Alkaline Recipe Ideas

easy alkaline recipe ideas

It always frustrates me when I see people struggling with the alkaline diet because I know that most people have been led to believe it is harder than it really is, and that you have to try and be perfect right from day one.

[NINE Alkaline Recipe Ideas Below!]

If you’ve read many of my articles/guides you’ll know I don’t believe that this is true and that going slowly, transitioning gently and building up is THE only, sustainable way to get alkaline and stay alkaline. And I really want this blog post to help get you started and keep you on track.

Alkaline Recipe Ideas – A Daily Plan

So I’ve been doing this whole alkaline thing for about 8 years (not always perfect of course, it took me AGES to get it sorted and even now I have the occasional blow out*) and the #1 question or hurdle most people face is that they simply don’t know what to cook when it gets to meal time (or when their stomach rumbles).

In this resource I want to give you 3 sets of Alkaline Recipe Ideas: a Beginner, an Intermediate and on the request of Chris Masiello, an Advanced (or 100% alkaline) meal plan.

The idea of this is to give you some ideas, and if you ever get stuck you can just wheel this out 🙂

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Alkaline Recipe Ideas: Beginner

These are some nutritious meals, but are not necessarily 80-100% alkaline, they’re probably more in the 50-70% range. I’ve compromised on the alkalinity a little to make way for convenience and taste, so that the meals are more like ‘normal’ meals. These are handy alkaline recipes for those trying to convert their husband/wife/partner/kids/housemate 🙂

Breakfast: Quinoa & Apple Warmer
Lunch: Alkaline Fajitas
Dinner: Alkaline Vegetable Curry

Alkaline Recipe Ideas: Intermediate

Breakfast: Alkaline Oats
Lunch: Tomato & Avocado Quinoa Salad
Dinner: Alkaline Chilli-Lime Steam Fry

Alkaline Recipe Ideas: Advanced

Breakfast: Alkaline Raw Smoothie
Lunch: Alkaline Green Soup
Dinner: Fill You Up Alkaline Salad

Eating Alkaline Is Easy With the Right Recipes…

So I really hope this helps get you going on your way.

Believe me it took me a long time to get really going in the kitchen, but once I realised how to work around ingredients and make ‘normal’ meals alkaline it soon became a breeze.

Until then – enjoy these alkaline recipe ideas and let’s get energized!

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  1. Maggie Reply


  2. linda Reply

    thank you for your kind attention and fantastic recipes.

  3. Chef Sal Reply

    I absolutely agree Ross. If something seems too foreign or too difficult, it can become more of a tedious task than anything. If thought of that way, it can often times just be left by the wayside as too much of a bother. Taking on an alkaline lifestyle should be something that each person can take on–or get into–with their own personal attitude bringing them there. I do also believe that people that have adopted this regimen are always looking for ways to make delicious meals… that is where you and I come in. Happily.

  4. Amanda Faulkner Reply

    I have just paid for the alkaline book + pdf format which i have downloaded successfully but now cant open up on my computer?
    can you re check and re send it to me
    Many thanks
    Amanda Faulkner

  5. My Workplace Reply

    Nice post… I’m looking for something healthy at the same time delicious so that it won’t be hard to consume. I think this one is great. I’ll try this at home. tnx again! ciao…

  6. Lorenda Reply

    Thank you very much Ross for your recipes! Looking forward to trying them all out.


  7. Cayt Reply

    Hey Hi,
    Love your recipes and encouragement to go forth and alkalize. I feel we all need inspiration and this is a great format and fun. Thanks!

  8. Katherine Walsh Reply

    Thanks Ross, These recipes look really tasty!

  9. Zane Reply

    I would like something gluten-free and milk-free.
    i’m very thin,suffer from bad skin conditions(sort of psoriasis?? and very thin skin) and weakening bone structure. So I need Calcium rich food,some fat,too.
    Since I’m not eating any dairy products I have already get rid of Candida and feel much better (the skin starts to get better,too),I don’t use salt and sugar for about 2 months,also different vinegars…but I still want 1 cup of strong coffee in the mornings (I need it to open my day,I live in cold northern country). I still eat a little bit of meat (I’m not a vegetarian and will never be) .
    I can only have products what I can find in my local market-place,and I make food myself from raw products (to avoid any glutens),mostly meat with carrots,cabbages and onions. I drink herbal teas for better digestion,it helps a lot. What would You recommend for Calcium?
    And what to do on special events? (celebrations,birth days,going to bars)?
    I’m a female.

  10. Judy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I love the look of the content of your Alkali recipe book and Id love to purchase it, but i dont have a card and certainly wouldnt pay for anything on line because of all the scams and trickery. Can we do a COD or could I put it into a bank from here in Australia? Id like the book, but for the same price Id be silly not to get the online version and the hardcopy book. but just not on line, how are we going to do this?
    best wishes Judy