Alkaline Recipe #176 Little Gem Lettuce Salad

Alkaline Recipe Salad

This is a really delicious, simple summer salad that was sent to me by Sari Swig of Cook Alkaline just before Christmas.

Sari emailed me:

I filled little gem lettuce leaves with some chopped radishes, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and a touch of avocado. Dressed with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

It was a big hit and there was not a leaf left. I was happy to get a picture.

I hope you like this.

I tried it out on the family a couple of days ago and it went down a treat! The lettuce, radish, cucumber, carrot, tomato, avocado, lemon juice and healthy olive oil are all highly alkaline foods, delicious and work so well together. The combination of crunch, freshness and the creaminess of the avocado is just divine.

Little Gem Lettuce Salad

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Serves: 2


2 little gem lettuces, leaves separated
2 radishes, chopped
1/2 cucumber, sliced
1/2 carrot, sliced into matchsticks
2 tomatoes, diced
1 avocado, diced
Olive oil
1/2 lemon, juiced


Fill the lettuce leaves with the chopped salad ingredients and drizzle with the olive oil, a squeeze of fresh lemon and serve!

That’s all there is to it, it’s as simple as that.

If you want to increase the omega 3 content, you could swap the olive oil for flax oil, or make a mix of 50/50 of each. This tastes delicious too.

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