How to Remove Uric Acid (Get Rid of Gout)

Juice to remove uric acid and gout

Did you know that getting rid of gout and uric acid in the body can be as simple as just eating the right few foods?

Gout and excess uric acid (also known as hyperuricemia) affects millions of people, and many are taking toxic, acidifying drugs on a daily basis.

These drugs have very harmful long-term effects, and gout, when the cause is not fixed, just the symptoms treated with drugs – is a long-term, often lifelong problem.

But there is another, natural way.

And this juice is a uric-acid busting powerhouse.

The juice is highly alkaline, anti-inflammatory and known to help eliminate excess uric acid from the body.

Here are just a handful of research papers from well-respected journals (such as the Nutrition Journal and the Journal of Nephrology):

Title: Effect of urine pH changed by dietary intervention on uric acid clearance mechanism of pH-dependent excretion of urinary uric acid.

Conclusion: We conclude that alkalization of urine by eating nutritionally well-designed alkaline -prone food is effective for removing uric acid from the body.


Title: Effect of urine pH on uric acid excretion by manipulating food materials.

Conclusion: We have shown that urine alkalization facilitates uric acid excretion.


Title: Urine pH and uric acid excretion.

Conclusion: We tentatively conclude that dietary intervention may well be the safest and the most economical way for the prevention of hyperuricemia.


The Juice to Prevent & Remove Uric Acid Crystals from the Body

There are some key ingredients here, and as the research has proven, alkaline foods are powerful at removing uric acid from the body. Alkaline foods, especially those rich in alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and more are powerful alkalizers.

These foods are also known to decrease inflammation, making them a double-powerhouse for preventing gout and excess uric acid pain.

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Recipe: Acid Removing Juice

Serves 2
Preparation Time: 5 minutes


3 large kale leaves (any variety)
2 sticks of celery (including leaves)
1 cucumber
1 handful of watercress or rocket (arugula)
½ inch of fresh root ginger
Squeeze of ¼ fresh lemon
250ml of filtered, preferably ionized water

Optional: ½ inch of fresh turmeric


  1. Thoroughly wash all ingredients and then chop the celery into small pieces so it does not clog up your juicer
  2. Juice everything except for the lemon
  3. Once juiced, run the water through the juicer to wash through any remaining juice and nutrients
  4. Squeeze in the lemon and stir through
  5. Serve!

Pouring Uric Acid Juice

This juice is highly alkaline, mineral-rich and will increase the alkalinity of your urine, to help expel excess uric-acid and break down painful crystals.

Feel free to have daily, until you feel relief, or even more than once per day.

There are 4-5 serves of fresh vegetables per serve in this one drink!


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  1. Favourite Reply

    How long does the juice last in the fridge

    • ross Reply

      In an airtight container, my juices last 24-36 hours in the fridge.

  2. Ramona Reply

    My mother is elderly, what’s good for her bones I normally give her milk? Thank you

  3. Maria Reply

    It was very nice to hear from you. My husband ani I appreciate your time to respond to our question. We will change the banana eating habit from our list.

  4. Mara Reply

    My name is Maria and I am looking to help my husband get well with his gout pain in his feet. I seen my husband suffering for a very long time.
    I was looking in the internet for foods that help while you are going through an attach of gout.
    I did a list of these 3 ingredient: bananas, oats and milk. Are these foods good or bad?

    • ross Reply

      Bananas and milk are both acid forming and will contribute to the amount of uric acid in his body (esp. the fruit as one of the by-products of the liver metabolising fructose is uric acid directly).

      Oats are neutral – won’t do a lot of good or bad.

      You want to be looking to the foods listed in the guide on this page.


  5. Tony cass Reply

    This has really done the trick Ross, thank you

  6. David Reply

    When uric acid is converted dose it leave the body as flatulence?

    • ross Reply

      Not really no, flatulence is specifically about imbalances in digestion and while excess acidity can contribute to this, removing the acidity wouldn’t result directly in flatulence.

  7. Predrag susa Reply

    Sounds very interesting

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Predrag – appreciate it.

  8. ross Reply

    Hi Billie & Sandra – interestingly just answered this via email and found this article to be helpful:

    The bottom line is the link between kale and thyroid issues is tenuous at best, and the risk is very very small – if not miniscule.


  9. Sylvia Reply

    Hello Ross,
    Could you please explain why dairy products should be avoided? I’m doing home made kefir nowadays as I heard it has very beneficial bacteria in it so good for immunity system.
    thanks in advance

  10. Renier de Villiers Reply

    Had Gout problems for 15 years now & it get in the way of my daily life because I need help understanding what food to eat for alkaline PH .
    Can you assist me in this

    • ross Reply

      Hey Renier

      I can see you’ve been a subscriber since April 2013 – thanks!

      I recommend checking out my Alkaline Cleanse product here:

      The video talks a lot about fatigue, but the cleanse is absolutely incredible for gout, which is an over-acid and inflammatory condition, the same as the fatigue discussed in the video.


  11. Billie Yates Reply

    Since I have thyroid issues I stay away from raw cruciferous veggies…so is there any problem/does it take away from the end result if the kale is briefly cooked? Thank you for your time!

    • Sandra Reply

      I have the same question.