THIS is Why I Love the Alkaline Diet

Why I Love the Alkaline Diet

Life is more simple that we often make it, and more simple than we’re often led to believe.

When you read magazines, websites, books and research about how to get healthy and live a healthy life, doesn’t it often seem so complex?

Which approach is best?

A food is good for you today, and then not so good the next day…

Today ”superfood” is tomorrows enemy.

One research paper says running is good for you, but then another article says that it ages you!

High fat, low carb…low fat, high protein…


This is why I love the alkaline approach so much.

Against the test of time, it always comes out on top.

And why?

Because it makes so much sense, it’s simple and when broken down to it’s core – it’s easy and anyone can understand it.

Eat more:

Vegetables, salads, greens, leafy foods, colourful foods, high-water content foods, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, oily fish, a little protein, lots of water, live stress-free and have everything (treats) in moderation.

Eat less:

Sugar, trans-fats, artificial foods, chips, pizzas, sodas, refined foods, takeaways, fried food, sweets, cakes, candy, gluten (and most grains), dairy & meats —> but remember any of these are fine in moderation.

Exercise well, live well and eat as close to nature and unrefined as possible. It’s simple, it’s easy to remember.

And that’s it. That’s the alkaline diet.

Of course, it’s backed by extensive research and science (see here for the scientific proof), but the core of it, the stuff that’s most important is simple, easy to understand and gets results every time – whether it’s for a muscle-bound gym-goer, long-distance runner, model or just someone like you and I that wants to feel good, look good and stay vibrant for the rest of our life.


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  1. Eric Pinto Reply

    I am consciously switching to an alkaline diet. The wheatgrass I use is in powder form and a bit yucky, but I enjoy the salads and soups !

  2. sharanjeet shan Reply

    Dear Ross,

    For me you are a life saver. I was searching ways to age not just gracefully, preferably not age at all. I discovered your website 3 years ago and I have never looked back. Previously I thought becoming alkaline and staying ph balanced was so difficult – you made it so easy. You are a blessing. Sharanjeet

  3. Anne Bräsecke Reply

    We can escape the harm from acid foods whilst young and strong but it catches up and causes major issues in the body and the only way to help oneself is to go as much alkaline as possible. It is then necessary to try right the wrongs as much as possible but with suffering attached and usually a damaged inside.

  4. Zlatko Trifunovski Reply

    I agree Ross. If you get down to the core of all diets, they all revolve around eating more alkaline foods and less acidic foods. We are slowly seeing more and more people understand that it is the Alkaline rich foods in their diet that is improving their health. I believe the reason for all the mixed messages is because everyone’s body reacts differently to eating and avoiding certain foods. However, understanding that your body must maintain a slightly alkaline state and listening to your body and feeling the reactions to different foods is the key. With the busy and hectic lifestyle and demand for convenient and fast food, the Western society has created an epidemic of acidic foods that are far too readily available. As you mentioned, it is simple to understand the Alkaline diet and as long as you are conscious to eat more Alkaline food than acidic food, you can pretty much eat anything.

  5. nick Reply

    Hey Ross.i like what you do. I studied gook sun do in the mountains of south korea about 20 years ago. Since that time i have also been shareing the ancient taoist wisdom on trophology (food combining fro the ph perspective) internal alchemy ie chee gung , nei gung , taoist calasthenics etc.back then i was on my own but thanks to the divine make up of our energy systems or the macau monkey affect the world is very different now.All the tribes are meeting and shareing. Keep resonating Ross when the shift in global coniousness occurs bliss will be your reward for your choice of the path of virtue . Love and compassion with the power of humility in continuity be yours dear brother. one love

  6. Steve Haywood Reply

    Keep up the good work Ross. Just looking at all the vegies you would think that anyone with half a brain would realise how healthy the diet your recommending is great.

  7. Dr Judith Edwards Reply

    Sorry about the typo in the last message- I meant SPIRIT of course and there are great posts re different types of meditation to back up your daily diet of good things being put in your body… we’re all part of the wave of change….

  8. Dr Judith Edwards Reply

    Hi Ross, Great message here and you’re so right it’s vital not to get too complicated about all this–of course if you’re seriously into survivorship ( as we are on – do pass this link on)
    testing with Ph strips is good to make sure you’re on track too…we have some of your great recipes on the site and much more for Body, Mind and Spoirit (all are involved in healing)- so keep on with the wonderful work–