Alkaline Recipe #208 The Kidney Rejuvenation Juice

kidney rejuvenation juice

The Kidney Rejuvenation Juice: 

After my recent post “Can an Alkaline Diet Prevent & Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease?” I thought it would be a great idea to post a juice recipe for you that is chock-full of those kidney-protecting, and kidney-boosting ingredients!

And here it is, the Kidney Rejuvenation Juice!

Consistent over-acidity in the diet has been proven to contribute heavily to the deterioration of the kidneys, and this alkaline juice is packed with foods that are known to help reduce acidity, reduce inflammation and help protect the kidneys.

They’re one of your primary detoxification organs that work HARD all day, every day – so let’s show ’em some love!

Recipe: Alkaline Kidney Rejuvenation Juice

Serves 2

  • 1cm turmeric root
  • 1cm ginger root
  • 1 red capsicum
  • 2 handfuls of kale (any variety)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 200ml coconut water (or to taste)


Wash and chop all of the ingredients so that they’ll pass through your juicer, and enjoy!

Be careful with the fresh turmeric as it will stain your fingers, kitchen bench etc, but it’s so worth it… 🙂 (read here how to remove turmeric stains)

If you can’t access fresh turmeric, you can whisk in 1tsp of powdered turmeric into the juice after it’s done.

And as with everything on Earth that has ever existed, ever, you can actually source fresh turmeric root on!

(I must admit, that one surprised me a little…)

Enjoy, and as ever – any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below!


For those interested in the research behind these benefits around the alkaline diet and kidney health – click here.

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  1. Dana Reply

    I don’t have a juicer – can this be done in the blender?

  2. Anne RIZZO Reply


    To benefit how often should you drink this please? Thanks so much

  3. Aleksandra Reply

    I am concerned about the quality of ginger and turmeric root as they usually come from distant countries and I never rally know whether to trust the quality or not. I usually buy them organic but are they really? I don’t want to consume something that can cause more harm than good…
    I wonder if you could suggest where to buy ginger and turmeric and what country of origin to look for…thanks

  4. Juana Blair Reply

    The Alkaline Kidney Rejuvenation Juice has at least 800mg potassium with the kale and coconut water. Is this kidney friendly for those with kidney problems?

    I am struggling to find alkaline foods that are also low in potassium in dealing with kidney and gerd issues.

    Thank you.

  5. Fabienne Reply

    Hi Ross can I blend all the ingredients in nutribullet for the alkaline kidney juice and then strain juice out with a straining bag
    I don’t have a juicer at this time
    Let me know if this is a good option
    Thank You

  6. Florine lobo Reply

    can you provide a liver detox and rejuvenation recipe too please

  7. Kathryn Billington Reply

    Is there a best time of day to drink this juice?

    • ross Reply

      Any time. But making juices first thing in the morning is best practice for the simple fact of making sure life doesn’t get in the way!

  8. Dan Guerriero Reply

    How effective is celery juice(two stalks) one apple juice. To rid the kidneys of creatinine? I also take about a table spoon of celery seeds. Plus in my omelette I put a table spoon of tumeric, black pepper, some garlic and canola oil.

  9. Cyndi Reply

    Red capsicum: hot pepper, chili powder or common red bell pepper?

    • ross Reply

      Red bell pepper 🙂

  10. Margaret Reply

    Thanks Ross I will try this as I have stage 3 kidney disease.

    • Margaret Reply

      Just like to say Ross, I really enjoy reading your post and would love to start your reset alkaline diet.

      • dan Reply

        The alkaline diet helps.I was borderline stage 3/4. Now solid stage 2, egfr low 70’s, creatinine low 100’s.

        • Juana Blair Reply

          What foods already alkaline and low potassium. Currently I am living off of egg whites, pre-soaked and boiled millet, and pre-soaked (12 hrs to leach potassium) and thoroughly boiled lentils. Can’t seem to find any other low potassium alkaline foods as I have severe gerd.

