Alkaline Diet Recipe #77 Spicy Aubergine Pasta


eggplant alkaline recipeDon’t freak out. I know. The recipe says PASTA. Whaaaat? Listen, you have to remember two important things if you are going to successfully live the alkaline diet:

  1. The alkaline diet means aiming for 70-80% alkaline and 20-30% acidnot 100% alkaline. So you can include some items such as pastas, rices etc in your 20% acid, it makes things way easier.
  2. You can be smart with ingredients to make what would normally seem an acidic meal a rather alkaline one – for instance, with this recipe if you use spelt or vegetable pasta you will be making the pasta far, far less acid forming. Plus, if you keep the pasta to 30% of your plate and veggies the other 70% you are having a really alkaline meal that is filling and delicious!

These are the principles I have written my Alkaline Diet Cookbook with and the principles that have kept me alkaline for nearly six years. They work. Trust me.

So with that in mind, lets enjoy this wonderfully filling, satisfying, energising, alkalising meal!

Spicy Aubergine Pasta

Serves 2

200g spelt or vegetable pasta
1 large aubergine (eggplant)
1 red pepper (capsicum)
3 tomatoes
A handful of baby spinach
1 medium-sized red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 small chilli (or two if you can handle it!)
150ml yeast-free vegetable stock (I prefer the Marigold brand)
1 handful of fresh basil
1/2 teaspoon organic sea salt or Himalayan salt
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
Drizzle of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (to use afterwards)
1 teaspoon of coconut oil (to cook with – coconut oil is the only oil that doesn’t go toxic on exposure to heat, light and air)


Firstly get the pasta on, spelt pasta takes a little longer than normal pasta.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerNow get the veggies going. Start by chopping the aubergine and tomatoes into medium sized chunks (a little bigger than a cubed cm), slicing the pepper, onion, chilli and dicing the garlic. Tear the basil up.

Now warm the coconut oil in a pan and lightly cook the onion and garlic, then throw in the aubergine. Once the aubergine has browned a bit, chuck in the tomato, capsicum and then add the stock, salt and cayenne pepper. Let this simmer for ten minutes until it is starting to reduce a bit and get a bit saucy.

Once the pasta is cooked, you’re almost there. For the final 30 seconds just throw in the basil and spinach to just let it wilt slightly. Now serve over the pasta and drizzle very lightly with the olive oil.


Optional extras if you’re transitioning: olives, sprinkling of parmesan.

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  1. June Brogan Reply

    You’re right it is delicious. I used Quinoa as a side dish.

  2. Russell James | Raw Food Recipes Reply

    Gorgeous recipe. I’m mostly into raw but if I was doing this dish post-workout I’d probably have it with some steamed brown rice.

  3. Maggie Mahomed Reply

    Hi Ross — thanks for your on-going advice and for putting together the lovely cookbook. I’ve just finished the 10-day liquid f(e)ast and am now looking forward to following your wonderfully clear instructions to keep on the straight and narrow. You have the art of making everything seem an adventure which makes up for the loss of lots of favourite dishes from the past. I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to keep going on this new new path as I feel my future health depends on it. All the best, Maggie (Mahomed)

  4. sylvia Reply

    dear ross i stumbled across the whole raw food thing by accident about a month and a half ago andwas blown away by the idea. i have subsequently tried to eat as much raw as possible but it is a struggle to get my family on board. since dicovering the raw way of eating it has led me into more and wonderful things such as the alkaline diet. what i want to ask you is apart from eating more alkaline foods what is the protocol for starting this way of eating so that my boby gets the most out of it? also is it better to eat only raw on the alkaline diet or is it ok to eat cooked. any other tips or hints on the raw/alkaline diet would be appreciated.
    thanking you in advance