Green Drink: How Green is Yours?

green drink

green drink - how green is yoursHello – just a quick one – I just made myself a luuurvely evening green drink and sweet jesus is it GREEN! I’ve been packing boxes all evening so I deserved something that was going to make me feel good ‘n healthy! I like to have a juiced green drink at least once a day as I know then that no matter what else happens, I will have had at least my minimum veg servings for the day.

And when I’m talking green drinks, this is how leafy green I’m talkin’! I’ve set a standard here, the bar has been raised! So how green is your green drink?!

To make it this glass-melting-ly green I used:

Two big handfuls of spinach
3 sticks of celery
One little gem lettuce
Half a green pepper (capsicum)
Half a cucumber
A handful of alfalfa sprouts
And as a magic booster I always add some green powder to help make it even more green and alkaline too!

If you’ve got a juicer and you’ve not tried a green drink before then definitely give it a whirl!

See how healthy and alive you feel afterwards!!!

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  1. Sandy Amini Reply

    Hi love your green juice !! Been making smoothies and juices from your book !! Love them !!
    Can I put bean sprouts in your green juice instead of alfalfa ?

    Thank you again you are very inspiring , I have been watching my diet since I bought your book !

    • ross Reply

      You definitely can, but they are not as nutritious. Broccoli sprouts are actually the best 🙂

  2. Donna Reply

    I would like to just mention that Duck eggs are alkaline forming.
    For those who do not want to give up eggs, free run non GMO duck eggs are a responsible and humane answer. They are delicious, and we love seeing the ducks happily foraging and playing when we go to get them at the farm.
    ALL chicken eggs are acid forming, no matter how they are raised.

    • ross Reply

      They’re not alkaline forming, but they are fine in moderation – as it practically everything.

  3. eileen Reply

    i am concerned about the saponins in your powdered green and the histidine. is it anything that can elevate blood pressure or give you a stimulated feeling like coffee or an allergy pill which i cannot take

  4. Lori Brawner Reply

    I have been making blender green drinks for some time, but I notice that I am still very hungry after, even though filling. Instead of Greek yogurt (which I was told is inflammatory) I use coconut kefir or home-made almond milk kefir. But my blood sugar drops too much without more protein. I eat local sustainable farmed trout or wild salmon and raw eggs from a local farm I trust to keep from bottoming out. I also use nuts like almonds or pecans, but they are not very high in protein.

    What alkaline high protein do you suggest to keep my blood sugar constant that is not animal based?
    I also have to make sure it has no Tyramine amino acid in it if you recommend a protein supplement.

    Are spirulina and chlorella both acidifying since you mentioned all algae is acidic?

  5. Amanda Richardson Reply

    Hello, thanks for the recipe but I notice your green drink seems appropriate for only those with juicers. Are there recipes which persons with only a blender can use?


    • Fred Reply

      Hi Amanda,

      Actually you are on to something. It is my humble opinion that getting your food in as unprocessed a way as possible is the way nature intended. And it is what is best for our system. Extracting the juice leaves behind all that fiber which has many health benefits. You can use almost any blender, start with 2-3 cups fresh water and throw in some kale and spinach, a peeled apple, maybe a banana, 1/2 avacodo, frozen blue berries (or fresh if in season), greek yogurt etc. and drink this delicious concoction down. Super healthy and nutritious. >Best of luck

  6. Jasper Cereo Reply

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  7. Mike Reply

    Yeah, my friend’s mom just recently got me into these, and i can’t go a morning without them.
    2 handfuls of spinich.
    1 handful of kale.
    1 bannana.
    1 half handful of bluberries.
    A few carrot tops.
    Water, then blended up and drinkin.

  8. Ross Reply

    Hey Anthony

    Sorry better late than never:


  9. Anthony Reply

    I am recently trying to learn about green drinks, what are the ingredients, reasons,ect… can anyone point me in the right direction Thanks,

  10. Healthy Choice Recipes Reply

    MMM, I added some goji berries to mine, it tasted gross, lol, but it was very energizing.

  11. Ross Reply

    Hey Yvonne

    Bliemy – I had completely forgotten about you guys! I remember us emailing each other a few times a couple of years ago (may have been Tony I emailed?) and now you’ve just popped up again! The beauty of the Internet I suppose!

    Hope everything is good at foodsforlife and your other sites/businesses.

    I’ll drop you an email very soon as there are some interesting things we’re working on this end…

    Indeed – there is a buzz about the greens at the moment. From an alkalising perspective, unfortunately algaes are out as they are quite acidifying – which is a shame because they have a really high nutrient content.

    For powedered greens my best bet is to aim for a nice range of greens, but def cover the basics of wheatgrass, barley grass and kamut grass and then take it from there…

    Hey do you guys have a blog?

    Hope all is well,

    • Dianne Reply

      Hi Ross,
      You mention in this email that “algaes are out because they are acidifying.”
      Does this mean that chlorophyll is acidifying? I like to drink a glass of chlorophyll every morning. Is chlorophyll made from algae? Thankyou.

      • Ross Bridgeford Reply

        Hey Dianne

        The jury is out. Lots of folks (Dr Young etc) say that all algae products are acid forming, whereas others (such as pHion) say that if it is farmed algae from a clean source it’s not so bad. Chlorophyll, however, you can get from many sources – I would play it safe and go for a chlorophyll product that’s derived from Alfalfa.

        They’re usually either from algae or alfalfa so go the latter and be sure.


  12. Nutritionist London Reply

    There’s a real buzz about the whole green drinks thing at the moment especially after Victoria Beckham was alleged to have used a seaweed and algae shake to stay slim – The key components to look out for seem to be Chlorella algae and dulse seaweed. Maca looks interesting too.

  13. Ross Reply

    Hey Jay

    Maybe, maybe. Having been drinking green drinks and eating well for a while now, I can assure you that your tastebuds do learn to love it!

    And one thing is for sure – it is a great cleanser and I’m sure you can appreciate that!


  14. Jay B Reply

    Aww man that doesn’t look tasty at all, it kinda reminds me of this algae drink I used to consume…yukkkk!!!

  15. Ross Reply

    It tastes, well, it is quite difficult to describe! I think it is an acquired taste – you certainly learn to love it. I think it is because you associate the taste with feeling great.

    Personally, I prefer the taste of it without carrots or tomatoes (or anything else that is sweet like pepper/capsicum) because it gives it a strange sort of sweetness.

    But that’s just me – adding other veggies will only give it a wider range of nutrients!

    Some people say you shouldnt add too much sweet stuff because of the sugar content, but a bit of carrot, tomato, capsicum etc here and there doesn’t hurt.

    Use colour as a rule of thumb – if it is still mostly green then go for it!

    Enjoy – and have a great day

  16. Israel Reply

    wow! now thats green. what does it taste like?

    I am going to try some thing similar tomorrow. is it cheating if I add carrots or tomatoes?

  17. beach-fitness Reply

    Very good information. I tried this green drink that was also mixed with Kombucha. It was very good. Thanks again for the information!

  18. Ross Reply

    Boo-yaah! The froth on top is a nice touch…! I think that is literally as green as you can get.

    Hope it was as tasty as it was green!

  19. Geert Reply

    There you go mate:

    with foam and everything 🙂

    – cucumber
    – spinach
    – green beans
    – asparagus
    – different sorts of green salads
    – red cabbage