Hi Ross
    I am ali from Dubai I have cancer and I nead to know that you have clenick to treat cancer Patients by alkaline food and drink

    • TC Reply

      Hipocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida is a clinic to treat cancer with alkaline foods , meditatiion and exercise ect..

  50. Loraine Reply

    Just a quick thanks for all the effort you put into helping people learn about health. Keep it up, it’s truely inspiring.

  51. Brenda kitching Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have been diagnosed with RA and been on some medication which has had a negative effective on my health. Saw the Rheumatoligist last week and told me to stop immediately. I had lost 15 kg in weight and looked amancipated and very pale. I was still having flare ups. I stopped last Tuesday. I remembered that I had quite a lot of acid in my system. I started doing some research on acidic foods and then came across your web page. I would like to try doing the 80/20 fox trial before going on any other medication. This has been the second lot of medication that I have had and both of them made me feel worse. I have never before been ill in my life and had been very active. Is there any one out there who has left off medication and just gone with the healthy diet plan? I am 66 years old (a young 66) and only retired because of RA.

    • Patricia Reply

      Hi Brenda!
      I am in exactly the same situation as you. Having been diagnosed with RA two years ago, previously being very fit and active (am 57 now). Have been on steroids for two years (!!!) and tried a couple of the other RA meds, all of them have had awful side effects. I have been in a flare in most joints of my body for two years. Just happened upon this site too and I think this is just what we need BUT we also need something in the meantime to try to keep the inflammation at bay until the diet helps. I have been taking minocycline (have a look at the Roadback Foundation for more details) for the last few months and seeing a naturopath. The strong RA drugs frighten me ! The alkaline way of life has got to be of benefit….
      Take care
      Patricia x

      • Marina Reply

        Hi Brenda & Patricia,

        Although I have not been seen by any Dr’s for RA. I do know that I suffer from arthritis in my knees due to a car accident 23 yrs ago (now aged 44). i constantly had pain & swelling in my knees & also aches throuhgout my whole body. Not so long ago I was diagnosed as having Diabetes type 2. I had been feeling unwell for many years – not one Dr had me tested for diabeties. Mind you, I wasn’t active either in trying to find out why I felt so ‘crap’. they gave me meds to take & the meds made me feel worse. the medication made my joints stiffer & I’m sure made my inflammation worse. After 2 weeks of misery I threw the meds away & I got onto ‘juicing’. 80% veges (esp green leafy veg) 20% fruit. But juicing in high doses (approx 1-2 litres per day) I eliminated meat, coffee, tea, dairy. Within 5 days I felt a huge improvement. No aches, pains or stiffness. Inflammation had diminished (no pain from my heel spurs at bottom & back of heel) and also ankles. Clearer skin & I’m sure I no longer have diabeties – I haven’t been to get retested as yet. I also managed to lose 10 kg, although losing weight was not my main focus – getting healthy was. I now swear by juicing & my brother now juices. He’s lost 15 kg so far & now longer drinks alcohol (was a binge drinker). Maybe you ladies should give juicing a go – if you would like more info into this, plse feel free to contact me. Don’t worry, I won’t be pushing any products. I’m just a regular Mum who wants to get her life back & is willing to share my knowledge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Maria Reply

    Ross ,kale would be one of the most easy vegetables to grow. I have some right now in our garden, but also, here in Canberra, there are many organic shops that sell it readily.
    Taught a boy called Kale last year – whatever was his motherthinking? That’s a deed poll job as far as I am concerned. Hope he manages to forgive her as the poplularity of kale chips grows!!
    But in all seriousness, I must tell you about a grandparent from work who was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. He refused treatment and I asked if he might be interested in alternative an response. He was. Six months later, and after a total change in diet and thinking, his oncologist has pronounced him cancer free. Love telling this story!

    • Laura Reply

      Maria, I just love that story! I am so going to get everyone I know onto kale! Thanks for sharing.

  53. elise Reply

    Hi Ross Hi Ross you can also buy Kale in a bag from Wray organic Newmarket, sometimes Flannery’s I get mine delivered form Quality Fruit and Veg. But usually I grow it. Love your Blog
    Regards Elise

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Elise

      I’m going to try Wray’s tomorrow – there is one in Indooroopilly too so I’ll have a look there on my way out west…

      Thanks for the heads up. I’m looking into organic box delivery in Brissy so hopefully that’ll include some too!


  54. Charleen Dane Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Just thought I would let you know that I smiled when you said you couldn’t find Kale in Australia and had no reason for this. Well, it’s because you haven’t looked in the right place. I live in Tolga in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands (NTH QLD) and have Kale growing in my garden. Didn’t realise it was so hard to get hold of.
    Char Dane

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Char

      I’m definitely going to get growing!

      Hope all is good up in the North!

  55. Carol Kramer Reply

    Putting up the photographs is a lovely idea, very inspiring and helpful

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Carol – long time no hear! Hope all is great your end ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Scott Brady Reply

    Hi Ross

    This is a great blog post mate.

    Hope all is well with the family and enjoy your new home.



    • Ross Reply

      All good mate – leo’s leg is nearly back to full functioning! Cast off next Weds!

      Thanks for the good vibes mate -hope all is good your end too in NI

  57. Ee-Sung Reply

    I blend three types of green vegetables every morning. One chinese cucumber, one bell pepper and a quarter of a bittergourd. I will add some olive oil, kelp and pHour salt into the blend. It’s not quite delicious but the result has been great! And every evening after work, i will squeeze a lemon into 300 ml of water and consume all in a few seconds. Since then I have never had fever/running nose/flu/sore throat which I used to get every now. It’s amazing to see the effect of alkalizing!

    • Ross Reply

      Wow – exotic!

  58. Michelle Anderson Reply

    Hi Ross, in speaking about kale, we live in Mt Isa (north-west Queensland), a very hot and dry climate during summer, and cold and dry during winter. We successfully grew loads of kale during our winter, so much infact that it was the first thing to sprout of all our planted seeds, and we had that much we couldn’t use it all, giving loads away etc. It’s sooooo unbelievably easy to grow!!!
    Michelle and family
    Ps. I love your website, keep it up!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Michelle – thanks for the heads up! I’ve finally (FINALLY) gotten around to buying my first house and have a garden at last! I’m definitely planting a heap of spinach, rocket, basil, coriander….and now kale!

      Thanks so much – great idea!

  59. Susie Reply

    What a brilliant idea, Ross, to show in photos how simple it really is to get our 7-a-day! I started following your blog and the Alkaline diet almost a year ago after finishing intense treatment for cancer. You have opened my eyes, Ross, and changed the way I look after myself. I have not felt this good in years! I absolutely LOVE the person I have become and every time I get a compliment on how clear my skin looks, or how energetic I am, I immediately tell them about Energise For Life.
    THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Susie – this comment has without question MADE MY YEAR! Thank you SO much for getting in touch – you’re a star. Have an awesome week ๐Ÿ™‚


  60. Excellent and unusual post Ross. This is great because so many people think that they are getting a ‘portion’ of veg by having 2 iceberg lettuce leaves or half a stick of celery!
    Thanks, Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Laura

      Thanks – yep, unusual! I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know I owe you an email about a few bits – been SO busy. Coming to Europe in April/May but will be in Italy when your event is on ๐Ÿ™

      Will get in touch shortly about all of the other bits n pieces….