#1 Way to Energy: How to Get Hydrated PROPERLY Easily, Every Day

easy hydration steps

Hydration is THE biggest, easiest, most powerful way to increase your health and energy.  It is an absolute MUST for you to get right…but so few people are doing it!

Every week I get emails from people saying “oh my energy is so low”, or “my digestion is awful”, or “I just can’t lose weight”…and so on…

But almost every single one of these people are dehydrated.  And have been for years.  Their daily routine just doesn’t include any water!  (But does include coffee, tea, soda, beer, wine…)

Hydration is essential.


So today, I am sharing with you a little 8-minute video I shot as a Facebook Live a little while back (you can join my free Facebook group here for more like this!), where I walk you through the steps, hacks and tricks to effortlessly reach your hydration target every day.

We don’t cover filters or ‘types’ of water (alkaline water etc.), I’ll be deep-diving on that in a week or so…

But we do cover the actual mechanics and step-by-step to turn hydration into an effortless habit.

Enjoy the video and leave me a comment below if you have any questions!

#1 Way to Energy: How to Get Hydrated PROPERLY Easily, Every Day


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Ross Bridgeford here, author of the Alkaline Reset Cleanse, which is just in its first week of being released. And it’s so exciting. It’s just everywhere. I’m so stoked to see it going so well. And so many of you have already picked up a copy. It’s just amazing.

Now, in today’s little lesson, I’m going to teach you something that is so, so important. It’s so exciting because it’s so easy and it’s free and that is how to get properly hydrated and why you should get properly hydrated as well. Because it is one of the most simple things I can teach you yet. So few people are doing it. You know, so many of us are walking around each day, chronically dehydrated, and it really does affect every area of your health.

No matter what your health goal is right now, if you are fatigued, if you’ve got digestive issues, if there’s weight to lose or you need to gain weight, if you have got reflux or IBS or gal, or no matter what your health issue is, if it’s skin conditions or mental fog, hydration is critical. I really, really, really want you to take this one on board.

It is so important when you are chronically dehydrated your health is impacted, if you are on this session now first, please say, hello. Let me know where you’re from. Secondly, let me know if you are properly hydrated right now and be honest, how much water you drink on each day?

Now, how much is the question? Most people for most of us to get recent, proper health, get decent energy. You need to be looking at drinking between three to four liters. That’s around a hundred to 120 fluid ounces of clean filtered water every single day. And it’s not as hard as it sounds.

If you are at zero right now, if you’re one of those people, that’s just literally having coffee, soda and tea and you’re not drinking any water don’t stress. You don’t have to go from zero to the full three to four liters immediately. You don’t have to go from zero all the way to three to four liters immediately. You can take your time.

In just a second I’m going to show you a very, very clever way. You can do this. Cause there’s two major challenges that comes when it comes to getting properly hydrated. And I’ll walk you through both of them in just a second. The first thing that I want to cover off really quickly is people get so bogged down in the type of water,  the type of water, yes, the type of water, the type of filter they should use, whether it should be alkaline water or reverse osmosis or distilled and all that stuff. I want you to just forget all of that for now.

I simply want you to focus on simple filtration, a countertop jug, a Britta filter, just something jump on to Amazon, buy my book or jump on to Amazon and just get yourself a 30, 40, $50 simple countertop filter. Just to get those toxins out. Tap water is not great. Bottled water is not great. And it’s costing you a fortune and it’s terrible for the environment. You know, tap on. Most of us know we’ve seen in the news. You know, I feel quite passionate about it the chlorine, chloramines, DBT (which is the disinfection byproducts that come from the chlorine)…the chemicals…the fluoride don’t get me started there. There’s so much in the tap water, you know, heavy metals, agricultural runoff, industrial problems, spills, these types of things.

It’s in the news constantly all over the world that your tap water is not clean enough for proper health bottled water companies that actually held to less strict standards than sat for the company. So bottled isn’t the answer as well. And like I said, it’s so expensive and it’s so detrimental to the environment. So just invest in a decent filter just to get started.

So we want to be building up to a hundred to 130 fluid ounces. On average each day, I have got a funky little formula for you here. It’s about a liter per 40 pounds of body weight. So that’s about 34 fluid ounces per what would it be?

40 pounds or 18 kilos of body weight. Again, it generally works out. So these three to four liters per day, per person, how are you going to start getting enough? This is where habits come in.

Now the hydration habit can be quite challenging because so many people simply forget.  You can get to 10:00 PM at night and just be thinking, “hang on. I haven’t had any water all day.”

It happens to most people. It happens to me from time to time as well. You can’t then just drink down three liters or hundreds of fluid ounces of water just before you go to bed, there’s going to be consequences to that, but we don’t want to be really focusing on or thinking about instead, you need to be having it through the day.

The biggest challenge most people have is that they forget – we’re working on that in a second.

The second biggest challenge that people have is they simply feel they can’t get that much volume in. You know, they have a couple of glasses. Now I’m bloated. I can’t physically drink that much water. That’s why it’s so important to start slowly and build up.

Okay? You don’t have to do it all at once. The analogy that I use is to consider your body, and this is lovely. You can do this, but consider your body the internal workings of your body as like an old dried up sponge, right? You put that thing under the tap and run water on it. The water’s just going to bounce off it.

