Alkaline Recipe #183: Instant Raw Alkaline Sushi Roll Ups

One of my all time favourites! It’s fast, raw, fresh, alkaline and absolutely DELICIOUS!

With the dip already pre-prepared it takes about 120-seconds to make this meal, and even if you’re making the dip from scratch it’s only 5 minutes.

It doesn’t get easier than this to have a fully alkaline, raw, nourishing snack or lunch.

Instant Alkaline Sushi Roll Ups

Serves 2


For the Dip/Hummous

100g of chickpeas/garbanzos from a can, drained or prepared from dried
A handful of almonds
1 tbsp tahini
1 pinch of cumin
A glug of olive oil
1 clove of garlic
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Pinch of Himalayan salt

For the Roll-Ups

2 medium zucchini/courgette (each will give you 5-6 rolls)
1 carrot sliced into matchsticks
1 cucumber sliced into matchsticks
1 avocado, peeled and sliced
1 small bunch coriander/cilantro
1 capsicum sliced into matchsticks


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For the almond hummus

  • Put all ingredients into a food processor or blender and mix until smooth, adding a little more olive oil and lemon in equal proportions to get the consistency you are after and prefer

For the Alkaline Sushi Roll Ups

  1. Chop the ends off of your courgette/zucchini and use a vegetable peeler to very carefully peel your zucchini into long, thin strips – please be careful of your fingers, I sliced the end off mine not so long ago! Then lay each zucchini strip out and spread a nice thick layer of the almond hummus onto the strip – enough for the veggies to stick to
  2. Step-One

  3. Add a few matchsticks of veggies, avocado, and a couple of pieces of coriander
  4. Step-Two

  5. Sprinkle on the sesame seeds, roll up and ENJOY!


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  1. Josie Prevost Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I don’t know if you get these emails personally but I really need some advice. I’ll explain a bit to you so you get an outline of how I’m thinking. I was told I had high cholesterol about 2 years ago. Also on the blood test it stated in the notes at the bottom chronic candida. My cholesterol then was 7.3 and after a change in diet but not strict it went up to 8.3. It was then that I panicked and went very strict and got it down to 5.0. Also, I was offered statins at the very first time I was told about cholesterol but refused. My good cholesterol is always high around 2.1 which is meant to be good. The doctor said that this runs in my family and some just make more and he called it something beginning sigh H. I know you would probably say to me forget your cholesterol but I just want to put you in the picture. I also see a homeopath in Spain regularly who gives me treatment to follow. I’ve always felt very tired when I have sugar and I’ve known for a long while it’s bad for me but it’s such a struggle with the craving at times. Lately I’ve felt very tired and my eyes have been a bit cloudy and it seems to be when I’ve had sugar and was worried that I had diabetes. I’ve just had a blood test that showed my sugar levels over last 3 months and was told I have no signs of diabetes and the levels were perfect. I have that horrible taste that you can get in the morning when you wake but it’s now all the time. My eyes are always sticky when I wake up. I feel like it’s worse in my mouth than before like the candida is worse. It’s so hard to cut out the sugar and wheat and I try using quinoa quite a bit. Do you think a soya protein with almond milk would help as I so much want to put weight on without having sugar?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards
    Josie Prevost

  2. Sue McAleenan Reply

    Is there a way to get all of your recipes in one place?

  3. Kelly Maurice Reply

    Also, I learned that if you want the hard copy of volume 2 you need to send them $8 for shipping. This was not apparent in the deal which is a great value either way. But I was under the impression that the deal included the actual book. Why they need $8 when media shipping is less than $4 I’m not sure. Thanks.

    My previous post BTW should have said “How do you make the roll ups stick together ..”

  4. Kelly Maurice Reply

    How to you make the roll ups sticker together without say toothpicks? It seems that the hummus might keep them together but it’s not clear without making them first …

  5. Linda Granger Reply

    Appreciate this so much. Thank you.

  6. Brigida Arrigo Reply

    my son has cancer and he needs high calorie drinks, he refuses the ready made ones, can you suggest some recipies please as he needs to put on weight . he has just come off a 5 day chemo therapy

  7. Paula Reply

    I was wondering if you could make these recipes printer friendly as the only way I can print them is to copy paste and I don’t get the great picture.
    Thanks for all your information it is appreciated!

