Alkaline Recipe #185 The Kidney Rejuvenation Juice

alkaline kidney juice
Article by ross

After my recent post “Can an Alkaline Diet Prevent & Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease?” I thought it would be a great idea to post a juice recipe for you that is chock-full of those kidney-protecting, and kidney-boosting ingredients!

And here it is, the Kidney Rejuvenation Juice!

Consistent over-acidity in the diet has been proven to contribute heavily to the deterioration of the kidneys, and this alkaline juice is packed with foods that are known to help reduce acidity, reduce inflammation and help protect the kidneys.

They’re one of your primary detoxification organs that work HARD all day, every day – so let’s show ’em some love!

The Alkaline Kidney Rejuvenation Juice

Serves 2

  • 1cm turmeric root
  • 1cm ginger root
  • 1 red capsicum
  • 2 handfuls of kale (any variety)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 200ml coconut water (or to taste)


Wash and chop all of the ingredients so that they’ll pass through your juicer, and enjoy!

Be careful with the fresh turmeric as it will stain your fingers, kitchen bench etc, but it’s so worth it… 🙂

If you can’t access fresh turmeric, you can whisk in 1tsp of powdered turmeric into the juice after it’s done.

And as with everything on Earth that has ever existed, ever, you can actually source fresh turmeric root on!

(I must admit, that one surprised me a little…)

Enjoy, and as ever – any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below!


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[Note: This blog is only my opinion. It is not medical advice or diagnosis. Only opinions based upon our own personal experiences or information detailed in medical/academic journals or other publications is cited. WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE or prescribe any treatments. Please consult with a medical professional before making any diet or nutrition changes. Refer to our full disclaimer for more information.]

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  1. Millie Reply

    What is capsicum?
    I have 1000 mg of curcumin, can I use that? Is this
    The same as tumeric but stronger? I’m confused!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Millie

      Capsicum is bell pepper and you can use curcurmin powder if you like – it’s pretty much the same net result!


  2. Stephen Reply

    Thank you for your information about the efficacy of alkaline medium for kidney rejuvenation
    I understand that chlorophyll drink can be very effective in performing this function and your recipe is highly concentrates chlorophyll mixture
    Regular drink of chlorophyll or body wash with chlorophyll for a period of 4 weeks, will bring a swollen foot back to the normal size
    This is a practical proof of the efficacy of chlorophyll on kidney diseases that may shoe symptoms of Edema of the extremities

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Stephen – appreciate you taking the time to help educate.

      Have a great week

  3. Martina Reply

    I would love to try this recipe but I am intolerant to cucumber and Coconut Oil, the ginger gives me hot flashes!
    Any other suggestion I could use to substitute these three ingredients in this recipe?
    PS: love those extra recipes you come up with!!!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Martina

      You can sub the cucumber for anything else that will give you a liquid, or just use water, coconut water etc to thin the juice out. You can also swap the flax oil.


  4. Monique Reply

    Thank you Ross for another recipe, sounds great for us and our kidneys! 😀

  5. Hyacinth Crichlow Reply

    Can this juice be taken if you have a present kidney condition?


    • ross Reply

      Hi Hyacinth

      If you already have a diagnosed condition it’s best to talk it through with your physician.

      Your condition will likely have nuances specific to you that I can’t generalise with.


  6. Sheilana Massey Reply

    Ross, Since we are pulverizing everything, is it necessary to scrape turmeric and ginger tubers when using a blender? Does the flavor change?

    Thanks so much for sharing all your research and the recipes. You are really appreciated.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Sheilana

      I recommend using a juicer for this one – but if you want to use a blender, you could grate the roots.


  7. Tina Reply

    Hi Ross, thanks for the great recipes and valuable information! Could you make you recipes ad posts ‘pinable”?? Thats the best way for me to use them 🙂

    • ross Reply

      Hey Tina

      Great idea 🙂


  8. DONNA Reply

    I have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Would this drink help me? Thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Donna

      It’s definitely a question for your doctor as I don’t know what other factors may be involved for you. Ask if they believe fresh juices like this will help your body.


