How to Slow Sugar Cravings…In ONE SECOND FLAT!


Everyone gets cravings and they can sometimes feel like the most powerful urges on Earth.

When your body wants something it wants something. And when your body knows you’re not supposed to have it, it feels like the craving is ten times stronger.

I know what this is like. The craving for something sweet after lunch or dinner is the one that always used to get me. Or the lust for any food after I’d had a few beers (back in the day) used to get the better of me every time (and man, I ate some weird s**t!). For others it is that craving for chocolate that hits randomly, or the desire to hit the biscuit barrel just after 11am.

Well, this product could be about to change all of that. I don’t ever blog about a specific product, but this one deserves it. pHlavor (or pHlavour if you’re in the UK) by Dr Robert Young is an amazing product. It is a combination of all of the highly alkaline mineral salts, harvested from the Great Salt Lakes in Utah.

It is cheap, easy to use (you just spray it in your mouth) and it not only gives you an instant, alkalising boost – but it also stops cravings right in their tracks.

It really works. I’ve tried it, my friends have tried it, my girlfriend has tried it and now hundreds of customers have tried it and they have all come back with the same response – WOW.

I actually spoke with Dr Young about this last week and he gave me a little audio interview about pHlavor, so rather than me go on and on about it, here is the audio from that phone call and the transcription below:

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Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerTranscript of Dr Young on pHlavor

The pHlavor Salts is an all-natural mineral salt that comes from the north shore of the Great Salt Lakes. During the winters if you’re familiar with the Rocky Mountains in the United States, the run-off where the snow melts flows down the streams and into rivers and these rivers empty into this north shore.

So we get all the wonderful minerals from the snow melt, from the water running over the rocks and all of these wonderful minerals that dump into a salt water, a sodium chloride bath. We then drag that water over to pools and we let those pools sit from anywhere from 12 to 24 months and then skim the top of it, which is kind of like what I call the ‘cream’ – we skim the cream right off the top – and in that cream are colloidal, ionized minerals. Every mineral that is known to man. It creates this unbelivable product called pHlavor Salts. And when you taste it, it is really, really salty! It is full of all of the natural minerals that are essentail to our human body.

So whenever we’re feeling lack of energy or feeling tired or fatigued it is amazing! All you have to do is take a couple of shots of pHlavor Salts and re-energise!

Now, I love this salt because I believe that it is a condiut for the transport of all energy. I perceive this matrix and see these electrons travelling through the body at the speed of light. If these mineral salts aren’t there then this transport of energy can’t take place. I have found some unbelievable things happen when people start incorporating more and more of these mineral salts, salts that haven’t been de-natured, they haven’t been processed, they haven’t been pasturised, that haven’t been de-ionized, or haven’t been de-mineralised, but contain all of the naturally occuring minerals that we find in the human body. That is why it is one of my favourite products.

I like to exercise and when I sweat, my sweat tastes just like salt. I have to replace that salt because it is foundational to the transport of energy.

It is no coincidence that your blood and all of your body fluids are salted with sodium chloride. We have to continually replace that sodium chloride and I believe that pHlavor Salts is the perfect product to do that.

One of the benefits of the pHlavor Salts, if you have any cravings, let’s say you have a craving for nicotine or for a cigarette, which I believe is nothing less than a craving for sugar, because for those who are in the know understand that when they harvest the tobacco leaves they coat them with sugar. It is part of the fermentation process. So when you are smoking you are actually smoking in or taking in burnt sugar. That is one of the problems of quitting that habit.

We have found that those who have decided to quit smoking for health reasons, because we all know that smoking can lead to cancer, whenever they have a craving, for tobacco or sugar, they just take a spray of the pHlavor Salts – that whole craving then dissipates. They lose their desire or that craving for that sugar or for that cigarette. And it works! Every time!

So it is a great satiation programme for getting off tobacco or getting off any form of sugar! And I recommend it highly, it is one of the products that I think is critical in the foundation and I would say that pHlavor Salts is one of the essentials that you could take for the rest of your life.


It is really important to note the difference between good and bad salt. By ‘good’ salt I mean pure, alkaline mineral salts and by ‘bad’ salt I mean table salt, mass produced salt and the salt used in refined foods and fast foods. Dr Young explains it best:

Most common table salt is made up of chemicals that pollute your body and wreak havoc on your health. Your table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine. Dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt causing the potential for a myriad of health challenges in your body. Source: Dr Young Blog Post on Mineral Salts

In short, table salt (normal, everyday salt) not only contains harmful chemicals, but it has been treated and heated in such a way that makes it harmful to the body. Very harmful. In the same way that mass produced margarines, sunflower and vegetable oils (etc) become toxic to the body once they are exposed to light, air and heat, the same happens with salt. All of the life is stripped out of it and it becomes toxic. This is why we have been told for so many years to avoid all salts.

Nowadays there are healthy salts available to us, such as Himalayan Salt, and Dr Young’s pHlavor Salts that have healthy, life giving effects on the body. And what is more, the body actually needs alkaline mineral salts to function properly, so it is beneficial to us to help our body along by giving it some!

pHlavor: The Best Bits

Now, in my personal opinion there are many benefits to using pHlavor Salts, with the stopping of cravings being the main one! BUT there are obviously other benefits. As Dr Young explained, salts is vital to the proper functioning of the human body in the same way that essential fatty acids are. Here is a little synopsis of the best salt facts and benefits of using pHlavor:

  • it is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.
  • it is vital for balancing the acidic sugar levels in the blood; a needed element in diabetics
  • it is vital for the clearance of the lungs of mucous plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.
  • it is vital for clearing up catarrh and congestion of the sinuses
  • it is a strong natural antihistamine.
  • it is essential for the prevention of muscle cramps
  • it is absolutely vital to making the structure of bones firm. Osteoporosis, in a major way, is a result of salt and water shortage in the body. Twenty-seven percent of the body’s salt is in the bones. Osteoporosis results when the body needs more salt and takes it from the body. Bones are twenty-two percent water. Is it not obvious what happens to the bones when we’re deficient in salt or water or both.


So in summary, it rapidly alkalises your body, it removed cravings for sugars, sweets and cigarettes and it gives you an instant energy boost! And it is really cheap!


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  2. LD Reply

    Another way a lot of folks have reduced cravings for unhealthy foods and started off with “a clean slate” by sticking to a raw food diet, is by doing a Master Cleanse, (aka Lemonade Diet), which rids your body of the toxins it has stored up over the years of eating unhealthy and generally being exposed to toxins in our environment. If you have a lot of unhealthy cravings, you might want to look into trying this. Has worked for so many people, you can find out more by clicking here

  3. Simon Reply

    Yes, I totally that the more the food we want are being prohibited to us, the more we crave for it. But in my case, I just put it in my mind that these foods I crave for are not good for me. In this way, I am able to surpass the craving. Stick to alkaline diet. That’s what i do.

    • Ross Reply

      Nice one Simon!

  4. Julie Falade Reply

    Please what is the difrence between PHlavour salts and PHour Salts

  5. Ross Reply

    Nice one Scott. Genius!

  6. Scott Brady Reply

    Great article Ross.

    I’ve created my own “pHlavor salts” by creating a sole solution from your Himalayan Crystal salt and placing the resulting sole solution into a handy spray bottle. Works well.