Do We Have To Give Up EVERYTHING? My philosophy…

Article by ross

As part of some other work for the site this week I was forced to sit and think about my philosophy towards treats, snacking, deprivation and will and express how I’ve made the alkaline diet work for me.

The thought of giving up some of your favourite foods, drinks and social eating and drinking is really scary for us when we first commit to living alkaline – so I hope my philosophy puts you at ease!

Treating Treats as Treats

A question I often get asked (a LOT at the Dr Young Live Weekend) is:

Will I have to give up EVERYTHING…FOREVER?!

And my honest answer is,

No, of course not.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerI think this is where I differ from most health, diet and alkaline diet experts and I think this is another reason why I get such a high success rate.

Here is my philosophy:

I believe that success with this lifestlye is guaranteed when you don’t change who you are at your core. You should still be social, you should still have treats, you should still be naughty, you should still enjoy life!

I guarantee that you are FAR more likely to succeed if you are 80% great and 20% relaxed than if you try to be 100% perfect.

Still go out for dinner. Still have a glass of wine. Still enjoy your espresso.

Life is about enjoyment and moderation in both directions is essential. Don’t feel that you’re giving up your life.

When you come from this perspective you will find that the more you become healthy, vibrant and alkaline the more you will ACTUALLY want to treat these foods and drinks as treats because you PREFER the feeling of living healthy.

What a great place to be!

I would never say you HAVE to do anything, listen to your body and remember: stress, guilt, deprivation, and all other negative emotions can be up to 10x more acidifying to the blood than diet.

Now this isn’t me giving you the green light to be as bad with everything as you are good. There are still things that I would definitely aim to transition away from as soon as possible such as tobacco, colas/sodas, saturated fats and deep fried foods, but you can certainly pick your treats so that you really enjoy them when you have them.

For instance, I never, ever drink fizzy drinks or eat candy. Ever. But if I go out to dinner I’ll be pretty relaxed with what I order. I’ll probably still get a great big green salad on the side, but I won’t be too shy with what I eat. And at the time I love it and feel really rewarded, and the next day I wake up and just get back on and have a nice vegetable juice and I’m away…

Try to take this philosophy forward with you. Treat treats as a treat, and just make the right decisions 80% of the time.

I promise you that you will be a lot happier and more likely to succeed with your diet.

All the best

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  3. hakima ougribe Reply

    i agree with you 100%, i believe in crowding out ,the more good food you give your body the more the body craves it , i havent had a soda in 10yrs and not because its only bad but i dont crave it , candy same deal ,junk food no way , and that is due to eating better foods ,cooking most my meals and feeling like a champ doing it .more things to crowd out but on the way . thank you for this awesome blog .xo

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  6. Jane Cherveny Reply

    Thanks for your philosphy on treats. I have given up fizzy drinks, wine, but once in a while take a small glass of beer when my friend has it. My biggest thing is white flower and sugar – say in a muffin or a piece of crumb cake. I got hooked on this this summer while going to work on the ferry. However, I will stop working next week and hope that I am strong enough to STOP the coffee and muffin or croissant or crumb cake. Other than that I don’t eat cakes, pies or that kind of stuff. I have been trying to get to an alkaline die for months and haven’t succeeded. After reading you info, maybe I can get started. I already had a glass of water. I drink alkaline water, but haven’t been drinking as much as I should.

    Well, I have taken up enough of your time and thank you again.

  7. Rebecca Reply

    Hi Ross

    Been trying so hard to make this transition for years. Always have setbacks because my family feels I’m being cruel to deprive them of normal! foods. My husband always feels energetic and happy and eats garbage everyday. I am hoping they see the change in me and get smart. They think I eat better than anyone they know but have such a problem with energy level. It doesn’t convince them to eat their veggies eh! I am determined to succeed this time but fear my relationship with my husband may suffer. I am 51 yrs old weigh 124 but desperately need to feel better. Your website and research is helping me to make that final transition possible.

    Thank you, your a little angel sent to us from heaven. ; )

  8. Jan Williams Reply


    I have just read your advise and I think it makes a lot of sence ,
    I started 3 week ago and my arthurist is now getting better. I must say I felt hungry to start with, but now I am alright. But at night I have whatever and it always has a good protean in it.At lunch I have salad and tuna,I that fine? breakfasT has heaps of vegetables and fruits juiced and some pea protain as I swim and I felt a bit fatigued. One Question. Iinstead of that glass of wine when I go out you take about fizzy drinks not been any good ,how does sparkling mineral water stack up or does it have to be flat.

  9. Amanda Walton Reply

    Thanks Ross, this answered my question on having a daily glass of wine red and I too live by the philosophy, ‘in moderation’. If we live 80 percent of the time with a healthy lifestyle including less stress and more laughter (not sweating the small stuff) our body will take care of us. Again really enjoy your opinions and information.

    Cheers to a happy and fulfilling day!

  10. Ross Reply

    Also – thanks to everyone for all of your comments – I’m glad you agree with what I am saying! Apologies it has taken me a few hours to approve them all – I’m on holiday at the moment and am trying to stay away from my laptop!


  11. Val Reply

    What sense you write.
    I found this out for myself a few months ago and I have a treat when I want, but this means I’m still on track to getting to my goal of less acidity in my body. I have still lost three and a half stone in weight and am now a happy size 12 but the main thing is I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WITH LESS PAIN.
    It was just so good to read your thoughts on this. Excellent!
    Thank you.

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Val – great to hear of your success! Congrats! I’m glad that my philosophy here at Energise is striking a chord with people – I think this approach is by far the most pain free AND likely to succeed!

      Have a great weekend

  12. Helen Reply

    Abso-very-lutely!!! I agree entirely 🙂

  13. Jeff Reply

    Balance is the key to good pH balance.

  14. Tim Reply

    I hope your message spreads to more people, because for most, abstaining from everything they love isn’t workable in the long run. On the other hand, if they’ll simply limit the treats and eat them purposefully rather than impulsively, it’s sustainable and life is more enjoyable.

    Also, pertaining to the fizzy drink and soft drink comments, they are some of the worst offenders when it comes to great health. I’ve read numerous articles on the subject, have written them as well, and occasionally speak about the topic.

    There is one that got introduced Sept 1st, 2009 (yesterday as I write this), that is in a category of it’s own. Natural and yet with years of scientific research, it has some pretty amazing benefits and is very good for the mind and alertness as well.

    It has a bit of caffeine, mostly due to the green tea extract, but it’s the other ingredients that make the big difference. In the interest of disclosure, I became so impressed I became a rep for the product. I can guarantee you won’t find anything like it anywhere. I was able to obtain some before it was officially launched, and drink it everyday with great benefit.

    I almost feel sorry for the general public that will never find out about something too good to be found in a grocery store isle.

  15. Michael Reply

    This is a great post – especially how guilt can be acidifying than enjoying the pleasure. Awesome!!!

  16. Stacey Reply

    Thank you so much for the entry today. I have recently started the alkaline diet and was feeling kind of sorry for myself and very overwhelmed. Since my dr. appointment last week I have felt very anxious about being perfect, always, on this new lifestyle.

    Reading your comments made me feel slightly more relaxed about it all. I never eat sodas or candy either but it is nice to know that I should be able to enjoy dinner out with my husband once in a while.