          • ross

            Low-potassium is not a requirement to reverse GERD. Why are you avoiding potassium?

  11. Shelley Reply

    I do not own a juicer, can I use the Vitamix instead?

  12. Brenda Bassett Reply

    Hi Ross, I am living with swelling and burning of the face and I can’t seem to understand what triggers these symptoms. There is one thing that my body can’t tolerate and that’s fruits. Can the alkaline diet help me if fruits are a part of the menu?

  13. Louisa Reply

    Hi Ross,
    How many times a day or week can you drink the rejuvenate juice?

  14. Marie Reply

    Hi I would love to eat more fruit and veg but restricted by need to do low potassium of renal diet but would it be safe to take the juice stage 4 renal failure

  15. mark hughes Reply

    thanks for you life-inputs, much appreciated.
    p.s. how long before an 11 plate platinum coated ionizer under 1000$? !

  16. Sheryl Reply

    I love these juices (kidney and liver). However I have learnt from several sources that tumeric is activated I. The body o lay with the addition of black pepper. I add some freshly ground black pepper to the juices. What are your thoughts on this?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Sheryl

      I see this as a bit of a ‘sweating the small stuff’ thing. There is ONE study that looked at the piperine in black pepper as an activator for curcumin (here’s the study) – done back in 1998, and there hasn’t been a lot of follow up. The results seem huge, but given there have been literally thousands of studies on turmeric and humans since I am surprised there are not others mentioning or using it to improve results.

      HAVING SAID THAT – what’s the harm. I don’t stress about it, I include black pepper in a lot of my recipes anyway so I don’t think about it too much.

      The same can be said for fat. There are a lot of folks who believe turmeric has to be consumed with fat – the same applies. Most of my recipes have fat in them anyway (even a juice like this has omega 3s from the green vegetables!) so really, don’t worry about it.

      Include when you can, don’t worry when you don’t. Always remember to focus on the big picture 🙂


  17. TONY CHURCH Reply


    • ross Reply

      Hi Tony

      A centimetre of fresh root, or a teaspoon of organic powdered 🙂


  18. Sandra Appleby Reply

    Hi. Capsicum is a inflammatory food for my arthritis so I try to steer clear of it. Can you suggest alternative. Also I have read for turmeric to be absorbed you need to add a fat and black pepper. I use mct oil .What are your thoughts on that
    Thanks sandra

    • ross Reply

      Hey Sandra

      Once back in balance, you’ll be fine with pepper/capsicum again, but if you want to eliminate for now – it’s in here for it’s antioxidant benefit – so I’d just add some beetroot instead. As an aside, the ginger and turmeric will be FANTASTIC for your arthritis!


  19. Andrea Birchall Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for your email a while ago asking if I needed anything.????
    I am still on a program for Candida and Epstein Barr Virus, so herbal meds and herbal supplements etc.
    I am quite tired with not so much energy which has to be managed daily.
    I am very keen to start your program so any further assistance from you will be really great.
    I am going to try today the kidney and liver juice as this will help me get rid of toxins I hope.
    Many thanks to you, you do a fantastic job.
    Andrea Birchall

  20. govin Reply

    Hi, i have been diagnosed with kidney problem during the past 5 my GFR has dropped from 6 0 to 45 GFR. could please send a special diet that could prevent it to go further down.

  21. Debbie Costa Reply

    I am on dialysis at the moment and would love to try this diet starting with this juice however coconut and kale have a lot of potassium. We are warned to steer clear of potassium rich foods. Because the kidneys are not working and therefore don’t excrete potassium. What do you think?

  22. Jules Reply

    Hi Ross

    What is the best recipe or ingredient to help me stop craving sugar ..

    Cheers Jules

  23. Roberta Reply

    What is capsicum and where do I get it?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Roberta – it’s bell pepper.