  8. Lunn Reply

    I’ve tried to order your volume two bonus offer numerous times but my credit card will not go through and my bank can’t get it to either

    I looked on Amazon and the price is $199!! Would you happen to have A solution for obtaining one of your offers for $39 and shipped to Massachusetts ?
    Thanks have a great day looking forward to your alkaline recipe books

  9. Francesca Reply


    Can you please provide your recipes in a printer-friendly format? So that they are easy to print and keep?


  10. Sue Reply


    • ross Reply


  11. Geri Reply

    Ross you are doing brilliantly. Cool recipe. Inspiring stuff, fab photos. All good. Thank you 🙂

  12. Sylvia Reply

    I am with you John. I see nothing wrong with the recipe and photos. Bruce, if you are going to make a comment get the facts right first (pepper/capsicum) same vegetable. Ross, keep up the good work, you have a wonderfully informative website. It is helping me everyday.

  13. GinnyB Reply

    Gee, I think it looks pretty yummy. Which in my opinion, makes it credible 🙂

  14. john Reply

    hey Bruce
    I do not usually make comments on anything but your comment sucks big time if you got a problem with how someone presents an item please keep it to yourself because noone is really interested in your negative comments. please show some respect to someone who is putting everyones health first.

  15. Ronel van der Berg Reply

    Hi Ross! What a gorgeous idea, sounds amazing, looks beautiful & full of nutrition. Perfect snack & something I’d love to give my little ones at afternoon tea time. Your work, as always is inspiring & your photo’s helped me get clear on just how I was going to go about preparing these tomorrow. Keep up the great work, we’re all benefiting alongside you!

  16. Tricia Reply

    That sounds like a perfect snack. Also, I think your photography is beautiful.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Tricia

      It really is the perfect snack 🙂

      As for my photography, that’s nice of you to say! It’s not perfect, but it’s sufficient for now and I’m learning.

      The most important thing for me is to get this stuff out to you as soon as I have it. Waiting until my photography skills are at a ‘professional’ level would mean you’d be waiting a while!

      PLUS it’s so important to me to have photos with recipes so you know what you’re aiming for – I really don’t like trying to make recipes when I can’t visually understand what the end result it.

      Glad you like it and thanks for your support.

  17. Mark Attwood Reply

    Amazing, thank you Ross. I didn’t have any lemon juice or courgettes, but replaced with cucumber and organic cider vinegar and my 5 little kids just wolfed them down!

    • ross Reply

      Awesome 🙂 That’s what it’s all about!

  18. Bruce Reply

    Great suggestion, but visually what appears to be green peppers are not mentioned in the ingredients. This sets me back a bit because as we all know green peppers is one of the highest acid forming nightshade foods. Next, is attention to details. As a food photographer, if I submitted these images to my art director, I would be reprimanded. So please lets try a little harder to get it right. After all it is your credibility that’s on the table…
    Future Foods

    • ross Reply

      Hi Bruce

      ‘We all know’ that green peppers are acidic? I don’t think *we* all know that, and I happen to disagree.

      Geez, that’s probably the most condescending comment I think I’ve ever received!

      ‘We all know’…’Let’s try a little harder’… – ha, you sure have a way with words dude.


      p.s. green peppers are in the ingredients, listed as capsicum.

    • Bonnie Reply

      Bruce…….go to your room

    • Francesca Reply


      Go sit in the naughty corner. Your comment reminds me of the saying think before you open your mouth … or attack your keyboard.

      Ross, your site is inspiring. These recipes are indeed what I believe to be the key to great health and longevity. Personally I love this recipe … a snack that doesn’t involve bread or wheat products. Genius. I just wish I could print it in a printer friendly format. If you could amend your website to include this functionality I would greatly appreciate.


      • ross Reply

        Thank you for your nice words Francesca. Bruce is fine, it’s motivating and while his tone was awful, he’s right that I should (and do) strive to keep on improving, in every way.

        I have been slowly adding printer friendly versions as I go, but I have a LOT of recipes to do!

        Will get there slowly but surely.


  19. Tena Reply

    Hi Ross!
    This is a perfect snack/lunch for my desk job! I can do this up and assemble when I”m ‘feeling it’ midday.
    Do you have this in a printable version?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Tena

      Glad you like it! Will do the print-friendly version shortly…