Okay? It’s the water isn’t getting absorbed. It’s not usable, but slowly, slowly, a bit more at a time, the more the water hits the sponge, the more the sponge can absorb – it’s capacity increases. It can use it. Your body is the same for sure.

When you first start and go from zero to start getting hydrated, you may need to pay a little bit more. It’s worth the hassle. But day by day, as the week goes on by the end of the first week, you’ll just find that you don’t need to pee all the time and be you feel so much more comfortable with it. And then you can bump up your hydration level that a little bit more from zero to half a liter a day two, a liter, a date.

And after a week or two, you’re getting in one and a half to two liters that they just built on it slowly.

The second biggest challenge is people forget, you have to make this a habit. And in my years and years of working in marketing in the consumer goods industry, I can tell you, now I learn a thing or two about helping people create new habits.

What is the quickest, easiest, fastest way to build a new habit is to link it to an existing habit.

What are you currently doing during the day that you do every day? Without question, you wake up, you clean your teeth, you make breakfast, you travel to work, you get to your office, you have lunch, you come home, you make dinner, you clean your teeth. You go to bed.

That’s 10 things that all of us are doing every single day. How about you link the habit of hydration to just three or four or five of these.

  1. As soon as you wake up,you have a glass of water.
  2. When you clean your teeth, you have a glass of water.
  3. As soon as you get to work at your desk, you have a glass of water
  4. …and so on…

By linking a new habit, to an existing habit that already exists. You’ll find you form that habit effortlessly. There won’t be any pressure on you to remember. There won’t be any difficulty in getting to the end of the day and knowing that you’ve had these glasses of water throughout the day.

This is what I did to get myself from zero to four litres that they just, when you wake up, when you clean your teeth, when every time you prep a meal or have a glass of water before bed, just throw in a couple of mugs of herbal tea during the day is with that as well.

You’ll easily get beyond a hundred fluid ounces a day. No problem – link your hydration habits or habits that already exist. You’ll find it so, so easy guys. I assure you, you have to get this one. Now when people first come into my world, when they join my Alkaline Base Camp membership, when they join the Alkaline Reset Cleanse the people that have gone and bought a book when I talk to them and they say, well, you know, when the first question was asked me is how is your hydration? You know, if your goal or any of those things I talked about, how is your hydration? When they say to me, oh, it’s not really great. I don’t really drink too much water. It’s like, this is great news because I know you’re going to get results really, really quickly and really easily by simply changing this one thing it’s free.

And it’s easy when you’re dehydrated, your digestive system gets clogged up. You can’t extract those nutrients from the food that you’re eating. Candida can take a foothold when you’re dehydrated, it triggers your body to produce excess cortisol, stressing your adrenals, stressing your thyroid, having a knock-on effects, your pH balance of your, of your body and your pancreas, especially your pancreas is responsible for regulating your blood sugar levels, metabolizing fat for energy.

Honestly, we’re scratching the surface here. If you’re dehydrated, you’re putting your body in a state of imbalance every single day, every hour of every single day.

And you can get out of it so easily when you just start getting hydrated.

So guys, when you watch this, promise me, you’re going to start with this.

Tell me in the comments one way that you are going to start getting more water into your day every day and we can kick on from there.

Have a fantastic day, guys. And go grab the Alkaline Reset Cleanse book – it would be so good and I will see you all again tomorrow. Have a great day guys, take it easy.


Please do leave me a comment below and I will see you soon!


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  1. paek Reply

    hello ross im looking for the best water filtration unit.
    im guessing its reverse osmosis or distilling.
    do you know of a reverse osmosis undersink unit that DOES NOT have plastic in the holding tank

  2. Lisa Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Do herbal teas count towards hydration? I have never liked plain water all my life! I drink mostly herbal or milkless black tea.

    • ross Reply

      100% – definitely.

  3. Monica Maloney Reply

    Thank you Ross, I really know this fact, but need to be reminded again and again. I am soooo human !!
    Question, many experts say leave x amount of time between drinking water and having your meals. How long should I wait after meals to have a glass of water and does it interfere with digestion. I have read that drinking a quantity of water with meals ‘washes away the nutrients. Thank YOu.

  4. Valerie Lewis Reply

    Plants need water just like humans. Whenever one checks their plants for health (eg dryness, bugs, fertilization. Repotting, etc., drink water. Seen a plant that has dried out given water. The leaves, stem, flowers spruce up with re-invigoration of life.

  5. SueC Reply

    I have read that in Australia the Brita filters are not allowed to filter out the fluoride. Please may I have clarification. Many thanks.

    • ross Reply

      Brita filters do not filter fluoride, they don’t have activated alumina in them. It’s not about being ‘allowed’ they are simply not designed to do it.

  6. Kent Briddell Reply

    I’m from Frederick, Maryland, and you’re right I don’t drink enough water. I’m going to start some new habits today and tomorrow.!

  7. Denise Reply

    I drink a lot of water a day but still feel dehydrated. My skin feels like sandpaper and let’s just say my digestion is impaired. Is there anything else that would help in that regard? I haven’t actually started the alkaline diet yet, but am just now trying to figure out what to buy and where to start. But my number 1 issue is to get properly hydrated.