  24. Lucy Reply

    Ross, you are amazing! . It shows the level of compassion ,even When you write recipes. “We humans should shown love to are poor kindness that work on our behalf so hard, all day long.”
    I am a disciple of Dr. Robert young for more than twenty years. I love your recipes…..
    Thank you!

    • ross Reply

      Thanks so much Lucy!

  25. Alice Carcamo Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Question the Alkaline kidney rejuvenation is more effective in juice form? How about in a smoothie.
    I appreciate your response.

    • ross Reply

      Yep – you could blend it up into a smoothie, but I’d leave out the celery, they tend to burn blenders out pretty quick 🙂

  26. Tirtha Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thanks for posting lovely drink.
    I love to drink baby spinach and tomato blended drink, is this good or not for kidney.

  27. Veronika Reply

    Hi, Ross!!

    Thank you for all your wealth of information and your recipes! This maybe a funny question, but do you like to peel the outer skins off of your ginger and turmeric root before juicing? Or, is it ok to wash, cut and just drop in?


  28. Doreen Reply

    I cannot digest Kale (or cabbage), is there another green that can be used? Spinach perhaps? Or would anything else diminish the effectiveness of this recipe?

  29. Jeffery Reply

    How do I follow your alkaline diet and still have a low oxalate intake? So much of your diet has high oxalate levels. Help.

  30. Natalie Hart Reply

    Thanks for the recipe! I have found that turmeric stains in clothing will disappear when dried in sunlight! Same goes for tomatoe sauce stains.

  31. Josie Reply

    Thank you so much for the info, since evidently as we age our kidneys do too and the drs dont think it important enough to address until it is too late…I just noticed some numbers changes on my lipids reports and asked the question. Can chlorella tablets be used along with the Tumeric capsules for a similar result? Somehow ginger seems to bother my digestive track.

  32. Jennifer Reply

    Ross, you didn’t encourage those living in tropical climates to grow their own turmeri!!!

    I live in icy canberra and have some growing here tho its tucked away under cover over winter. Plenty of youtube videos on how to manage it. I sourced my turmeric from farmers’ market in nth queensland.

    blessings and thanx for your work and excellent suggestions

  33. Alison Reply

    Hi Ross, you are an Earth Angel, I not meaning to go over the top here, but I don’t think you are really aware of what you are doing for the planet and its its inhabitants, sorry, that sounds a bit sci fi doesn’t it lol you know what I mean, on an spiritual accession basis. Any hows, my question is ‘How can an Alkaline diet help my fybromyalgia’ I know where you are coming from, but I wondered if you could give me a more in depth scientific explanation. I won’t take meds and I am giving a talk on Living with Fybromyalgia in Sept. I know it’s helping me, but I want to give the people more than that. People respond to truth and proof lol and they are more inclined to respond. This is going to get the alkaline diet out there in my area and of course I will be passing on your web link. The only thing I wish I could do more, is afford to buy more organic. I do try to keep my veg organic if I can and I am coming off meat and organic meat is really expensive over here. Infact what’s really anoying me is that as organic products are becoming more popular due to the accession awakening in people, they keep putting the blasted prices up on everything, ordinary working class people can’t afford it. My audience is going to think that its ok me talking organic the best, but they can’t afford it. I’m going to suggest that people with a garden start growing their own, what do you think?

    It’s already turning into a letter so many thanks for all you do?
    Best Wishes
    Alison K

  34. Solenn Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for all your research and recipes.
    I remember reading turmeric needed black pepper or warmed in oil (coconut/olive…) forcthe body to be able to absorb the beneficial aspect of the turmeric ( excuse me I forgot the proper name) would you add to this kidney juice some grounded black pepper ?
    World the fresh turmeric is absorbable by the body as it is because it’s fresh??

