Tony Robbins Video on the Alkaline Diet


tony robbins video on the alkaline dietHey everyone

Tony Robbins is doing a great job with his frequent video updates and snippets (I only wish he’d been doing it longer!) and this weeks video is no exception.

This week Tony and Sage offer two very simple principles to boost your energy, feel great and (if you need to) lose weight.

callum and tony robbinsAnd guess what? The alkaline diet is the cornerstone of both suggestions.

Click here to watch the 11 minute video.

My thoughts on it are this:

  • He is bang on – proper hydration is perhaps the most important gift you can give your body (here is my blog post about hydration). Just the simple act of drinking 3-4 litres of good clean, alkaline water each day will do absolute wonders for your health and vitality.
  • The greens issue is spot on too – just by making the majority (note doesn’t have to be all) of your plate green, live, food you will see a huge improvement in your energy levels and overall health.
  • And finally I LOVE the last point on zig zagging – it fits perfectly with my philosophy, the philosophy that guides this entire site and definitely that of the online alkaline diet course we run. Be 80% all of the time, rather than trying to be a perfect 100% and falling down after two days. Give yourself a break, allow yourself treats and above all else, don’t become a different person – be yourself.

Again, click here to see the video

And follow these links to learn more about the alkaline diet course, or about the importance of hydration.

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