Alkaline Recipe #74: Raw Avocado and Tomato Soup

avocado and tomato soup

Raw Avocado Soup | Alkaline Recipe of the WeekIf you are a fan of raw soups like the Spanish Gazpacho you will love this delicious raw avocado soup with tomatoes and fresh spinach!

Avocados are incredibly healthy and alkalising and provide our bodies with six times more energy than sugar and proteins. They are rich in potassium, B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K.

The avocados combined with the other highly alkalising vegetables like spinach and tomatoes make this soup very tasty and refreshing.

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Raw Avocado and Tomato Soup

Serves 2


3 avocados
3 tomatoes
2 handfuls of fresh spinach
2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
A pinch of Himalayan Crystal Salt or Celtic Sea Salt
Freshly ground pepper
A small amount of water (depending on how liquid you like the soup to be)


Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

Put all the ingredients apart from the tomato pieces into a mixer. Mix well on the highest setting.

Pour the soup into a soup bowl and add the tomato pieces.

That’s it!

Enjoy this healthy and alkaline soup!

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  1. Bj Reply

    Wow I love your video on the 7 alkaline foods. I went to a holistic medicine practictioner who informed me about alkaline diets I need to be on and you explained it to a tee. Just want to thank you on how you explained the possible transition.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks BJ – appreciate your comments and massive respect to your holistic medicine practitioner! Glad you’ve enjoyed my guides so far 🙂

  2. Sharon wilde Reply

    Hope you’re well. Thanks for all the informative tips! I was wondering if you could help, would a drop of lemon in “tap water” make it any better?
    Kind regards,

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  9. Ruth Gimenez Reply

    Your recipes are from heaven to me,I’m vegan and I love smoothies and raw foods!

    • Energise Ross Reply


  10. Ross Bridgeford Reply

    Hey – heh, sorry that WAS the wrong image – that’s my tomato raw soup! Have changed it now…


  11. lee Reply

    Agree w Sarah! Is the picture for a different recipe?

  12. sarah Reply

    I made this today and my soup turned out green, not red. I added some paprika and a garlic clove, and it was still very good but it did not look at all like that picture lol

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  15. donna sullivan Reply

    just found your site and have been reading through your recipes and green drink. My question is if i make a serving for two , can I store one serving for 24hours or must they be consumed in a timely manner?
    also had fun(not) converting from grams to oz. I hope I got it right.

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  17. mpho Reply

    I would like to know if these ingredients should be cooked or mixed in a blender?

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  22. Sandra E Reply

    Simply great.. love soup.. love avocado.. never thought combing the two!
    Thanks for that! 🙂

  23. andyz Reply

    Re:eating avocado

    Milk, and honey are both very acid-producing. Nullifies the alkalinity of avocado. Better to find a good combination of allkalyzing foods.

  24. Reply

    Avocado is among my favorite foods to eat. I learned about the health properties of this fruit. I love eating this between meals and it’s soo delicious. I can’t eat this blending without milk of course, and sometimes I eat them alone with sugar or honey. Just love it.

  25. Peksimet Reply


    I learned what alkaline free food from your blog.Though I thought myself to have quite information.Thanks

  26. Alex Reply

    Hi Ross, I’ve gone from being a person who couldn’t stand the thought of putting a slimy piece of avocado in my mouth to being close to addicted to them, I have at least one most days! Can’t wait to try this recipe out over the next couple of days. Sounds delish!