    Thank you for your time and answer

  35. baba asumah Reply


    2. Is it safe to take ibuprofen by hepatitis b patient….?
    please i need your advise on this.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  36. Janet Reply

    I would love to use this recipe but I have multiply kidney stones and was told not to eat Kale as it will help form more. It’s a shame because all the good things for my body turns into kidney stones. I can’t have nuts, tea, chocolate, spinach, chia seeds, etc. But thanks for all your good information!

    • Ron Atkin Reply

      Please tell Janet 12th April…kidney stones………….I stopped kidney stones by taking a MAGNESIUM supplement. Ron Atkin UK

  37. Lorie Reply

    Do you have an opinion on my situation?
    My white blood cell count is very, very high, but red blood cell count is within normal range.
    Thank you for all of your help.

  38. Fiona Baines Reply

    Hi Ross, How often would you suggest having this juice in one week?

  39. John ebere Reply

    Well thanks for this, am a big smoker and sometimes I feel some sharp pain around my kidney area and I lost my friend to kidney problems early this year, so I would like to know if you have remedies to heal the kidney

  40. christine bryant Reply

    Hi Ross

    Thanks for info …. before I started this chemotherapy treatment pacataxtol two weeks ago I use to take termeric cumin and hemsead been told by hosp not to take none of these as it will effect my treatment . it’s a shame as I think these were helping my health.

  41. Susan Surgey Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I got my fresh turmeric from Abel and Cole ..delivered. I thought I would say just in case anyone else wanted a source. I don’t use amazon .. I love your recipe. I’m going to try it now and let you know
    Thank you
    All very very interesting

  42. sandra long Reply

    could this be put into a blender instead of a juicer
    thank you

    • ross Reply

      Yes, but make sure it’s a powerful blender – otherwise I would grate in the ginger and turmeric and remove the kale stem.

  43. Anna Reply

    Thanks Ross, I have been alkalinising my family’s eating habits for the past 3 weeks. I have noticed significant improvement in my overall health, including an occasional reflux issue. I wanted to say thank you, and I will continue to look at your articles and recipes and incorporate them into our diet. All the best, Anna

    • ross Reply

      Hey Anna – that’s AWESOME news – congrats!

  44. Sue Reply

    I love your articles , i learn a lot from you every day .
    I’m going to try it .
    I trust you ROSS


    • ross Reply

      Thanks so much Sue!

  45. Kathy Reply

    Hi there. Is there a best time to drink the kidney juice and how often should it be taken ?


    Kathy 🙂

    • ross Reply

      Hey Kathy

      Any time is fine, but I find people tend to take the effort to make a juice once per day – and so I recommend from a pure habit point of view to do it before breakfast. If you leave it to later in the day it’s very easy for life to get in the way and forget/get busy.

      There is no health benefit to what time of day, but if you can do it before breakfast, at least you’ve guaranteed your hit of healthiness at the start of the day.


    • murage Reply

      Thank you Kathy, this is good work, It sounds miraculous, can’t wait to try it out.

  46. Anne Reply

    I have read that raw kale and certain other raw veges have high oxalate and can be harmful to kidneys
    What is your opinion?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Anne

      This isn’t something I’m particularly on board with as (and as noted in the article linked to at the top of the page about the research into alkalinity and kidneys) acidic foods are so much worse and stressful to the kidneys.

      I don’t believe any fresh food in moderation is going to be bad for the body, and the healing properties of kale and other greens will ultimately do so much more good than harm.

      If you want to be ultra safe, swap out the oxalate containing foods.


      • Barbara Reply

        I find it worrying that you can recommend this as good for the kidneys, without any medical knowledge, and knowing nothing about oxalates, which are in many many vegetables and are involved in creating kidney stones.

        • ross Reply

          Hi Barbara

          The recipe is based upon the scientific research posted in the related article, and contains foods that have been suggested by various kidney research groups as being beneficial.

          Of course, one size fits one though and you’re right to question everything you read and filter it through your own knowledge of your own body.

          Everything I post is a suggestion, not a directive.

          I hope that with some tweaks you can still find use of the recipe.