  9. roberto galalno Reply

    what is capsicum and kale

  10. roberto galalno Reply

    What is capricum and kale

  11. Maureen Reply

    Thank you, Ross, for the excellent research and accompanying smoothies recipes! I feel as though your newsletters always have actionable, useful information.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Maureen – and they’re only going to get better and better!

  12. Judy Reply

    This sounds Fabulous!!! Can hardly wait to try it!
    Thx Ross.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Judy!

  13. Susie Reply

    Will you please give the ingredient amounts for the Kidney juice in American measurements, or provide a chart to convert?
    Thank you

    • ross Reply

      Hi Susie

      The best bet is google, if you just type it into the search box it gives you all the conversions.


  14. Elena Reply

    Wonderful work you do Ross. I try to follow all you suggest. Thank you

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Elena!

  15. Olga Reply

    Hello My doctor has been testing y blood and urine tells me that my kidneys are not functioning to their capacity, i am glad i will try to make this but i was told not to use turmeric if i was on a high blood pressure med. but i shall give it a try Natural should be good for you..


    • ross Reply

      Hi Olga

      Your doctor will know any contraindications between medications better than anyone and all medications are different. I don’t believe that fresh, raw turmeric will be consumed to a degree that it would cause significant issues with blood pressure medications, but please do check with your doctor before using.

      Most doctors advise to proceed with caution around concentrated curcurmin supplements, rather than raw turmeric, but definitely check.

      You can always just leave it out.


  16. Anne Reply

    I have read that raw kale and certain other raw veges have high oxalate and can be harmful to kidneys
    What is your opinion?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Anne

      This isn’t something I’m particularly on board with as (and as noted in the article linked to at the top of the page about the research into alkalinity and kidneys) acidic foods are so much worse and stressful to the kidneys.

      I don’t believe any fresh food in moderation is going to be bad for the body, and the healing properties of kale and other greens will ultimately do so much more good than harm.

      If you want to be ultra safe, swap out the oxalate containing foods.


      • Barbara Reply

        I find it worrying that you can recommend this as good for the kidneys, without any medical knowledge, and knowing nothing about oxalates, which are in many many vegetables and are involved in creating kidney stones.

        • ross Reply

          Hi Barbara

          The recipe is based upon the scientific research posted in the related article, and contains foods that have been suggested by various kidney research groups as being beneficial.

          Of course, one size fits one though and you’re right to question everything you read and filter it through your own knowledge of your own body.

          Everything I post is a suggestion, not a directive.

          I hope that with some tweaks you can still find use of the recipe.


  17. Kathy Reply

    Hi there. Is there a best time to drink the kidney juice and how often should it be taken ?


    Kathy 🙂

    • ross Reply

      Hey Kathy

      Any time is fine, but I find people tend to take the effort to make a juice once per day – and so I recommend from a pure habit point of view to do it before breakfast. If you leave it to later in the day it’s very easy for life to get in the way and forget/get busy.

      There is no health benefit to what time of day, but if you can do it before breakfast, at least you’ve guaranteed your hit of healthiness at the start of the day.


    • murage Reply

      Thank you Kathy, this is good work, It sounds miraculous, can’t wait to try it out.

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  21. Sue Reply

    I love your articles , i learn a lot from you every day .
    I’m going to try it .
    I trust you ROSS


    • ross Reply

      Thanks so much Sue!

  22. Anna Reply

    Thanks Ross, I have been alkalinising my family’s eating habits for the past 3 weeks. I have noticed significant improvement in my overall health, including an occasional reflux issue. I wanted to say thank you, and I will continue to look at your articles and recipes and incorporate them into our diet. All the best, Anna

    • ross Reply

      Hey Anna – that’s AWESOME news – congrats!

  23. sandra long Reply

    could this be put into a blender instead of a juicer
    thank you

    • ross Reply

      Yes, but make sure it’s a powerful blender – otherwise I would grate in the ginger and turmeric and remove the kale stem.

  24. Susan Surgey Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I got my fresh turmeric from Abel and Cole ..delivered. I thought I would say just in case anyone else wanted a source. I don’t use amazon .. I love your recipe. I’m going to try it now and let you know
    Thank you
    All very very interesting