  47. Olga Reply

    Hello My doctor has been testing y blood and urine tells me that my kidneys are not functioning to their capacity, i am glad i will try to make this but i was told not to use turmeric if i was on a high blood pressure med. but i shall give it a try Natural should be good for you..


    • ross Reply

      Hi Olga

      Your doctor will know any contraindications between medications better than anyone and all medications are different. I don’t believe that fresh, raw turmeric will be consumed to a degree that it would cause significant issues with blood pressure medications, but please do check with your doctor before using.

      Most doctors advise to proceed with caution around concentrated curcurmin supplements, rather than raw turmeric, but definitely check.

      You can always just leave it out.


  48. Elena Reply

    Wonderful work you do Ross. I try to follow all you suggest. Thank you

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Elena!

  49. Susie Reply

    Will you please give the ingredient amounts for the Kidney juice in American measurements, or provide a chart to convert?
    Thank you

    • ross Reply

      Hi Susie

      The best bet is google, if you just type it into the search box it gives you all the conversions.


  50. Judy Reply

    This sounds Fabulous!!! Can hardly wait to try it!
    Thx Ross.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Judy!

  51. Maureen Reply

    Thank you, Ross, for the excellent research and accompanying smoothies recipes! I feel as though your newsletters always have actionable, useful information.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Maureen – and they’re only going to get better and better!

  52. roberto galalno Reply

    What is capricum and kale

  53. roberto galalno Reply

    what is capsicum and kale

  54. DONNA Reply

    I have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Would this drink help me? Thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Donna

      It’s definitely a question for your doctor as I don’t know what other factors may be involved for you. Ask if they believe fresh juices like this will help your body.


  55. Tina Reply

    Hi Ross, thanks for the great recipes and valuable information! Could you make you recipes ad posts ‘pinable”?? Thats the best way for me to use them 🙂

    • ross Reply

      Hey Tina

      Great idea 🙂


  56. Sheilana Massey Reply

    Ross, Since we are pulverizing everything, is it necessary to scrape turmeric and ginger tubers when using a blender? Does the flavor change?

    Thanks so much for sharing all your research and the recipes. You are really appreciated.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Sheilana

      I recommend using a juicer for this one – but if you want to use a blender, you could grate the roots.


  57. Hyacinth Crichlow Reply

    Can this juice be taken if you have a present kidney condition?


    • ross Reply

      Hi Hyacinth

      If you already have a diagnosed condition it’s best to talk it through with your physician.

      Your condition will likely have nuances specific to you that I can’t generalise with.


  58. Monique Reply

    Thank you Ross for another recipe, sounds great for us and our kidneys! 😀

  59. Martina Reply

    I would love to try this recipe but I am intolerant to cucumber and Coconut Oil, the ginger gives me hot flashes!
    Any other suggestion I could use to substitute these three ingredients in this recipe?
    PS: love those extra recipes you come up with!!!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Martina

      You can sub the cucumber for anything else that will give you a liquid, or just use water, coconut water etc to thin the juice out. You can also swap the flax oil.


  60. Stephen Reply

    Thank you for your information about the efficacy of alkaline medium for kidney rejuvenation
    I understand that chlorophyll drink can be very effective in performing this function and your recipe is highly concentrates chlorophyll mixture
    Regular drink of chlorophyll or body wash with chlorophyll for a period of 4 weeks, will bring a swollen foot back to the normal size
    This is a practical proof of the efficacy of chlorophyll on kidney diseases that may shoe symptoms of Edema of the extremities

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Stephen – appreciate you taking the time to help educate.

      Have a great week

  61. Millie Reply

    What is capsicum?
    I have 1000 mg of curcumin, can I use that? Is this
    The same as tumeric but stronger? I’m confused!

    • ross Reply

      Hi Millie

      Capsicum is bell pepper and you can use curcurmin powder if you like – it’s pretty much the same net result!